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Stories for week starting Monday, November 23, 2020


Chatelaine Awards ‘Women of the Year’ to Wet’suwet’en Matriarchs

Magazine’s editor cites the significance of a ‘non-violence movement led by female Elders.’

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Today


This Is the Year to Read Some ‘Best Canadian Essays’

An eclectic collection brings new meaning to things from the ‘Before Times.’

Dorothy Woodend, Today


Horgan Opts for Stability, Keeps Veterans in Key Cabinet Posts

Changes include Rankin in Indigenous relations, Robinson in finance and former HEU executive Whiteside in education.

Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


Putting the Vaccine Buzz into Perspective

Why it would be wrong to assume the pandemic finish line is just a sprint away.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


How One School District Is Teaching Settlers to ‘Walk in Two Worlds’

An online speaker series in the Nanaimo-Ladysmith district relies on Indigenous knowledge-keepers to explore reconciliation challenges.

Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


Canada’s Big Chances to Address Environmental Racism

Pollution hits certain groups harder. Push politicians to pass three key pieces of legislation.

By Fiona Koza, Naolo Charles, Jennifer Beeman, Ingrid Waldron, Dayna Scott, Kristian Ferreira and Peter Wood, Yesterday


What Happened to All the Green Toilet Paper?

How the pandemic changed our choices and why forests are paying the price.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Yesterday


City Workers Took His Tent in a Rainstorm. It Happens All the Time

COVID-19 has made homelessness worse in Vancouver. Still, city workers keep taking away the only shelter people have.

Jen St. Denis, Yesterday


Kenney Dithers as the Coronavirus Crushes Alberta

Premier’s new half-measures mean it’s going to be a long, difficult winter in Wild Rose Country.

David Climenhaga, 25 Nov 2020


Why This Skyscraper Idea (Still) Is Not Cool

Bold, yes. But its scale and placement will wound a critical Vancouver site.

Patrick Condon, 25 Nov 2020


The Downtown Eastside Rocks. Now There’s a Record Album

Eris Nyx thought, ‘Look at all these cool musicians. Wouldn’t it be cool if we did this?’ Result: ‘100 Block Rock’

Jen St. Denis, 25 Nov 2020


Spiked. BC Profs Protest after Publisher Drops Book on Canadian Mining

UNBC researchers’ book alleging wrongdoing in Guatemala was accepted, reviewed, then cancelled.

Andrew MacLeod, 25 Nov 2020


How to Build a Better Fish Hook

ARTIFACT: The Makah’s čibu·d harvests just as many halibut, but with far less by-catch.

Brandon Wei, 25 Nov 2020


How Magic Mushrooms Are Changing the Lives of Terminal Cancer Patients

The federal government has taken first steps to allow psilocybin-assisted therapy. A Victoria non-profit says much more can be done.

Curt Petrovich, 25 Nov 2020


The Big Banks’ Green Bafflegab

Look behind their pro-climate ads and do what they do. Follow the money.

Matt Price, 25 Nov 2020


Deadly Racism, a Grim US Forecast and More Science News

The latest roundup of pandemic findings gathered by Hakai Magazine.

Brian Owens, 24 Nov 2020


Vancouver’s Rental Incentive Partnerships Are Needed. And Working

Here’s what a Tyee piece missed when arguing the program gives too much for too little.

Michael Mortensen, 24 Nov 2020


Switch to a ‘Green Zone’ Strategy for Taming COVID-19

Two physicists believe Canada should aim for zero cases, and lay out how.

Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Nov 2020


Ottawa Fails on Climate Legislation. Again

New Liberal bill promises net-zero emissions by 2050, but has no targets, no plan, no commitment to involve other levels of government.

Hadrian Mertins-Kirkwood, 24 Nov 2020


Please Advise! Who Gets the Coronavirus Booby Prize?

Among premiers it’s a tight race. Pallister? Ford? Or app-solutely Kenney?

Steve Burgess, 24 Nov 2020


Bringing Life Back to the Downtown Eastside’s Empty Storefronts

Planners want council to loosen zoning to allow a wide range of community, education and arts uses.

Jen St. Denis, 24 Nov 2020


Angela Sterritt and the Fight to Tell Indigenous Stories Right

The Indigenous journalist on the ‘long, long road’ to reckoning and decolonizing media.

Andrea Smith, 24 Nov 2020


‘We Will Fight Together’: National Land Rights Call to Action Launched

Indigenous groups across the country call for participation in solidarity events.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 23 Nov 2020


Dr. Tam’s Virus Spread Model Is an Air Raid Siren

It shows we’re already in big trouble. But if we hunker down, we can avoid its worst scenario.

Crawford Kilian, 23 Nov 2020


This Holiday Season, Buy Local Books for Everyone on Your List

We’ll start with these eight recommendations to make quick work of your festive shopping.

Read Local BC, 23 Nov 2020


After COVID-19, Aaron Waddingham Is Going to His Prom Dance

But like all of us, he’s got to weather the storm first. A day in the life.

By Aaron Waddingham and Sue Robins, 23 Nov 2020


RCMP Confirms It Bought a Tool that ‘Unlocks’ Hidden Facebook Friends

After a Tyee investigation, Facebook sent a desist notice to the maker who pulled the product.

Bryan Carney, 23 Nov 2020


Horgan Seems Fine with Muzzling the True Site C Watchdog

The independent BC Utilities Commission demanded answers on risks and was brushed off.

Paul Willcocks, 23 Nov 2020