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Stories for week starting Monday, October 14, 2019


BC Fed: To Tackle Economic Insecurity, Workers Need an NDP Government

Why BC’s labour federation is endorsing the party led by Jagmeet Singh.

By Laird Cronk and Sussanne Skidmore, 18 Oct 2019


Elizabeth May on Tyee Readers’ Big Questions, a ‘Dispiriting’ Campaign and Her Approach to Minority Government

A question and answer with the Green leader.

Andrew MacLeod, 18 Oct 2019


The Election, Pharmacare, and Dental Care: A Tyee Reader

You wanted to know who’s promising what on these critical issues. Here’s what we did.

Andrew MacLeod, 18 Oct 2019


The Water Crisis in First Nations Communities: An Election Explainer

Who’s promising what, and what really needs to happen.

By Jamin Mike and Christopher Cheung, Today


The Election and Electoral Reform: A Tyee Reader

You asked about the 2015 Liberal promise; we answered with who’s doing what in 2019.

Christopher Guly, Today


Trudeau’s Promised Indigenous Housing Strategy Still Nowhere in Sight

We spoke to Indigenous leaders and housing advocates to learn what’s at stake and what they want to hear from the parties.

Katie Hyslop, Today


Threats and Hate Push Veterans’ Advocate to Alert Police

Online attacks this election ‘the worst I’ve ever seen,’ says promoter of ‘Anybody but Conservatives’ campaign.

David Beers, Today


The Election and Tax Fairness: A Tyee Reader

You asked us to find out what parties will do to reverse Canada’s widening wealth gap. Here’s what we did.

Andrew MacLeod, Today


The Election and Canada’s Green Transition: A Tyee Reader

You asked us to press the parties on their plans for a smooth move to a post-carbon economy. Here’s what we did.

Geoff Dembicki, Today


Sorry, the Greens Don’t Make the Grade for this Progressive

On race, abortion, worker justice and more, they flail and miss the mark.

Saima Desai, Yesterday


For this Progressive, the Greens Speak to the Heart

I share members’ refusal to sacrifice nature for jobs.

Guy Dauncey, Yesterday


In an Election about Affordability, Why Aren’t We Talking about Low Wages?

Lower taxes aren’t the only way to help struggling Canadians. A $15 federal minimum wage would be a start.

Halena Seiferling, Yesterday


The Election and the Climate Crisis: A Tyee Reader

You asked us to make the climate emergency a key election issue. Here’s what we did.

Geoff Dembicki, Yesterday


Five Ways to Get that Apathetic Human in Your Life to Vote

A Tyee guide to engaging the 31 per cent.

Jesse Donaldson, Yesterday


Scheer Folly: Promised Coast-to-Coast Energy Corridor Makes No Sense

Conservatives want to make taxpayers pay for oil and gas industry’s mismanagement. And the bill could be huge.

Andrew Nikiforuk, Yesterday


Why I Bet Andrew Scheer Won’t Be Prime Minister

It comes down to this: no one wants to (or is able to) partner with the Conservatives.

Michael Harris, 15 Oct 2019


The Ghost Election Issue We Need to Get Real about: Personal Debt

Canadians are so deep in the red it colours how we see vital issues.

Mitchell Anderson, 15 Oct 2019


Inside One First Nation’s Long Water Crisis

The Neskantaga have spent almost a quarter century under a boil water order. Will the election bring faster action?

Christopher Cheung, 15 Oct 2019


These Advocates Won’t Be Giving Up on Electoral Reform

Despite several setbacks, the issue won’t go away: ‘We are playing the long game.’

Christopher Guly, 15 Oct 2019


Veterans’ Group Relaunches ‘Anybody but Conservatives’ Campaign

Chair of 2015 anti-Harper effort is back with praise for Trudeau’s Liberals.

David Beers, 14 Oct 2019


Did Lord Byng, School District Follow Threat Assessment Rules after Racist Video?

Parents still have questions around how officials communicated with them.

Katie Hyslop, 14 Oct 2019


In Nanaimo-Ladysmith, an Election Race that’s Typical BC: A Four-Way Fight

A Green now holds the seat. The NDP and Liberal are scrapping hard. The Conservative wouldn’t be interviewed.

Andrew MacLeod, 14 Oct 2019


Power to the People Means Making Electricity Generation Green and Local

Fossil fuel dependence stirs up the climate and makes our energy supply increasingly vulnerable.

Mitchell Anderson, 14 Oct 2019