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Canada Abandoning Human Rights to Chase Trade with China, Says Dissident

Journalist living in exile cautions government on business with Beijing.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, Today


Global Hoarding? Human-made Junk Now Outweighs Humans Themselves, Scientists Say

New research shows rapid growth of so-called ‘technosphere.’

By Andrew Nikiforuk, Today


Wade Davis Endorsed Trudeau, Now ‘Profoundly Disappointed’

Despite industrial project approvals, PM may yet guide Canada through needed transition, says renowned anthropologist.

By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday


Businessman Says Trudeau’s Invitation to Meet Chinese Premier Inspired Fundraiser

Tyee exclusive: More cash-for-access questions: Miaofei Pan tells Chinese media he offered to host Vancouver event after Trudeau invited him to meet Chinese premier Li Keqiang in Canada; Liberals disagree with account.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 6 Dec 2016

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Can We Be Gentle with Density?

Many housing experts say yes. Here are at least four ways.

By Christopher Pollon, 6 Dec 2016

A Tyee Series

Yes! In My Backyard!

A commitment to neighbourliness eases resistance to new supportive housing. Part of a series.

By Stefania Seccia, 5 Dec 2016


In Vancouver, a Teacher Helps Students Climb to New Heights

That’s how Trevor Stokes’s class reached the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro.

By Christopher Cheung, 5 Dec 2016


Politics, Poverty, Privatization and Globalization Big Issues for BC’s Union Movement

BC Fed delegates talk hot topics during five-day convention.

By Linda Givetash, 2 Dec 2016


Lanzinger Re-elected as Head of BC Federation of Labour

‘I’m so proud to be a leader of this group.’ Secretary-treasurer Ekman also acclaimed.

By Linda Givetash, 1 Dec 2016

BC Fed president Irene Lanzinger and secretary treasurer Aaron Ekman

BC Fed Launches Campaign to Elect NDP Government in May

Effort to focus on jobs, wages and public services and increasing voter turnout.

By Linda Givetash, 1 Dec 2016

House in hand

New Tool Aims to Keep Low-cost Indigenous Housing Available

Association wants to see providers make best choices to stay open and debt free.

By Katie Hyslop, 1 Dec 2016


Kinder Morgan Plan ‘Almost’ Meets BC’s Five Conditions, Premier Says

Clark ‘pleased’ with progress made by company, feds in gaining province’s approval.

By Andrew MacLeod, 30 Nov 2016


Horgan Makes Appeal to Workers: People of BC ‘Deserve Better’

NDP leader lays out series of election promises at BC Fed convention.

By Linda Givetash, 30 Nov 2016


Tyee Report Lands Trudeau in Hot Seat Over ‘Cash for Access’ Fundraiser

NDP asks what PM discussed with Toronto businessmen planning $1 billion in canola sales to China.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 29 Nov 2016


Trudeau Gov’t Approves Two Major Pipeline Projects, Vows Tanker Ban

On Kinder Morgan, PM says: ‘If I thought this project was unsafe for the B.C. coast, I would reject it.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 29 Nov 2016


Demand an End to Second-Class Status for Reserve Children: Blackstock

Activist tells BC Fed that Ottawa moving too slowly to end discrimination against Indigenous children.

By Linda Givetash, 29 Nov 2016


Canola Businessman Paid to Meet Trudeau Ahead of Industry Deal With Beijing

Exclusive: NDP says Toronto fundraiser has ‘all the appearance of conflict of interest.’

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 29 Nov 2016


Libs and NDP Won’t Stand Up to Forestry Donor, BC Greens Imply in Fundraiser Pitch

New Dems’ president fires back, says party fights for industry jobs.

By Andrew MacLeod, 29 Nov 2016


Trudeau’s Six Unanswered Questions on Kinder Morgan Expansion

Government’s own ministerial panel reviewed the evidence, and posed these queries.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 28 Nov 2016

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