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Local Economy


Raw Logs and Lost Jobs: How the BC Government Has Sacrificed Forest Communities

Growing raw log exports mean almost 5,000 lost employment opportunities. First of two.

By Ben Parfitt, Today


Growing a Brewery: Sunshine Coast’s Persephone Brings Farm-to-Table to Beer

Sustainability and social responsibility provide base for thriving social enterprise.

By Tyee Staff, 2 Nov 2016


As Canada Negotiates New Softwood Pact, Complaints of BC Subsidies Resurface

US group aims to limit competition from our wood in American market.

By Andrew MacLeod, 31 Oct 2016


Why the NDP Needs to Become the Party of Growth

Broadbent Institute conference hears economic growth critical for social equity, public services.

By David Bieber, 3 Oct 2016


In Prince Rupert, Good Times Gaming for Young and Old

In conversation with Rob Gruber, (dungeon) master of games for the six-to-76 set. Part of a reader-funded series.

By Katie Hyslop, 16 Sep 2016


BC Hydro: From Public Interest to Private Profits

W.A.C. Bennett created the Crown corp to build province; today it enriches special interests.

By Norman Farrell, 12 Sep 2016


What Tax Avoidance Costs Us (For One, Pharmacare)

Eliminating use of havens could save Canada billions every year. It could be well spent.

By Dennis Howlett, 29 Aug 2016


Don’t Say No to ‘Slow Growthers,’ Hear Them Out

Measures like GDP make little sense in a world of tightening environmental constraints.

By Tom Green and Michael Barkusky, 15 Aug 2016


Credit Unions Do Good Work, So Why Is BC Hobbling Them?

Special tax status helps them compete with big banks. They deserve our support.

By Kevin Campbell, 11 Jul 2016


BC's Lax Investment Rules Endanger Vulnerable Overseas Workers

Chinese capital flight to places like Vancouver creates risk of disaster for hundreds of millions of labourers.

By Mitchell Anderson, 4 Jul 2016


Next Economy: Bitcoin and New Ways to Do Money

Why cryptocurrency is hot politics. Next in Tyee's series on capitalism in crisis.

By Justin Ritchie, 21 Jun 2016


Dilbit Dogma? The Myth of Tidewater Access

Pipeline cheerleaders often employ this rationale. But it no longer applies.

By Eugene Kung, 20 Apr 2016


To Earn a Living, Some Chinese Students Work as Global Shoppers

Mark Liu and others work a side business buying luxury goods for customers back home.

By Si Chen, 20 Apr 2016


Feds Can't Back Up Foreign Worker Program Changes, NDP's Ashton Says

Liberals recently allowed a seasonal exemption to federal program rules.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 13 Apr 2016


The Corporate Influence and Real Estate Greed that Created a City

Happy 130th birthday, Vancouver. In some ways, you haven't really changed.

By Jesse Donaldson, 6 Apr 2016


Food Bank Society's Two-Tier Membership Shuns Clients, Critics Say

Greater Vancouver group isn't alone in denying users the right to be voting members.

By Katie Hyslop, 4 Apr 2016


Four More Whoppers about LNG in British Columbia

The real facts behind Christy Clark's rosy claims.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 16 Mar 2016


How a BC Union Dumped Fossil Fuels and Cashed In

Result? The 68,000-member BCGEU survived the oil crash mostly unscathed.

By David P. Ball, 2 Mar 2016


It's Time Governments Treated Real Estate as a Public Resource

Forget natural gas, forests or mines -- housing is BC's big asset.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Feb 2016


Why the Wild Descent of Oil Is Cause for Concern

Low prices once signalled good news for the global economy. Not this time.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 8 Feb 2016