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Dorothy Woodend

Dorothy Woodend has been the film critic for The Tyee since 2004. Her work has been published in magazines, newspapers and books across Canada and the US, as well as a number of international publications.

Dorothy worked with the Vancouver International Film Festival, the Whistler Film Festival and the National Film Board of Canada. She is a member of the Vancouver Film Critics Circle, and sits on the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Arts and Culture in Vancouver. Dorothy is also the Director of Programming for DOXA Documentary Film Festival in Vancouver.

Reporting Beat: Film.

Dorothy's Connection to BC: Born in Vancouver and raised in the wilds of the Kootenay, Dorothy's favourite spot is her family's farm on Kootenay Lake.

Twitter: @dorothywoodend

Stories by Dorothy Woodend


The Fight for Ugly, Or Why Art Can’t Sell Condos

Westbank’s empty show trumped by VAG’s installation using discarded building materials, furnishings.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Nov 2017


Hungry Ghosts Feast on Existential Dread and Contemporary Fear

Three classic films investigate the realm of everyday horror.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Oct 2017


‘Turandot,’ and Opera’s Terrifying Power

Embattled, perhaps, but opera delivers the raw, cathartic emotions at the centre of great art.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Oct 2017


Women of a Certain Vintage Take Over the Screen

Vancouver International Film Festival celebrates older women in front of and behind the camera.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Sep 2017


Clowning Around with Fear

Movie adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘It’ fails to scare because it misses the real terror numbing our world.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Sep 2017


‘Logan Lucky’ and the End of American Empire

Steven Soderbergh comes out of retirement with an ode to redneck culture.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Sep 2017


‘Meatballs’ and the Films of Summer’s Ending

It’s the season of camp classics. The breathier and more hormonal, the better.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Aug 2017


Inside the Cult of Assange

Documentary on WikiLeaks activist pulls back the curtain — and the view is unsettling.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Aug 2017


Century-Old Film Treasure Unearthed in ‘Dawson City: Frozen Time’

Bill Morrison’s new work strings together incredible footage, long buried under an old Yukon ice rink.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jul 2017


Pure Musical Beauty Found in Films ‘Monterey Pop’ and ‘The Road Forward’

Plenty of sound and fury in these two must-sees.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Jul 2017


‘Baby Driver’ Is Long on Style, and That Ain’t Totally Bad

In terms of a hot, sticky-tar car chase film for a summer night, you could do worse.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jul 2017


Two Films about the Future of Humanity, the Good and the Ugly

Will it be more ‘It Comes at Night?’ horror or ‘Tomorrow Ever After’ hopeful?

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Jun 2017


Give Us a Real Wonder Woman!

New blockbuster version has her charms, but lacks the powerful punch today’s superheroines really need.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Jun 2017


Latest Instalment in Alien Franchise a Bloody, Hollow Mess

‘Alien: Covenant’ will leave you longing for the perfect simplicity of its perfect predecessor.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 May 2017


‘Citizen Jane’

When the famed observer of cities took on the planning establishment, it was a street fight for the ages — one captured in a timely documentary.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Apr 2017


‘Power Rangers’: A Positively Lynchian Experience

On films of technicolour lunacy, that blur the line between bad and good.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Mar 2017


‘Logan,’ a Superhero Saga for Elegiac Times

Latest X-Men is worn-out, roughed up, and totally fitting for its age.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Mar 2017


The Documentaries Are Getting Angry

Films like ‘Angry Inuk’ are sharp, fierce manifestos, proving film’s power to slash new trails in the darkness.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Feb 2017


‘I Am Not Your Negro’: Film Charts Nightmares Behind the American Dream

James Baldwin’s voice, filmmaker’s vision produce an experience that matters.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Feb 2017


‘Tampopo’: Celebration of Food, Friendship, Sex and Hope Still Satisfies

A Japanese classic, this slurpable film feast screens in Vancouver later this month.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jan 2017


‘Silence’: Typical Scorsese, with Ample Wailing

This film is a long and painful journey, so use the bathroom first.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jan 2017


A Guide to the Best of 2016’s Junk Movies

Sometimes — especially this year — only the film equivalent of junk food can nourish the soul.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Dec 2016


Two Films that Share a Vivid, Deep Understanding of the Oddness of the Human Experience

‘Toni Erdmann’ and ‘Moonlight’ highlights in a year of compelling, beautiful movies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Dec 2016


‘Rogue One’: A Star Wars Prequel Without Magic, or Even Life

Ultimately, a dreary demonstration of calculated, market-tested moviemaking.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Dec 2016


‘Jackie,’ or the Suffocating Weight of Myth

Film on Jacqueline Kennedy rarely goes beyond a beautifully depicted surface.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Dec 2016


‘Arrival’: A Welcome Film about Unity and Communication

And about how language constructs reality. We’ve never needed it more.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Nov 2016


‘Miss Hokusai,’ ‘Moonlight’ and Fall Film Brilliance

Skip away from TV this weekend, with much goodness on offer in actual movie theatres.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Nov 2016



Trump, Gadhafi, computer utopian idealists... Adam Curtis’s new film tries to make sense of our current cultural moment.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Oct 2016


‘Manchester by the Sea’ and the Power of Shared Experience

VIFF screening creates collectivity of emotion in audience.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Oct 2016


‘Maudie,’ or the Difference between Great and Good Films

VIFF opener has many strengths, but misses the messiness of reality. Plus, Woodend’s festival picks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Oct 2016


‘A Cinema of Cruelty’: It Hurts So Good

Plenty of sex, death, and painful pleasure in this Vancouver Cinematheque film series.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Sep 2016


‘The Tunnel’: A Thrilling Break from Summer’s Limp Cinema

Amid the standard buffet of blammo and sausage parties, finally: a film to love.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Aug 2016


A Cruel Summer of Wretched, Big Movies

Sexism, racism, hackery and Meryl Streep drive a film reviewer to despair.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Aug 2016


Zombie Politics

Korea’s latest horror flick asks whether people eaters can digest a hedge fund manager.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Jul 2016


Oh Well, Lady ‘Ghostbusters.’ You Tried

Not too offensive, not too feminist, it’s not too much of anything. Still, there are spectres of a decent flick.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jul 2016


Lady Sharks Duel in 'The Shallows'

Both combatants are long, sleek, with beautiful teeth. But who'll win in this shark versus Blake Lively flick?

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jul 2016


'The Wailing': A Horror Revealed in Hindsight

The latest from South Korean director Na Hong-jin may be best watched backwards.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jun 2016


'Lady Dynamite': TV's Weirdest, Funniest Show Is also the Truest

Maria Bamford's autobiographical hallucination is hilariously brave.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Jun 2016


All About the Moment: Kelly Reichardt's Long, Bittersweet Gaze

Five-film program at Cinematheque catches balance of sorrow and joy in a world of hard times and bad choices.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 May 2016


Get Your Creep On with 'Midnight Special'

It's a sci-fi flick just alien enough to make sense of the world again.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Apr 2016


Why Are Movie Humans So Mean?

Films like '10 Cloverfield Lane' appeal to the worst in human nature. But we're more than endless warring factions.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Mar 2016


'Where to Invade Next' Waves a Banner of Hope

Michael Moore's uniquely American quest to steal the best ideas of other countries and save his own is a worthy watch.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Feb 2016


'Hail, Caesar!' Proves We Need New Cinema Heroes

Because hints of change are all around us, just not at the movies. Yet.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Feb 2016


How Many Hours Since Your Last Net Fix?

Celebrating scarcity in the age of endless-scrolling cinema.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Jan 2016


Return of the Oscars Whitewash

Another diversity-challenged awards season. We know how it ends, so let's watch something else.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Jan 2016


Cheering Women in Film, Because It's 2015

Looking back on a whirlwind of wins, phone-ins and bro shows.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Dec 2015


The Year Hollywood Questioned Its Faith

In money, God and even football. Yet America dreams on.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Dec 2015


Some of Year's Best Films Were Animated (and Not Just for Kids)

Drawn, painted, even made out of puppets, here are two gorgeous examples.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Dec 2015


'Heart of a Dog'

Laurie Anderson's rumination on death accomplishes something rare. See it at Vancity Theatre Dec. 31.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Dec 2015


Everyone Has Their Own 'Star Wars'

'The Force Awakens' took me back to that magical first moment.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Dec 2015


Season's Screenings

Mad Max meets Parisian heartache in Dorothy Woodend's guide to 2015 films.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Dec 2015


'Crimson Peak': Bloody and Grotesque but Is It Scary?

That depends how distracted you are by all the brooches, teacups and bowties.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Oct 2015


Ready, Set, VIFF!: Let the Film Onslaught Begin

As festival floodgates open, Tyee's reviewer sketches your survival guide.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Sep 2015


Will Naomi Klein's Film Change Everything?

One of many calls for earth-shaking action, the doc makes oddly conventional appeal.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Sep 2015


'Straight Outta Compton': A Parental Advisory

I took my teen son to a film that invokes Michael Brown's America, but conceals another history.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Aug 2015


Spies, Spies, Everywhere Spies

Guy Ritchie directs a 1960s carbon copy for our culturally exhausted age.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Aug 2015


Silent Cries for Humanity in 'The Tribe'

Nothing like Eastern European cinema to fuel the bonfire of your cynicism.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Jul 2015


Hollywood Goes Ding-Dong Crazypants

Peen hits the big screen in 'Magic Mike XXL' and 'The Overnight.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Jul 2015


Um, Now Can We Have a Girl's Coming of Age Film?

It's always about a boy: 'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl' and 'Ben's at Home'.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Jun 2015


Orange Is Back!

Ready your binge-watching pants: the Litchfield women are as real, ribald and hilarious as ever.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Jun 2015


Summer, Magic, Glow: 'When Marnie Was There'

Once again, creators of 'Spirited Away' recapture the wild mystery of childhood.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 May 2015


Mad Max Fury Road, an Action Opus with a Gentle Core

Humane, complex characters fill this wild ride of a reboot.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 May 2015


Documentary Lovers, Paradise Is Coming

DOXA fest is almost here! Dorothy Woodend tells you what not to miss.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Apr 2015


Taking Life Cues from the Brat Pack in 'The Wolfpack'

We've all wished to live inside a nostalgic '80s flick. These six brothers did.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Mar 2015


Craving Cinematic Silliness? Try 'Kingsman: The Secret Service'

Willing to let your critical mind lapse into quasi-vegetation? This might be your film.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Feb 2015


'Bitter Lake'

Adam Curtis's new epic, 'the story of Afghanistan,' is a veritable sea of images, music and ideas.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Feb 2015


Oh, Mann Movies

Or, what it's like to be a woman forced to sit through 'Blackhat' and its macho ilk.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Jan 2015


A Mid-Life Crisis Befalls an Arch Comedian

The result is 'Top Five,' a film with warmth and levity.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jan 2015


Dorothy Woodend's Top Films of the Year

From 'The Babadook' to 'Virunga', these played a cosmic xylophone on my vertebrae.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Dec 2014


'The Babadook' and the Mother of All Terrors

Don't miss this Aussie nightmare of a film, starting a limited run at Vancity Theatre.

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 Dec 2014


The Power of Conscience in 'Citizenfour'

Edward Snowden doc reveals struggle in acting alone.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Nov 2014


Ghomeshi, Trolls, and One Hopeful Thing

Joss Whedon said it best: 'It's an ugly time because change is happening.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Nov 2014


Hold On to Your Turtlenecks, It's 'Whiplash'

This jazz thriller rocked the house at Vancouver's film fest and hits theatres this weekend.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Oct 2014


Films that Stink (On Purpose)

Our reviewer takes a whiff of flicks with fragrance.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Oct 2014


Another VIFF Gem: 'The Iron Ministry'

Following this season's track record of great films on trains, here's a festival must-see.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Sep 2014


Woodend's VIFF Survival Guide

With hundreds of films, how to possibly find gold? Our reviewer sharpens her pick.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Sep 2014


Love Makes Us Crazy, and So Should Rom-coms

'The F Word' may be sleepy, but there are many classics to ignite the stormy heart.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Aug 2014


'Into the Storm'

When climate change deniers risk our future, is this film's monster tornado hero or villain?

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Aug 2014


'Guardians of the Galaxy'

A gang of ne'er-do-wells set out to save the universe with sass and banditry. It should be fun, right?

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Aug 2014


'Snowpiercer' Is the Must See Movie of Summer

Because it's so brilliantly timely. So why won't they show it at your local theatre?

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Jul 2014


In Praise of Car Movies

And why 'Tammy' veers into a ditch full of hatred for the poor and heavyset.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Jul 2014


'Edge of Tomorrow'

Grave history replayed, starring aliens and Tom Cruise. Somehow, this film is a damn hoot.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Jun 2014


'WolfCop,' Brought to You By Hype, Pitch and Buzz

CineCoup's 'film accelerator' contest has movie-makers mug for votes. Is this really the new model?

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jun 2014


The X-Men Get a Do-Over

Wishing for climate science as resilient as this franchise? Me too.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 May 2014


Godzilla Knows Best

Another summer remake with daddy issues, but the beast himself redeems.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 May 2014


Capital and Captain America

World domination update: ruthless oligarchs plan Marvel hero movies to 2028.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Apr 2014


Aronofsky's Ark Is All Wet

You'll need to take a pee break during this giant bathtub of a movie.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Apr 2014


Real Life Movie Love

Looking for true romance on screen these days? Stick to the good, messy stuff in your head.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Feb 2014


'The Visitor', or the Joy of Truly Awful Films

Are you a lover of irresistibly inept cinema? Here's a genre classic.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Jan 2014


Woodend's Year in Film

This screwy world is slow to change. Movieland isn't much better. Our critic reflects.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Jan 2014


'American Hustle' and 'The Wolf of Wall Street'

In an epic year of pop culture sexism, Martin Scorsese lathers on a last, large dollop.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Dec 2013



You're staring at a screen right now. Is that anywhere to find love and happiness?

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Dec 2013


Sorry 'Catching Fire,' Kids Hunger for Real Rebellion

Numbed by all the on-screen competitive sludge is a craving for genuine revolt.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Nov 2013


This Messed Up World Needs a Protest Anthem

And lord knows the Miley Cyrus generation isn't up for the job.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Nov 2013


'Birth of the Living Dead'

This season of spooks, celebrate horror's most unlikely cinematic miracle. And pray for more.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Oct 2013


'Wolf Children'

Fall film and reads to help unleash that deeply-craved howl of freedom.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Oct 2013


Tune in to Fall's Melancholy

Film and song that honour the piercing beauty of life's sadness, with Vancouver film fest picks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Sep 2013


'The Act of Killing' and 'The Dirties'

A doc that gives a genocide a fantasy turn, and a fictional film that ends in curious, murderous reality.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Sep 2013


The Endless 'World's End'

Simon Pegg's latest could do with more fighting robots, less existential angst.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Aug 2013


Family Ghosts

Movies may be scary, but family always presents the truest terror.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Aug 2013



Earth is a dirty smudge of deep inequality and plain weirdness in this sci-fi film. Not much of a stretch.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Aug 2013


'Orange Is the New Black'

Race, class, power, and caged heat. This show's got everything but the prison sink.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Jul 2013


'Pacific Rim'

Its robots, monsters and valour charm, but not enough to save the movie industry.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Jul 2013


World War Zzzz...

Some good pulpy fun in this flick, but zombie-loving hordes may leave theatres hungry.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Jun 2013


Hail 'Devotional Cinema'

Box office tripe can make it feel like film's end of days. Don't forget its wonder.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Jun 2013


Film Is Totally Failing Women

There aren't enough females directing, writing, critiquing, or starring as anything other than wieners.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jun 2013


World of Terror

Hollywood feeds our anxieties by refining images of ultimate terrorist mayhem.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Apr 2013


'From up on Poppy Hill' and 'Spring Breakers'

Miyazaki explores young love. Former Disney stars portray young lust. 'Tis the season.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Mar 2013


No, Movies Don't Suck

Sure, Hollywood's mostly do. But here's why I can't agree cinema is over.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Feb 2013


Hollywood's Gun Fetish 

In today's films, sad old guys express manhood with firearms. It's not so different offscreen.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Feb 2013


Racism and the Oscars Race

This year's critics' choices in film reveal a big, white blind spot.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jan 2013


Woodend's Film School: Learning from Movies of 2012

Yup, Apatow is a threat to humanity. But many times cinema scintillated.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Dec 2012


Unwrap the Gift of Miyazaki's Films

From 'My Neighbour Totoro' to 'Spirited Away,' don't miss Vancouver's mini-fest this holiday season.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Dec 2012


Holy Moly, 'Holy Motors'

Catch this moving, mournful, joyful film as it rips through Vancity and feel so alive!

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Nov 2012


Pleasures of 'The Walking Dead'

When reality goes wrong, why do we yearn for crazed, primordial survival stories like AMC's series?

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Nov 2012


Goodbye Granville Cinema, Your Death Is Telling

Another movie theatre bites the dust as attendance dives. Blame Hollywood's withering heart.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Oct 2012


'Midnight's Children'

Opening night, VIFF-goers critique Salman Rushdie's 'un-filmable' novel set to screen. Plus more fest picks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Sep 2012


Anticipating the Films of Fall

I should know better but can't help but get a little excited about these TIFF hopefuls.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Sep 2012


Cute Killers

Nothing like a Kootenay summer, and Hitchcock, to make you reflect on animals as friends or murderous foes.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Aug 2012


Send More Sharks!

Sex and violence barely submerged. Why 'Jaws' remains the perfect summer movie.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Aug 2012


Attack of the Trolls

Time to overthrow the superhero bros, billionaire boys, and the Internet gremlins who bully their critics.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jul 2012


Free the Spoiled Children

Today's kids yearn for movie heroes who ditch the parents and fly solo, as in 'Brave'. Let's take a hint.

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 Jul 2012



Let us give fangs to God: Ridley Scott's Bible borrowing prequel to 'Alien.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Jun 2012


'Girls' Gone Where?

No graceless subject untouched in HBO's series about clueless millennials.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jun 2012


'Moonrise Kingdom'

Note to Wes Anderson: Puppy love is a sharp-toothed thing that nips and bites.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 May 2012


Escape from Escapism

So decrees 'The Hunger Games'. A tall order given the seduction of Netflix.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Apr 2012


'Friends with Kids'

What spawned this uterus worshipping film? Sex, Republican style?

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Mar 2012


'The Secret World of Arrietty'

Again, a film that feels like real childhood memories. How does Miyazaki do it?

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Feb 2012


Where Can You Go for a Real Movie Experience Anymore?

Real as its popcorn butter, Vancouver's Rio Theatre is a classic worth defending.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Jan 2012


'The Iron Lady'

Film as cultural crime. This is how they create historical amnesia.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Jan 2012


Hollywood's Icy Heart

From 'Mission Impossible' to 'The Descendants,' current films fail to arouse.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Dec 2011


'Shame' and 'No Sexual Rapport'

A fictional sex addict, and the real life of pornographers who feed his hunger.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Dec 2011


Occupy the Movie Theatres

Could money-sucking, worker-shedding Hollywood be more out of touch?

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Oct 2011


'Real Steel'

Ghost of Steve Jobs looks on as mechanical fighting flick shadow boxes with old classics.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Oct 2011


'Attack the Block'

Young toughs mug the wrong crash-landed alien. Satisfying cinema ensues.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Sep 2011


Cinema's Season of Revenge

Hollywood's heavily into payback lately. Now comes the remade 'Straw Dogs.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Sep 2011


'Rise of the Planet of the Apes'

In a world gone ape, this monkey learns some hard lessons of humanity.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Aug 2011


'Captain America: The First Avenger'

One more super hero released from storage. But how much moral high ground is left to protect?

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Jul 2011


Movies and Memory

Films seen long ago meld with personal dramas, making the mind one weird Cineplex.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jul 2011


Malick's 'Tree of Life' Is Profound (Don't Snicker)

Is it a masterpiece if it makes you think about big stuff... maybe too much?

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Jun 2011


Sorry Women, Summer Films Are for Boys

Surviving the season of guns, explosions, cool gadgets, bad guys, pretty ladies, aliens, Nazis, that sort of thing.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Jun 2011


Kristen Wiig, Screwball Genius, I Salute You!

Is 'Bridesmaids' really that funny? Yes, miraculously, it is.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 May 2011


Aliens! They Just Keep Coming!

From 'Paul' to 'Prometheus' to 'Battle: Los Angeles,' the invasion appears unstoppable.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Apr 2011


'Jane Eyre'

The film is swoon-worthy. But what carries the power of a young girl's first reading of Charlotte Brontë's masterpiece?

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Apr 2011


This Year's Annoying Film Prize Faves

Here come the Oscar nomination announcements. Sheesh.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jan 2011


The Big Tease

Mathieu Amalric's film 'On Tour' is a love story with passels of swinging tassels.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jan 2011


Have Yourself a Cinematic Christmas

'True Grit' and other options for those in search of stories instead of stuff.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Dec 2010


Woman on the Edge of a Drag

It's 1950s again but with a thick layer of porn on top: an anti-review of 'Burlesque.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Nov 2010


'Out of the Blue'

There's more to this Dennis Hopper picture than meets the eye. It's a snapshot of a bygone punk rock Vancouver.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Nov 2010


Old Horrors and New Monsters

Good old-fashioned demonic possession isn't what it used to be but new creeps are always scratching at the window.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Oct 2010


How Do We Animate the Spirit of Empathy?

Some beautiful films at the Vancouver International Film Festival show the way.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Oct 2010


Vancouver International Film Festival: Woodend's Picks

A Czech visual masterpiece, a García Márquez magical dream, and much, much more.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Sep 2010


Summer Trash Cinema

From 'Cannibal Girls' to 'Idiocracy,' four fun films that won't make your brain sweat.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Aug 2010


'The Kids Are All Right'

How did a film about lesbian parents and sex end up so very old-fashioned?

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Jul 2010


Eyes on the Future

A cinema classic with a live orchestra. A literary mash-up manifesto. Everything is new. Nothing is new.

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Jul 2010


She's Baaaack! 'Metropolis' Revived

New extended restoration of iconic 1927 film is fresh as a whiff of G20 tear gas.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Jul 2010


'Winter's Bone'

Sundance winner portrays the growing, alienated American underclass that used to be called hillbillies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jun 2010


Lonely? You're Not Alone

'Sex and the City' makes family, friends, fashion, love look easy. A lie to salve our aching solitudes.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Jun 2010


'The Trotsky' and 'The Maid'

Two small films offer an antidote to Hollywood's idiotic portrayals of class division.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 May 2010


Sex and the Modern Documentary

'The Erection Man,' 'Orgasm Inc.' and 'Male Domination' are among DOXA's offerings next week in Vancouver.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Apr 2010


The Docs Are Out!

There's a fresh bunch of documentaries in Vancouver, bringing messages of hope, fear and beauty.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Apr 2010


Best of the Worst Teen Horror Flicks

Hell hath no fury like a teenage girl with a daddy fixation in Nobuhiko Obayashi's cheesy, psychedelic and occasionally scary 'House.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Apr 2010


Love is Hell

Down, down, into fiery depths of French auteur Clouzot's imagination, and his unfinished masterpiece 'Inferno.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Mar 2010


Canada's Top Ten Films, 2010

Let the year's best, showing at Vancouver's Pacific Cinematheque, cure your Olympics hangover.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Mar 2010


'Reel Injun' and 'Salute'

Feeling manipulated by the Olympics' brand boosters? See these two timely documentaries.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Feb 2010


Keeping up with Today's Modern Consumer of Romance

'This is why we're f'd up about love,' says my sister as we listen to old movie soundtracks. We are, indeed.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Feb 2010


'The Wild Hunt'

Well worth pouncing on while prowling next week's Victoria Film fest.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Jan 2010


Kill Your Idols

No! to the boomers, yes! to the Yes Men.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jan 2010


'Fantastic Mr. Fox' Is, Well, Fantastic

A brilliant, beautiful film about marriage, cages and one's own inescapable nature.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Dec 2009


Heading up the Hill

Above the boozy parties and orgiastic groans at the eclectic Whistler Film Festival.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Dec 2009



Your chance to spend a bit of quality time with the world's foremost doomer.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Nov 2009


Suck It Up Cinema

Vampires are everywhere nowadays, but weirdly drained of menace.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Oct 2009


Sifting the VIFF

A few picks from the wonderful (small) world of Vancouver's film fest.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Oct 2009


Who Needs Art, Anyway?

Politicians don't value it. Why would they? It threatens them.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Sep 2009


'Malls R Us'

God is goods, says the architecture that enfolds retail worship.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Aug 2009


'The Cove'

After watching this, can you summon empathy for a dolphin killer? Should you?

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Aug 2009


'The Hurt Locker'

Director Kathryn Bigelow's war makes men choose pain over nothing.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Jul 2009


'Food Inc.'

Film offers a broad menu of gross facts. Where's the recipe for action?

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Jul 2009


The Art of Living for Free

Want to get by on almost nothing? I'm glad to share some (free) tips.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Jun 2009


'The Hangover'

Ninety minutes with my head in the toilet.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Jun 2009


Festival of Love

DOXA's documentary film fest is a living, breathing, sighing communal moment.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 May 2009


See this Shock Doc

'Act of God' explores death by lightning. Plus, more electrifying films at DOXA.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 May 2009


From Muck Grows Disneynature

Don't let Uncle Walt near the kids and the animals.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Apr 2009


'Recipes for Disaster'

A family tries to give up oil, and home life seizes up.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Apr 2009


Too Much Eco-Elder Worship?

A few cranky notes on watching 'Earth Days' at the otherwise cool Projecting Change Festival.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Apr 2009


'RiP: A Remix Manifesto'

We're all pirates now, so how will films and journalism get made?

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Mar 2009


Bloody Awful Oz Flicks

No one did exploitation like Aussies in the '70s.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Mar 2009


Take the Kids to Reel2Real

Film fest proves it's universal. Parents and children drive each other crazy.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Feb 2009


'Welcome to the Sticks' and 'Ballast'

Two very different travels down country roads.

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 Feb 2009


Is Your Child Too Young to Watch that Horror Film?

A parent's guide to scaring your kid.

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Jan 2009


'Gran Torino'

Is this Clint Eastwood's self-pitying swan song?

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Jan 2009


Escape from Christmas

Not feeling It's a Wonderful Life? Try these.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Dec 2008


Films Full of Biophilia

'Fierce Light' and 'Food Fight' at the Whistler fest.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Dec 2008


Generation Velcro

What will become of the children who could not tie their shoes?

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Nov 2008


Hollywood's Bully Problem

Big studios teach kids to insult casually, crudely. It takes a Dutch film to tell the truth.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Nov 2008


The Funhouse Mirrors of Political Films

Blurring the line between telling the truth and just telling tales.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Oct 2008


Igloos and Cannibalism

For now at least, we have NFB films to set our history right.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Oct 2008


Reeling at Vancouver's Film Fest

An insider's guide to the best of this year's VIFF.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Sep 2008


Love? Are You Kidding?

What does Woody Allen really know about the human heart?

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Aug 2008


'Pineapple Express'

America's violent haze produces a bad buzz.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Aug 2008


'Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer'

Beware the horrific rage of this Canadian working man.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Jul 2008



Looking for love and meaning on a garbage planet.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Jul 2008


Hot Times!

Four summer campy movie classics to kick off the lazy season.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Jun 2008


'Kung Fu Panda'

More self-esteem cinema for today's coddled cuties.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Jun 2008


Screwed by 'Sex and the City'

What terrible hold do these aging Barbies have on us?

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 May 2008


Gender Bending at the Leos

Fluid sexuality in 'Crossing' and 'she's a boy i knew.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 May 2008


Lots of Good Stuff

In Vancouver, a bunch of great film events.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 May 2008


'Bevel Up'

Nettie Wild's new doc about nurses in the trenches.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Apr 2008


'The End of Suburbia'

After peak oil comes what fresh hell?

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Apr 2008


'Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day'

A frantic return of great dames.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Mar 2008



Will Ferrell, America's noble idiot poster boy.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Mar 2008


Real Good for Kids

Reel 2 Real's film fest of gems for children.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Feb 2008


Canada's Top Ten Films

'Continental, a Film Without Guns' is one of the best.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Feb 2008


Opera Goes to the Movies

As the two forms mix, we've entered a new aria.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Feb 2008


'Starting Out in the Evening'

Aging novelist, sexy grad student. Who's got the write stuff?

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Feb 2008


Age of Apathy

The mumbly new wave of films for young people.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Jan 2008


The Net Reboots Cinema

How long until films are wired straight into our minds?

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jan 2008



Daft Punk's wordless ode to robot 'heroes.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Jan 2008


The Best of Film, and Intentions

Bright spots of 2007, resolutions for the new year.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Jan 2008


The Princess Consumer

Women who yearn to shop, not grow up. They're 'Enchanted.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Dec 2007


Nourishing Movies

Avoid the plexes, tuck into these filmic fests and feasts.

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Nov 2007


'Bee Movie' Leaves a Bad Buzz

Hey kids, learn to love the hive.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Nov 2007


Oh, the Horror!

Scary films are hot. Where's the art of empathy?

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Oct 2007


Vancouver International Film Fest's Best Flicks

It's a feast of films this year.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Oct 2007


Climate for Change

Best of the Vancouver International Film Fest's new green flicks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Sep 2007


What Can 'Mad Men' Tell Us?

Smart TV show recalls when men were men, and women weren't glad.

By Dorothy Woodend and Steve Burgess, 21 Sep 2007


How the West Was Undone

'3:10 to Yuma' mans up.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Sep 2007


Sick of Sex?

Mr. Bean's cure for summer smut.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Aug 2007


One Big Wank

'Superbad' is fun. But girls need not apply.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Aug 2007


Going Out With a Bang

Why we're hardwired for explosion movies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Aug 2007


How the Sea Dries Up

'Plagues & Pleasures on the Salton Sea'

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Jul 2007


Oh Rats!

'Ratatouille' dishes up imagination and tasty thoughts.

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 Jul 2007


'Sicko' Diagnosis

Moore or less, can America heal itself?

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Jun 2007


Hollywood Is 'Knocked Up' with Fake

But 'In Vanda's Room' is the real thing.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Jun 2007


Like Alice in Wonderland on Acid and Speed

'Paprika' is a pure giddy delight.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Jun 2007


How Two Filmmakers Lure You Into Their Brains.

David Lynch and Guy Maddin's new unfiction flicks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jun 2007


Less Gas, More Ass

'You Never Bike Alone' suggests a new, bike-based world order.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jun 2007


'Iraq': the New Four Letter Word in Film

Why Hollywood's lens is blurry.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 May 2007


'The Killer Within'

What makes someone commit mass murder? A doc's answers.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 May 2007


On the Silver (Haired) Screen

Must 60 be the new 40?

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Apr 2007


Vancouver Stars as 'Pretty but Shallow'

In 'Everything's Gone Green' and 'Crossing.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Apr 2007


Trashaholics Anonymous

What Quentin Tarantino needs to learn from guilty pleasure flicks.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Apr 2007


When Horror Flicks Rebel

'The Host' screams with politics, family and the monster within.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Mar 2007


Sex, Screams and not enough Satire

Zombies 'r' us? Can B.C. horror film 'Fido' hack it?

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Mar 2007


Blaxploitation in 'Black Snake Moan'

When bold aims turn into bad stereotypes.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Mar 2007


The Tyee's Own Oscars

Who really won? George W., dresses and lesbians, among others.

By Dorothy Woodend, Steve Burgess and Shannon Rupp, 26 Feb 2007


We're Smarter than Americans

Or so say our top movies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Feb 2007


Put Your Child on 'Horror Bus'

And catch more smart kid flicks at Reel 2 Real.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Feb 2007


When Is it Right to Remember Wrong?

Sex, art and totalitarianism in 'The Lives of Others.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Feb 2007


Sarah Polley's Triumph and More Gems

Fine Canadian talent on screen at Victoria film fest.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Feb 2007


The Big Celebritease

Flogged, blogged, whined and opined 'til Oscar night.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Jan 2007


A Shocking Fairytale

‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ winds through sex, tragedy and death of innocence.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Jan 2007


Filming the Future, Thinking about Today

'Children of Men' asks what it means to be human.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Jan 2007


'Old Joy' Near Perfect

Friends reunite, toke and soak in this indie gem.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Jan 2007


Woodend's 2006 Flick Picks

These movies changed my life.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Dec 2006


Rockin' Cinema

From Jack Black to Frank Black, it's three chords to salvation.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Dec 2006


My Back to the Land Fantasy

And why it feels more real every day.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Nov 2006


Sam Sullivan, Movie Star

And more rad indie flicks at Whistler Film Festival.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Nov 2006


Stalking the Perfect Coat

It's cold! Time to bundle up with an old friend.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Nov 2006


Americans Are Crazy

'Dixie Chicks: Shut Up and Sing' makes it too clear.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Nov 2006


'Flags of Our Fathers' and War Porn

Battle to make an honest war film has yet to be won.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Oct 2006


'Open Season' on Dumb Kids' Movies

Enough with the animals and stereotypes already.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Oct 2006


And Now the Good News

Best of the Vancouver International Film Fest. Part Two.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Sep 2006


Must-See Bad News

Best of the Vancouver International Film Fest. Part One.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Sep 2006


Drivin' Movies

Cars R Us in 'Talladega Nights' and 'Little Miss Sunshine'

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Aug 2006


God and Mann

'Miami Vice' icons seek readmission to the religion of cool.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Aug 2006


In Vogue: Bashing Female Bosses

'The Devil Wears Prada'...and there's only one queen.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Jul 2006


Slackers, through 'A Scanner Darkly'

Next chapter in the war on drugs is a cartoon.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jul 2006


God, Those Girls Can Fight

Is girls’ b-ball about savagery, courage, religion or all three?

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Jun 2006


Film Critic Bash-a-Thon

Are we helpful, bitchy or out-to-lunch?

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Jun 2006


Flee the City!

Urban phobia on film, with a stop at ‘District B13.’

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Jun 2006


'If One Meets an Architect, Slap Him'

Cities, slums and 'The Sketches of Frank Gehry.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Jun 2006



Thoughts while sitting through 'An Inconvenient Truth.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Jun 2006


Confession Obsession

Dear documentary makers: give us better stories.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 May 2006


Clothes Make the Me

So who's making my personal statement fashion?

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 May 2006


The Human Race

Running together at dawn, chasing small ecstasies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 May 2006


Not Your Usual Sex Movie

'Battle in Heaven' is a messy war of the flesh.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Apr 2006


'The Devil and Daniel Johnston'

Doc flirts with fame, fear and far-fetched realities.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Apr 2006


Sex, Madness and Hero Worship

James Toback, a puzzle other directors try to solve.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Apr 2006


The Thrill of Thrift Hunting

An antidote to silly, feckless fashion?

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Mar 2006


Terribly, Terribly Pretty

In ‘Kings and Queen’, female beauty is a brutal curse.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Mar 2006


'Spirit of the Beehive' Buzzes with Beauty

Looking for meaning in Franco's shadow.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Mar 2006


Time to Award the Tyeeies!

Obscure, maybe, but irresistible. The year's most underrated film moments.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Mar 2006


'The Three Burials of Melquiades'

The sun of the American dream sets out west.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Feb 2006


The Real Casualties of War

Old and new documentaries make the political personal.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Feb 2006


'Tristram Shandy' Is a Cock and Bull Story

With laughter to soothe the unbearable darkness of being.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Feb 2006


It's a Child's Life

Movies love 'em. But let's see some real kids.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Feb 2006


Sundance? Stick with Victoria

Charms of the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Jan 2006


'Touch the Sound' and Let It Touch You

Films you've got to hear.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Jan 2006


Louis Malle's Tortured Bliss

His amazing documentary of India, all six hours.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Jan 2006


Eeek! Horrors at New Vancouver Film Centre

But where are the women?

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 Jan 2006


The Year in Film

'As my ragged eyes scuttled across the screens…'

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Dec 2005


Naughty and Nice Holiday Films

What to watch in a turkey coma?

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Dec 2005


The Lying, The Which, and the Why God?

Tricked by 'The Chronicles of Narnia.'

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Dec 2005


Brave New World

Films have some 'splainin' to do about food and our future.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Dec 2005


It's Out There!

Canadiana heads to the Whistler Film Festival.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Dec 2005


The State of the 'European Union Film Festival'

Quirky answers to questions of national identity.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Nov 2005


'Terrible, Beautiful, Ordinary and Kiss-inducing'

What I learned about Africa from film.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Nov 2005


Porn People UNTIE!

'East Van Porn Collective' isn't about what but who you do.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Nov 2005


Worlds Collide, and Who Survives?

Amnesty International Film Festival offers up beauty and hope.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Oct 2005


Truly Truman

'Capote' asks whether art and artists are above morality.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Oct 2005


Wallace & Gromit, Bless Their Lumpy, Bumpy Hearts

They're so NOT computer-generated.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Oct 2005


Saddle up, Space Man!

'Serenity' will twang your little heart strings.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Oct 2005


Killing for Peace?

'A History of Violence' is Cronenberg's latest question through film.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Sep 2005


More Film Fest Picks by Woodend

This year, close your eyes and open your ears.

By Dorothy Woodend, 23 Sep 2005


Woodend's Vancouver Film Fest Picks

I've watched dozens of films and lived to tell the tale.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Sep 2005


Oh Goodness, Such Badness!

Warning: 'A Sound of Thunder' is god-awful good.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Sep 2005


Where Are All the Big Villains?

Sure they’re in the news. Sadly, not in 'Red Eye'.

By Dorothy Woodend, 2 Sep 2005


My Date With the 40-Year-Old Virgin

Let's just say the film tries to have it both ways.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Aug 2005


What Has Digital Done to the Movies?

As '2046' proves, everything’s available, for better or worse.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Aug 2005


The Emptiness of Geek Chic

A crop of trendy films reward our desire to be the cool, ironic bully.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Aug 2005


Woodend's Summer Kids' Movie Round Up

Hollywood wants to 'rejuvenile' us. Fight the feeling.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Jul 2005


Wake Up!

It's a tough mission for the middle of summer. But two movies, 'Saraband' and 'YES' rouse the mind.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Jul 2005


Flock to this Film

'The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill' documentary is a rare bird.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Jul 2005


Entertained to Death?

'The Land of the Dead' kills off the working stiffs. Shocked?

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jul 2005


Summer Watchin'

'Batman Begins' is part of the movie slump.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jul 2005


Girl-Kissing-Girl Cinema

Is it still revolutionary?

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Jun 2005


'Turn Up the Good, Turn Down the Suck'

It’s All Gone Pete Tong kicks Canadian movie butt.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Jun 2005


Marred Stars

Strangely, the stranger some get, the more they sell.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Jun 2005


Drugs, Hypocrisy Flavour 'Layer Cake'

Brit gangster flick pushes stylish, irony laden narcotics.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Jun 2005


Keep Out!

New doc on Komagata Maru puts the lie to a welcoming Canada.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 May 2005


Women at Work at DOXA

“You damn women,” my grandfather would say, with equal parts exasperation and respect.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 May 2005


'Darth Vader Is My New Friend!'

My son and kids all over embrace the evil superstar. Thanks, George.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 May 2005


Movies to Watch While the Sky Is Falling

'Hitchhiker's Guide,' 'War of the Worlds,' Disney's 'Chicken Little,' and more.

By Dorothy Woodend, 6 May 2005


Kung Fu Hustle

When bullies rumble with poor people, the slum dwellers win. Sublime or ridiculous?

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Apr 2005


‘Sahara’ Aims at Mind of a Sand Flea

Escapism worked better in a huge world where you were fine to know squat about global politics.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Apr 2005


In Sport and War, All Is Love

What fires up those crazy manboys in the stands? Love or bloodlust?

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Apr 2005


Hollywood and Race: Black, White and Green

‘Guess Who’ begs the question: How far have we come since 1967?

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Apr 2005


This Old Movie House

Say goodbye to the Capitol Six and others theatres of yore.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Apr 2005


A Mother of a Mother

In ‘The Upside of Anger’, Joan Allen is one hot mama.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Mar 2005


‘Phil the Alien’: More of What Ails

Canada’s a funny place that can’t seem to do funny movies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Mar 2005


Serving a 'Hitch' in the War on Love

An army of films and books takes aim at the male on the make.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Mar 2005


Bashing Heads for Buddha

'The Thai Warrior' fights to get his country back from white pervs and fratheads.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Mar 2005


'Constantine' and other Evil Doings

In the post-Abu Ghraib era, Hollywood indulges its devilish obsessions.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Feb 2005


Even in Bhutan, Happiness Is Hard

A Buddhist lama’s latest film tries to capture the country’s fleeting beauty before Starbucks arrives.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Feb 2005


Back into the Kitchen, Girls

Why are females increasingly portrayed as twits who fall down? Call it Attack of the 50 Foot Hollywood Wiener Women.

By Dorothy Woodend, 11 Feb 2005


The Good, the Bad and Alone in the Dark

Male underwear models are dismembered in the B.C.-shot horror film, but at least Tara Reid finds her purse.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Feb 2005


Introducing…The Tyeeies!

Unveiling a prestigious new film award. Because even cruddy flicks can have their surprisingly cool moments.

By Dorothy Woodend, 28 Jan 2005


Hit Films

Boxing’s poetry of poverty and pain, spoken again by Eastwood’s ‘Million Dollar Baby’.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Jan 2005


Sympathy for Shylock

New ‘Merchant of Venice’ presses the question: Is art that depicts anti-semitism itself anti-semitic?

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Jan 2005


When Houses Attack!

Prepare to settle into a new subdivision of horror flicks, including a freaky leaky condo.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jan 2005


'Life Aquatic' Dives Deep

In a good year for quirky meditations, add a last specimen to the aquarium.

By Dorothy Woodend, 31 Dec 2004


'Meet the Fockers'

The Fockers could use a little comedy Viagra, but Kinsey said the same about America.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Dec 2004


Vampy Vancouver

Hollywood North is home to Blade's latest vampires and endless other sci-fi shoots. What, we're that weird?

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Dec 2004


Crimes of Passion

'Bridget Jones' and 'Closer' do dumb violence to a fine ideal called romance.

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Dec 2004


Renting: The Movie

Our quest to find a home has all the plot twists of Hollywood flick. But why must my child play the villain?

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Dec 2004


Alexander the Gay

He conquered the known world because Mommie was a meanie. Who knew?

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 Nov 2004


‘Incredibles’ Rite of Passage

My child’s first film in a movie theatre was the new Pixar hit. Oh the strange drive-in memories that came flooding back.

By Dorothy Woodend, 19 Nov 2004


'Ghost in the Shell' Is a Meme Machine

Sequel 'Innocence' will make you wonder whether skin, bones and hair are old-fashioned attachments.

By Dorothy Woodend, 12 Nov 2004


Boogie Fever

In troubled times, dance! (Or maybe see a dance flick.)

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 Nov 2004


Soundtrack for an Election Thriller

The presidential cliffhanger is a blockbuster with a heavy duty music mix.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Oct 2004


'Huckabees', Like Life, Is One Serious Joke

What do the director, Jon Stewart and a Quantum theory doc have in common? Well, why do you exist?

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Oct 2004


Rock 'n' Roll Can Never Die

It’s a nasty biz that won’t let go, apparently, given Dylan’s memoirs, Wilson’s resurrected Smile, and a couple of great rockumentaries suddenly upon us.

By Dorothy Woodend, 15 Oct 2004


Zombies Are Us

Funny, frightening Shaun of the Dead celebrates those great social critics, The Undead.

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Oct 2004



How come serious cartoon films for grown-ups are hot in Asia but not over here?

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Oct 2004


Film Fest Heaven

Vancouver's International Film Festival deserves cheers, but other West fests add zest.

By Dorothy Woodend, 24 Sep 2004


Fox Hunting and Bush Whacking

Political documentaries are influencing public debate as never before, with a little help from the 'net.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Sep 2004


Hero Wins the West

But was something lost when the hit Chinese epic was manipulated for us by its director and distributor?

By Dorothy Woodend, 10 Sep 2004


My Favorite Kids' Films

Top of this mom's list: 'My Neighbour Totoro'. It's more David Lynch than Disney.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Sep 2004


The Devil You Know

Good and evil is tricky business lately. Too bad the latest 'Exorcist' prompts more laughter than terror.

By Dorothy Woodend, 27 Aug 2004


'Alien vs. Predator' Is Scary Bad

Somebody please put this creature, and movie summer, out of its misery.

By Dorothy Woodend, 20 Aug 2004


'Village' of Idiots

The politics of fear and gated life inhabit the latest film by M. Night Shyamalan. So does Scooby Doo.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 Aug 2004


Mechanical Breakdown

With race relations, slavery and what it means to be human as themes to explore, Hollywood goes on a heartless shooting spree.

By Dorothy Woodend, 22 Jul 2004


Masked Desire

If comic books are really about sex, Spiderman II is some kind of climax

By Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jul 2004


Surrendered Wives

To see how feminism is being undone, have a look at The Stepford Wives, redone.

By Dorothy Woodend, 1 Jul 2004


Two Sighs for Sci-Fi

After The Chronicles of Riddick, how will I ever get my sis to see another space opera?

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Jun 2004


He's Old, Poor and Deadly

The blind swordsman of Zatoichi puts Hollywood's steroidal stars to shame.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jun 2004


Apocalypse Pretty Soon

But is 'The Day After Tomorrow' the wake-up call the world needs?

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Jun 2004


The Olsen Twins Horror Show

How the two cuties morphed into perv-friendly harbingers of Armageddon.

By Dorothy Woodend, 26 May 2004


Ghoul Trouble

In anxious times we need our monsters, but Van Helsing just pummels undead geezers.

By Dorothy Woodend, 13 May 2004


Screw Sisterhood

Mean Girls is a hit and, I confess, I was one. But let's get real about teen female viciousness - and our need to punish Queens of Mean.

By Dorothy Woodend, 5 May 2004