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Ian Gill

Ian Gill

Ian Gill is a writer, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur who founded and led Ecotrust Canada and served as CEO of Ecotrust Australia. He has been a reporter and editor for the Vancouver Sun and CBC. He is also now a regular columnist for The Tyee.

Twitter: @Gillwave

Stories by Ian Gill


Life and Breath on the Skeena River

The raising of a totem pole and a memorial for an environmental fighter show that resistance is possible and beautiful.

By Ian Gill, 25 Oct 2017


In the Church of Naomi Klein

‘No Is Not Enough’ includes plenty of articles of faith for the radical remaking of public life.

By Ian Gill, 23 Jun 2017


Energy Megaprojects, and How They Aim to Seduce Us

‘Rigorous’ reviews that aren’t so inclusive. Sparkling clean pipelines. Smooth sailing tankers. Don’t be fooled.

By Ian Gill, 18 Mar 2017


Why Wade Davis Photographs

BC’s most celebrated explorer on his education, craft, and a life immersed in culture.

By Ian Gill, 16 Nov 2016


Good News! People, Even Young, Will Pay for Deep Journalism

Europe proves it. From Ian Gill’s new book ‘No News Is Bad News: Canada’s Media Collapse and What Comes Next.’

By Ian Gill, 20 Sep 2016


Did Band Members Defame a Chief by Saying He Wasn't?

Dispute belies Clark's claim of First Nations support for Skeena River LNG proposal.

By Ian Gill, 24 Jun 2016


Why One Corner of East Van Could Be Truly Revolutionary

Alas, what 'the People's Republic' wants today may not fit tomorrow.

By Ian Gill, 18 Apr 2016


Was Trudeau Serious about Fixing Harper's Big Sham?

Just watch where he lands on botched Petronas LNG enviro review in BC.

By Ian Gill, 12 Mar 2016


Scolding BC's 'Forces of No,' Our Premier Crassly Divides Us

When it comes to LNG, her story is us against them. But in the Skeena, a powerful counter-narrative is rising.

By Ian Gill, 6 Feb 2016


Lelu Declaration a Major Wrench in Hardhat Premier's LNG Plans

Coastal salmon defenders throw down gauntlet not just to Clark, but to reconciliatory Trudeau.

By Ian Gill, 25 Jan 2016


At Northern Salmon Summit, a Declaration: Cancel LNG or Else

On the ground in Prince Rupert, where Skeena First Nations sent a clear message to government.

By Ian Gill, 23 Jan 2016


All Hands on Deck

An immigrant son gets an SOS from far away, where age is hurling loved ones onto the rocks.

By Ian Gill, 16 Dec 2015


Trudeau's Breathtaking Chance to Idle No More

Starved of statesmanship, Canada chose change. What an opportunity.

By Ian Gill, 24 Oct 2015


BC's Hard Hat Premier Builds Faulty First Nation Bridges

Twisted and uneven, Clark's reconciliation words betray 'brute force' development actions.

By Ian Gill, 12 Sep 2015


In Church of Climate Change, Good Catholics Must Practise and Preach

And, why Harper's economic evangelism contradicts everything the Church now stands for.

By Ian Gill, 25 Jul 2015


This Election's about Canada's Frighteningly Near Future

Where will we be in less than a generation? The trends are alarming.

By Ian Gill, 1 Jul 2015


Dissolve Parliament? In Harper's Canada, Parliament Dissolves You

In wake of TRC findings, the PM's lost confidence in Canadians.

By Ian Gill, 17 Jun 2015


In Italy, Hope, and Some Handwringing, for Journalism

On offer at global summit: articles of faith for a changeful industry.

By Ian Gill, 16 May 2015


No Wealth, No Justice in $1 Billion LNG Offer to First Nation Band

Here's why Lax Kw'alaams still side with the salmon.

By Ian Gill, 9 May 2015


Suck It Up, Progressives: We Need a Coalition Now

A short-term, hard-knuckle run at the Conservatives is possible, but requires sacrifice.

By Ian Gill, 15 Apr 2015


A Venture to the Crossroads of Commercial Drive

Can Vancouver's most eclectic vertebrae resist the Pied Planners of city hall?

By Ian Gill, 14 Mar 2015


Exclusive! Premier Clark Grants Official Recognition to Republic of Ishmaelia

Tyee man witness to history. Important, if true!

By Ian Gill, 10 Jan 2015


No Contest in Tofino, This Mayor's a Winner

Acclaimed in several ways, Josie Osborne softens Tuff City with leadership 'in spades.'

By Ian Gill, 12 Nov 2014


Greetings, from the Balmy Tarsands

Join Ian Gill as he spends a weekend hiking (and mildly trespassing) through the Fort McMurray projects.

By Ian Gill, 30 Oct 2014


We Must Heed Naomi Klein's Call

Her new book 'This Changes Everything' makes clear what we're up against and what has to happen.

By Ian Gill, 29 Sep 2014


Gazing upon the Tower of Hope

The lessons of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights continue right outside its doors.

By Ian Gill, 20 Sep 2014


Koeye Reclaimed, a Century Later

In time of decisive aboriginal victories, a lodge and lands return to Heiltsuk hands on BC's central coast.

By Ian Gill, 19 Sep 2014


Man, Motorcycle, Macadam: On the Road with Ian Gill

It takes patience and humility to ride in a valley like this.

By Ian Gill, 16 Aug 2014


To the Tsilhqot'in, with Gloves

How a people, its chiefs and a chief justice have bravely ennobled the Canadian spirit.

By Ian Gill, 26 Jul 2014


Climate Disdainers Canada and Australia Form 'Axis of Weasels'

Jokes aside, Harper and Abbott's oily bromance could soon prove catastrophic.

By Ian Gill, 19 Jun 2014


Amid China's Broiling Growth, a Quiet Tiananmen Square

One might think of Beijing these days as the city of spending and forgetting.

By Ian Gill, 4 Jun 2014


Horgan, Don't Touch that Hard Hat!

Your NDP must offer a chewy clean energy future, not more petro pablum.

By Ian Gill, 20 May 2014


Savouring Sharpernfreude

Ask yourself. Do you really want the besieged and bedraggled S. Harper gone any time too soon?

By Ian Gill, 22 Apr 2014


In Bella Bella, a Library Reborn with the Gifts of Strangers

After a devastating fire, a remote community celebrates the return of its storied centre.

By Ian Gill, 26 Mar 2014


With Portland Hotel Society in Crosshairs, Who Will Take Risks?

Province has yet to make its case, but a chill is already falling on DTES.

By Ian Gill, 4 Mar 2014


The Poor Mouth

What's a columnist to do? Ian Gill says: 'Driving politicians to drink and provoking people to think.'

By Ian Gill, 26 Feb 2014


Neil Young to Harper: Fear Our Emotion!

With his tar sands tour, the artist, and others like him, can help us find our national voice again.

By Ian Gill, 18 Jan 2014


Don't Let BC Gamble Our Climate Future

By pumping up natural gas and sacrificing precious land, Premier Clark keeps loading the dice.

By Ian Gill, 16 Nov 2013


'The Magic Canoe'

This Haisla tale is proof that stories hold power to change the world.

By Ian Gill, 15 Jun 2013


Idling No More

Changing the course of Canada, and the planet -- before it's too late.

By Ian Gill, 23 Mar 2013


Climate change politics: Greens hold lever in Australia

By Ian Gill, 26 Aug 2010


A Weekend in the Future

As Shanghai readies its massive urban green Expo, a visitor peers through the haze.

By Ian Gill, 3 Feb 2010


In Australia’s rough climate politics, can Earth win?

By Ian Gill, 27 Nov 2009


For too many Aboriginals still, Australia is no ‘Lucky Country’

By Ian Gill, 20 Nov 2009


Australia's upside down on climate change

By Ian Gill, 14 Nov 2009