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Stories for week starting Monday, August 13, 2018


Hey Kids, Let’s Do Drugs!

New book by Michael Pollan makes a convincing case for the mind-opening power of psychedelics.

By Dorothy Woodend, Yesterday


Thank You to the Crazy Risk-Taking Asians Who Made ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The Hollywood adaption of Kevin Kwan’s bestselling book is a breath of fresh air for representation.

By Christopher Cheung, Yesterday


An Open Letter: Homelessness, Not Tent Cities, Is the Real Health and Safety Risk

Public health community calls for new approach to tent cities.

By Bernie Pauly, Marilou Gagnon and Chrissy Brett, Yesterday


A Fall 2018 Federal Election? Bring It On!

An early election would force all the parties to smarten up, or pay the price.

By Crawford Kilian, Yesterday


The Politics of Randy Rampage

What the late, great punker had to say about life and duty in the time of Trump.

By David Beers, 16 Aug 2018


Gwyneth Paltrow in 2020!

Have the Americans found a celebrity to take on Trump?

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Aug 2018


Trinity Western Covenant Change Good, But Not Far Enough, Critics Say

Evangelical university maintains it’s always been welcoming to LGBTQ2S+ students.

By Katie Hyslop, 15 Aug 2018


If We Can’t Stop Hothouse Earth, We’d Better Learn to Live on It

New research a warning that we face a desperate global struggle.

By Crawford Kilian, 15 Aug 2018


Don’t Forget John A. Macdonald — But Don’t Honour Him

Debate over Victoria statue a chance to recognize first PM’s role in genocide.

By Robert Alexander Innes, 15 Aug 2018


When Raymond Chandler Came to Victoria to Fight the Great War

Recently released records shed light on war career of creator of hard-boiled detective Philip Marlowe.

By Tom Hawthorn, 14 Aug 2018


Skip the Dishes Lawsuit Signals Need for New Employment Laws

Governments, not individual drivers, should be ensuring minimum work standards.

By Paul Willcocks, 14 Aug 2018


The Conservatives Pick a Side — And It’s Saudi Arabia

Party allies with a government that beheads criminals and oppresses women and Shia Muslims.

By Crawford Kilian, 13 Aug 2018