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Stories for week starting Monday, July 24, 2017


New Course Helps First Nations’ Managers Take Back Their Housing

Sylvia Olsen’s training program prepares Indigenous people to manage on-reserve housing.

By Katie Hyslop, Today


Who Owns Your Grocery Store?

In the age of monolithic grocery giants, food co-ops offer a promising alternative.

By Jon Steinman, Today


BC’s New Gov’t Pledges Urgent Action on Education — Canada Should, Too

We should treat this essential service more like emergency care.

By Michelle Stack, Today


For This Haida Speaker, a Call to Learn and a Call to Teach

Jaskwaan Bedard’s journey to master Haida has been lifelong. Now, she advocates for grassroots protection and preservation.

By Emilee Gilpin, Today


Increase in Foreign Workers Through Federal Program Still a Problem, Says Union

New report finds use of International Mobility Program has ballooned in recent years.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Yesterday


How the NDP and Greens Can Grow BC’s Cooperative Economy

Co-ops make us wealthier and more equal, and government can do plenty to foster them.

By James Rowe, Ana Maria Peredo and John Restakis, Yesterday


NDP Leader Candidate Guy Caron Pitches $90-Billion ‘Workers First’ Economic Plan

Plan would also shorten the work day by an hour.

By Kyle Duggan, Yesterday


Big Job for NDP: End Decades of Disempowerment in BC’s Interior

Returning control over resources and benefits to rural workers and communities should be top of list.

By Peter Ewart, 26 Jul 2017


Tapping ‘Patient Capital’ to Fund Affordable Rental Housing

New models tap socially conscious investors seeking fair returns and a better community.

By Christopher Pollon, 26 Jul 2017


The Day BC Got Its Very First NDP Premier

A look back at the surprise, somewhat surreal, rather joyous 1972 election of Dave Barrett.

By Rod Mickleburgh, 26 Jul 2017


‘Basic Economics’ Kill $11-Billion LNG Project on BC’s Coast

Malaysian oil giant Petronas pulls out of project, citing ‘changes in market conditions.’

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 25 Jul 2017


New Minister Vows ‘Fresh Attitude Towards Public Education’

Former critic turned education minister Rob Fleming talks to the Tyee about his first priorities.

By Katie Hyslop, 25 Jul 2017


How Vancouver’s Housing Crisis Is Harming Employers

As prices push out their prospective workers, job creators are scrabbling to adapt.

By Christopher Cheung, 25 Jul 2017


BC NDP’s So-Called ‘Dismal Decade’ Never Was

In many ways the party outperformed Socreds and BC Libs, as BC’s Business Council knows.

By Bill Tieleman, 25 Jul 2017


BC Needs a Big Money Corruption Inquiry, Fast

Did major donors to BC Liberals reap favours harming the public interest? Time to find out.

By Lisa Sammartino, 24 Jul 2017


Bici Libre! Bike Program Builds Autonomy for BC’s Migrant Farm Workers

Volunteer-run group links up workers with bikes, or tools to fix them.

By Rachel Sanders, 24 Jul 2017


A Target of Scheer Vindictiveness

The Tories have learned nothing and forgotten nothing about Omar Khadr.

By Crawford Kilian, 24 Jul 2017


Earthquake Expert Proposes ‘No Frack Zone’ around Critical Infrastructure

Measure would protect public from growing threat of industry-triggered quakes.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Jul 2017