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Rights + Justice


‘Red Zones’ Set the Marginalized Up for More Trouble, Study Finds

One in five court-ordered release conditions restrict where a person can go — with harsh results.

By Stefania Seccia, Today


Refugees: Ready or Not, Here They Come

In the midst of huge global displacement, the real question is how we welcome them.

By Crawford Kilian, 23 Feb 2017


Where Have America’s Real Conservatives Gone?

The ones who valued moral propriety, rigorous policy, public decency — and not grabbing women?

By Mitchell Anderson, 20 Feb 2017


We’re Losing What ‘SRO’ Hotels Can Do Right

For some, much-maligned ‘single-room occupancy’ means independent shelter within their budget. And it’s vanishing.

By Stefania Seccia, 13 Feb 2017


Inside BC’s Sexist Restaurant Industry

Steadily slipping ‘server’ minimum wage fuels harassment on job: researcher. Part one of three.

By Rachel Sanders, 7 Feb 2017


A Letter from a Muslim Woman to Her Liberal Friends

Rabia Mir wonders why expressions of solidarity are stressing her out.

By Rabia Mir, 7 Feb 2017


Ministry Says Supports ‘Available’ to Youth Exiting Province’s Care. How Available?

A guide to options for at-risk young adults, and why advocates say they aren’t enough.

By Katie Hyslop, 6 Feb 2017


Getting BC Ministers to Talk about Struggling Kids Proved Impossible

The Tyee wanted to discuss supports for at-risk youth, but kept hitting brick wall.

By Katie Hyslop, 6 Feb 2017


‘I Am Not Your Negro’: Film Charts Nightmares Behind the American Dream

James Baldwin’s voice, filmmaker’s vision produce an experience that matters.

By Dorothy Woodend, 4 Feb 2017


On Jessica Ernst, and the Vagaries of Justice in Canada

Landowner’s ruling shows our legal system can easily lose sight of its mission.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 2 Feb 2017


A Mythbusters Guide to the $15 Minimum Wage

It’s about better working conditions for all. Excerpted from an Ontario ‘organizer’s handbook.’

By Rank and File, 1 Feb 2017


NDP Pushes to Open Doors to Refugees in Wake of Trump Ban

Refugees afraid of US deportation are risking an icy death to reach Canada on foot.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 1 Feb 2017


Art and Decolonization: ‘This Is My Activism’

Four bold exhibitions create a new narrative around Indigenous experiences.

By Heather Ramsay, 30 Jan 2017


Five Ways to Stop BC’s Overdose Drug Deaths Now

Stopping the drug war and improving housing access is key. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 28 Jan 2017


The Overdose Crisis: We Know How to Save Lives, Doctors Say

From an Albertan reserve to Vancouver’s inner city, caregivers share solutions for turning the tide. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 27 Jan 2017


Top Court Upholds BC Law Requiring Election Advertisers to Register

Groups welcome ruling that act doesn’t apply to individuals’ homemade signs or T-shirts.

By Andrew MacLeod, 26 Jan 2017


For Some Kamloops Youth, It’s Easier to Get High than to Get Help

Shortage of detox beds, doctors makes getting well tough. Part of a reader-funded series.

By Katie Hyslop, 23 Jan 2017


Lafarge Lockout Tearing Texada Island Apart

Union picketing for 14 weeks while friends and neighbours cross the line.

By Andrew MacLeod, 23 Jan 2017


Twelve Vancouver Women’s Marchers on Why They Marched

‘Intimidation has gone on far too long.’ ‘I am a human rights activist.’ ‘It’s all about love.’

By Tessa Vikander, 22 Jan 2017


Kamloops ‘Wrap Force’ Fights Youth Homelessness

Once homeless herself, Katherine McParland now campaigns to shelter the most vulnerable. Part of a reader-funded series.

By Katie Hyslop, 18 Jan 2017