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After 40 years in journalism, David Beers is sounding sirens about the field and seeking to mobilize a new generation to join up.

In his Southam Lecture, Beers will argue that powerful interests benefit from destruction of Canada's public interest journalism corps. Reality itself is under siege.

"Journalists suffer direct consequences if they get things wrong, or distort the facts to suit their own aims and biases,” he says.

That’s why we need professional journalism in the public interest.

Join Beers next Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. @ UVic. Attendance is free.

Editor's Pick

This story is making waves.

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Turning to Youth to Bring Forward Solutions
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I am constantly impressed by my conversations with my grandchildren — they are articulate, caring human beings — too often thwarted by disregard and disrespect.

The young people need to be encouraged to speak out and they need to be listened to. If my contemporaries at that age had a fraction of their awareness and sensitivity, I feel the world would be a better place.

Give them an audience and the opportunity to share. The future is theirs.

somesweetday, in response to “Help Us Report on Who’s Making Things Better”

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Editor's Pick

This story is making waves.

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