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Stories for week starting Monday, June 10, 2019


The Weirdest and Best Films in Canada Come Outta Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Film Group made the Prairie city a centre for creative filmmaking. A new documentary explains how.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Jun 2019


We Took a Little Field Trip to a BC Farm Raising Millions of Maggots

The way agri-biz feeds pets, poultry and fish is devouring Earth. David Suzuki helped invent a hopeful alternative, and we paid a visit.

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Jun 2019


Five Things You Need to Know about a National Pharmacare Plan

The Trudeau government has accepted a report calling for a drug plan. Here’s why, and a look at the hurdles still ahead.

By Andrew MacLeod, 14 Jun 2019


Forgery, Drugs, Money and Art: Documentary Dives into Legacy of Norval Morrisseau

A fascinating look at a Canadian controversy, and a reminder of the art world’s shaky foundations.

By Dorothy Woodend, 14 Jun 2019


George Abbott Looks Back at the BC Liberals New Era, and Doesn’t Like What He Sees

Former cabinet minister’s PhD thesis examines the consequences of deep tax cuts in the Campbell government’s first years.

By Andrew MacLeod, 13 Jun 2019


‘You’re Constantly Drowning’: A Day in the Life of a BC Social Worker

Miriam Libicki illustrates a story of endless paper and cases.

By Samantha Garvey, Francesca Fionda and Brielle Morgan, 13 Jun 2019


Scenes from a Protest: Advocates Storm Fraser Health to Demand Overdose Prevention Site

Lack of safer use site in Maple Ridge is killing people, activists warn.

By Dexter McMillan, 13 Jun 2019


A Window into Making the City of Glass Greener and Happier

Architecture grad Genta Ishimura proposes a way to fix Vancouver’s energy-leaking condo towers.

By Christopher Cheung, 13 Jun 2019


The Family-Owned Store that Helps Transgender Customers Find the Perfect Fit

Eleanor Perry sold breast forms to cancer survivors. Then the clientele changed, and so did her family.

By Dannielle Piper, 12 Jun 2019


How Do You Teach Sex Ed When Governments Don’t Want to Hear It?

At Women Deliver, global advocates swapped tips for delivering comprehensive sex ed in conservative countries.

By Katie Hyslop, 12 Jun 2019


Why Genocide? That Should Be Obvious, Says Inquiry Commissioner

One week after the missing and murdered women report was released, a UBC conference explored its findings, and next steps.

By Andrea Smith, 12 Jun 2019


Ralliers Decry Canada’s Pipeline ‘Blind Spot’ on Eve of Trans Mountain Decision

Low turnout, visible anger at Sunday event in Vancouver.

By Braela Kwan and Carol Eugene Park, 12 Jun 2019


Trustee Moves to Remove School Nameplate Honouring a Father of Apartheid

Tyee story sparks action: ‘In my mind, it’s urgent,’ says Jennifer Reddy.

By Emma Renaerts, 11 Jun 2019


Sea Lice Plagues Return and Threat to Wild Salmon Increases

DFO documents reveal treatment failures and inability to protect migrating salmon.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 11 Jun 2019


Colten Boushie: A Final Exam We’re Flunking

New book on the 22-year-old’s killing includes a painful pass/fail question: Can Canada truly ‘do better’?

By Crawford Kilian, 11 Jun 2019


Canada’s Smart Space Move: Recycled Rockets

We’ve got a huge launch tomorrow, and we’re using a secondhand Falcon 9 to do it. Here’s why.

By Michael Byers and Cameron Byers, 11 Jun 2019


Yes, Canada Is Guilty of Genocide. Now It’s Time to Act

Inquiry into missing and murdered women should shock us out of complacency.

By Sheryl Lightfoot and David MacDonald, 10 Jun 2019


Jody Wilson-Raybould on Her Path to Independence

How she became an ethics champion, breaking not just with Trudeau but Canada’s party system. A Tyee interview.

By Michael Harris, 10 Jun 2019


Why New West Station’s Plaza 88 Is One of a Kind

Wrapping a SkyTrain station in a giant development is an ‘extreme adventure’ — probably too extreme for today.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Jun 2019


In the Fight for Bitcoin’s Soul, the Pirates Are Losing

‘Bitcoin Billionaires’ reveals the push to make a scared public embrace cryptocurrencies.

By Ethan Lou, 10 Jun 2019