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Stories for week starting Monday, January 30, 2023


Why It Took Six Years to Charge Officers in Deadly RCMP Incident

BC’s police watchdog says it needs more resources as criticism swirls over lengthy delay.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Today


A Bold Experiment in Local Journalism Hits the Rocks

Staff cuts at Overstory Media’s flagship raise alarms about its vision for local journalism’s future.

Zak Vescera, Today


BC Launches New Legal Action over Privatized Health Care

The government is seeking to prevent businesses from charging fees for access to doctors’ care.

Andrew MacLeod, Today


We Asked for Backyard Bird Pics. The Response Was Hitchcockian!

Tyee readers flocked to our inbox to share beautiful photos and quirky stories.

Michelle Gamage, Today


Newcomers to Doukhobor Territory

My BC home can be fractious, and factionary. But in a community this small, we have to make more space for each other.

Leesa Dean, Today


Athabasca U President Firing: Board Members Raise Questions

Three members say they were left out of board vote that ousted Peter Scott, who charted the school’s online path.

Charles Rusnell, Yesterday


When Will Rents Come Down?

Vancouver leads the region in building new rental units. Why are rates still rising?

Patrick Condon, Yesterday


2022 Was a Deadly Year for SRO Fires in Vancouver

The city will fund a new tenant-focused safety program after hundreds of fires and five deaths.

Jen St. Denis, Yesterday


Here’s Why Electoral Reform Isn’t Dead in Canada

The need is greater than ever, and there are signs of political progress.

Anita Nickerson and Gisela Ruckert, Yesterday


For Christy, Who Lived Fiercely and Died Precariously

At 60, she took her own life after receiving an eviction notice in a system that wasn’t designed for her.

Audrey Tung and Kendall Fraser, Yesterday


Body Cameras for Police Threaten Public Safety

Especially for Black people.

Daniella Barreto, 1 Feb 2023


The Case for Alcohol’s Health Benefits

Canada’s new drinking guidelines don’t consider the social benefit. Should they?

Kiffer George Card, 1 Feb 2023


Please Knock! Living with Parents in Adulthood

Over a third of 20 to 34-year-olds live with a parent. How to navigate daily life?

Christopher Cheung, 1 Feb 2023


Fixing the Crisis in Public Health

It’s another brutal winter in health care. Here’s what we need to do to set things right.

Crawford Kilian, 1 Feb 2023


‘Inadequate’ Response as Toxic Drugs Kill 2,272 Last Year

BC’s addictions minister says the province will continue same approach despite mounting deaths.

Moira Wyton, 31 Jan 2023


BC Families Can’t Cope with Rising Grocery Bills

Caught between inflation and a high cost of living, some parents are going hungry, even against medical advice.

Emily Fagan, 31 Jan 2023


Learn about Today’s ‘War on Journalists’

David Beers will sound a rescue alarm for Canada’s news media in his Southam Lecture at UVic next Tuesday. Here’s a preview.

Deborah Campbell, 31 Jan 2023


Amidst Protest, Here’s Pride and Joy

Citing a responsibility to their young audiences, local drag performers are continuing their story time events for kids despite pushback.

Josh Kozelj, 31 Jan 2023


Health Workers Are Facing Record Levels of Violence

Data obtained by The Tyee shows a dramatic increase in ‘Code Whites’ in BC’s two largest health regions.

Zak Vescera and Moira Wyton, 31 Jan 2023


Port Hardy’s Last ER Doctor Standing

Physician assistants can bridge BC’s rural care crisis, he argues. ‘And I’ve only got one set of hands.’

Rochelle Baker, 30 Jan 2023


Long Delays and Rising Cases Deny BC Workers Justice, Say Critics

The province’s Employment Standards Branch has been unable to keep up with a jump in claims.

Zak Vescera, 30 Jan 2023


The Shine’s off Finnish Education. Pay Attention, Canada

In the land whose students once topped the world, scores are declining. Why?

Crawford Kilian, 30 Jan 2023


It’s the ‘Eve of Decriminalization’ for Drug Possession in BC

Questions loom about enforcement, rights and safety. ‘People want clarity,’ says a Pivot Legal advocate.

Moira Wyton, 30 Jan 2023


We Now Face an Army of COVID Viruses

The pandemic has not ended. It is evolving, with big implications. Here are six.

Andrew Nikiforuk, 30 Jan 2023