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Stories for week starting Monday, February 19, 2024


A Big Win, and Big Loss, on Indigenous Child Welfare

A Supreme Court ruling stopped short of real legal change.

Bruce McIvor, Today


A Town’s Beloved Bear Was Killed. Some People Say Enough

Nelson’s Hansella was one of a record 603 black bears slain by BC conservation officers last year.

Judith Lavoie, Today


Tla’amin Nation Set to Reclaim a Village Taken 151 Years Ago

The nation and the provincial government have signed an agreement to jointly care for and steward tiskʷat.

Abby Francis, Today


Please Advise! Are These the Worst of Times?

Last week a decent man died while scoundrels thrived, says Dr. Steve. But it can get worse.

Steve Burgess, Today


Remember Darren Barefoot by Studying His Climate Action Playbook

And by donating to his legacy fund to help his work continue.

Julie Szabo, Today


The Costa Rican Firefighters Who Helped Us ‘from the Heart’

When Elida Peña got the chance to battle blazes in BC and Alberta, she joined in a moment.

Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


RCMP’s Web Surveillance Methods Blasted by Privacy Commissioner

Complaints are ‘well founded’ and ‘not resolved,’ concludes a new report to Parliament sparked by Tyee reporting.

Bryan Carney, Yesterday


In an Age of Robo-retail, What Gets Left Behind?

As we embrace automation, let’s take a hard look at access and inclusion.

Mathew Iantorno, Yesterday


Alberta’s Brutal Water Reckoning

Scientists who studied the region’s arid past warned this drought was coming. Thirst for growth won out. A Tyee special report.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday