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Stories for week starting Monday, March 30, 2020


Should You Wear a Mask? Today’s Ten Top Pandemic Links

This is The Tyee’s Coronavirus Curated for April 1.

Tyee Staff, Today


Mining and Petroleum Workers: ‘Essential’ or ‘an Enormous Risk’?

Indigenous and other local voices fear projects enable spread of COVID-19.

Erica Cirino, Today


BC Boosts Pay for Long-Term Care Workers amidst COVID-19

Union says reforms should continue after crisis to improve care.

Moira Wyton, Today


First Nations Know Pandemics. This Time, They Say, Will Be Different

Diseases have devastated Indigenous communities. Here’s what they’re doing to fight COVID-19.

John Price, Today


Ten Tips from an Online Educator

As BC begins its K-12 experiment in ‘emergency remote teaching,’ some hints for survival.

Nick Smith, Today


If This Is the Apocalypse, at Least Dress for It

The end of days is no time for sweatpants.

Dorothy Woodend, Today


COVID-19’s Other Symptom? Viral Misinformation

Every day is April Fool’s Day now, because pandemics all through history have spread rumours, gossip and lies.

Christopher Cheung, Today


It’s ‘Overblown’ Say One in Eight Canadians. And More Top Links

Coronavirus Curated for March 31, The Tyee’s scan of the web for you.

Tyee Staff, Yesterday


New China Data Undercuts Reassurances by Our Health Officials

Canada must lock down and test far more. Missing virus carriers with no symptoms will cost lives: UBC expert.

Crawford Kilian, Yesterday


Official Silence on COVID-19 Case in Downtown Eastside Fuelling Fears

Frontline workers say a case has been identified and the lack of information is hurting prevention efforts.

By Jesse Winter and Christopher Cheung, Yesterday


The Pipeline and the Pandemic: ‘The Biggest Risk We’ve Got Right Now’

Union of BC Indian Chiefs calls for Coastal GasLink to halt work to reduce COVID-19 threat.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Yesterday


I Fear for the Cambodia I Left Behind

The pandemic chased me back to Canada, feeling guilt. The nation I fled is badly prepared.

Samantha McCabe, Yesterday


Save the Cruise Industry? Some Say Let It Sink

BC was by far the biggest Canadian destination before the coronavirus hit floating resorts.

Brian Payton, Yesterday


Tears Don’t Infect. And More Info Straight from Science Journals

The latest roundup of new pandemic-related findings by our partner Hakai Magazine.

Brian Owens, Yesterday


I’m the Virus You Named COVID-19. Glad to Meet You

Why I do what I do. It’s nothing personal. Let me (and the science research) explain.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


The Blood of Survivors May Save Lives

And 10 more Coronavirus Curated links gathered by the Tyee team.

Tyee Staff, 30 Mar 2020


The Other Virus Test: Who’s a True Leader?

The crisis exposes the lethal venality of Trump and other honchos. How does Trudeau rate?

Michael Harris, 30 Mar 2020


What BC Got Wrong — and Right — in COVID-19 Aid

Advocates urge more support for renters, paid sick leave and a boost in income assistance.

Andrew MacLeod, 30 Mar 2020


When Care Is a Matter of Life and Death

Agencies caring for the most vulnerable people with disabilities are scrambling to keep clients safe.

Katie Hyslop, 30 Mar 2020


How to Salvage BC’s School Year Using Digital Learning

We’ll need fast training with good tools. As an online teacher, here are my suggestions.

Nick Smith, 30 Mar 2020


On BC's Coast, Indigenous Communities Are Locking Down

‘We see it coming across the way, and that’s why we’re taking action.’

Ian Gill, 30 Mar 2020


Working in a Pandemic: Stories of Anxiety, Uncertainty, Poverty and Kindness

We asked readers to share their experiences as COVID-19 hit. Here’s a sample.

Tyee readers, 30 Mar 2020