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Stories for week starting Monday, October 15, 2018


Corrigan Out in Burnaby; Green Keithley Wins Council Seat

New mayor Mike Hurley promises quick action on housing.

By Andrea Smith, Today


After Nail Biting Night, Kennedy Stewart Is Vancouver’s New Mayor

Following close race, runner up Ken Sim isn’t ready to concede.

By  Tyee Staff and Contributors, Today


Helps Wins Second Term as Victoria Mayor; Council Shifts Left

Despite controversies and challenges, Lisa Helps scores convincing win.

By Tyee Staff, Yesterday


Krog’s Nanaimo Win a Risk to NDP Government — But Not Soon

MLA plans to resign seat, opening door for Liberal challenge to NDP minority government.

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


‘We Need People Who Are Tough’: Sarah Blyth on Why Politics Still Matters

The overdose fighter, now vying for a council seat, reflects on her city: ‘The anger and outrage isn’t as loud as it should be.’

By Christopher Cheung, 19 Oct 2018


‘This Is Going to Hurt’: A Grossly Funny Memoir of a Burned Out Doctor

The health of healthcare workers is no laughing matter, but Adam Kay makes it work.

By Crawford Kilian, 19 Oct 2018


COPE Unveils Last Minute ‘Housing Emergency Action Plan’

Policies once deemed extreme may find traction: former NPA councilor Price

By David Beers, 18 Oct 2018


Want to Hear Something Wild?

Join us in Vancouver for tales of wild encounters shared by authors, adventurers and storytellers.

By Jeanette Ageson, 18 Oct 2018


Who Should Progressives Vote for Mayor?

Experts from across the political spectrum dissect Vancouver’s left.

By Geoff Dembicki, 18 Oct 2018


In Stressful Vancouver, Are You Feelin’ Groovy or Moovy?

At tonight’s Capilano U. event, join in making a ManifestSlow. We’ve got a song and book already!

By David Beers, 18 Oct 2018


Art Students Are Learning ‘Artists Are Not to Be Valued’

New book by Emily Carr grad says paying teachers more would signal their true worth.

By Katie Hyslop, 18 Oct 2018


How Non-Disclosure Agreements Have Become a Cancer on Democracy

The powerful, from churches to energy companies, pay to keep wrongdoing secret.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 18 Oct 2018


One Key Way NAFTA 2.0 Reinvigorates Canadian Sovereignty

New trade pact finally puts an end to special rights for foreign investors.

By Gus Van Harten, 17 Oct 2018


Kinder Morgan and Lessons from the Berger Inquiry

Four decades ago, the Mackenzie Valley pipeline inquiry showed what real consultation looks like.

By Ian Waddell, 17 Oct 2018


How Vancouver’s Next Mayor Can Help End the Opioid Crisis

Three experts on the frontlines weigh in.

By Geoff Dembicki, 17 Oct 2018


Yes, Virginia, Online Comments Still Have Value

Despite the ample yuck and vitriol, comment threads remain an interesting mode of democratic participation.

By Corry Anderson-Fennell, 17 Oct 2018


The ‘Five Minute City’: A New Way to Imagine a Better Vancouver

Imagine a city where everything you need to do is just a short walk away.

By Scot Hein and Colleen Hardwick, 17 Oct 2018


‘It’s So Hard to Fight Back’: Citizens Hope NDP Gov’t Will Finally Fix Legal Aid

Attorney general says province is working to create new opportunities for justice.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 Oct 2018


Kennedy Stewart Wants to Be Vancouver’s Mayor: A Tyee Q&A

The former NDP MP for Burnaby South takes his turn at our five burning questions.

By Geoff Dembicki, 16 Oct 2018


Subway to UBC? What No Mayoral Candidate Dares Say

They’re all aboard. But here’s why we should pull the emergency brake.

By Patrick Condon, 16 Oct 2018


Please Advise! I’m Frustrated with My Electoral Reform Options!

Agreed, four are too few. Here are 15 more, ridiculously easy to understand.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Oct 2018


How Do We Hold Each Other Up, While Holding Leaders Accountable?

After Ian Campbell’s short-lived run for mayor ended, I wondered how other Indigenous people felt.

By Andrea Smith, 16 Oct 2018


Outrunning ‘The Woo Woo’

An excerpt from Lindsay Wong’s memoir. See her at Vancouver Writers Fest, starting Oct. 15.

By Lindsay Wong, 15 Oct 2018


‘Stephen Harper Is Going to Be Mighty Unhappy if You Elect These Candidates’

Seattle socialist Kshama Sawant endorses COPE at Vancouver election rally.

By Geoff Dembicki, 15 Oct 2018


Shauna Sylvester Wants to Be Vancouver’s Mayor: A Tyee Q&A

The independent ‘bridge builder’ candidate answers our five burning questions.

By Geoff Dembicki, 15 Oct 2018


How One Researcher Is Blocking the Road from Hospital to Homelessness

Cheryl Forchuk focuses on prevention with hospital-based project.

By Seila Rizvic, 15 Oct 2018