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Steve Burgess

Steve Burgess is a freelance writer and the author of Who Killed Mom?, published in 2011 by Greystone Books.

Born in Norwalk Ohio, home of the famous virus, Steve was raised in Regina, SK, and Brandon, MB. He writes a regular column for The Tyee, often reviewing films but also, sometimes, detailing his hilarious world travels for Tyee readers. Steve is a former CBC Radio host and has won two National Magazine Awards. He has also won three Western Magazine Awards.

Reporting Beat: Travel, pop culture, politics, cobbling, knife sharpening, furnace repair.

Twitter: @steveburgess1

Website: Steve Burgess

Stories by Steve Burgess


Please Advise! What’s the Doctor’s Prescription for Site C?

Who knows? But whatever he decides, John Horgan is going to need help with a nasty headache.

By Steve Burgess, Today


Please Advise! Am I the Only One Not Surprised By the Paradise Papers?

Yes, the super-rich shift money offshore and pay less in taxes. But we knew that.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Nov 2017


Please Advise! Do Governments Shamelessly Pander to Parents? (Hint: Yes!)

Boosting the Canada Child Benefit is a good idea from a government motivated by political cynicism.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Oct 2017


Please Advise! Dr. Steve and the Jagmeet Singh Victory

Or how one ugly viral moment defined a leadership campaign.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Oct 2017


Please Advise! Will the BC Liberals Go for Star Power Over Experience?

How the leadership race is like baseball with a bit of Hillary vs. Trump thrown in.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Sep 2017


Please Advise! Does a New Speaker Mean It’s Time for an All-out Brawl?

Darryl Plecas entering the legislature as Speaker is like Ryan Kesler returning to Rogers Arena as an Anaheim Duck.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Sep 2017


Trump Country Road Trip! A Dispatch from Tyee’s Spin Doctor

Nothing says America like rant-y AM radio, the NRA, and something called ‘Texas SuperFood.’

By Steve Burgess, 21 Aug 2017


Please Advise! How Will Christy Clark Spend Her Political Retirement?

Or is she really not gone forever? Dr. Steve has thoughts on what the future holds.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2017


Please Advise! Will Spicer Quitting Loosen the Jaws of Fake News?

And did anyone fact check whether it’s true cheetahs never prosper?

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jul 2017


Please Advise! Does Horgan Have the Whole Hiring a Government Thing Figured Out Yet?

Yes, those precarious positions are filling up faster than a summer carnival, says Dr. Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Jul 2017


Premier Clark and the Lieutenant Governor: What Really Happened

Mystery surrounds Clark’s 90-minute meeting with the LG. Here’s the inside scoop.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Jun 2017


Please Advise! What Wouldn’t Christy Clark Promise Now?

When politicians obsessed with ‘free enterprise’ suddenly care about welfare rates, you know anything goes.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jun 2017


Please Advise! What Madness Lies Ahead for BC’s Legislature?

Look to ‘Game of Thrones’ for answers, says spin doctor Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Jun 2017


Please Advise! Is This British Columbia’s Political Twilight Zone?

It is neither Heaven nor Hell but in between, the fate of the wishy-washy, says spin doctor Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 11 May 2017


Please Advise! Who Won the TV Debate? And Does It Matter?

Tyee’s spin doctor on the squabbles, whines, and the ‘knockout blows’ that, well, Donald Trump, so...

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2017


Please Advise! What’s with the Rah-Rah BC Liberal Ad Wrapped Around the Georgia Straight?

Don’t confuse ads for political endorsement, says Doc Steve. Newsfolk gotta get paid.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Apr 2017


Please Advise! Which of These Blatantly Partisan Liberal Ads Did the Liberals Actually Pay For?

Not many, advises Doc Steve. And now they’ve been sued.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Mar 2017


Please Advise: Is Paranoia the Only Sane Response to Our Times?

Dr. Steve on an age of lies, spies, Trump and a public that just doesn’t care.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Mar 2017


Please Advise! Is This BC Liberal Budget Trying to Romance Me?

I mean, reducing MSP premiums is an awfully nice gift. But so strangely timed...

By Steve Burgess, 24 Feb 2017


Please Advise! Sarah Palin, Canadian Ambassador?

Sean Spicer didn’t deny it, so it must be true. At least she won’t have the nuclear codes.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Feb 2017


Please Advise! Does It Take the New York Times to Spook a Premier?

Clark didn’t seem to care what people thought about her $50,000 salary boost. Until America noticed.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Jan 2017


Please Advise! How Bad Will 2017 Be?

Dr. Steve’s fearless predictions on the year ahead (and they’re scary).

By Steve Burgess, 11 Jan 2017


The Year in Bummers, from R to Z

All good things must come to an end. Last of four dejecting parts.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Dec 2016


The Year in Bummers, from J to Q

Letter ‘P’ was particularly brutal. Third of four joyless parts.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Dec 2016


The Year in Bummers, from F to I

This list could’ve been way longer. Sad. Second of four funereal parts.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Dec 2016


The Year in Bummers, from A to E

Sorry optimists: 2016 was a rotten, rotten year. First of four dispiriting parts.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Dec 2016


Please Advise! What’s a Sane Person to Do in a Trumpian World?

Dr. Steve’s advice for dealing with the next four ugly years.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Nov 2016


Please Advise! Have Americans Lost Their Freaking Minds?

A guide to life now that Donald Trump has the nuclear weapon codes.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Nov 2016


Please Advise! This Halloween, Be a Scary World Event

Put down that inadvisable clown costume and get 2016 political, says spin doc Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Oct 2016


Please Advise! How Big Is the Demon Factor in the US Race?

Dr. Steve reveals all about the dark one’s role in the presidential election (and mentions Satan too).

By Steve Burgess, 12 Oct 2016


Please Advise! This US Debate Needs a Serious Drinking Game

Dr. Steve couldn’t agree more, and offers his calming variation. Warning: may require all the booze.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Sep 2016


Please Advise! Stephen Harper Is Doing What Now?

Our former PM is re-entering the workforce! Spin Doc Steve explains what he’s in for.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Sep 2016


Please Advise! Why Is Trudeau Everywhere This Summer?

He’s at the Hip show, he’s at Stampede, he’s shirtless on your vacay. Is it all a stunt, Dr. Steve?

By Steve Burgess, 29 Aug 2016


Please Advise! Why Tax Foreign Homebuyers Before the Study’s Done?

Dr. Steve joins the speculation on Clark’s desperate, drastic and apparently data-less decision.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2016


Please Advise: What Should I Expect From Next Week’s GOP Convention?

For the first time, maybe ever, spin-doctor Steve has no idea.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jul 2016


Please Advise! Is the World Voting Its Way to Ruin?

First Trump, now Brexit. Democracy is leading us into a world of madness and lies.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Jul 2016


Please Advise! Does Hating Free Trade Put Me on the Trump Team?

Britain's debate on leaving the EU shows left and right labels don't apply when it comes to trade deals.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jun 2016


Please Advise! Should Bernie Sanders Quit?

Well, there is the fact that, um, he's lost. There's also the fact of Donald Trump.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Jun 2016


Please Advise! Will Scandals Sink Christy Clark?

Spin Doc Steve says the Libs have sailed through worse, but if the NDP gets nasty...

By Steve Burgess, 20 May 2016


Please Advise! What's Wrong With a Little Pay Top-up?

Life on $195,000 is hard, but why not a paper route, suggests Dr. Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Apr 2016


Please Advise! Calgary Mayor Sorry for Uber Honesty

Doc Steve soothes a chastened Nenshi: if only all gaffes were so endearing.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2016


Please Advise! Does Trump Prove US a Nation of Trolls?

He wins because web's mean 'losers' turn out to be most white male Americans.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Mar 2016


Please Advise! Climate Leadership from the Fraser Institute?

Fazil Mihlar perfect choice as Clark's new climate czar, explains Dr. Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Mar 2016


Please Advise! How Nuts Could Trump's America Get?

Spin doc Steve peers unwillingly into the crystal ball of a crazily possible presidency.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Feb 2016


Please Advise! Alberta Beefs? Premier Clark Has a Few

Watch out, Notley. Passive-aggressive sniping is our spin doctor's specialty.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Feb 2016


Please Advise! Repentant Rona Prays for Scientists' Forgiveness

Doc Steve advises Ambrose on her groundbreaking new experiment.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Jan 2016


Please Advise! Cheap Oil's Temptations, They Burn!

You're not alone, soothes Dr. Steve. We're all victims of a resource-based economy.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Jan 2016


Please Advise! Canuck Seeks Distance from Squirrely American Neighbours

Militias got you down? Dr. Steve's got some visionary engineering for you.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Jan 2016


Please Advise! Wish-Granter Trudeau's Putting Santa Outta Business

He turned the electoral map festive red, then got busy. How can St. Nick compete?

By Steve Burgess, 25 Dec 2015


Please Advise! Any Cushy Red Chamber Seats for Me?

Senate hopeful, for all the right reasons, seeks counsel on new appointment scheme.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Dec 2015


Please Advise! Who Is Feeding America's Political Trolls?

Let spin doctor Steve welcome you to the pre-election Absurdity Zone.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Nov 2015


Please Advise! New Hope PM Ponders Astronomical Expectations

No pressure, Justin. At least JJ Abrams knows how you feel.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Nov 2015


Please Advise! Fear Merchant Community Falls on Hard Times

Spin doctor Steve isn't unemployed, he's only resting for the next Machiavellian wedge campaign.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Oct 2015


Please Advise! Is My Cynical, Divisive Tip Line Working?

With turkeys calling in, Dr. Steve helps Harper define 'barbaric' practices.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Oct 2015


Please Advise! Is Wayne Gretzky Running for President of Canada?

In an election as Canadian as Ted Cruz, Dr. Steve helps our southern neighbours translate.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Sep 2015


Please Advise! 'Wizard from Oz' Ready to Drag Canada's Election Down Under

Tyee's spin doctor gleefully meets his match with Harper's latest hire.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Sep 2015


Please Advise! Did Duffy Testimony Spin Out of Control?

As trial wraps, too many desperate PR patients seek our spin doctor's aid.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Aug 2015


Please Advise! PM Ponders Next Summer Vacation Pledge

Have you tried #NoPingPongTax, Steve? Could be a viral hit.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Aug 2015


Please Advise! Trumping Polls Can't Be This Simple

As sure as the pope is Catholic, Dr. Steve dishes hard-to-hear popularity lessons.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Jul 2015


Please Advise! Jesus-Like Candidate Seeks Backbench Position

No skills? No cred? No problem! Dr. Steve will save you from political sin.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Jul 2015


Please Advise! Is Vancouver World's Most Liveable Smoky Hellscape?

Sure is, says Dr. Steve. Hey, when climate change gives you fires, make s'mores.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Jul 2015


Please Advise! Too Soon for a Sinking Ship Metaphor?

Spinmeister Steve reminds us the Conservative ship is still very much afloat.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Jun 2015


Please Advise! I'm Mad as Hell, and I'm Not Going to Namastake it Anymore

Burrard Bridge 'yogathon' a perfect opportunity to get bent out of shape.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Jun 2015


Please Advise! Quality Control Issues Could Sink My Team

Note to Leafs Coach Babcock: Does Phil Kessel have an Instagram account?

By Steve Burgess, 25 May 2015


Please Advise! 'My Funny Speech Wasn't Funny'

Humour is unstable dynamite for politicians. Elizabeth: you bombed.

By Steve Burgess, 12 May 2015


Please Advise! Where Can I Aim My In-transit-ive Rage?

Don't worry, commuters. Dr. Steve's got a ballot for you.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Apr 2015


Please Advise! Mayhem, Havoc... Could the Duffy Trial Get Crazier?

With Dickensian characters and Marvel-esque stakes, the carnage only grows.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Apr 2015


Please Advise! Trudeau Asks, Was That Weekend Racket a St. Paddy's Day Thing?

Sorry Justin, they were protests, and you missed the parade.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Mar 2015


Please Advise! I Miss the Toronto Terror Tunnel

Don't we all, laments Dr. Steve, for now our vague fears lack a depository.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Mar 2015


Please Advise! Justin Trudeau Needs More Liberals! More!

Two estranged Tories are not enough for the young redeemer of political souls.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Feb 2015


Please Advise! This Gas Pump Needs a Warning Label

For starters, how 'bout: 'No, that sports car does not redeem your middle-aged ass?'

By Steve Burgess, 5 Feb 2015


Please Advise! Any Tips for Vancouver's Working Poor, Globe and Mail?

No? Well, Dr. Steve can try, but as Eric and Ilsa show, this is a city of indiscriminate struggle.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Jan 2015


Please Advise! Which Ministry Should Fantino Embarrass Next?

With Harper's eye on national defence, Tyee's spin doctor prescribes an alternative.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Jan 2015


The Christmas Letters: Santa Explains

Leaked emails expose service complaints from constituents.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Dec 2014


The Christmas Letters: CBC's Rejected 2014 Holiday Specials

Leaked emails disclose what you won't see this year.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Dec 2014


The Christmas Letters: Christy Clark's Note to Santa

Leaked emails reveal BC's premier feels 'out of gas.'

By Steve Burgess, 23 Dec 2014


The Christmas Letters: Stephen Harper on 'A Charlie Brown Christmas'

Leaked emails reveal PM's latest try at warm and fuzzy.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Dec 2014


Please Advise! This Christmas Music Is Goddamn Awful

Just 'cuz it's tradition doesn't mean your ears should bleed, says Dr. Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Dec 2014


Please Advise! I Wish to Ironically Enjoy the Grey Cup

Come all ye hipsters feigning disinterest, and hear our sportive Steve's advice.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Nov 2014


Please Advise! Is This an Election, or a 'Law & Order' Episode?

As Dr. Steve says: If elected office you're pursuin,' you had best commence the suin'.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Nov 2014


Please Advise! Which Local Candidate Represents Me?

Depends, do you have ebola? No? Well, read on anyway for Dr. Steve's opinion.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Oct 2014


Please Advise! Why Hasn't Postmedia Bought the Tyee Yet?

We're stumped, too. Dr. Steve explains the nuances of gobbling up everything.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Oct 2014


Please Advise! I'm the Speaker, Not Parliament's Babysitter

If anyone can help turn petulant crybabies into dignified MPs, it's totally Steve Burgess.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Sep 2014


Please Advise! Baggage Fees Are No Joke

Spinmeister Steve Burgess helps WestJet safely land its latest luggage policy.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Sep 2014


Please Advise! As Premier, I Must Further Crush the Teachers

Tyee's PR guru explains how Clark can break her fat-cat foes.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Sep 2014


Please Advise! Can I Get a Job in the Liveable City?

In Vancouver? Sure! You're an apartment-peeping drone, right?

By Steve Burgess, 22 Aug 2014


Please Advise! Women Leaders Behaving Badly!

Thought they were immune to slippery politics? Dr. Steve's got your naivety pill.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Aug 2014


Please Advise! My Great American Road Trip Has Gone Awry

A travellin' Steve Burgess explains how to make the best of a sputter-filled vacation.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Jul 2014


Please Advise! Facebook Controls My Emotions

Spinmeister Steve fans the flames of social media's most insidious conspiracies.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Jul 2014


Please Advise! World Cup Proves Unethical, Irresistible

Like heading a solid gold soccer ball, FIFA guilt can mess with your mind.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Jun 2014


Please Advise! Trudeau's 'Choice' Dilemma

Our spinmaster-in-residence weighs in on the latest 'bozo eruption' in Parliament.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Jun 2014


Please Advise! Attention Seeker Seeks Attention

If you are not Tara the Cat, some pointers on getting serious media.

By Steve Burgess, 22 May 2014


Please Advise! My Candidacy Needs Wings

Black-Capped Chickadee yearns to be Vancouver's official bird. Burgess swoops in.

By Steve Burgess, 7 May 2014


Please Advise! King's Landing Politics Are Harsh? Try Canada's

Tyrion Lannister whines of vicious schemers and insane rulers. It ain't so different here.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Apr 2014


Please Advise! Benched Canucks GM Starts the Job Hunt

Spinmeister Steve helps Mike Gillis set new goals.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Apr 2014


Tyee Expands into Medical Marijuana

Why we're betting a newly emerging business sector can save journalism.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Apr 2014


Please Advise! How to Leverage that Hitler Brand?

With a name dropped everywhere from Pictou to Crimea, history's most heinous wonders how to exploit his infamy.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Mar 2014


Please Advise! Gregor Wants to Get Ford-Level Famous

Tyee advice-man Steve wades into the awkward realm of mayoral envy.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Mar 2014


Please Advise! Why Does Libs' Gas-Powered Budget Stink?

Might be all those magic beans you're passing, Burgess tells BC money minister.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Feb 2014


Please Advise! Putin Stumped by Vancouver's Putin-Free Games

So cheap! So gay! So dissent-y! How'd we do it, Russia's leader asks Burgess.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Feb 2014


In Bangkok's Streets, It's Occupy Flipped

For largely upper class Thai protesters, democracy hasn't worked of late. A dispatch.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Jan 2014


Please Advise! Stephen Harper Wants to Get Lucky

In search of a happier 2014, the PM consults super natural Steve Burgess.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Jan 2014


Please Advise! All Harper Wants for Christmas Is Good PR

But how to appeal to all the godless holiday heathens, he asks spinmeister Steve.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Dec 2013


Please Advise! Help Harper Keep the Xmas Bash Under Control

So many hard-partying Tories, so many secrets to spill. But Burgess knows the fix.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Dec 2013


Please Advise! What Should Rob Ford's Agent Have Him Do Next?

Spin doc Steve ponders some crack projects for the rising star.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Nov 2013


Advice? The Unstoppable Rob Ford Needs None

Spin doctor Steve's re-election tip for Toronto's mayor? Just be you.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Nov 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Tells Harper Why the Senate Scandal Has Legs

And why that 'look at this free trade deal' feint won’t work.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Oct 2013


Please Advise! A Throne Speech from the Senate... Awkward?

Burgess offers feedback on Harper's great vision for the Canadian people.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Oct 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Advocates for a 'Friendlier' Anthem

Canada's song too gendered? Steve's got a waaaaay better version in mind.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Oct 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Thanks Marois for Crushing Progressive Politics

Advisor Steve gets a lesson, courtesy of Quebec's values charter.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Sep 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Tempers Big Telecom's Verizon Victory

Was the cell despots' jingoistic ad campaign against the US giant a success? Steve's got opinions.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Sep 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Counsels Closet Canuck Ted Cruz

The U.S. Senator wants to sever his Canadian ties for good. Steve can help.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Aug 2013


Please Advise! Burgess Helps Vlady Putin Stay Real

Rich? Powerful? In need of discreet counsel? Write to Steve. We'll tell the world.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2013


What's in a Royal Baby Name?

William and Kate should have kept their kid genderless as long as possible.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Jul 2013


Oh, To Be a Harper Enemy

With a nod to Nixon, the PM proves you're nobody in politics 'til somebody hates you.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Jul 2013


Vic Toews, You Could've Been Our Cheney

Eclipsed by media-hog mayors and senators, the Public Safety Minister resigns. Too soon, I say.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Jul 2013


The Conservative Convention that Wasn't

What policies will Tories come up with next? Due to floods, we'll have to wait and see.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Jun 2013


Obama Knows Your Canadian Secrets

If I hear him right, it's not just American data collected. Imagine what he knows!

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jun 2013


Mike Duffy, Poor Rich White Man

The senator simply adopted the culture of his new profession. Was that so wrong?

By Steve Burgess, 31 May 2013


'Star Trek Into Darkness'

Under director JJ Abrams, the Starship Enterprise is more of a Led Zeppelin.

By Steve Burgess, 17 May 2013


'The Great Gatsby'

This version's brash, sensational, musically eclectic... and not great.

By Steve Burgess, 10 May 2013


BC Election 2013 Wildcard: How 'bout those Canucks?

When fan favourites win big games incumbents get a boost, scholars discovered.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Apr 2013



Jackie Robinson's career was one long teachable moment. Does this film make the grade?

By Steve Burgess, 12 Apr 2013


Burgess Says Farewell to Roger Ebert

He was a lover of film. His boss Conrad Black, not so much.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Apr 2013


Found Your Seat for 'Game of Thrones'?

The Sopranos of Middle Earth are back. Dragon you in yet?

By Steve Burgess, 29 Mar 2013


'The Bible'

Watching History Channel's miraculous hit created by 'Survivor' producer Mark Burnett.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Mar 2013


'The House I Live In'

Drug war has become 'slow motion holocaust' says riveting new documentary.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Mar 2013


What the Lady of Myanmar Reads

Once imprisoned, pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi found escape and courage in literature. Including Harry Potter.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Feb 2013


Stoned in India

Across the chasm of class and privilege in India, a rock sometimes flies at a visitor.

By Steve Burgess, 31 Jan 2013


Getting Schooled in Bangkok's 'Som Tham'

Attempting to stomach a chili-laden local favourite, Steve Burgess looks foolish. A dispatch.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Jan 2013


Are You Dirty for Seeing 'Zero Dark Thirty'?

Storm of controversy about film's portrayal of torture precedes its opening today.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Jan 2013


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Postscript and Acknowledgments

Watching TV with Dad. Acknowledgements. Eleventh of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Jan 2013


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 19 + 20

Life and death on the streets of Rome. And finally, a Japanese vision of Heaven, in a blue and white dress. Tenth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Jan 2013


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 17 + 18

The parables of Joan Burgess. And the curtain falls on a life well-lived. Ninth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Jan 2013


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 15 + 16

A 50th birthday to remember -- and forget. Plus: Tales from Riverheights Terrace. Eighth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 31 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 13 + 14

Who killed Grandma? And a meditation on luck. Seventh of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 11 + 12

Who killed Mom? A suspect is ID'd. And subsequently brought to trial. Sixth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 9 + 10

Wherein the Burgess family arrives in Christmas Town. Whereupon the pressure cooker finally explodes. Fifth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 7 + 8

Wherein a honeymoon on a troop train proves less than ideal. A potential president of the United States arrives on the scene. And the Burgesses enter the Land of the Jolly Green. Fourth of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 5 + 6

Wherein Joan Slorance lives -- and nearly dies -- on the prairies; and later encounters the bouncing football of Fate. Third part of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Dec 2012


A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir, Chapters 3 + 4

Wherein Steve Burgess goes to Casablanca but does not meet Ingrid Bergman; and even monsters have back stories. Second part of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Dec 2012


An Early Gift: A Delinquent Son's Audiobook Memoir

The tale begins with a crisis and a Dickensian voyage though Christmas Past. First of 11.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Dec 2012


Thirteen Alternative Christmas Movies

Scrooge repentant again and again? Might as well be watching 'Groundhog Day'!

By Steve Burgess, 21 Dec 2012


'The Hobbit'

Baggins, dragons and Smeagol, oh my! But has HBO-grade fantasy ruined it all?

By Steve Burgess, 14 Dec 2012


'The Fruit Hunters'

Luscious new documentary is proof that pleasures need not always be guilty.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Dec 2012


Twilight of Lincoln

'Breaking Dawn Pt. 2' has hairy werewolves. 'Lincoln' has Abe. The parallels abound. Right?

By Steve Burgess, 24 Nov 2012



A quantum of solace: this meaty Bond flick is a worthy rebound from previous franchise installments.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Nov 2012


Burgess: Dispatch from Florida on Election Day

Even comparing Obama to Fidel Castro didn't work. Mitt's boat ran aground here.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Nov 2012


'Cloud Atlas'

A film with three directors, six parallel plots, and countless versions of Tom Hanks. Can it be done?

By Steve Burgess, 26 Oct 2012



When it comes to Christians, there's no hotter dividing line than hell, reveals Kevin Miller's new film.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Oct 2012



Moral quandary. Human destiny. Totally suspend disbelief and this time-traveling thriller has it all.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Oct 2012


Let Mitt Be Mitt!

Who says that secret video is a problem slip? Romney's finally free to let it rip.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Sep 2012


Ten Catchy Right-wing Pop Songs

TYEE LIST #21: A mixtape for your next dance party. Bust a move! Conservatively of course.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Sep 2012


The Coquihalla Gets Its Own Reality TV Show

Savouring 'Highway Thru Hell' and 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo!' too.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Sep 2012


How Vancouver's Surly Fans Helped Win the '72 Summit

And key people who propelled the drama.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Sep 2012



Watch this story of corn liquor bootleggers to get a leg up on corn.

By Steve Burgess, 31 Aug 2012


'The Campaign'

Hollywood elects to satirize the long road to the Frat House, er, White House.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Aug 2012



Odd characters perform odder jobs in this possibly genius, possibly hack film. Opens Friday in Vancouver.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Jul 2012


The Flaming, Frenzied Legacy of US Politics

Health care hysteria, shameless attack ads. It's not crazy, it's constitutional!

By Steve Burgess, 13 Jul 2012


Euro 2012, Tournament of Political Scores

Germany defeated by debt-shocked Italy, villains and thugs abound. Stay tuned.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Jun 2012


Burgess Does the Twist, Italian Style

Winding up the Amalfi Coast is a race against whatever you had for lunch.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Jun 2012


Ten Ways Ryder Hesjedal Changed Canada Forever

TYEE LIST #15: Victoria's cycling boystar didn't 'just' win the Giro d'Italia.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Jun 2012


Is the Eternal City Crumbling?

Greying centurions, decay, Vatican and soccer scandals. Nothing boring about Italy.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Jun 2012


'Storage Wars'

Reality TV's king of auction-packed adventures. Why a hit? And is it fake?

By Steve Burgess, 18 May 2012


'The Avengers'

How to make the ol' superhero blockbuster fresh? Try letting a quirky cult-meister direct.

By Steve Burgess, 4 May 2012


Canucks' Lu-dicrous Management

Three years ago Roberto Luongo was the $64 million future. Now he's chopped goat liver?

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2012


Canada Can Do Less with Less!

TYEE LIST #11: Five aspects of our national life that will be downsized by the Harper cutbacks. Change is good!

By Steve Burgess, 21 Apr 2012


Watching the Home Team: 'Real Housewives of Vancouver'

Contemplating the one per cent most Botoxed of the one per centers.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Apr 2012


The Reigning 'Game of Thrones'

No level of controversy could bring down this narratively fearless series. (Sorry, 'Luck.')

By Steve Burgess, 30 Mar 2012


'Into the Abyss'

Werner Herzog is your guide in this peculiar tale of crime and death row in Texas. Plus, a special screening.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Mar 2012


'Game Change'

Palin, McCain, and the presidential race of a lifetime. Political campaigns, the genre that keeps on giving.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Mar 2012


It's Better to Wander than to Search

And other musings while traveling the back roads towards (I'm pretty sure) Xang Kong.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Feb 2012


Ten Things Never to Say to the Sedins

TYEE LIST #2: Prepare yourself for a chance run-in with Vancouver Canuck twins Hank and Danny.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Feb 2012


Do Gooders and Guilt Tours in Luang Prabang

Helping is a thriving industry in Laos, but some locals wonder who benefits the most.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Feb 2012


Turning Turtle in Bangkok

What won't Steve Burgess do just to earn a little karma?

By Steve Burgess, 27 Jan 2012


In Tokyo, English Is Business Serious

Back on the road, Steve Burgess immediately gets in trouble with authorities.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jan 2012


Republican Braintrust: Update

Which political titan shall be the one to take on Obama? America starts to decide!

By Steve Burgess, 6 Jan 2012


The Bell Man's Mission

A gong, a balaclava, and a Sarah Palin puppet. The makings of a true Christmas caper.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Dec 2011


Inside the Xmas Music Underground

Vancouver filmmaker Mitchell Kezin helps rescue weird holiday tunes from oblivion.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Dec 2011


'Young Adult'

Charlize Theron's 'psychotic prom queen' vies for a high school flame in this highly immature flick.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Dec 2011


'The Artist'

What is this (mostly) mute film about a silent movie star's struggle for relevance really saying?

By Steve Burgess, 9 Dec 2011


Pssst. A Lot of People Hate the Canucks

Local media doesn't dwell on why, but outside the home town no one holds back.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Nov 2011


'J Edgar'

Put out a manhunt for Clint Eastwood before he kills (a film's potential) again.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Nov 2011


'Wiebo's War'

Documentary director David York on sour gas, flawed heroes, godless filmmaking, and more.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Oct 2011


'The Ides of March'

Ah, to live in George Clooney's America, where politicos have principles and movies are intelligent.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Oct 2011



Were the good old days of TV really any good? A border-crossing broadcaster lets you answer that for yourself.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Sep 2011



Bloodless. And more reasons to resist catching Soderbegh's disease flick.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Sep 2011


Really, Why Is Shakespeare Still Selling?

Blasphemous question, I know. But help me here. Why aren't more bored by the Bard?

By Steve Burgess, 25 Aug 2011


Best of Summer's TV Crop

Freshly picked, weird but surprisingly tasty shows ripe for watching.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Aug 2011


No Suckers Please, We're Leacock Lovers

With a funny book to share with Canada, Burgess heads to make-or-break Orillia.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Jul 2011


Hogwarts Has Closed

'Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows 2' is a fine and fitting farewell.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Jul 2011


The Joy of Unplugging from My iPod

A traveler embraces letting random noise be the trip's soundtrack.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Jul 2011


Far from the Madding Crowd

Traveling in Italy, a Canucks fan learns Vancouver not only has lost, it's burning.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Jun 2011


Lunch with a Roman Swami

Spiritual sage Bhakti Madhurya Ban Maharaj assessed my meatballs: bad karma.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Jun 2011


How the Internet Kills Great Neighbourhoods

As clicks replace human exchanges, Vancouver film emporium Videomatica is latest victim.

By Steve Burgess, 20 May 2011



No need to get hammered before going, this turns into a pretty good action flick.

By Steve Burgess, 6 May 2011


It Seems Harper's Bubble Is Twitterproof

He's still well ahead, immune to the constant deluge of terrible things tweeted about him.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Apr 2011


My High Flying Youth in Brandon, Manitoba

Family dinner, zoned on LSD. And more confessions of a problem prairie child, from the new memoir by Steve Burgess, 'Who Killed Mom?'

By Steve Burgess, 15 Apr 2011


Canucks 2011: Dare You Hope?

Such a great season. So much more reason, therefore, to brood and worry.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Apr 2011


Japan in Springtime

Amidst catastrophe arrive cherry blossoms and the season for hanami, a nation's celebrations of life.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Mar 2011


'The Adjustment Bureau'

Sci-fi whoa dude movie keys on hats, water, and one pretty good meet-cute. Just sayin'.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Mar 2011


Disco Lit Bridge on the River Kwai

In Kanchanaburi, Thailand, war crime memories mix with cheerful kitsch.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Feb 2011


Thailand's Ghosts, Political and Not

Keeping the spirits satisfied is never easy, and an election now hovers.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Feb 2011


In Japan, Why Ask Why?

Just get used to what seems weird, and sing along with the pink elephant head.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jan 2011


'Rabbit Hole'

An intense close-up of parental grief and rage. Interesting choice for Christmas Eve.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Dec 2010


Make Yanni Stop! Pay What it Takes!

Public television in the US is great, when not meeting its bills by peddling folkie nostalgia and new-age nostrums.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Dec 2010


'Sarah Palin's Alaska'

People are watching this thing. And not just for the halibut.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Dec 2010


'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One'

Our young heroes are on their own, feeling their way through a dark and unfocused storyline.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Nov 2010


'Due Date'

What drives around comes around. In this case, a cruder Planes, Trains and Automobiles.'

By Steve Burgess, 5 Nov 2010



There's a special place in hell for 'serious' Hollywood films like this.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Oct 2010


Nine Per Cent Gordo

A preliminary attempt to put the premier's latest popularity rating into some useful perspective.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Oct 2010


'The Social Network'

Hey it's just a fun flick. Tell that to the real people forever depicted as sleaze-geeks.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Oct 2010


The Affleck Effect

He wrote, directs and stars in 'The Town.' Are we to think he's the next Clint Eastwood?

By Steve Burgess, 17 Sep 2010


Sportsnet One Screens out the Sedins

Did we really need another sports station? One that carries Canuck games we can't see?

By Steve Burgess, 10 Sep 2010


Obama's a Muslim, Reports Globe

The crackpot tabloid Globe, that is. And that's how the body politic gets infected by nutty, wrong ideas.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Sep 2010


Who Killed My PVR?

All those shows I'd saved digitally, mysteriously wiped clean. I must learn to live again.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Aug 2010


What a Swell TV Summer

'Pillars,' 'Rubicon,' 'Mad Men' and 'Jersey Shore': It's cool inside.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Aug 2010


'Inception' Is a Dream of a Movie

Finally, a summer blockbuster film that invites you to use your brain.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jul 2010


Where Rome's Dead Tourists Hang Out

They have their own cemetery. Among too many visitors who've died young are poets Keats and Shelley.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jul 2010


Postcard from Cup Crazy Europe

No telling who you'll sit next to at game time in a Paris restaurant or a Roman piazza.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Jul 2010


Unhand My Baguette!

It takes guts to sample the pride of Lyon's French foodies. And think before you grab.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Jun 2010


Look What They've Done with East Berlin

Now it's vibrant, young, crammed with edgy art and culture.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Jun 2010


Albert Maysles, King of the Rock Doc

The genius documentary maker on Mick Jagger, concert mayhem, emotional honesty, and more.

By Steve Burgess, 28 May 2010


'Robin Hood'

Gladiator meets Friar Tuck, and did Monty Python touch up this script?

By Steve Burgess, 14 May 2010


How about Those Canucks? Cough, Cough

What in the name of Jiri Bubla is going on with our goddamn hockey team?

By Steve Burgess, 23 Apr 2010


'Clash of the Titans'

Why just in time for Easter? And do Greek gods look better without glasses?

By Steve Burgess, 2 Apr 2010


Why 'Breaking Bad' Is So Good

Pitch black and often funny, the show wouldn't work here. We have health care.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Mar 2010


'A Prophet'

Great story, great acting, Oscar nominated and French. This prison yarn surely ranks among the year's best films.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Mar 2010


This Was an Olympics of the Streets

It was at Vancouver's ground zero where protests urged change, police behaved, and throngs celebrated.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Mar 2010


As Vancouver Waits, It Skates

On eve of Olympics, some of us are bitter, some exultant, and some just glide along.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Feb 2010


Can This Onion Ring Get More Fans Than Harper? Yep!

By Steve Burgess, 4 Feb 2010



This time, with his clear depiction of massacre, director Uwe Boll is no joke.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Jan 2010


'Book of Eli'

Some apocalypses are worse than others.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Jan 2010



Thanks to James Cameron, Hollywood special effects march on. Hollywood scripts, not so much.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Dec 2009


'The Road'

Bring provisions for the trip. We're in post-apocalypse-vérité territory.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Nov 2009


'Twilight: New Moon'

Herein lies 'the most irrelevant movie review in history.'

By Steve Burgess, 20 Nov 2009


Vancouver's Asian Film Fest Is Nothing to Sneeze at

It showcases Canadian and US filmmakers of Asian descent, and the audience is growing.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Nov 2009


'Coco Avant Chanel'

Biopic of fashion genius could have been taken out a little in the end.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Oct 2009


'A Serious Man'

The Coen brothers' latest drops Job into a Minnesota suburb in 1967. Nihilism ensues.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Oct 2009


'Hell's Kitchen' Claims about Araxi a Tad Overdone

Cooking show says winner gets to be 'head chef' at a top Whistler restaurant. Actually, no.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Oct 2009


Michael Moore, Yesterday's Manic

His political spin jobs once seemed needed. Now they're just part of America's very bad problem.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Sep 2009


Hollywood Hijacks History

Special effects and Tarantino-sized egos mean anything goes, even in the past.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Sep 2009


'Mad Men' Still Crazy Good

What's that cheater Don Draper going to sell us next? Maybe his downfall.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Aug 2009


Stay out of 'District 9'

Looked cool in trailer, but random mess just alienates a thinking human.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Aug 2009


A Song for Marco

How I found myself crooning a Scottish ballad to an Italian vendor.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Aug 2009


John Hughes, Breeder of the Pack

He made Dubya's favourite film and spawned the Brat Pack. Don't hate him for it.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Aug 2009


Vancouver’s Japanese community torn over where best to celebrate roots

By Steve Burgess, 4 Aug 2009


Hot Enough?

I tell myself don't sweat it. Grandma's rickety fan has other ideas.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Aug 2009


'Funny People'

Apatow plus Rogen plus Sandler plus cancer. Are you laughing?

By Steve Burgess, 31 Jul 2009


'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'

Still a great ride, the Hogwarts Express chugs down a long, dark tunnel.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jul 2009


At the World's Wildest Horse Race

Can't stay away from Palio, Siena's bareback passion play.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Jul 2009


Italians, Dark and Sunny

Tobias Jones got them right: corrupt, partisan, maddening... and bellissimo.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Jun 2009


My Roman Holiday

When there, I do my best to party as the Romans do.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Jun 2009


'Terminator Salvation'

It's the end of the world as we've known it (in previous films).

By Steve Burgess, 22 May 2009


'Star Trek'

Kirk was a jerk. Spock was mocked. Who knew?

By Steve Burgess, 8 May 2009


'Gomorrah' & 'State of Play'

What's your pleasure? Tawdry Neopolitans or hard drinking Irish heroics?

By Steve Burgess, 17 Apr 2009


Feeling Asia's Pain

Hard days for the barista, hotelier, airline exec or finance minister.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Mar 2009


Seeking Happiness in Bhutan

Notes from a few days in the land that forgot about GDP.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Mar 2009



Good flick. Let the nerditude begin.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Mar 2009


Kathmandu Kicks Some Ass

A film made its Buddhists mad, and you don't want to do that.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Feb 2009


Singapore Loosens Up

Our intrepid columnist is back on the road, with tales of the 'One-Eyed Dragon.'

By Steve Burgess, 30 Jan 2009


'Defiance' and 'Waltz with Bashir'

As Israel attacks Gaza, Hollywood offers Jews fighting Nazis.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jan 2009


'The Wrestler' Wins Big

Mickey Rourke's brilliant, if not so triumphant, return.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Jan 2009


Bush to Pardon Self

Might just be the smartest thing he's ever done.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Dec 2008


'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'

Brad Pitt in rubber jowls. You know what's coming.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Dec 2008


2008: A Few Good Films

In an unfortunate year, here are my lucky seven.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Dec 2008



Martyrs can be messy, but not in this paen to a murdered gay politician.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Nov 2008


'Quantum of Solace'

Get out of there Bond! This thing is gonna blow!

By Steve Burgess, 14 Nov 2008


Clint's Latest Shows He's the 'Changeling'

And Dirty Harry should punish him for it.

By Steve Burgess, 31 Oct 2008


Dion is done; sew on a new head

By Steve Burgess, 14 Oct 2008


Biden vs. Palin: Who Won?

One gambled on the firepower of folksy sound bites.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Oct 2008


'The Duchess'

Love among the big wigs, and very tight pantaloons.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Sep 2008


Talking Politics in a Nevada Brothel

In this desert outpost, Obama and McCain barely stand a chance.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Sep 2008


'Burn After Reading'

Brad Pitt's so famous he makes the perfect doofus.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Sep 2008


Nostalgia TV

Surfing time-travel channels, from 'Mad Men' to 'Shogun.'

By Steve Burgess, 22 Aug 2008


'Tropic Thunder'

Stiller's multi-personality parody is at war with itself.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Aug 2008


'The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor'

This is how sequels get a bad wrap.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Aug 2008


Do Go Gentle into this 'Dark Knight'

It might be the best superhero film ever made.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Jul 2008


'Hellboy II'

Can he use his terrible strength for good? Or even mediocre?

By Steve Burgess, 11 Jul 2008


Not a Very Nice Day

The French port welcomes me with blood on the street.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Jul 2008


'Get Smart'

Something about 86 and 99 doesn't add up.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Jun 2008


Pyramids? What's the Point?

Random (very random) exchanges in old Cairo.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Jun 2008


In Jerusalem, Revelations

What I learned gabbing my way through the Old City.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Jun 2008


Bagged in Paris

How do you say, 'I'm not an idiot, I'm just tired'?

By Steve Burgess, 21 May 2008


Iron Man Flattens Speed Racer

Proving even comic book movies need brains over flash.

By Steve Burgess, 9 May 2008


Glued to the Playoffs on CNN

The roughest sport is on. Hockey can wait.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Apr 2008


Bring Us the Head of Dave Nonis!

Or, um, maybe that doesn't really fix the Canucks.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Apr 2008


So Long Charlton Heston, Jules Dassin

Holy Moses, we lost two much-imitated cinema greats.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Apr 2008


No Sex Please, We're Tories

For Bill C-10, the C stands for censorship.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Mar 2008


Big Yuks with David Duchovny

Poor guy can't solve his weird relationship with BC.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Mar 2008


In Seoul, Armed and Generous

Schmoozed by South Korea's friendly troops.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Mar 2008


Truly, TV's Tawdriest Hour

Fox's 'Moment of Truth' takes the game show to new abysses.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Feb 2008


Poetry of Seoul

A little 'word steak' carved from my Korean menu.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Feb 2008


Japan Has Slow Trains, Too

And I'm in a hurry for hot tai-yaki!

By Steve Burgess, 6 Feb 2008


In Bangkok, a Hungry Quest

Find pad thai on a tuk-tuk? Good luck-luck.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Jan 2008


Manila, No Place for Chickens

Prime time on the cockfight channel.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Jan 2008


'Charlie Wilson's War'

Nichols and Sorkin find a funny Bin Laden back story.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Dec 2007


'I Am Legend'

Will Smith, all alone in the big dead city.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Dec 2007


'I'm Not There'

Dylan biopic sinks like a wobbly, misshapen rolling stone.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Nov 2007


Bike Sexuals

Suddenly, a new group is persecuted by Big Brother.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Nov 2007


'No Country for Old Men'

Flip of the Coens lands on the good side.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Nov 2007


'American Gangster'

Ridley Scott's latest could use more tough love.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Nov 2007


Blame the Uniforms?

The Canucks were supposed to be good, right?

By Steve Burgess, 26 Oct 2007


TMZ, Sleaze Central

Website, TV show open the gates of celebrity hell.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Oct 2007


The Kingdom

Boffo, jaw-jaw, bang-bang movie for politicos.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Oct 2007


What Can 'Mad Men' Tell Us?

Smart TV show recalls when men were men, and women weren't glad.

By Dorothy Woodend and Steve Burgess, 21 Sep 2007


Terror Schlock

They're making a mint on 9-11.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Sep 2007


'Shoot 'Em Up' Needs Taking Out

Even smart, sexy stars can get it wrong.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Sep 2007


Coffee Hits $15 at the Pump

How far will they push addicts like me?

By Steve Burgess, 20 Aug 2007


'Your Mommy Kills Animals'

And guess what 'Mr. Hands' does with them?

By Steve Burgess, 17 Aug 2007


Karl Rove Is Just in Hiding

Ready for his next smear job on US Democrats.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Aug 2007


'Killer of Sheep'

Cult film with a title like that can't be all baaa, right?

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2007


When TV Goes Hollywood

Can an empire like 'Simpsons' really keep the magic?

By Steve Burgess, 27 Jul 2007


Stone Barbers and Boorish Yanks

My outside-the-guide travels in Rome.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Jul 2007


Darkest, Harryiest, Most Political Potter

'Order of the Phoenix' rises.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Jul 2007



My divorce and honeymoon in Rome.

By Steve Burgess, 10 Jul 2007


Austria's Music Box

Vienna, unbombed, remains perfectly perfect.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Jul 2007


French Castle Fatigue

Tourism can ruin treasures, non?

By Steve Burgess, 25 Jun 2007


My Apology to Paris

Love your city, not your museums.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Jun 2007


Awards on Steroids

Meet the new generation of 'winners.'

By Steve Burgess, 22 May 2007


Has 'Shrek' Cash Machine Run Dry?

No shortage of dollars, just of sense.

By Steve Burgess, 18 May 2007


Upgrading the Canucks

Trade Naslund? What's it gonna take?

By Steve Burgess, 8 May 2007


No Web of Intrigue

'Spidey 3' is full of bugs.

By Steve Burgess, 4 May 2007

Canucks Win First Round

Just like we probably shouldn't have said they would.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Apr 2007


Mark Steyn's Latest Victims

Massacres prompt pundit to slag old folks, paraplegics and dead students.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Apr 2007


When Souls ‘Fracture’

Legal flick weighs wealth and virtue.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Apr 2007


Now Do You Believe?

If Oprah's right, Canucks are going all the way.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Apr 2007


Love Cheese? Try 'Grindhouse'

But schlock is tastier with less Tarantino sauce.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Apr 2007


Don't Cha Believe in Hoochie Female Empowerment?

The 'Pussycat Dolls' blur reality TV feminism.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Mar 2007


Comic Book Film for Dubya

In '300,' macho Spartans whup pesky Persians.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Mar 2007


Home Is Where the Hair Is

Scariest thing about travelling? Foreign hairdressers.

By Steve Burgess, 5 Mar 2007


The Tyee's Own Oscars

Who really won? George W., dresses and lesbians, among others.

By Dorothy Woodend, Steve Burgess and Shannon Rupp, 26 Feb 2007


How to Cure Travel Fatigue

Hint: not fireworks.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Feb 2007


They're Baaack!

Big creepy spiders are crawling into my life again.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Feb 2007


Soda Pop Gods

How riots, food and patriots keep Bangkok bubbling.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Feb 2007


'The Noodle of Prejudice'

My list of delicious Japanese language treats.

By Steve Burgess, 31 Jan 2007


Memoirs of My Geisha Search

And what I really discovered in Gion.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Jan 2007


Burgess in Tokyo

Adrift in a land awash in wireless TV.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jan 2007


Burgess's Top 2006 Flicks

Pearls in a swinish movie year.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Dec 2006


Burgess’ Top TV of 2006

Head to the video store.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Dec 2006


Burgess's Top 10 Classic Flicks

Movies to hunker down with.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Dec 2006


Bond. Blond Bond.

Daniel Craig is right full hair to 007 saga.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Nov 2006


Borat Makes Me Cringe

And I like.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Nov 2006


Royal Pains

'The Queen' and all her kooky clan, even the corgis.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Oct 2006


Belly up to ‘Trailer Park Boys’

Like all great works, it’s about the power of change.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Oct 2006


'All the King's Men' Goes South

The film itself operates like a sleazy politician.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Sep 2006


Still Plugged into 'The Wire'

Cop series is simply the best thing on TV.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Sep 2006


'Hollywoodland': Why Go There?

Why real-life whodunits end up Hollywood bland.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Sep 2006


Dark Days for Canadian Film

Bad scripts + coddling critics = crap culture.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Aug 2006


Oliver Stone's Churchy 'World Trade Center'

Jesus shows up on 9/11.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Aug 2006


Pirates Kick Superhero Butt

Their secret weapon? The rollick.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jul 2006


Mourning Pink Floyd's Muse

The 'tattooed brain' of Syd Barrett.

By Steve Burgess, 12 Jul 2006


Burgess Down the Stretch in Italy

Final notes, including a fervent, farewell "po po po."

By Steve Burgess, 11 Jul 2006


Evading McTuscany

Burgess leans into the undiscovered Italy.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Jun 2006


Burgess Survives Explosion in Istanbul

Or so his story will go.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jun 2006


Burgess Joins the Yankee Jet Set

Fool's luck in beautiful Amalfi.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Jun 2006


The Joy of ZZZZZZZZ…

In praise of sleep, my chief luxury.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Jun 2006


Fall of the Roman Empire

Now the men dress like barbarians.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Jun 2006


The Da Vinci Formula

So little sex, but so many climaxes!

By Steve Burgess, 20 May 2006


Trailer Trash

Handy planner for summer moviegoers. And avoiders.

By Steve Burgess, 19 May 2006


Das Boot Kaput

'Poseidon' wants to be taken seriously. Serious problem.

By Steve Burgess, 15 May 2006


In Defense of 'United 93'

It's uplifting, the film Oliver Stone can't make.

By Steve Burgess, 5 May 2006


Hockey Playoff Gods Are Jokers

So Edmonton beats Detroit. Naturally.

By Steve Burgess, 2 May 2006


'Da Vinci Code,' The Flick

Another missed opportunity for the gospel truth.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Apr 2006


Trade Naslund

And other tough prescriptions for the finished Canucks.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Apr 2006


Why 'Brick' Is Slick

'Teen noir,' perfectly executed.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Apr 2006


Chop! Chop!

CTV's helicopter auto-rotates the news.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Mar 2006


So Long, Buckaroo

Owens' brand of twang and hokey lyrics ain't 'round no more.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Mar 2006


Oscar the Screw-up

When was the last time he got it right?

By Steve Burgess, 3 Mar 2006


Burgess Is Back

What he's learned about porn, planes and people.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Mar 2006


Burgess Meets a Monster

Fear, death and arachnophobia in Sulawesi.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Feb 2006


Shadows and Light in Bali

Terrorism's pall can't obscure the kindness of Ubudian strangers.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Feb 2006


Name's Bond. Steve Bond.

In certain corners of Bangkok, I'm a dashing celeb.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Feb 2006


Burgess Chews on Singapore

Hey bro, don't step in the 'Tyee!'

By Steve Burgess, 26 Jan 2006


Burgess Is Back on the Road

And trying not to get 'Shanghaied' in Shanghai.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Jan 2006


Curious Kong

One very high tech, fat and dumb monkey.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Dec 2005


Here Comes the CBC Doughnut Campaign

If last night is the measure, it's gonna be a long one.

By Steve Burgess, 29 Nov 2005


When Did Late Night TV Lose its Smarts?

Another anchor reels in and sails off.

By Steve Burgess, 24 Nov 2005


'Alone in the Wilderness'

Series follows the handiest man making everything from scratch.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Nov 2005


Anchors Away!

Out with aw-shucks Aaron, in with cool Cooper.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Nov 2005


Pigging out on HBO

'Deadwood' and other addictive DVD sweets.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Nov 2005


Who Needs a Sexy Party Anyway?

Gauging the zest of Vancouver's film fest fests.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Oct 2005


Martha's New Show Is Criminal

NBC needs to apprentice in TV show planning.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Oct 2005


You'll Eat up 'Grizzly Man'

Werner Herzog's documentary probes the sanity of bears' best friend.

By Steve Burgess, 3 Oct 2005


Dude, Take a Thrill Pill

'Invasion' and 'Prison Break' sagas sagging already.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Sep 2005


I'm a 'Carnivale' Freak

It's weirder than The PNE on acid.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Aug 2005


Governor General Me

I'm liking my chances next time around.

By Steve Burgess, 8 Aug 2005


Lou Dobbs and the Canadian Menace

CNN host bores in on the BC drug tunnel and more threats.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Aug 2005


Ahhh, Summer in Manitoba

Burgess braves blood sucking monsters in search of Brandon bliss.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Aug 2005


So Long, Long John

Blues legend Baldry was a natural front man, pushed to the back.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Jul 2005


The Monolith and I Are Home

Burgess returns and begins unpacking his monstrous suitcase.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jul 2005


Burgess Takes in the Sea Fest

Destined to be the next big thing? Maybe not so much?

By Steve Burgess, 9 Jul 2005


Burgess Braves Italy's Grunge City

In Naples, tots ride motorbikes and wield crayon weapons.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Jul 2005


Emperor Larry

Like Caesar or Senator Palpatine, Mayor Campbell could sweep back on bigger terms.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Jun 2005


Going It Alone in Cinque Terre

Neurotic Steve. Simpatico Steve. Who will win?

By Steve Burgess, 29 Jun 2005


This Barcelona Place Is Great!

And Burgess finds women friendly in Milan, too.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Jun 2005


Stalked, the Casbah

Burgess the neon tourist wanders Fes and Marrakech.

By Steve Burgess, 16 Jun 2005


Burgess in Tangier: Fresh Prey

Right off the boat, the Canadian meets some helpful locals.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Jun 2005


Burgess in Rolling Purgatory

Undo that seatbelt! And other Spanish train etiquette.

By Steve Burgess, 7 Jun 2005


Granada, End of the Hippie Trail

Burgess beholds the Alhambra, gets in line.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Jun 2005


Tapas? Tricked Ya!

And other encounters with the proud Spanish culture.

By Steve Burgess, 25 May 2005


Burgess Skips Town Again

Now he’s in Europe. First postcard: ‘Christian Train Camp’.

By Steve Burgess, 17 May 2005


When ‘The Shield’ Is Just Too Shiny

For cop shows with complex hero/villains, I’m down to ‘The Wire.’

By Steve Burgess, 9 May 2005


Corn! Soup! Dirt!

And other musical triumphs of modern TV advertising.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2005


The Junkie Show

A&E’s creepy ‘Intervention’ is truly addictive reality television.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Apr 2005


Help! I Live in Lorne Mayencourt’s ‘Hood!

When politicians vow to kick ‘living ass’, where can a trembling West Ender hide?

By Steve Burgess, 11 Apr 2005


Sin City? Absolve Yourself

And pray someone can do better that with newfangled CGI.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Apr 2005


All-Schiavo TV

The latest media sensation is news for people who don’t like news.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Mar 2005


Our Man in Asia Comes Home

Second thoughts on Vietnam while counting the hotel hair products booty.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Mar 2005


Holiday in Cambodia

Burgess brightens up, until the Genocide Museum.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Mar 2005


Escape from Vietnam

Can a person be allergic to a country?

By Steve Burgess, 7 Mar 2005


Cry of the Broken Romantic

How Hunter S. Thompson saved me from the 70s.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Mar 2005


Vietnamese Driving Lessons

Traffic is normal today on the Saigon-Pan Thiet highway. Hang onto your lunch.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Feb 2005


Burgess and the Red Dragon

In Can Tho, coffee is more expensive with a dose of sad comedy.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Feb 2005


Burgess and the Big Night Out

It’s a new year in the former Saigon, and the smoke, the explosions and Mylar fish are just as they ought to be.

By Steve Burgess, 11 Feb 2005


Walkabout with Hanoi Steve

On the streets are many faces but one refrain: “Help me. Help you. Help me.”

By Steve Burgess, 4 Feb 2005


Burgess in Bangkok

A postcard from where wanderlust meets standard midlife neuroses.

By Steve Burgess, 28 Jan 2005


Dispatch from Hong Kong

Just ahead of the P.M.’s arrival, our man Burgess files this, uh, report.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Jan 2005


Forced to Watch: Too Much Sex

The smug divas of Sex and the City just wore me out. Gotta wonder, is HBO good for Canada?

By Steve Burgess, 30 Dec 2004


Home for the Holidays: Why?

I ask myself that every year. And make the same tortuous trek.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Dec 2004


Hello Dark Ages

Genghis Zahn at CNN? Is ‘Survivor’ worth saving? And other tele-musings.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Dec 2004


Winnie Their Pooh

A Brit wrote the book, not us. So why do we keep flogging a dead bear?

By Steve Burgess, 13 Dec 2004


My Greatest Canadian? Sorry, Not Terry Fox

Hint: In the great Canuck tradition, my choice is running off to the U.S. to make it big.

By Steve Burgess, 25 Nov 2004


It's Branson Vs. Trump as Centuries Clash

Two new reality shows invade; our intrepid correspondent succumbs.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Nov 2004


Bushed! It Couldn't Be Worse

Politics, truth, justice and the American Way are currently incompatible.

By Steve Burgess, 9 Nov 2004


Team America’s Free Fire Zone

A refreshingly vulgar satire of the usual puppets on screen.

By Steve Burgess, 18 Oct 2004


Big on 'DIG!'

Darkly hilarious, this may be the best rock documentary I’ve seen.

By Steve Burgess, 15 Oct 2004


The Hogwarts School of Debate

The presidential debates are like the game of Quidditch. Where does Dubya get his mojo powers?

By Steve Burgess, 13 Oct 2004


Say it Again, Dubya!

Kerry was the better debater last night. But Bush proved long ago how to lose arguments and win anyway.

By Steve Burgess, 1 Oct 2004


Why PBS Can't Save America

U.S. Public TV scrambles grating gurus, dead singers and major exposes no one sees.

By Steve Burgess, 30 Sep 2004


How to Soften Hockey Withdrawal

Would I put my foot in it by suggesting soccer?

By Steve Burgess, 22 Sep 2004


Better Dumb TV, through Science!

OK, if a gnarly croc fought a Great White, who'd win? Animal Face-off seeks answers our greatest minds (past age ten) have ignored.

By Steve Burgess, 14 Jun 2004


The Jackass Effect

Why I watch the evil spawn of Candid Camera that punk'd our culture.

By Steve Burgess, 2 Jun 2004


My Favourite Soap Opera

It's Winter Love Song, a tortured, trashy Korean masterpiece on Shaw's Multicultural Channel.

By Steve Burgess, 21 May 2004


Dude! Where's My Chariot?

Don't send a boy toy to Troy. And other musings about today's zero heroes.

By Steve Burgess, 17 May 2004


CanWest's Clumsy Vendetta against CBC

The more the National Post cries bias, the more oddly obsessed it appears

By Steve Burgess, 10 May 2004


'Restaurant' Feeds My Addiction

But despicable 'Swan' flutters my stomach with a moral quandary.

By Steve Burgess, 6 May 2004


Forced to Watch: Canucks on Sportsnet

Announcer Jim Hughson goes easy on the Canucks, but at least he knows Mats Sundin plays for someone else

By Steve Burgess, 8 Mar 2004


They Killed TV's Fun Couple

Fiona Forbes and Michael Eckford were morning TV's best hosts until CityTV execs forced a divorce. What would Moses say?

By Steve Burgess, 23 Feb 2004


Forced to Watch: Gas Jokes

Who says Canada can't produce a decent sitcom? Brent Butt's Corner Gas pumps out laughs.

By Steve Burgess, 23 Feb 2004


Forced to Watch: God Does Sitcoms

Vancouver's new religious channel looks like regular prime time, until the commentators examine the shows from a Christian point of view

By Steve Burgess, 9 Feb 2004


Forced To Watch: More Reality TV

I said I believed in Reality. I didn't say I liked all of it.

By Steve Burgess, 4 Feb 2004


Forced to Watch: Reality TV

From The Donald to 'America's Top Model', a lot of it I like. For real.

By Steve Burgess, 26 Jan 2004


Bashing Japan: People Love It!

Let it slip that you hate Sofia Coppola's film 'Lost in Translation' and readers demand an explanation. Here it is.

By Steve Burgess, 13 Jan 2004


Forced To Watch: A Dumb Undertaking

Everyone says Six Feet Under is the new Sopranos. Fuggettaboutit.

By Steve Burgess, 6 Jan 2004


Forced to Watch "Muurrrdeeerrrrr"

City Confidential's pulpy narration makes it the guiltiest pleasure on crime-soaked TV.

By Steve Burgess, 17 Dec 2003