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Stories for week starting Monday, November 20, 2017


Please Advise! What’s the Doctor’s Prescription for Site C?

Who knows? But whatever he decides, John Horgan is going to need help with a nasty headache.

By Steve Burgess, Today


Before You Say You Hate Modern Dance, Think of the Chimpanzees

Jane Goodall’s discoveries with our simian cousins provide a clue as to what dance tells us about human nature.

By Dorothy Woodend, Today


Construction Unions Pressing for Completion of Site C

As decision nears, unions lobby government and wage campaign to save dam jobs.

By Sarah Cox, Today


Despite What Politicians Say, Hundreds of BC Gas Wells Leak Methane

Industry regulator withheld data from government for four years.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


Here’s a Spill Response System to Get Us to ‘World-Class’

Indigenous people are almost always on the frontlines facing coastal oil spills.

By Chief Councillor Marilyn Slett, Yesterday


Trudeau, Orwell and ‘Deliverology’

PM embraces a political fad that promises accountability and delivers — well, nothing.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


Federal Government Back with Big Dollars for Housing

‘This is very significant.’

By Christopher Cheung and Katie Hyslop, 22 Nov 2017


Federal Housing Policy ‘Step in Right Direction,’ Says Horgan

Premier promises initiatives in February budget, hedges on campaign promise of 114,000 new units.

By Andrew MacLeod, 22 Nov 2017


A Tale of Three Mega-Dams, and Why Site C Could Face the Axe

Troubled Muskrat Falls and Keeyask projects going ahead, but BC government has more options for Site C.

By Jonathan Drance, Glenn Cameron and Rachel V. Hutton, 22 Nov 2017


Program Helping Indigenous Parents Undersubscribed, Says Provider

With so many Indigenous kids in care, why aren’t more south Vancouver Island families enrolled in prevention programs?

By Katie Hyslop, 22 Nov 2017


Washington Governor Touts Vancouver-Portland High-Speed Rail

Inslee visits legislature, talks rail, climate change and marijuana.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Nov 2017


Little Change to Child Poverty in BC

BC is not the worst in Canada, but still remains above the national average with one in five kids in poverty.

By Katie Hyslop, 21 Nov 2017


Our Kids Are Safe: It’s Homeless People Who Are in Danger

Protests against citywide housing for homeless ignore the real dangers to those living on the street.

By Jessica Hannon, 21 Nov 2017


Oceans Are the New Front Line in the Fight Against Climate Change

Last week, a panel of Canadian and French experts weighed in on the major environmental threats and the task at hand.

By Frederick Blichert, 21 Nov 2017


Let Seniors Have Discounted Rides on Ferries, Says Watts

Surrey BC Liberal leadership contender’s announcement puts her in line with NDP government’s policies.

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Nov 2017


Cashing In On Trump’s War on Universities

Republicans are gutting U.S. education; Canada — with boldness — can reap the benefits.

By Crawford Kilian, 21 Nov 2017


A Vancouver Parable: False Prophets, Green Illusions and Vanishing Neighbourhoods

How city development rules compel big projects at the expense of more affordable neighbourhoods with vibrant shopping streets.

By Scot Hein, 20 Nov 2017


Five Policies That Would Have Helped Me Stay in Vancouver

Rent control, affordable child care and a relaxation of pet bans for renters would address affordability in the short term.

By Jessica Barrett, 20 Nov 2017


Protect Our Local Glamour Industries from Scandals

Everything’s beautiful at the ballet? Only if the public keeps an eye on it.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Nov 2017