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Stories for week starting Monday, July 6, 2020


Turpel-Lafond Promises In-Depth Probe of Anti-Indigenous Racism in BC Health Care

Investigation will go beyond allegations of racist ER ‘games’ and look at systemic issues.

Moira Wyton, Today


How Does Policy Shape Inequality? Andrew MacLeod’s Covered that for Years

Tyee reporter shares his long view in our upcoming ‘Three Things’ livestream interview.

Emma Cooper, Today


Newspapers Dying? Well, Tory Backers Keep Trying to Buy Torstar

A new rival bid includes more donors to Conservatives and ups the price.

Bryan Carney, Yesterday


Police Chiefs Urge Decriminalization of Drug Use

As overdose toll climbs, police group calls for health, social supports for users.

Moira Wyton, Yesterday


How the Pandemic Makes Health Reporting More Just

‘I don’t think there are two sides to racism, or two sides to the value of human life,’ says Tyee health reporter Moira Wyton.

Serena Renner, Yesterday


Alberta Pouring Billions into Keystone XL an ‘Idiotic Waste’: Financial Analyst

Kingsmill Bond of Carbon Tracker has worked for some of the world’s biggest banks. A Tyee interview.

Geoff Dembicki, Yesterday


Indigenous People Don’t Feel Safe Accessing Health Care. Here’s What Has to Change

It will require big systemic shifts, but also smaller things like signage, say experts.

Moira Wyton, Yesterday


By Many Calculations, LNG Is a Fail for BC: Report

The math for liquefied natural gas is bad on emissions, revenues, jobs, even offsetting coal in China, finds a new study.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


Angela Marie MacDougall Deals with Domestic Violence in the Pandemic. What Would You Ask Her?

The head of Battered Women's Support Services is next in the video interview series by Salt Spring Forum and The Tyee.

Tyee Staff, 8 Jul 2020


There’s a Drug to Treat COVID-19, but Canada Must Act Soon to Ensure Access

Why compulsory licensing is the right tool for right now.

Adam R. Houston, 8 Jul 2020


We Need a ‘Rock Against Racism’ Revival

But the new doc ‘White Riot’ had me wondering: how many times must these battles be fought?

Dorothy Woodend, 8 Jul 2020


As Freedom of Info Dries up in Canada, Feds Blame the Pandemic

‘It’s not the time to lay off,’ declares information commissioner Caroline Maynard in a Tyee interview.

Bryan Carney, 8 Jul 2020


Want to End Systemic Racism? Then Abolish Prisons

COVID-19 has highlighted our indifference to the fate of people — many Indigenous and Black — that we lock up.

By Martha Paynter, Linda Mussell and Nataleah Hunter-Young, 8 Jul 2020


Income Inequality Linked to COVID-19 Deaths. And More Science News

The latest roundup of pandemic findings gathered by Hakai Magazine.

Brian Owens, 7 Jul 2020


How Indigenous Women Are Conquering TikTok

The video app has proved a powerful tool for women sharing their stories and creativity with a big audience.

Missy Johnson, 7 Jul 2020


Clearview, Maker of RCMP’s Facial Recognition Software, Exits Canada

Watchdog says it’s still investigating the AI collector of billions of faces and personal info.

Bryan Carney, 7 Jul 2020


In a Pandemic, Sikhs’ Selfless Service Doesn’t Stop

They’ve cranked out meals, delivered meds, fed truckers and frontliners and raised funds. For them it’s known as seva.

Christopher Cheung, 7 Jul 2020


No ‘Border Ditch’ Can Diminish Their Love

How a grassy strip in Abbotsford dividing Canada and the US became a dating scene.  

Sarah Berman, 7 Jul 2020


Gen Z, You’re Our Greatest Hope

Your TikTok tricks, your defiance, your anger are inspiring. But diversity is your biggest strength.

Dorothy Woodend, 6 Jul 2020


BC Is Hurting Workers by Dodging Pandemic Severance Pay Issue

Some companies say COVID-19 means severance rules don’t apply. Both employees and businesses deserve a straight answer.

Paul Willcocks, 6 Jul 2020


A Grassroots Group Launches to Fight Delta’s ‘Uncomfortable’ Racism

In this BC city, ‘there’s no dialogue’ around systemic discrimination. Some locals are working to change that.

Michelle Gamage, 6 Jul 2020


How Has the Pandemic Taught Us to Cover Health Better?

Tyee health reporter Moira Wyton will share her thoughts in our next Tyee ‘Three Things’ live chat. Join!

Emma Cooper, 6 Jul 2020


It’s Go Time for Canada’s Green Recovery

The call rises from advocates, policy experts and, increasingly, corporate leaders.

Geoff Dembicki, 6 Jul 2020