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BC Premier Says Kinder Morgan Pipeline Plan Meets Her Conditions, Opposition Objects

Project’s foes call Clark’s decision a ‘surprise to absolutely no one’ and ‘simply deceitful.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 12 Jan 2017


Plan to Let Customers Spread Out Winter Hydro Bills Could Go Further, Says Advocate

Even with flexibility, ‘people with very low incomes may never be able to catch up.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 11 Jan 2017


Obama’s Top Scientist on the Climate Challenge Ahead

A Q&A with America’s longest-serving presidential science adviser, John Holdren.

By Elizabeth Kolbert, 11 Jan 2017


Trudeau Leaves His BC MPs Hanging by Approving Wave of Projects

Prime minister plays dangerous political game by inflaming coastal opposition, say observers.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 5 Jan 2017


At Least Two Complaints Made about LNG TV Ad Withdrawn by Government

Complainant Teresa McGee was ‘appalled’ by ads characterizing industry as ‘clean.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 4 Jan 2017


Biggest Canadian Energy Stories of 2016? Here Are Five to Start

Fort Mac’s inferno? Pipeline yeas and nays? What would you add?

By James Munson, 2 Jan 2017


Electoral Reform and BC LNG: Bold Predictions on Two Big Issues

Expect Petronas to approve Lelu Island project before May election, and Liberals to bail on voting change.

By Bill Tieleman, 27 Dec 2016


‘Open Science’ Critical for Effective Environmental Assessments

Review offers chance to transform assessment process and make Canada a world leader.

By Carol Linnitt, 27 Dec 2016


The Macabre Petroleum Waltz of Trump and Putin

And the oil industry powers who are calling the tune.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 21 Dec 2016


New Study, EPA Report Highlight Fracking’s Risk to Groundwater

Oil and gas industry claims undercut by growing body of research.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 17 Dec 2016


Rachel Notley: The Kinder Morgan Interview

Bill Tieleman sits down with Alberta’s premier to talk pipelines, climate change and jobs.

By Bill Tieleman, 13 Dec 2016


After First Balking, Premier Clark Agrees to Sign National Climate Deal

Two changes to ‘pan-Canadian framework’ allowed BC to participate, Clark says.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Dec 2016


Trudeau Just Sacrificed BC for Big Oil

First Nations are owed so much more, and he will soon find that out.

By Judith Sayers, 29 Nov 2016


Trudeau Gov’t Approves Two Major Pipeline Projects, Vows Tanker Ban

On Kinder Morgan, PM says: ‘If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would reject it.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 29 Nov 2016


Why Should British Columbians Pay Power Bills for LNG Industry?

New ‘eDrive’ policy means BC Hydro customers could pay billions to subsidize plants.

By Marvin Shaffer, 16 Nov 2016


Documenting ‘The Peace in Peril’: A Q&A with Christopher Pollon

The story behind the story. Book launches this week in Vancouver.

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Nov 2016


How Do We Save the Climate from President Trump?

Local resistance to destructive political forces can still return power to communities.

By Kai Nagata, 11 Nov 2016


BC’s LNG Fraud

Behind the Trump-like hype: fleeced taxpayers and a surge of climate pollution.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 10 Nov 2016


At BC Libs’ Convention, Much Cheer for LNG and Staying ‘Number One’

Delegates toast news that Woodfibre plant to proceed, but NDP wary.

By Andrew MacLeod, 5 Nov 2016


Oil Sands Flogger Bruce Carson Fined $50,000 for Illegal Lobbying

Former Harper insider has five years to pay the fine.

By Leslie MacKinnon, 4 Nov 2016