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Stories for week starting Monday, May 16, 2022


A Poetic Lens for BC's Complex Asian Canadian History

Vancouver’s poet laureate brings stories of the diaspora into focus with two curated selections for Asian Heritage Month.

Fiona Tinwei Lam, 20 May 2022


Climate Change Is Shifting What Seafood Restaurants like Tojo’s Source and Serve

A new UBC study says we can expect more warm-water-loving species on our plates.

Michelle Gamage, 20 May 2022


Is It Time for Renters to Unionize?

Tenant protections have fallen short in BC. Some say collective bargaining power is the solution. Our latest Hot, Hot Housing.

Jen St. Denis, 20 May 2022


‘Empty’ Outer Space Is Full of Interesting Problems

Tame the heavens? There’s an institute for that, co-founded by global law professor Michael Byers. A Tyee interview.

David Beers, 20 May 2022


Securing Black Futures Brings High Schoolers to UBC

‘Students benefit from seeing people who look like them,’ says UBC Prof. Annette Henry.

Katie Hyslop, 19 May 2022


Is Jason Kenney Really Riding Off into the Sunset?

Alberta’s premier says he’s quitting after a disastrous leadership vote. But not right now.

David Climenhaga, 19 May 2022


The Winters Hotel Fire Victims Have Been Identified. Their Families Have Questions

A fatal SRO fire took the lives of Mary Ann Garlow and Dennis Guay.

Jen St. Denis, 19 May 2022


Sunken Trash Made into Treasure

Divers gave bags of lake-bottom garbage to coastal BC artists. Here’s what they created.

Stella-Luna Ha, 19 May 2022


Family Medicine Is Dying. Here’s How to Save It

A prescription for change from a family doctor.

Eric Cadesky, 19 May 2022


No Motor? No Problem!

Every year, a motley fleet races along BC’s coast, powered only by skills, muscle, wind and guts.

Aldyn Chwelos, 18 May 2022


Why Canada’s Largest Federal Union Is Talking Strike

The big issue is wages. But sticking points include future of work and anti-racism provisions.

Kathryn May, 18 May 2022


Is the Doctor In? BC Can't Say for Sure

FOI documents highlight the large number of patients without access to primary care.

Andrew MacLeod, 18 May 2022


Want to Pitch a Story to The Tyee?

That’s great. We have a new page of submissions guidelines and pay rates to help.

Sarah Krichel, 18 May 2022


Guaranteed Basic Income Is Still a Great Idea

This solution for poverty continues to have support and research to back it up.

Jiaying Zhao and Lorne Whitehead, 18 May 2022


New CBC Podcast Series on Kuper Island Residential School Seeks Justice

‘It’s not just a dark chapter in Canada’s history. It’s the whole story,’ says host Duncan McCue.

Andrea Smith, 17 May 2022


Please Advise! Big Games in Alberta and Florida, No?

Indeed, we’re on the eve of desperate showdowns. There’s also some hockey being played.

Steve Burgess, 17 May 2022


Much Ado about Shakespeare

A UBC scholar on the bard’s place in 21st century classrooms. A Tyee Q&A.

Olamide Olaniyan, 17 May 2022


Prioritizing Indigenous Knowledge about Wild Pacific Salmon

What would happen if western science considered fish relatives, rather than commodities?

Andrea Reid, 17 May 2022


To the Downtown Eastside, with Love

For his caring work on the doc film 'Love in the Time of Fentanyl,' Colin Askey wins an award for best director.

Dorothy Woodend, 17 May 2022


‘Supportive Housing’ Is No Solution to Homelessness

Five myths that put people at deadly risk, offered by an organizer of the unhoused in Maple Ridge.

Listen Chen, 16 May 2022


Ancient Fire Prevention Practices, Reignited

First Nations want authority to manage wildfire risks, including the right to carry out controlled burns.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 16 May 2022


Roll Up Your Sleeve for a Fourth Vaccine Dose?

Experts say a robust second booster campaign is key to weathering future waves of the virus.

Moira Wyton, 16 May 2022


CONTEST: Win Tickets to the Museum of Anthropology’s Latest Exhibit

One Tyee reader will receive four passes to ‘Xicanx: Dreamers and Changemakers,’ plus a museum shop gift certificate.

Museum of Anthropology, 16 May 2022


How Bruce Mau Turned Design, and the World, On Its Head

‘The present day is the best time in human history to be alive and working,’ the design visionary declares.

Dorothy Woodend, 16 May 2022