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Stories for week starting Monday, February 11, 2019


Why Wilson-Raybould Was Right

Her government was intensely lobbied, but the law is clear.

By Michael Harris, Yesterday


Country Collapsing? Let Them Eat Bitcoin

Vancouver to Venezuela, the brave new ethics of crypto-charities.

By Melody Ma, Yesterday


How Black Train Porters Moved Politicians to Embrace a Multicultural Canada

Poorly treated, they led a fight for rights that benefited many. Cecil Foster tells their story.

By Crawford Kilian, Yesterday


Please Advise! This Looks Bad, Will Trudeau Choke?

Omnibus bills are like boxes of chocolates, which can lodge in PM’s craw.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Feb 2019


So that New Report on the Huge Private Energy Rip-off of BC Ratepayers?

It’s all that Rafe Mair and Will McMartin warned here years ago.

By David Beers, 14 Feb 2019


Jody Wilson-Raybould: ‘She Has Always Just Gone for It’

She’s a fearless ‘uniter’ say watchers of her rise and the Liberals’ crisis.

By Zoë Ducklow and Katie Hyslop, 14 Feb 2019


Click Here to Laugh at Vancouver

Why memes are the new satire in a place ripe for ridicule. Add your own!

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Feb 2019


The Virus that Makes DFO Put Its Head in the Sand

PRV must be taken more seriously, says a judge, again.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 14 Feb 2019


Indigenous Scholars Decry ‘Character Assassination’ of Jody Wilson-Raybould

From ‘star Liberal MP' to 'difficult and incompetent’… Really?

By Joyce Green, Gina Starblanket, Heidi Kiiwetinepinesiik Stark, Renae Watchman, Sarah Hunt, Lianne Marie Leda Charlie, Christine O’Bonsawin, waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy, Jeff Corntassel, Patricia M. Barkaskas and Dallas Hunt, 13 Feb 2019


Will Prosper nous parle des écoles qui n’ont rien d’un deuxième chez-soi

Une adolescence difficile à Montréal-Nord lui a appris l’importance de la sécurité urbaine. Le dernier volet de la série Talking Home.

By Jay Pitter, 13 Feb 2019


Lower Poverty and Ticket Prices Too: Nine NDP Brags and Pledges

What BC’s government chose to highlight in Tuesday’s throne speech.

By Andrew MacLeod, 13 Feb 2019


The Carbon Tax Case Is a Dangerous Political Game

Leaders cop out by kicking hard, complex issues to the courts. It may backfire.

By James MacLean, 13 Feb 2019


Will Prosper on How Violence Makes School No Second Home

Tough teen years in Montreal North made his lesson plan urban safety. Last in the Talking Home series.

By Jay Pitter, 13 Feb 2019


Turning Child Apprehension Fears into Cartoon Art

Vancouver artist Miriam Libicki on why she chose to go public, via a comic, about her family’s encounter with MCFD.

By Katie Hyslop, 12 Feb 2019


The Single Mom with Five Kids Who Sailed BC’s Edge

Capi Blanchet wrote a boating classic. A new bio charts her stubborn course.

By Crawford Kilian, 12 Feb 2019


Plecas vs. James and Lenz: A Flurry of Assertions in Seven Rounds

Now that Leg officials have punched back, here’s a scorecard to keep track.

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Feb 2019


Huawei, Big Brother and Technological Self-Destruction

5G is just the latest innovation giving powerful forces more ability to monitor and control our lives.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 12 Feb 2019


John Fullerton’s ‘Regenerative Capitalism’: The Shift Our Planet Needs?

The noted economic (re)thinker urges we mimic nature’s systems. He speaks Feb. 19.

By David Beers, 11 Feb 2019


Heather Jarvis on Sex Worker Myths and Real Homes

The SlutWalk co-founder talks stigma and housing. Latest in the series Talking Home.

By Jay Pitter, 11 Feb 2019


Why Quake Proofing Schools Is Shaking up Resistance

The fixes are shrinking our education, say BC students and parents. Epicentre of revolt: Vancouver’s Hamber Secondary.

By Samantha McCabe and Zak Vescera, 11 Feb 2019


Site that Lied about NDP Leader During Election Lives in Web’s Shadows

Tracking false Singh article shows how easily news fakers hide.

By David Beers and Bryan Carney, 11 Feb 2019