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Stories for week starting Monday, August 12, 2019


Trump Wants to Buy Greenland? We Should Outbid Him!

Our northern neighbour, ignored by Denmark, would be a natural strategic fit for Canada.

By Crawford Kilian, Yesterday


‘Ready or Not’ and the Horror of the Mediocre Rich

They’ll cut your throat for a dollar, and won’t even have the decency to be good at it.

By Frederick Blichert, Yesterday


David Keith’s Carbon Removal Moonshot

The Canadian scientist built a world-class emissions capture project in Squamish. But don’t misunderstand his aim.

By Arno Kopecky, Yesterday


‘It’s All Driven by Salmon:’ The Push to Protect the Pitt River

The Coquitlam area river and its tributaries are under attack. But advocates are working to repair the damage.

By Brandon Wei, 15 Aug 2019


The Sad Reality of Liberal Partisans’ Response to Trudeau’s Scandal

‘Vote for us — we’ll screw you over in favour of cronies less often’ is hardly a pro-democracy campaign slogan.

By Paul Willcocks, 15 Aug 2019


Is This Langley ‘Village’ the Future of Dementia Care?

If so, it sets a new standard, posing positive challenges for our health-care system.

By Crawford Kilian, 15 Aug 2019


Big Changes for Demoviction Central

Burnaby adopts surprising recommendations for growth, homelessness and protecting renters. We break down the biggest three.

By Christopher Cheung, 15 Aug 2019


Trudeau’s Ethics Violation Is ‘Political Dynamite’

The SNC-Lavalin scandal is back in the headlines. And that’s very bad news for the Liberals' re-election hopes.

By Michael Harris, 14 Aug 2019


‘Hi, How Can I Help You?’ What It Takes to Be a Crisis Line Volunteer

Empathy, experience and training prepare volunteers to take calls and provide support.

By Hilary Leung, 14 Aug 2019


How an SFU Prof Uses Statistics to Give Killer Whales a Chance

For Ruth Joy, data’s the key to smart decisions. Part of a series introducing innovative thinkers in BC’s post-secondary sector.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Aug 2019


The Calgary Oil and Gas Execs Backing Scheer Might Surprise You

Their smallish firms have plummeted in value, even as they rake in big pay.

By Geoff Dembicki, 14 Aug 2019


‘I Want Them to Have Justice’: Inside the Fight to Save the Shubenacadie River

In Nova Scotia, water protectors have fiercely opposed a gas company’s plans for a decade, helped by a celebrity supporter.

By Michael Harris, 13 Aug 2019


Revisiting the Canadian Radical Feminist Who Wanted to Abolish Pregnancy

Shulamith Firestone fiercely fought against the exploitation of women’s reproductive labour.

By Victoria Margree, 13 Aug 2019


What Happened to Vancouver’s Black Neighbourhoods?

And will similar communities ever exist again?

By Dannielle Piper, 13 Aug 2019


As Nisga’a Government Silences a Whistleblower, the Need for a Free Press Becomes Clear

Citizens of other First Nations working toward treaties can learn from what’s happening in the courts.

By Wawmeesh G. Hamilton, 12 Aug 2019


BC Government Frets Over Climate Change While Heavily Subsidizing Fracking Companies

Worse, the giveaway probably isn’t needed, with the global industry desperate for new gas fields.

By Paul Willcocks, 12 Aug 2019


Depression, the ‘Sickeningly Common Illness No One Likes Talking About’

Yet we must, as Anna Mehler Paperny’s brilliant, harrowing memoir instructs.

By Ian Gill, 12 Aug 2019