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Federal Budget Invests $2.2 Billion in Metro Van Transit, Cuts Transit Tax Credit

Funds could cover Broadway Subway, Patullo Bridge replacement and more.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Mar 2017


Tyee Readers Hesitant about Ride-Sharing in BC

We asked, you answered. Here’s how you feel about the recent provincial announcement.

By Sharon J. Riley, 10 Mar 2017


Should Developers Pay to ‘Ride’ the Benefits of Transit?

Where transit goes, land values rise. Should cities and the public get a share?

By Christopher Cheung, 7 Mar 2017


Ottawa Failing to Protect Fraser River Salmon from Industry, Says Richmond Councillor

Federal government accused of ignoring Cohen Commission recommendations on salmon survival.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 1 Mar 2017


To Critics, Massey Bridge Is an Environmental and Planning Disaster

And something called the ‘human kebab zone’ is involved. Last of two.

By Daniel Wood, 24 Feb 2017


How BC Taxpayers Ended Up Paying for the $3.5-Billion Massey Bridge

A bridge over troubled waters, indeed. First of two.

By Daniel Wood, 23 Feb 2017


Imagining City Life After the Car

Our love affair with the private vehicle is waning. Does it still deserve a third of our urban living space?

By Christopher Pollon, 19 Jan 2017


Tracking the Changes on the Evergreen Line

The Tyee rides the rails to see how transit changes communities and lives.

By Christopher Cheung, 28 Dec 2016


Fleeing Million Dollar Vancouver? Your Suburban Life May Cost Just as Much

Urbanist Andy Yan’s latest study reveals the cost burden of transportation.

By Christopher Cheung, 21 Dec 2016


Make Vancouver the World’s Slowest City: A Manifesto

The Greenest Action Plan doesn’t seem to be making Lotus Land happier. Here’s a new vision.

By David Beers and Patrick M. Condon, 9 Dec 2016


Ride-sharing, Such as Uber, Inevitably Coming to BC, Says Liberal Minister

BC Lib delegates support creating a legal framework to allow ride-sharing.

By Andrew MacLeod, 5 Nov 2016


The Sad Story of the Little Railway that Couldn’t

Public ownership of Vancouver Island’s E&N has produced rusting tracks and disappointment.

By Paul Willcocks, 11 Oct 2016


At-Risk Frogs, Owls May Be Harmed by George Massey Tunnel Replacement

Environmental assessment application for the project closed on Oct. 3.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Oct 2016


Living Cheap and Local, No Fossil Fuels Necessary

Seven ways we’re already preparing for the transition. Add your own.

By YES! Staff, 5 Aug 2016


Is this Your Commuting Future?

Inside the bet that a BC-made, single-seat electric car is the next (really) big thing.

By Daniel Wood, 27 Jul 2016


'Air Christy' Flights Included Learjet to Liberal Fundraiser

Taxpayers billed $6,054 for one-day trip that included photo op, radio interview and fundraising dinner.

By Bob Mackin, 24 Jun 2016


Who's Greener, Vancouver or Warsaw?

Six traffic and pollution cures the Lower Mainland can learn from Poland's capital.

By Christopher Grabowski, 4 Jun 2016


Buyers of Luxury Cars Benefited from BC Climate Fight

Province spent millions on tax breaks for Teslas, Porsches and BMWs.

By Andrew MacLeod, 9 May 2016


BC Ferries 'Very Safe,' Minister Responds to Union Claims

Ferry workers allege contract change led to 'stark decline in safety standards.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 27 Apr 2016


Please Advise! Calgary Mayor Sorry for Uber Honesty

Doc Steve soothes a chastened Nenshi: if only all gaffes were so endearing.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2016