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Stories for week starting Monday, October 18, 2021


Despite New Measures, Callers Are Still Experiencing Long Waits for Emergency Response

After a deadly Smithers car crash, a witness chose to rush to the ambulance station rather than wait on hold after calling 911.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, Today


Allan Inquiry Clears Enviro Groups, but Blasts Kenney’s War Room

The $3.5-million inquiry into ‘anti-Alberta’ energy campaigns ends with a whimper.

David Climenhaga, Today


Naomi Klein Hopes This Is the Stage Before the Breakthrough

The author activist on overcoming defeats, her new role at UBC, the future of climate justice and more.

Olamide Olaniyan, Today


BC Changes Law to Let Oil and Gas Companies Delay Well Cleanup

Green Leader Sonia Furstenau says the change benefits corporations and hurts the battle against global warming.

Andrew MacLeod, Today


‘We Haven’t Done the Most Basic Thing to Address This Crisis’

Vancouver’s top doctor says a safe supply of heroin, cocaine and meth is the only thing that will stop the overdose death toll.

Jen St. Denis, Yesterday


How Vancouver Learned to Love Skateboarding

The city that once cracked down on street skating as a dangerous nuisance now embraces the culture.

Christopher Cheung, Yesterday


Please Advise! Facebook Needs a New Look!

The social media platform can either get more friendly or more evil. Either way, time to double down.

Steve Burgess, Yesterday


The Colonial Dimension of Climate Migration

Already forced from traditional lands, Indigenous peoples face relocation or disruption as the world warms.

Maggie Quirt, Yesterday


Northwest BC Families Unite to Share Stories of Missing Women in Adaawk

‘We just wanted our stories to be heard from us, and from our perspective,’ say the filmmakers.

Binny Paul, Yesterday


Vancouver Wants to End Classroom Inequality. But What about Mini Schools?

They’re a program of choice, but difficult, even ‘stressful,’ to get into. First in a series.

Katie Hyslop, Yesterday


SFU’s Cleaning and Cafeteria Staff Should Be In-House Employees

These contracted-out workers receive low pay and can’t access many benefits that regular employees do.

Enda Brophy, 20 Oct 2021


I Bartered for Baths

Lawyer by day, bather by night, I soaked my way across the city after pandemic restrictions eased.

Jessica Magonet, 20 Oct 2021


‘Halloween Kills’ — Stalk, Stab, Yawn

The most frightening thing about horror sequels might be the death of originality.

Dorothy Woodend, 20 Oct 2021


Canada’s Peatlands Save Us From Wildfires and Floods

So why are we still destroying them for oil and gas projects and mega-dams?

Ed Struzik, 20 Oct 2021


Child COVID Cases Dropping after Back-to-School Spike

Officials say school cases ‘mostly controlled,’ but BC’s health system is still strained by unvaccinated people.

Moira Wyton, 19 Oct 2021


Why BC Needs an Independent COVID Science Group

Governments haven’t adequately kept citizens informed about the changing science that can protect them.

By Amy Tan and Karina Zeidler, 19 Oct 2021


Immigration Doesn’t Reduce Wages

Showing proof helped win Canadian David Card a Nobel Prize. Here’s how he did it.

Arvind Magesan, 19 Oct 2021


BC Introduces ‘Troubling’ Limits on Freedom of Information

The government is ‘trying to keep British Columbians in the dark,’ says BC Liberal critic Bruce Banman.

Andrew MacLeod, 19 Oct 2021


Why It’s Hard for BC’s NDP to Be Greener

The party’s environmental wing feels let down. One long-time member explores what stands in their way.

Robert A. Hackett, 19 Oct 2021


Vancouver, Where Did Your Shophouses Go?

WATCH: The quaint corner store in residential areas was outlawed a century ago. This video shows why we need them back.

Christopher Cheung, 19 Oct 2021


Danny Ramadan Is a Book Person

The Syrian Canadian novelist likes a lush setting, dark plot and conflicted characters. And cursing.

Michelle Cyca, 18 Oct 2021


The City’s False Promises about False Creek South

Five ways the new plan undercuts what made the Vancouver district a world-famous model.

Patrick Condon, 18 Oct 2021


Spirit Bears Have a Special Power When Hunting

A UVic scientist has discovered the advantage their white fur gives them for catching dinner.

Marina Wang, 18 Oct 2021


CONTEST: Win Free Shipping on ‘Mothers of Xsan’ Kids Books

Twenty Tyee readers will save on delivery when ordering the educational series this October.

HighWater Press, 18 Oct 2021


‘Open up Your Life.’ Grow with Emily Carr’s Continuing Studies

From fine arts to cutting-edge user experience design, these programs might be the pivot you’re seeking.

Emily Carr University, 18 Oct 2021