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Gender + Sexuality


Twelve Vancouver Women’s Marchers on Why They Marched

‘Intimidation has gone on far too long.’ ‘I am a human rights activist.’ ‘It’s all about love.’

By Tessa Vikander, 22 Jan 2017


I Was Once that Girl

Twenty years ago, I was a young woman trying to live a sexually free life, only to become broken.

By Jen Sookfong Lee, 4 Jan 2017


Time to End Criminal Code’s State-Sanctioned Homophobia

Unconstitutional anal sex law used to oppress and persecute gays for almost 50 years.

By Craig Scott, 6 Dec 2016


Women Make Amazing Peacekeepers, and We Need More of Them

With Canada’s defence policy review, we can make it a priority.

By Mobina Jaffer, 17 Oct 2016


Three Hacks for Sexist Things Every Woman Has Heard in the Office

How to halt false assumptions about female bosses made by men or women — even ourselves.

By Jessica Bennett, 15 Oct 2016


How Women Are Pushing Back on Sexual Assault Rulings in Alberta

Recent rash of appeals a sign of diversity at work on the bench, observers say.

By Samantha Power, 27 Sep 2016


So Long, Gender Focus! Six Relevant Posts from Seven Years of Feminist Blogging

Though I’m folding my site, other women’s voices thrive online.

By Jarrah Hodge, 12 Aug 2016


Satanic Panic and Homophobia Collide in ‘Southwest of Salem’

Four women tell stories of wrongful conviction in doc showing at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

By Frederick Blichert, 10 Aug 2016


Canada’s Plan to Stop Violence Against Women ‘Has to Come Right about Now’: Minister

Patty Hajdu will spend her summer collecting stories across the country.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Jul 2016


What to Do When Anonymous Trolls Throw You Hate? Heed Leslie Jones

Like the Ghostbusters star, I too received sexist, racist screeds as a female newspaper manager.

By Jody Paterson, 20 Jul 2016


On Orlando: Why Silence Still Equals Death

Sunday's killings a painful reminder of how all forms of marginalization and dehumanization are connected.

By Tom Kertes, 14 Jun 2016


Sooke Family Files Human Rights Complaint over Maternity Benefits Clawback

BC gov't deducted mother's EI support from her husband's disability assistance.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 May 2016


'Nothing about Us Without Us': Women Filmmakers Fight for Equality

Bonnie Sherr Klein reflects on a hard-won struggle, and new films at DOXA.

By Frederick Blichert, 12 May 2016


Ever Uncompromising, 'The Good Wife' Comes to an End

From ageism to ableism, few stereotypes left unbroken in this legal drama.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2016


She Got Game: Mighty 'Pistol Shrimps' Coming to DOXA

Vancouver filmmaker takes us courtside with hilarious story of LA basketball league.

By Frederick Blichert, 23 Apr 2016


One MP's Pitch for a Gender-Balanced Parliament

Our balanced cabinet deserves praise. But for broader equity, political parties must step up.

By Kennedy Stewart, 8 Mar 2016


An International Women's Day Poem

On March 8, reflecting on global pain felt by women and girls.

By Fiona Tinwei Lam, 8 Mar 2016


Solidarity, Women with Opinions on the Internet

Online harassment is often many trolls' idea of a good time. How do you fight that?

By Miranda Nelson, 24 Feb 2016


My Asexual Valentine

Lower Mainland 'Aces' dish on life, love, and discount candy.

By Jesse Donaldson, 13 Feb 2016


From Classroom to Courtroom, Gay Advocate's 25-year Winning Streak

Trailblazer Murray Corren recounts battles for adoptive, marriage and education rights.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Jan 2016