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Matt Hern

‘What a City Is For’: How We Can Find Our Way Home

In his new book, East Van writer Matt Hern looks at new and old ways of thinking about land ownership.

By Charles Campbell, Today


Gratitude for Joe Wai, Architect and Lover of Civic Life

A Vancouver visionary, and one of my personal heroes, passed away this week.

By Henry Yu, 14 Jan 2017


‘Silence’: Typical Scorsese, with Ample Wailing

This film is a long and painful journey, so use the bathroom first.

By Dorothy Woodend, 7 Jan 2017

Kandi Mossett

Ten Climate-Conscious Parents on Talking to Kids about Global Warming

Plenty of tips from scientists, activists and policy experts.

By Anna Fahey, 5 Jan 2017

Sonny Assu

Meet the Indigenous Artist ‘Tagging’ Emily Carr Paintings

Sonny Assu on his exhibit ‘We Come to Witness,’ on now at Vancouver Art Gallery.

By Simon Cheung, 3 Jan 2017

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Geoffrey Chaucer

Is English a Dying Language? Of Course

The barbarians have pushed inside the gate, and there is no going back.

By Crawford Kilian, 30 Dec 2016


A Guide to the Best of 2016’s Junk Movies

Sometimes — especially this year — only the film equivalent of junk food can nourish the soul.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Dec 2016

'Murder Capitalism' graffiti

The End of Capitalism and the End of Our World

Author makes compelling case that capitalism is collapsing and there is nothing to replace it.

By Crawford Kilian, 22 Dec 2016


Two Films that Share a Vivid, Deep Understanding of the Oddness of the Human Experience

‘Toni Erdmann’ and ‘Moonlight’ highlights in a year of compelling, beautiful movies.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 Dec 2016


‘Now that You Know, You Can’t Turn a Blind Eye’

Author, activist Bev Sellars on her book ‘Price Paid: The Fight for First Nations Survival.’

By Heather Ramsay, 19 Dec 2016

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

‘Rogue One’: A Star Wars Prequel Without Magic, or Even Life

Ultimately, a dreary demonstration of calculated, market-tested moviemaking.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Dec 2016


‘Jackie,’ or the Suffocating Weight of Myth

Film on Jacqueline Kennedy rarely goes beyond a beautifully depicted surface.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Dec 2016


Three ‘Meditations’ from Richard Wagamese

In ‘Embers,’ the lauded writer shares observations on life, grief and more.

By Richard Wagamese, 26 Nov 2016

'Gilmore Girls'

Comfort Me, Gilmore Girls

These stressful times demand your small-town, screwball dramedy. Welcome back.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Nov 2016


Why BC’s ‘Wilderness Father’ Matters More than Ever

Musings on life and legacy of radical conservationist Roderick Haig-Brown.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 24 Nov 2016

'Arrival' film

‘Arrival’: A Welcome Film about Unity and Communication

And about how language constructs reality. We’ve never needed it more.

By Dorothy Woodend, 17 Nov 2016


Why Wade Davis Photographs

BC’s most celebrated explorer on his education, craft, and a life immersed in culture.

By Ian Gill, 16 Nov 2016


‘Lab Girl’: A Scientist’s Engaging, Enraging Memoir

Hope Jahren’s new book details her love affair with science, and fight to keep it funded.

By Crawford Kilian, 14 Nov 2016


Peace River Valley, Sacrifice Zone

An exclusive excerpt from ‘The Peace in Peril: The Real Cost of the Site C Dam.’

By Christopher Pollon, 14 Nov 2016

UN soldiers

‘The Damage Done’: A Documentary that Listens to Veterans

In it, three generations of Canadian soldiers reflect on war’s impacts. Let’s hear them.

By Frederick Blichert, 11 Nov 2016

Landowner Loses Fight to Sue Regulator in Fracking Case

In split decision, justices say Jessica Ernst has no right to sue over alleged Charter violations.

By Andrew Nikiforuk

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