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Stories for week starting Monday, September 14, 2020


Right through Last Year, Vancouver Police ‘Carded’ a High Rate of Black and Indigenous People

The force says it’s sharply downscaled such checks in 2020, but critics raise rights concerns.

Bryan Carney, Yesterday


Lake Babine Nation Agreement with Feds, BC Hailed as Model for Future

The pact, developed with elected and hereditary leadership, provides land, cash and includes a process for implementing rights and title.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 18 Sep 2020


The New Faces of BC’s Old-Growth Activism

It’s not mom and dad’s ‘War in the Woods.’ Meet the forest rebels trying to decolonize direct action. Last in a series.

Serena Renner, 18 Sep 2020


We Asked Smart People If the NDP Should Call an Election

Here’s what 15 politically savvy British Columbians told us.

By David Beers, Paul Willcocks and Robyn Smith, 18 Sep 2020


How Police Drug Seizures Are Making Life Worse on the Downtown Eastside

VPD claims not to target users. But officers seized small amounts of drugs more than 15,000 times in three years.

Jen St. Denis, 18 Sep 2020


Vancouver Police Board Pushes Review of Street Checks to Next Year

Mayor and council have asked the board to end the practice, which disproportionately affects Black and Indigenous people.

Jen St. Denis, 18 Sep 2020


Horgan Unveils Economic Recovery Plan, Dodges Election Questions

Tax breaks, training and climate measures all part of $1.5-billion package.

Moira Wyton, 17 Sep 2020


Toussaint Louverture Refuses to Die

Why the Haitian revolutionary who liberated his nation from slavery resonates today.

Crawford Kilian, 17 Sep 2020


A Dream of ‘Messing About in Boats’

Sail away from reality with this new book of painter E.J. Hughes’ best schooners, ferries, steamers and more.

Dorothy Woodend, 17 Sep 2020


Canadian Billionaires’ Wealth Is Skyrocketing in the Pandemic

While frontline workers cope with job losses, the richest are thriving. It’s time to tax that wealth.

By Alex Hemingway and Michal Rozworski, 17 Sep 2020


Vancouver’s New Affordable Housing Plan Needs a Serious Tweak

It will accelerate land-price inflation, which drives our housing crisis. Here’s the math.

Patrick Condon, 17 Sep 2020


Misinformation Was Always Dangerous. Social Media Has Turned It into a Viral Sickness

Facebook’s reach is being used to create division, spread hate and harm democracy. And the corporation doesn’t care.

Mitchell Anderson, 16 Sep 2020


How OCD, CBT and a Therapist Inspired Charles Demers to Write a Mystery Novel

As Word Vancouver goes online this year, the Vancouver polymath talks about his new series.

Dorothy Woodend, 16 Sep 2020


‘Life-saving and Life-changing’: BC’s Safe Supply Program Gets Major Expansion

More drugs covered, more people eligible and increased access all promised as part of overdose crisis response.

Moira Wyton, 16 Sep 2020


BC Rights Commissioner Sets a Path for Collecting Race-Based Data

A legal requirement and ‘grandmother perspective’ are needed to ensure information is used to end discrimination and address inequities, says report.

Moira Wyton, 16 Sep 2020


Allow Me to Reintroduce Our Northern BC Reporter

The Tyee’s Amanda Follett Hosgood came aboard as a full-timer last week. Let’s get (re)acquainted.

Olamide Olaniyan, 16 Sep 2020


The Deep Roots of BC’s Old Growth Defenders

As efforts to stop clear cutting old-growth forests in BC heat up again, veterans of early struggles offer inspiration. Part of a series.

Serena Renner, 16 Sep 2020


Council Orders Tiny Homes Option Be Weighed for Vancouver’s Homeless Crisis

Also under staff’s microscope: hotel conversions and designated RV parks.

Christopher Cheung, 15 Sep 2020


First Nations Launch Challenge to Government’s COVID-19 Secrecy

Indigenous leaders say the refusal to provide information on nearby cases is putting communities at risk.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 15 Sep 2020


A New, Huge Study on Public Trust in Vaccines. And More Science Journal News

The latest roundup of pandemic findings gathered by Hakai Magazine.

Brian Owens, 15 Sep 2020


COVID-19 This Fall: How We’ve Prepared

BC’s health minister on what’s been done and what all of us still need to do.

Adrian Dix, 15 Sep 2020


Pandemic, Wildfire Smoke and Overdoses Hit the Downtown Eastside

A shelter has reduced access after two staff COVID-19 cases and virus precautions have limited people’s ability to escape smoky air.

Jen St. Denis, 15 Sep 2020


Ten Friends Sent Us Notes of Support

As we streak to add 600 monthly Tyee Builders, meet some cool members.

Jeanette Ageson, 15 Sep 2020


Red Cedar: The Amazing Giving Tree

Its future in doubt, no other tree has provided such abundance and identity for northwest peoples, or such habitat and carbon storage in the forest. First in a series.

Serena Renner, 15 Sep 2020


Sonia Furstenau Wins BC Green Leadership as Election Speculation Grows

Current MLA announced as winner, urges NDP not to call an early election.

Paul Willcocks, 14 Sep 2020


Please Advise! Does the Whole Smoky Hellscape Thing Boost BC Green Chances?

Dr. Steve assesses the provincial party’s new leader and outlook.

Steve Burgess, 14 Sep 2020


Drop in International Students Less than Feared, but Universities Face Cash Crunch

Early enrolment numbers are encouraging, but decline means a loss of revenue for schools and the province.

Katie Hyslop, 14 Sep 2020


A Family Doctor’s Prescription for Fixing Primary Care

BC College of Family Physicians’ president Jeanette Boyd on how to improve care and patient outcomes without the risks of corporate medicine.

Andrew MacLeod, 14 Sep 2020


If Trudeau Suddenly Looks Green, Here’s Why

Fossil fuels flagging, the economy demands reinvention. Expect a bold gamble of a throne speech.

Michael Harris, 14 Sep 2020


Going for a Walk in a Pandemic Is Great, Except for...

The droplet spewers, the prolific poopers and other risks of the great and terrible outdoors.

Dorothy Woodend, 14 Sep 2020


The Big Smoke

‘A regular thing?’ Scenes from Vancouver, where air quality has been declared among the world’s worst.

Joshua Berson, 14 Sep 2020