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Bringing Reconciliation to Tragic Attention

The uncovering of 215 children in an unmarked grave in Kamloops has shaken the country. And the country needs to be shaken.

We know the harrowing scars of these institutions. How the deep disregard of Indigenous people through colonialism created a genocide. How the settlers that spoke up against the status quo were not heeded.

Indigenous communities continue to live the pain but still manage to find hope. Powerful art and books evoke the horror, and Elders’ Oral Histories carry the weight.

The path towards reconciliation and healing is long. Follow us into our dark history to see its reality in the present.

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BC’s Receding Rivers of Ice

There are more than 16,000 glaciers in British Columbia. Most of them will be gone in several decades, researchers predict.

What will it mean that so much ice is vanishing from the province’s peaks? Glaciologists are learning using a range of technologies. The loss will threaten ocean ecosystems far below, affecting plankton, salmon, bears, people.

A recent massive landslide and flood at Bute Inlet demonstrates the power unleashed when melting glaciers dislodge rock and ice.

A special Tyee series explores the Big Melt and geoengineering ideas for offsetting impacts.

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The Big Melt

In mere decades, many of BC’s 16,000 glaciers will be gone. That will change life on our coast, from plankton to people. First in a series.

10 May 2021

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We Need a Paradigm Shift
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‘Normal’ is what we make it, not what we are told by others — especially those who seek to profit from us.

As long as the illusion persists that our current ways of living can be sustained, we will travel towards a collapse which can neither be reversed nor managed in a relatively non-catastrophic way.

It is going to take a massive paradigm shift for us to weather the impending energy cliff and we are quickly losing time to prepare.

Steve, in response to The Tyee article “We Can Be Happy and Not Consume the Planet”

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Schools Through the Pandemic

We've followed concerns of parents and teachers since schools were first shuttered and the initial return to classrooms.

Many have felt their needs are not being accommodated, and parent-teacher networks have arisen to follow outbreaks in schools. Parents have highlighted the difficulties of remote learning for their families, and some have faced tough choices about sending their kids back to school.

Educators have wondered how to adapt their teaching to a pandemic environment, from remote learning to self-directed education to the curriculum. Kids' long-term mental health is a growing concern.

Deep dive to learn more from parents, teachers, students and health and education experts.