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Stories for week starting Monday, June 10, 2024


Enrolment Is Up. Why Are BC Schools Still Facing Budget Cuts?

As districts grow, trustees continue to face steep shortfalls — but low student numbers can no longer be blamed.

Katie Hyslop, Today


When Kids Become Translators for Their Parents

The life of an immigrant mother and daughter is captured in a short film by Vancouver director Kevin Kim.

Christopher Cheung, Today


CONTEST: Win Tickets to the Museum of Anthropology

One lucky Tyee reader will receive four tickets to visit the newly upgraded building in Vancouver.

Museum of Anthropology, Today


Why BC’s Forced Rush to Rezone Neighbourhoods Is Wrong

The province’s push fails to promote democracy, local planning and once vibrant co-op funding.

Elizabeth Murphy, Today


The Backlash Against Women in Politics

MLA Shannon Phillips is just the latest victim of harassment and disinformation.

Lisa Young, Yesterday


Zuckerberg Is Wrong to Block Canadian News. His Own AI Bot Told Me

Meta’s artificial intelligence app has advice for its mogul creator. Negotiate ‘in good faith’ and pay.

Sean Holman, Yesterday


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Tyee Staff, Yesterday


Please Advise! What Is Elenore Sturko Thinking?

Dr. Steve isn’t a mind reader, but he has some ideas about the party-jumping MLA.

Steve Burgess, Yesterday


In Northwest BC, the Case of the Wee Wayside Chapel

The story of the Usk Pioneer Chapel includes fires, floods and a few small miracles.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Yesterday


Drug Compassion Club Organizers Face Criminal Charges. What Now?

Jeremy Kalicum and Eris Nyx have been charged with trafficking. They’re fundraising for a long legal battle.

Jen St. Denis, 11 Jun 2024


Reduce, Repair, Resole, Recycle

Here’s how to help avoid plastic waste and microplastic pollution from shoes.

Sun Woo Baik, 11 Jun 2024


Alberta MLA Shannon Phillips Quits, Citing Right-Wing Abuse and Lies

The former NDP environment minister was spied upon by never-charged Lethbridge police officers.

David Climenhaga, 11 Jun 2024

Shear Genius: Turning Waste Wool into Clean Fertilizer

Tons of sheep clippings are dumped or burned. Meet folks reusing them instead to create jobs and a circular farming economy.

andrea bennett, 11 Jun 2024


Christopher Cheung and Zoë Yunker Win Digital Publishing Awards

It’s been a banner year for The Tyee. Your support is key to this important work.

Tyee Staff, 10 Jun 2024


How Shared Values Can Bring Jewish and Palestinian Canadians Together

Jeffrey Wilkinson and Raja Khouri, co-authors of ‘The Wall Between,’ are bringing their message to Vancouver on June 13.

Katie Hyslop, 10 Jun 2024


CONTEST: Win Tickets to a Show at the North Shore Jazz Festival

Three lucky readers will receive passes to see a spirited dose of live jazz this June in North Vancouver.

North Shore Jazz Festival, 10 Jun 2024


To Save the Iconic Museum of Anthropology He Had to Destroy It

Architect Nick Milkovich on the mind-boggling rebuild of Arthur Erickson’s masterpiece. A Tyee interview.

Adele Weder, 10 Jun 2024


Fire Departments Charge Big Bucks for Reports. Public Safety Suffers

Vancouver’s fire department will receive a ‘Code of Silence’ award after The Tyee reported on barriers to accessing information.

Jen St. Denis, 10 Jun 2024