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Take a Video Tour of Vancouver’s ‘Missing Middle’ Housing Projects

Creative thinking, relaxed zoning inspire buildings that add density to neighbourhoods — without adding towers.

By Christopher Cheung, Today

Sylvia McAdam

Margolese Prize Winner Wants Homelessness No More

Idle No More co-founder Sylvia McAdam talks housing, treaty, and LGBTQ2S+ rights in lead-up to Vancouver event.

By Katie Hyslop, 24 Mar 2017

Chip Wilson's house

Time to End the Capital Gains Giveaway to Canadian Homeowners?

This week’s federal budget is a chance to bring tax fairness to Canadian renters.

By Christopher Pollon, 21 Mar 2017


To End Homelessness, Prevent It from Happening in the First Place

Early diagnosis, access to multiple supports keep people off the street.

By Stefania Seccia, 13 Mar 2017


Map: How ‘Infill’ Housing Is Blossoming in the Lower Mainland

See how cities are turning ‘single family’ lots into several homes.

By Katie Hyslop, 9 Mar 2017

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Four Ways to Help Women Achieve Economic Equality, Right Now

The cost of doing nothing? Billions a year.

By Kate McInturff, 8 Mar 2017

New Westminster

Should Developers Pay to ‘Ride’ the Benefits of Transit?

Where transit goes, land values rise. Should cities and the public get a share?

By Christopher Cheung, 7 Mar 2017


In ‘The Politics of Fear,’ Médecins Sans Frontières Reflects on Ebola Response

Critical post-mortem holds many lessons for future outbreaks.

By Crawford Kilian, 6 Mar 2017


A Different Kind of Retirement Home for Captive Whales

The Whale Sanctuary Project wants to build an ocean home for post-aquarium life.

By Amorina Kingdon, 4 Mar 2017


Canada Needs New Reporting to End Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains

Manufacturers aren’t forced to be transparent about their practices. We say that should change.

By Kevin Thomas, 4 Mar 2017


Brazil’s Deadly Prison Riots a Warning for Canada

Investments in rehabilitation and equal treatment best ways to avoid desperation-fuelled violence.

By Ruth Elwood Martin and Carlos Magno Neves, 2 Mar 2017


Alberta’s Solar Advantage: New Rebates Give Homeowners a Boost

NDP government unveils two year, $36-million program to help bring down costs.

By James Wilt, 2 Mar 2017


Guaranteed Basic Income on Verge of Take-off in Canada

It holds appeal across the political spectrum. Plus, Elon Musk is sold.

By Susan Delacourt, 2 Mar 2017

220 Terminal Ave

‘Modular’ One-Person Homes Fill a Need in Vancouver

City, Ottawa, Vancity Credit Union — and one man’s estate — make for innovative transition housing.

By Katie Hyslop, 17 Feb 2017

Rental apartment

Should Old Rental Buildings Be Saved — or Sacrificed?

A building boom decades ago is still housing half of Canada’s tenants. But time is running out on a generation of apartment buildings.

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Feb 2017


We’re Losing What ‘SRO’ Hotels Can Do Right

For some, much-maligned ‘single-room occupancy’ means independent shelter within their budget. And it’s vanishing.

By Stefania Seccia, 13 Feb 2017

Lu’ma Native Housing project

The Architecture of Reconciliation

First Nations architect Ouri Scott has ideas on how building design can further reconciliation.

By Katie Hyslop, 11 Feb 2017

Seniors home

‘Service Co-op’ Helps Calgary Seniors Stay in the ‘Hood

Whether it’s keeping up with maintenance or downsizing, ‘Aging in Place’ co-op aims to keep seniors at home.

By Katie Hyslop, 2 Feb 2017


Five Ways to Stop BC’s Overdose Drug Deaths Now

Stopping the drug war and improving housing access is key. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 28 Jan 2017

Esther Tailfeathers

The Overdose Crisis: We Know How to Save Lives, Doctors Say

From an Albertan reserve to Vancouver’s inner city, caregivers share solutions for turning the tide. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 27 Jan 2017

Call in Special Prosecutor for Political Donations Probe, Says Watchdog

Appointment needed to ‘help prevent political interference,’ says Democracy Watch.

By Andrew MacLeod

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