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How The Tyee Is Covering COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is all over the media. What does The Tyee seek to add?

Our legislative bureau chief Andrew MacLeod is tracking actions by the province. Contributing editors Crawford Kilian and Andrew Nikiforuk are providing wider context: where is the outbreak taking us and how did we get here?

All the Tyee’s team is now focused on the crisis, doubling our daily story output. Reporters Katie Hyslop, Chris Cheung, Moira Wyton and Amanda Follett Hosgood are working around the clock, complemented by other regular contributors and our new partnership with the team of Hakai Magazine.

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Say hello to The Tyee’s new virtual office

In-person gatherings are out, but the news never stops. The Tyee team has moved to a 100 per cent remote newsroom, settling into a new way of working while bringing you in-depth reporting updated throughout the day on the situation in B.C. during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re physically isolating, but keeping social through daily video calls. Pictured right is part of the Tyee team, calling in from our new home offices.

Clockwise from top left, culture editor Dorothy Woodend, publisher Jeanette Ageson, reporter Christopher Cheung, reporter Katie Hyslop, editorial assistant Olamide Olaniyan, practicum student Missy Johnson, editor David Beers, reporter Amanda Follett Hosgood and outreach manager Emma Cooper.

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We were caught ‘flat-footed’
(click to read in context)

One observation that is clearly being presented is how inadequate our social safety net really is.

We seem to have been caught totally flat-footed here. We can’t say we were never warned of a possible pandemic. Scientists have been flagging this scenario for decades.

When this pandemic subsides we can and must do better for all citizens.

Best of luck to all of you who told your story here! I hope this ends soon, and you can pick up living a somewhat normal life again.

Tierra y Liberdad, in response to The Tyee article “Working in a Pandemic: Stories of Anxiety, Uncertainty, Poverty and Kindness”

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In Nerds We Trust

In Nerds We Trust

Family and friends turn to science communicators like me to make sense of a pandemic. Here’s what I learned about handling good and bad info in a crisis.

Josh Silberg
26 Mar 2020
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