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Stories for week starting Monday, June 26, 2017


Energy Industry Legacy: Hundreds of Abandoned Wells Leaking Methane in Alberta Communities

Tyee obtains unreleased report that shows leaks pose threats to health, explosion risk.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Today


Newspapers Want Our Money? Here’s What We Want!

For the love of Godfrey, don’t just give newspapers money without rules.

By Shannon Rupp, Today


If Election Is Called, BC Conservatives Ready to Pounce on Liberal Flip-Flops

Party is actively seeking a leader to counter Libs’ ‘fiscal irresponsibility,’ says director.

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


How Christy Clark Destroyed the BC Liberal Brand in Just One Day

It was quite something to see.

By Bill Tieleman, Yesterday


How Climate Change Has Plagued the Health of Nations for Centuries

It’s brought down countless empires, as Anthony McMichael’s brilliant history recounts.

By Crawford Kilian, Yesterday


‘We Need to Move On’: NDP and Greens Eager for Confidence Vote as Liberal Bills Shot Down

Refusal to accelerate the vote respects ‘procedures,’ says Liberal minister.

By Andrew MacLeod, 26 Jun 2017


‘Reflections of Canada’ Offers New Take on 150th Celebrations

From fisheries to our global role, UBC’s Wall Institute book offers wide-ranging look at issues that matter.

By Paul Willcocks, 26 Jun 2017


Solving the Youth Homelessness Puzzle

Canada’s first tool for assessing youths’ risk of homelessness and identifying needed supports focuses on strengths.

By Katie Hyslop, 26 Jun 2017