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Time to Unpack the White Gaze
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Privileged folks don't want to talk about their privilege quite often. Quite often it’s invisible to them.

But we've a ways to go before the assumptions that accompany race and gender have disappeared from our media.

ingamarie, in response to The Tyee article “Presenting ‘Under the White Gaze’: A Tyee Newsletter”

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The Big Soak

As floodwaters engulfed Abbotsford’s Sumas Prairie, I went there to gather images and hear from people affected.

Joshua Berson
22 Nov 2021

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Tyee Wins Four of BC's Top Journalism Awards

The Tyee is proud to announce that three members of our dedicated team have won Webster awards!

We’re over-the-moon to receive this recognition, and to be included among other excellent media outlets publishing important journalism across B.C.

The Tyee awards went to Bryan Carney for technology reporting, Chris Cheung for diversity and inclusion reporting and Andrew MacLeod for business, industry, labour and economics reporting. The Tyee also won the Bill Good Award for significant contribution to journalism.

Read the full list of nominees and winners here. And thank you readers for all your support.

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Deep Roots at Fairy Creek

Media zoomed in on civil disobedience at the Vancouver Island watershed after RCMP began enforcing a court injunction against protesters in May.

But The Tyee has been reporting on the blockade for over a year.

We've covered the ruling and reflected back on previous old-growth activism from decades past.

We had reporters on site as the blockades were ramping up and sounded alarms about restriction of media on the ground.

The story is complex and far from over. Dive deep to uncover the roots of Fairy Creek.

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The Blockaders

As logging resisters near month eight in Fairy Creek, a judge may order their surrender. Inside their last stand for old growth. A Tyee special report.

By Serena Renner and Zoe Yunker
25 Mar 2021

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Deep Dive

Get to the bottom of something big.

Bringing Reconciliation to Tragic Attention

The uncovering of unmarked graves from former residential schools continues to shake the country. And the country needs to be shaken.

We know the harrowing scars of these institutions. How the deep disregard of Indigenous people through colonialism created a genocide. How the settlers that spoke up against the status quo were not heeded.

Indigenous communities continue to live the pain but still manage to find hope. Powerful art and books evoke the horror, and Elders’ Oral Histories carry the weight.

The path towards reconciliation and healing is long. Follow us into our dark history to see its reality in the present.

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