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Thank You, Tyee Builders!

The Tyee swam well past its goal of 650 Tyee Builders. Image by The Tyee.

In December, we challenged our readers to become monthly Tyee Builders, and help us do even more impactful journalism in 2022. We call them Builders because that’s what they do — help us build our newsroom.

Over the past two years, we’ve doubled our staff, brought on new regular contributors and increased the number and quality of our stories. And we’re able to keep it open for all to read because of our supporters.

Our goal was to bring on 650 new monthly supporters, and we’re happy to report that by our deadline on Dec. 31, 783 new monthly supporters had signed up. Just about as many chipped in one-time contributions, and both keep trickling in.

See the full list of campaign contributors here.

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This story is making waves.

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Staring Down the Climate Crisis
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"Floods, fires, heat domes, pandemics, all are an impassioned warning of what is to follow should we not pay heed.

"We must overcome our denial of the necessity of replacing [our current] systems if we hope to come to a respectful relationship with each other, and nature."

def, in response to The Tyee article “Where Was the Warning?"

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This story is making waves.

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Recharging Through Winter

It's cold. It's dark. It's winter. It might feel drab to stay close to home.

But our everyday rhythms stitched to our surroundings can make new perspectives emerge, often signposted by nature.

We’ve bundled together Tyee essays on making the most of life at home, from embracing work from our abodes, to weathering unruly environmental events alongside loved ones, to trekking into the wonders of nature to see the seemingly familiar reveal fresh lessons.

Cozy up with stories from winters past and present to experience the season anew.


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