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Labour + Industry


Precarious Work Plagues Higher Ed, Affecting Students Too, Say Workers

At CUPE town hall, speakers describe how waning job security seeps into the classroom.

By Katie Hyslop, 20 Mar 2017


Horgan Unveils Plan to Open Government’s IT Work to BC Firms

Contract reform would let locals grab share from giant multinationals, NDP says.

By Andrew MacLeod, 14 Mar 2017


BC Boasts of Tech Sector Growth, But Doesn’t Insist on Local Jobs in Giant Projects

Why sign massive, long-term contracts with multinationals when government can ‘buy local,’ asks NDP critic?

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Mar 2017


Tyee Readers Hesitant about Ride-Sharing in BC

We asked, you answered. Here’s how you feel about the recent provincial announcement.

By Sharon J. Riley, 10 Mar 2017


Canada Needs New Reporting to End Forced Labour in Global Supply Chains

Manufacturers aren’t forced to be transparent about their practices. We say that should change.

By Kevin Thomas, 4 Mar 2017


Raw Logs and Lost Jobs: How a Company’s ‘Value-Added’ Plans Mean More Log Exports

Government policies help companies export logs and jobs to other countries. Last of two.

By Ben Parfitt, 28 Feb 2017


Raw Logs and Lost Jobs: How the BC Government Has Sacrificed Forest Communities

Growing raw log exports mean almost 5,000 lost employment opportunities. First of two.

By Ben Parfitt, 27 Feb 2017


Postal Union Works to Hold Liberals to Door-to-Door Delivery Promise

Union ‘hopeful’ that feds won’t break campaign pledge.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 9 Feb 2017


Sexism off the Menu: Seven Ways to Protect Servers from Abuse

End slavery to tips. Empower bartenders. Put teeth in workplace laws. And more ideas. Last in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 9 Feb 2017


Slaps, Gropes and Comments ‘Non-stop’

Forced to be ‘sexy’ at work, servers reveal the toll on body and soul. Second in a series.

By Rachel Sanders, 8 Feb 2017


Inside BC’s Sexist Restaurant Industry

Steadily slipping ‘server’ minimum wage fuels harassment on job: researcher. Part one of three.

By Rachel Sanders, 7 Feb 2017


A Mythbusters Guide to the $15 Minimum Wage

It’s about better working conditions for all. Excerpted from an Ontario ‘organizer’s handbook.’

By Rank and File, 1 Feb 2017


Goodbye John Baigent, Labour Lawyer Who Demanded a Better World

Friend and mentor to many, he won cases that changed laws for millions of workers.

By Jim Sinclair, 24 Jan 2017


Lafarge Lockout Tearing Texada Island Apart

Union picketing for 14 weeks while friends and neighbours cross the line.

By Andrew MacLeod, 23 Jan 2017


Maritime Workers Protest ‘Flat-Out Assault on Maritime Jobs’

Fear of privatization and federal support for trade deal prompt protests across Canada.

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Jan 2017


Number of British Columbians on EI, Welfare Jumps

Communities outside Lower Mainland, Victoria struggling, says NDP.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Dec 2016


Campaign Launched to Protect TFWs from Illegal Fees for Jobs

Provincial government is ignoring widespread abuses by recruitment firms, advocates say.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 17 Dec 2016


Killed for Following Orders

Last in a series on the fight to jail employers whose workers die preventable deaths on the job.

By Tom Sandborn, 3 Dec 2016


Politics, Poverty, Privatization and Globalization Big Issues for BC’s Union Movement

BC Fed delegates talk hot topics during five-day convention.

By Linda Givetash, 2 Dec 2016


Still No Justice for BC Workers Killed in Twin Mill Blasts

Demands persist for new inquiry into bungled prevention, probe of Babine, Lakeland explosions. Latest in a series.

By Tom Sandborn, 2 Dec 2016