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Stories for week starting Monday, April 15, 2019


What’s Your Carbon Budget? You Probably Don’t Want to Know

But if politicians ran governments on them, the planet might have a fighting chance.

By Crawford Kilian, Today


Why Do We Cruelly Lock Poor People Out in the Rain?

An Abbotsford income assistance office literally did that to its clients. It’s a sadly apt metaphor.

By Paul Willcocks, Today


How a Team of Women Helped Make BC a World Leader in Treating Postpartum Depression

Forty years ago, one doctor noticed new moms weren’t getting help they needed. It led to a revolution in care.

By Zoë Ducklow, Today


Toward a Youth Manifesto on Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Workshop has students explore issues around growing up in the digital age.

By Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


Please Advise! How Did Kenney the Scandal King Do It?

Turns out, Alberta’s premier-elect had a trump card: blind loyalists.

By Steve Burgess, Yesterday


Jason Kenney Wins in Alberta, Setting Stage for Fierce Conflicts

Observers predict legal fights ahead for leader who vowed to scrap on social issues and environment.

By Geoff Dembicki, Yesterday


Improved Protection for BC Workers? It Might be Up to the Greens

Legislation to change the labour code and the Employment Standards Act expected this month.

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


Here’s Why Ottawa’s Politicos Can’t Understand Wilson-Raybould and Philpott

Two women of integrity meet men of expediency. It was bound to fail.

By Mitchell Anderson, Yesterday


The Lessons of Notre Dame

We’re paying for our neglect — whether of the Earth or our heritage — in many ways.

By Crawford Kilian, 16 Apr 2019


The Victory Speech Alberta Will Never Hear

We let oil turn our citizens into subjects. Now we must turn it around.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 16 Apr 2019


Are Conservative Senators Going to Kill Law Protecting Indigenous Rights?

Bill adopting UN declaration stalled and in danger of dying.

By Zoë Ducklow, 16 Apr 2019


‘I Wanted to Understand Money and as a Writer I Had Zero Clue’

So Alisa Smith quit journalism to be an accountant and spy novelist. Smart move.

By Isabel Ruitenbeek, 16 Apr 2019


How Can You Avoid Dementia? We Just Don’t Know — So Why Not Try a Healthy Life?

Diving into the research around brain health produces more questions than answers.

By Crawford Kilian, 15 Apr 2019


Is Social Media Destroying Our Democracy?

A recent debate saw a professor, author, technologist and data journalist argue the question.

By Gabrielle Plonka, 15 Apr 2019


Let’s Show Some Love for Tyee Builders Today

They make our journalism possible. You can join them.

By Jeanette Ageson and Emma Cooper, 15 Apr 2019