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The Woke-Washing Ways of Justin Trudeau

Just how often the PM donned blackface and brownface we learn by the hour. He apologized that he should have known better but didn’t. But he was 30 when he opted to lampoon brown people at a gala for the private school employing him to shape children’s minds. Increasingly, the brand Trudeau wore to win an election — woke exemplar of a new politics — proves a sham.

Examples in The Tyee: Trudeau’s costume-switching diplomacy. His climate crisis rhetoric vs. reality. His subtle sexism and funny ways with PC-speak. Indigenous leaders demanding the PM apologize for personally “patronizing” them. It all exposes a strategy, concludes the author of The Trudeau Formula.

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This Week We’re Part of a Global Climate News Push

When Sean Holman, noted journalist and professor, published an open letter in The Tyee challenging Canada’s news orgs to tackle the climate crisis, he got a lot of attention. Even from U.S. journalists starting Covering Climate Now, a network for top-notch climate crisis coverage. They invited The Tyee aboard. This week we join 250 other news outlets reaching a billion people with stories leading up to the UN climate summit in New York.

In 2011, The Tyee’s Geoff Dembicki (pictured) went to Washington D.C. to blow the lid off Canadian efforts to scuttle U.S emissions reforms. Next week he’ll report from the New York summit. Geoff’s climate truth-telling, like that of Andrew Nikiforuk, Mitch Anderson and others at The Tyee, is made possible by your support.

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