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Publishing on The Tyee

by David Beers

We welcome visual and written submissions and story ideas on a wide variety of topics of interest to British Columbians. The Tyee site publishes news features, political commentary, cultural analysis and social observation that enhance our understanding of our changing province, and the world in which it is situated.

We ask that news and commentary pieces be scrupulous in citing sources, that stories about life in the province be concise and conversational, and that everyone who contributes to The Tyee maintain a sense of humour and perspective.

We ask that photographs be submitted in digital form accompanied by text, however brief, saying where and why you took the pictures.

We do not pay for all the written pieces and visuals we run, and when we do pay, the fees are modest. We try to focus our limited financial resources on original research done for stories assigned by us.

We also ask that writers consider granting us the right to share their stories with other news outlets. This helps us gain exposure for this enterprise and allows us to share with the many underfunded websites and small publications that share their stories with us.

To submit written or visual pieces to the editor, or to send story ideas or pitches, click here.

Thanks for helping us create a wider ranging conversation among British Columbians about who we are, and where we are headed.