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About The Tyee

We're your independent daily online magazine reaching every corner of B.C. and beyond.

By David Beers

In November of 2003 The Tyee began its swim upstream against the media trends of our day. We're independent and not owned by any big corporation. We're dedicated to publishing lively, informative news and views, not dumbed down fluff. We, like the tyee salmon for which we are named, roam free and go where we wish.

At the time of our launch we said we believe many people in British Columbia are "hungry for news and comment that reflects their actual lives, their own values." And that an electronic magazine able to reach all of B.C. was needed "because 'The Big Smoke' of Vancouver/Victoria hears too little from the rest of the province and together we have plenty of challenges and solutions to talk about." We promised: "At The Tyee you'll find investigative reporting no one else is doing, and fresh viewpoints from all over B.C."

Since then, The Tyee has attracted some of the best journalists in B.C. who have broken many important stories. We've published viewpoints banished from corporate media and shined a light on corners of the province Big Media ignores. We've provided a showcase for young talent and a forum for readers who post their opinions after our stories. The Globe and Mail has said we publish "some of the best investigative reporting in the province" and when the Senate Committee on the status of Canadian news media came to Vancouver, they invited Tyee editors to share their vision of improved media democracy. In February 2006, we began working with Tides Canada, a national public foundation to provide writing fellowships on a juried basis to emerging and established journalists covering issues of public interest in the realm of social, economic and environmental justice. Many generous Tyee readers made charitable contributions to this project.

In short, The Tyee has delivered on its original promises, and we are determined to continue to do so even more effectively. We have enough budget to keep us going, but it remains bare bones. We are seeking investors, advertisers, and funders for our long list of investigative projects just waiting for resources. Is this you? If so send an email to

You can also help the The Tyee thrive by spreading the word. Print out or email our articles and pass them on. Just how hungry are British Columbians for an alternative news source? Help us find out.

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As noted at the outset, the word tyee is by local current definition a Chinook, Spring or King salmon of thirty pounds or more. But more than a century ago, the original Chinook word carried even more weight. In those days a tyee meant a chief, a king, "anything of superior order" -- even an online magazine.

That's something to aim for as we swim against the current.  [Tyee]