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Stories for week starting Monday, March 1, 2021


Forty Years of Failure to Curb Media Monopolies

A 1981 commission set out a plan to protect the public interest. It was ignored, and the Postmedia-Torstar machinations show we’re paying a high price.

Taylor C Noakes, Yesterday


We Can’t Keep Leaving Reconciliation to the Courts

Canada’s adoption of the UN Declaration on Indigenous Rights has never been more urgent.

By Sheryl Lightfoot and Joshua Nichols, Yesterday


Edward Rogers Just Wanted a Beer. He Ended Up Battling Racism in BC

The forgotten story of one Black man’s legal fight against discrimination in pre-war Vancouver.

Tom Hawthorn, Yesterday


Most Black and Indigenous Students Want Police Out of Schools, Report Finds

Decision on whether to cancel the Vancouver officer liaison program is imminent.

Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


When Is Mountaintop Removal Not Mountaintop Removal? In Alberta, of Course!

The Kenney government plays word games as it plans to strip-mine the Rockies.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


BC’s Anti-Renoviction Reform Is Too Weak, Says Tenants’ Advocate

Government fails to make the one change that would bring increased security for renters in volatile market.

Andrew MacLeod, 4 Mar 2021


Tiny Townhouse Prototype Finds a Home in the Downtown Eastside

Proponent hopes to persuade Vancouver councillors and others to consider tiny home villages as an alternative to tents.

Jen St. Denis, 4 Mar 2021


Can’t Get Adam Curtis Out of My Head

The polarizing filmmaker digs into the BBC archives to create a dizzying and ultimately hopeful new offering.

Dorothy Woodend, 4 Mar 2021


‘I Want the Vaccine So I Can Live’

People with Down syndrome are at greater risk from COVID-19. Why isn’t BC prioritizing their shots?

By Aaron Waddingham and Sue Robins, 4 Mar 2021


Bring Back Vancouver Co-op Living. All along Broadway

The affordability crisis persists. Here is a bold step the city should consider.

Patrick Condon, 4 Mar 2021


If Hockey Is Universal, Why Does It Leave So Many Out in the Cold?

Courtney Szto’s book 'Changing on the Fly' explores the damaging myths of hockey culture in Canada.

Dan Hanoomansingh, 4 Mar 2021


A Push to Give the ‘Family Voice’ Real Power in Long-term Care

Informal councils, formed at facilities to advocate for residents, want true recognition and input.

Moira Wyton, 3 Mar 2021


MOA Show Looks at Art and the Survival of Hope after Devastation

Ten years after an earthquake and tsunami shattered eastern Japan, a new exhibit explores the roots of resilience.

Dorothy Woodend, 3 Mar 2021


Officials Failed to Warn Downtown Eastside Residents about Dysentery Outbreak, Advocate Says

Karen Ward says she only learned about it after a concerned doctor got in touch.

Jen St. Denis, 3 Mar 2021


That Other Time the NDP Failed to Stop an Over-Budget Megaproject

Site C decision might feel like déjà vu all over again for John Horgan, whose predecessors backed an ill-fated rail line across the North.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 3 Mar 2021


The Climate Crisis Discriminates. Maps Tell the Story

How data visualizers are helping to plan to support Cascadia’s most vulnerable communities. Next in a series.

Peter Fairley, 3 Mar 2021


Please Advise! Can a Gambling Side Hustle Save Newspapers?

Torstar’s plan for an online casino is brilliant, says Dr. Steve. But just a puny first step.

Steve Burgess, 3 Mar 2021


As BC’s Overdose Crisis Deepens, Province Defends Efforts

Drugs becoming ‘even deadlier, underscoring urgent need for supervised consumption, safe supply and treatment,’ says coroner.

Moira Wyton, 2 Mar 2021


Seniors in Chinatown Need Help Accessing Vaccine Information, Say Advocates

With vaccination of older residents set to begin, lack of translated information and other barriers could limit campaign’s effectiveness.

Jen St. Denis, 2 Mar 2021


New Ways to Cope with Zoom Fatigue. And More Headlines Straight from Science Journals

The latest roundup of pandemic findings gathered by Hakai Magazine.

Brian Owens, 2 Mar 2021


My Cup of Bubble Tea

How the sweet drinks and steamy cafés swept Vancouver and became cultural touchstones for a generation.

Christopher Cheung, 2 Mar 2021


‘Why Do We Have This Kind of Carnage?’: André Picard on Elder Care in Canada

The G&M reporter’s new book chronicles a long failure, but offers hope for the future. A Tyee Q&A.

Moira Wyton, 2 Mar 2021


Rising COVID-19 Cases and a Dysentery Outbreak Hit Downtown Eastside

One housing provider is battling 100 COVID-19 cases, while at least 10 are hospitalized with bacterial infection.

Jen St. Denis, 2 Mar 2021


BC Speeds Up Its COVID Vaccination Plan

New vaccines and delaying second doses mean faster access and new priority track for frontline workers.

Moira Wyton, 1 Mar 2021


Vancouver Buys Kingsway Hotel to House People Who Are Homeless

Days Inn will need renovations and won’t be ready until November.

Jen St. Denis, 1 Mar 2021


The Dropout Who Created Bellingcat, an Intelligence Agency for the People

Eliot Higgins and his geek squad have outed Putin hit jobs, US neo-Nazis and more. An inspiring new book tells how.

Crawford Kilian, 1 Mar 2021


Once Homeless, Residents of a Granville Street Hostel Are Now Thriving

A former hostel now houses people who’ve experienced homelessness, but it’s unclear how long the arrangement will last.

Jen St. Denis, 1 Mar 2021


Pharaoh Horgan and His $16-Billion Monument to Folly

In commanding that Site C must rise, he worships the ‘sunk cost fallacy.’

Andrew Nikiforuk, 1 Mar 2021


Emails Confirm Torstar and Postmedia Knew Both Planned Cuts after Big Swap

Documents from axed Competition Bureau probe appear to contradict Postmedia CEO.

Bryan Carney, 1 Mar 2021


Why Do Pandemic Injunctions Target Protests but Not Churches?

The courts rejected BC's bid to force places of worship to follow health orders. Double standard?

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 1 Mar 2021