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‘We Need to Move On’: NDP and Greens Eager for Confidence Vote as Liberal Bills Shot Down

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Refusal to accelerate the vote respects ‘procedures,’ says Liberal minister. Read more »

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday



How Climate Change Has Plagued the Health of Nations for Centuries

It’s brought down countless empires, as Anthony McMichael’s brilliant history recounts.

By Crawford Kilian, Today



Solving the Youth Homelessness Puzzle

Canada’s first tool for assessing youths’ risk of homelessness and identifying needed supports focuses on strengths.

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday

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‘Reflections of Canada’ Offers New Take on 150th Celebrations

From fisheries to our global role, UBC’s Wall Institute book offers wide-ranging look at issues that matter.

By Paul Willcocks, Yesterday


CWD Animal

New Research Sparks Health Canada Warning Deer Plague Might Infect Humans

Chronic wasting disease long thought not to affect human health.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Jun 2017


Naomi Klein

In the Church of Naomi Klein

‘No Is Not Enough’ includes plenty of articles of faith for the radical remaking of public life.

By Ian Gill, 23 Jun 2017


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Three Ways Trudeau’s Liberals Have Let Down Open Government Advocates

New laws fall short of what’s needed on transparency and civil rights, critics say.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 23 Jun 2017


Niki Ashton

NDP Leadership Candidates Grapple with Strategic Voting

United Steelworkers debate confronts candidates with tough issues.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 23 Jun 2017



Tyee Poll: What Can’t You Believe the BC Liberals Are Now Supporting?

By Tyee Staff, 22 Jun 2017



What Must Christy Clark’s Party Think of Her Now?

Her deathbed conversions revealed her true political self: shameless.

By Brad West, 22 Jun 2017



NDP and Greens Attack Throne Speech: ‘You Have to Change Before an Election’

BC Liberals unveil agenda ‘with humility’, drawing heavily from opposition platforms.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Jun 2017


Steve Thomson, minister of resource operations

Liberal Steve Thomson Chosen as Speaker, Won’t ‘Speculate’ on Possible Government Change

Past practice has been for speakers to resign when government falls.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Jun 2017



Canada and the Looting of ‘Africa’s Last Colony’

A ship full of phosphates is scheduled to unload in North Van; an African nation says they are stolen.

By Mitchell Anderson, 22 Jun 2017



Expect Families in Streets if Refugee Society Closes, Says Homeless Advocate

Feeling unsafe in US, one woman brought her family to Canada; the Inland Refugee Society helped avoid homelessness.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 22 Jun 2017



From Childcare to Insurance, Coworking Grows to Fill Gaps for Independent Workers

In a fractured world of work, new communities form to meet workers’ needs.

By Rachel Sanders, 22 Jun 2017


Green leader Elizabeth May

Can Canada’s Toxic Parliament Be Fixed?

New essays by parliamentarians offer ‘practical ideas’ for improving our sorry state of affairs. But it still seems like a stretch.

By Crawford Kilian, 21 Jun 2017



At Kwantlen, a New Degree Offering in ‘Indigenous Community Justice’

New academic minor puts a critical lens on Canada’s system.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Jun 2017



Please Advise! What Wouldn’t Christy Clark Promise Now?

When politicians obsessed with ‘free enterprise’ suddenly care about welfare rates, you know anything goes.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jun 2017



‘Old Age Is Another Country, With Its Own Rules’

A dispatch on aging boomers, and the new reality for them — and for Canada.

By Luanne Armstrong, 21 Jun 2017


Sea louse infected juvenile pink salmon

Study Finds Wild Salmon Infected by Sea Lice Grow More Slowly, ‘More Liable to Die’

Meanwhile, biologist Alexandra Morton reports outbreak of lice off BC’s coast.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 20 Jun 2017


Balmoral Hotel

Vancouver Housing Crisis ‘Worse on Virtually Every Level,’ Says Former UN Investigator

And every level of government is complicit, says Miloon Kothari.

By Am Johal, 20 Jun 2017



Key Figure in Botched Health Firings Investigation Leaves Public Service

Lindsay Kislock had an oversight role in probe that led to wrongful firings.

By Andrew MacLeod, 20 Jun 2017


A mobile medical unit

As Clark’s Liberals Dither and Stall, BC Faces Life or Death Issues

We have urgent crises to fix, but a pantomime premier and her make-believe cabinet won’t get out of the way.

By Bill Tieleman, 20 Jun 2017



BC Liberal Vow to Raise Welfare Rates Is ‘Cynical Opportunism,’ Say Advocates

Days before its expected defeat, government says it’s ready to end decade-long freeze on rates.

By Andrew MacLeod, 19 Jun 2017



CONTEST: Win a Copy of Reflections of Canada: Illuminating Our Opportunities and Challenges at 150+ Years

Five lucky Tyee readers will take home this compilation of essays by celebrated writers.

By Tyee Staff, 19 Jun 2017



Nine Things the Real Estate Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Key takeaways from a six-month Tyee investigation.

By Geoff Dembicki, 19 Jun 2017



In the Okanagan Valley, We’re Not Letting Canada Drive By Indigenous Truth

How an Indigenous-led collaborative is rethinking Canada’s 150th birthday.

By Rethink 150: Indigenous Truth Collaborative, 19 Jun 2017



Think Christy Clark Will Go Quietly? Think Again

With cold calculation, her BC Liberals appear to be gearing up for another election.

By Matt Price, 19 Jun 2017



Two Enviro Students Suggest: Time to Embrace ‘Toilet to Tap’

When it comes to recycled wastewater, get over the yuck and suck it up.

By Connor Robinson and Jack Satzewich, 19 Jun 2017

In the Church of Naomi Klein

‘No Is Not Enough’ includes plenty of articles of faith for the radical remaking of public life.

By Ian Gill


What can’t you believe the BC Liberals are now supporting?

  • Restrictions on political donations
  • More childcare support
  • Raising social assistance rates
  • Raising the carbon tax
  • Eliminating MSP premiums ASAP
  • Bridge tolls
  • Metro Vancouver transit
  • It’s all a sham. They’ll revert back to their old ways soon enough.
  • I’ve got other thoughts…

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Last week: How you coped with the cliffhanger election. Read the results of that poll here.

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