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Stories for week starting Monday, April 24, 2017


Don’t Panic! Fake News Is Easy to Spot If You Know What to Look For

Readers should have no trouble noting the red flags — even if editors do.

By Shannon Rupp, Yesterday


From ‘Cheez Whiz’ Vegetarian to ‘Ethical Omnivore’

An excerpt from Marissa Landrigan’s new book, The Vegetarian’s Guide to Eating Meat.

By Marissa Landrigan, Yesterday


Fringe Benefits? Fifteen Other BC Parties that Want Your Vote

Examining platforms of the lesser knowns, from the obscure to the possibly genius.

By Tom Hawthorn, Yesterday


Ahousaht Land Use Vision Is Best News for Vancouver Island in Decades

New plan offers way forward for Indigenous-led management of spectacular old-growth forests.

By Jens Wieting, Yesterday


How Safe Is LNG? Not as Safe as the BC Government Has Claimed

New studies and past incidents raise questions about location standards and safety.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 28 Apr 2017


Teachers Hired By BC-Certified School Face Expulsion from South Korea

Overseas school passed two BC education ministry inspections, despite licence irregularities.

By Katie Hyslop, 28 Apr 2017


Christy Clark’s Club: Meet the Lobbyists

Ties to the premier, support for BC Liberals unite elite paid influencers. First in a series.

By Tyee Staff, 28 Apr 2017


Five Months after Stewart Quits ‘Critical’ Asia Trade Post, Job Still Vacant

Christy Clark denied 2013 job was reward for MLA who resigned to make way for her.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 28 Apr 2017


At Vancouver Debate, Candidates Split Over Government Role in Housing Supply

Green and NDP say government must step up; Liberal says market will do the job.

By Christopher Cheung, 28 Apr 2017


In Burnaby-Deer Lake, Will China-Taiwan Divide Affect Election?

Housing costs, economy likely key issues.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 28 Apr 2017


Actually, Christy Clark, More Money Would Improve BC Education

In saying students are doing fine at current levels, you ignore struggling teachers and parents subsidizing schools.

By Crawford Kilian, 27 Apr 2017


Housing, Jobs, Political Donations Spark BC Election Debate Battles

Weaver takes larger role as leaders face off for second time.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 27 Apr 2017


Please Advise! Who Won the TV Debate? And Does It Matter?

Tyee’s spin doctor on the squabbles, whines, and the ‘knockout blows’ that, well, Donald Trump, so...

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2017


Canada’s Methane Leakage Massively Under-reported, Studies Find

New data shows ‘fracking and LNG industry is a much dirtier industry than it is made out to be.’

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 27 Apr 2017


Why I’m Voting Green This Election

Fed up with Blue and Orange ‘partyocracy,’ I’m choosing real change.

By Tom Read, 27 Apr 2017


Tyee Story on ‘Ethnoburbs’ Nominated for National Award

Christopher Cheung’s dive into changing suburbs up for best short feature.

By Tyee Staff, 27 Apr 2017


Adult Education Cuts a ‘Social Justice Crisis’

Critics say proposal to close Vancouver centres latest move to reduce access to education; NDP and Greens vow to restore funding.

By Katie Hyslop, 26 Apr 2017


BC Watchdog Publishes Ebook Detailing Political Donation Gravy Train

Where do those tens of millions in donations to BC Liberals come from? Dermod Travis sheds some light.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 26 Apr 2017


Site C Threatens Treaty Rights, Way of Life, Say Some First Nations

Lots of meetings on Site C, but some Treaty 8 First Nations call consultation a sham.

By Zoë Ducklow, 26 Apr 2017


The Residential Tenancy Act Isn’t Helping Landlords or Tenants

In fact, advocates in both camps agree: loopholes and underfunding hurt everyone.

By Katie Hyslop, 26 Apr 2017


Tyee Readers Think Horgan Won the Last Debate, Despite Reservations about ‘Constant Interrupting’

Readers share reflections as another debate looms.

By Sharon J. Riley, 26 Apr 2017


‘I’m with Herb’… Not Her? North Coast Liberal Stresses that He Is Not Christy Clark

At candidates’ debate, Herb Pond reminds voters his party’s leader ‘is not on the ballot.’ He is.

By Andrew MacLeod, 25 Apr 2017


The Housing Crisis: You Are Invited to a Candidates’ Debate Wednesday

Come hear the parties defend their positions at 5 p.m. at Robson Square.

By Tyee Staff, 25 Apr 2017


Not Easy Being Green? Examining the Party’s Contradictions

From lack of ‘concern’ about Liberal re-election to campaign finance, I ask them the tough questions.

By Bill Tieleman, 25 Apr 2017


Fact Check: To Whom Is BC Paying Interest on Its Ballooning Debt?

Okay, this one’s wonky. But it keys off a Clark talking point we’ve heard more than once.

By Andrew MacLeod, 25 Apr 2017


Every Party Promises Jobs, but What Kind of Jobs?

Quality over quantity, says SFU prof Peter Hall, noting job ‘is a very slippery word.’

By Rachel Sanders, 25 Apr 2017


LNG Exports Pose a Threat to Domestic Jobs, Warn US Manufacturers

Meanwhile, Australia rattled by its LNG-triggered energy crisis.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 25 Apr 2017


BC Belongs to Resource Companies, and Clark’s the Paid Caretaker

In her province, big money turns real people who care about real issues like the environment into ‘militant climate crusaders.’

By Michael Harris, 24 Apr 2017


A ‘Priority Lane’ for New Affordable Housing?

Based on other cities’ experience, it could cut the time it takes to open doors in Vancouver by more than half.

By Christopher Cheung, 24 Apr 2017


Can We Still Trust Polls?

Despite giant miss in 2013, BC pollsters argue results can be believed.

By Brent Holmes, 24 Apr 2017


‘If You’re Not Going to Reduce Poverty When You Have a Strong Economy, When Are You Going to Do It?’

BC can learn from Newfoundland’s efforts, says advocate.

By Katie Hyslop, 24 Apr 2017