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Gregory Adams

Stories by Gregory Adams


Turn This Up and Howl Along

This year's expertly chosen musical Halloween picks.

By Gregory Adams, 30 Oct 2014


Scott Walker Gets Soused with Sunn O)))

And a beating would apparently do us good.

By Gregory Adams, 23 Oct 2014


Pharmakon's Burdensome Body Horror

Disease sidelines artist, yields great art.

By Gregory Adams, 16 Oct 2014


U2 Takes Another Bite from the Apple

Brand synergy aside, how's 'Songs of Innocence'?

By Gregory Adams, 11 Sep 2014


Cold Specks' Graceful Expansion

New album 'Neuroplasticity' is all about broadening the sound.

By Gregory Adams, 28 Aug 2014


FKA twigs Scares up Some Seriously Weird R&B

Leave the lights on for debut album 'LP1.'

By Gregory Adams, 14 Aug 2014


The Mystery of L'Amour

Weirdo '80s synth dude captures the wallets of record nerds.

By Gregory Adams, 24 Jul 2014


Face Down on Canada Day

White Lung punks our playlist full of homegrown artists.

By Gregory Adams, 26 Jun 2014


Morrissey's Mobbed Up Masterpiece

The pop mopester's classic 'Vauxhall and I' makes its auspicious return.

By Gregory Adams, 5 Jun 2014


Stitches in Yo Face

Gimmick or not, the Miami rapper has the world's attention.

By Gregory Adams, 22 May 2014


Record Store Day Dials Up the Crazy

Here are some of the local gems among the wax dross. This Saturday!

By Gregory Adams, 17 Apr 2014


Lunk-Headed Teenage Fury at Its Finest

Vintage Henry Rollins surfaces on unhinged demo.

By Gregory Adams, 27 Mar 2014


The Walkmen Walk On

But at least we get three solo albums out of the deal.

By Gregory Adams, 13 Mar 2014


St. Vincent's Odd Pop Rebirth

The best parts of Annie Clark add up to something new.

By Gregory Adams, 21 Feb 2014


Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Depantsed

And is 'Abracadabralifornia' all that different from the real thing?

By Gregory Adams, 1 Feb 2014


What Is Sharon Jones Giving the People?

What they want! For the most part, anyway.

By Gregory Adams, 16 Jan 2014


2013's Big Dose of Fresh Veggies

Make the year’s most intriguing rap duo a part of your healthy diet.

By Gregory Adams, 26 Dec 2013


The Mysteries of 4AD

From Pixies to Grimes, a new book charts the United Kingdom indie label's ultra vivid journey.

By Gregory Adams, 22 Nov 2013


Wanna See Metallica, Smashing Pumpkins and The Troggs?

Some local bands are really making the most of Hallowe'en.

By Gregory Adams, 25 Oct 2013


Carey Mercer's Cold Lament

Frog Eyes frontman faces cancer and releases a brave new set.

By Gregory Adams, 3 Oct 2013


Drake on Top

The Toronto rapper hits the heights on milestone album 'Nothing Was the Same.'

By Gregory Adams, 26 Sep 2013


The Weeknd's Playing Sex Games in the VIP Room

Are you in?

By Gregory Adams, 7 Sep 2013


Big Sean Turns Dreams into Goals

The Detroit rapper gets closer to the 'Hall of Fame.'

By Gregory Adams, 22 Aug 2013


Here's Your BC Day Playlist

From hip hop to QOTSA, we got you covered.

By Gregory Adams, 1 Aug 2013


The New 'Switcheroo'

Vancouver photographer Hana Pesut turns her lens on cross-dressed couples.

By Gregory Adams, 11 Jul 2013


Alan Myers, Devo's Most Mechanical Man

A look at the late drummer and the band's recently unearthed demo compilations.

By Gregory Adams, 11 Jul 2013


Oh Superman, How May We Celebrate You in Song?

The Man of Steel might be virtuous, but a lot of this music sure isn't.

By Gregory Adams, 13 Jun 2013


Dungeonesse Brings the Old Jack Swing

Everything old is tacky again, as music rides a nostalgic wave.

By Gregory Adams, 2 May 2013


Iceage Feels the Heat

Racist? Stupid? Neither? New album 'You're Nothing' yields no clues.

By Gregory Adams, 15 Mar 2013


Hey 2013, You're Sounding Pretty Good!

You Say Party, Spectres, and Blue Hawaii kick off a promising new year.

By Gregory Adams, 24 Jan 2013


Tracey Thorn's Unorthodox Christmas

Tinsel and Lights is a holiday album you can actually cozy up to.

By Gregory Adams, 13 Dec 2012


Godspeed Right Now, Forever!

The Black Emperor makes an unexpected return.

By Gregory Adams, 19 Oct 2012


The Numero Group Has a Surplus of Soul

But with a 45 record box set on the way, how much vinyl is too much vinyl?

By Gregory Adams, 27 Sep 2012


Nick Cave Lays Down the Lawless

And some not-so-old classics get an old-timey shine.

By Gregory Adams, 30 Aug 2012


Two Indie Giants Make a Divine Fit

Britt Daniels, Dan Boeckner, and their Thing.

By Gregory Adams, 16 Aug 2012


Frank Ocean's Big, Big Week

The R&B singer comes out, leaks his debut, and captures the headlines.

By Gregory Adams, 12 Jul 2012


Your Early Taste of Music Waste

The Tyee's guide to Vancouver's best music fest.

By Gregory Adams, 7 Jun 2012


St. Vincent, Mastodon, Feist, T-Rex, and Pretty in Pink?

Here's our guide to the best Record Store Day specials.

By Gregory Adams, 19 Apr 2012


Nudes and Nostalgia

Robert Fougère's exhibit of found and original photos rubs against 'current post-silicone cultural values.' Opens today in Vancouver.

By Gregory Adams, 5 Apr 2012


The Lone Grizzly

Daniel Rossen gets by without a little help from his friends.

By Gregory Adams, 22 Mar 2012


Heartbreak, Fisticuffs, and Cuddlecore

A new book goes way behind the scenes for the 20th anniversary of Mint Records.

By Gregory Adams, 6 Oct 2011


The Superhero Score

Symphonic soundtracks are nice, but it takes a rock song to really get the job done.

By Gregory Adams, 21 Jul 2011


The Violent and Terrifying Secret History of Fleet Foxes

A look into the background of these so-called hippies reveals some disturbing activities.

By Gregory Adams, 5 May 2011


The Year End Round Up Continues!

One more favourite, and a couple that almost got away

By Gregory Adams, 30 Dec 2010


Coffin Bangers and Crypt-Kickers

Bobby "Boris" Pickett died a haunted man, but there's still life after "Monster Mash." Check out some of our gravest hits.

By Gregory Adams, 28 Oct 2010


Great Singles and Abysmal Filler

Pearl Jam is still cranking it out.

By Gregory Adams, 24 Sep 2009