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Social Crises Speed Progress
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Major crises accelerate the pace of social, economic and political change, but the direction of such changes is often that which existed before a major crisis arose.

Often a change of direction would lead to a better consequence. However, that will only occur when enough people are willing to look deeply into the situation they face and work collaboratively in a productive direction.

This, unfortunately, is often easier said than done.

G West, in response to The Tyee article “Where’s the Political Leadership We Need?”

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US Election Lessons

What does it mean that Biden won while failing to rout Trump and what he stands for? After Election Day U.S.A., The Tyee sifted the mixed results.

We found democratic myths exposed, a long tradition of vote suppression by white elites rooted in Jim Crow. We found progressives reckoning with racism, celebrating grassroots organizing victories, and pondering next steps. We found a Disney-like dream of exceptionalism all but deflated.

Dive deep into the Divided States of America.

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Whoever wins, this squeaker of an election already signals the biggest loser — the Divided States of America.

Michael Harris
4 Nov 2020

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Send Us Your Bubble Portrait!

A lot of you have told us you’ve enjoyed Dorothy Woodend’s articles on drawing to get through the pandemic and keep creative juices flowing.

Well, that gave us an idea. Draw or paint us a picture of your bubble mate — a person, pet or thing you find yourself looking at a whole lot in this stay-at-home era. Then take a picture of it and send it to editor [at] thetyee [dot] ca.

We’ll publish the bubbly collection. More here.


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Harm Reduction Through Overdose Prevention

B.C.'s overdose crisis is taking many more lives than the COVID-19 pandemic.

Three years after the provincial NDP government created a ministry to focus on mental health and addictions, we probed how it was working.

In recent years, The Tyee has covered solutions, including prescription street drugs and opioid-assisted treatment. And we’ve said how Vancouver’s mayor could help end the opioid crisis.

In September, Dr. Bonnie Henry issued a public health order for nurses to prescribe controlled substances. Last month Vancouver city council approved the first permanent OPS outside the Downtown Eastside,

and now is moving to decriminalize drugs in the city.

Much more can be done. Dive deep to understand how.