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Senator Larry Campbell Vows Push to Legalize Opioids

Campbell says he’s prepared to do ‘heavy lifting’ on prescription bill as fentanyl ravages BC.

By Jeremy J. Nuttall, 18 Feb 2017


A Joy-filled Farewell for Ellen Frank, Fierce Fighter for Marginalized Voices

The self-described ‘Jewish lesbian feminist mother, grandmother and activist’ passed away in Vancouver Jan. 30.

By Tom Sandborn, 18 Feb 2017


Chronic Care Home Understaffing Hurting BC’s Seniors, Say Advocates

Groups want sector reform, increased support, on the election agenda.

By Linda Givetash, 15 Feb 2017


Disability Rates Far Too Low for ‘Dignified Standard of Living,’ Report Finds

Strong economy and budget surpluses make time right for promised raise, says UVic prof.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Feb 2017


Is Donald Trump an Ebola-Level Global Health Threat?

President’s early decisions on funding could cost millions of lives worldwide.

By Crawford Kilian, 3 Feb 2017


‘Service Co-op’ Helps Calgary Seniors Stay in the ‘Hood

Whether it’s keeping up with maintenance or downsizing, ‘Aging in Place’ co-op aims to keep seniors at home.

By Katie Hyslop, 2 Feb 2017


The Overdose Crisis: We Know How to Save Lives, Doctors Say

From an Albertan reserve to Vancouver’s inner city, caregivers share solutions for turning the tide. Part of a series.

By Jackie Wong, 27 Jan 2017


An Urgent Call on Overdose Crisis: Prescribe Drugs, End Prohibition

Simply put, ‘fentanyl is a product of our drug policies.’ Second in a series.

By Jackie Wong, 26 Jan 2017


The World Changes Today: Canada Better Change Too

Trumpism is smashing the old order in trade, war and even global health; we need a new plan.

By Crawford Kilian, 20 Jan 2017


When Stigma Kills: Fears and Prejudices Undermine Health Care

From overdoses to AIDS to Zika, stigma has made problems worse.

By Crawford Kilian, 20 Jan 2017


Baby Boxes: Too Good an Idea to Adopt?

They’re premised on the idea that all kids are equal. Is ‘families first’ BC ready?

By Crawford Kilian, 16 Jan 2017


Health Managers Interfering in Investigation into Botched Firings, Dix Says

Email told employees to consult ministry managers before providing evidence to Ombudsperson.

By Andrew MacLeod, 13 Jan 2017


Costly, Ineffective Flu Shots Fail Again

It’s time to challenge the government and industry hype around flu vaccines.

By Bill Tieleman, 10 Jan 2017


Ministry Ordered to Release Records to Fired Health Workers in 60 Days

Records needed for workers to partake in review of 2012 firings, lawyers argued.

By Andrew MacLeod, 16 Dec 2016


MSP, PharmaCare Outsourcing Costs Soared 50 Per Cent Over ‘Fixed Fee’

Maximus billed $489 million on contract that was to cost $324 million.

By Andrew MacLeod, 15 Dec 2016


Ottawa Clears Way For Supervised Injection Sites

Fentanyl overdose crisis brings action from Liberal government.

By Kyle Duggan, 13 Dec 2016


Opioids, Fentanyl and the Threat to First Responders

Daily flood of overdoses, deaths taking physical and emotional toll.

By Crawford Kilian, 7 Dec 2016


One in Five Kids in BC Is Poor, Report Finds

Despite small gains in reducing poverty, ‘a lot of people are just holding on.’

By Andrew MacLeod, 24 Nov 2016


With Trump in Power, Canada Has to Live by Its Wits

On health care and global health in particular, we need to move fast.

By Crawford Kilian, 10 Nov 2016


Materials Sent to RCMP on Health Firings Include Concert Footage, Film

‘I don’t know what their interest in the movies was,’ says Ramsay Hamdi, fired with six others.

By Andrew MacLeod, 10 Nov 2016