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Richard Warnica

Richard Warnica is a free-lance journalist and former senior editor at The Tyee.

Stories by Richard Warnica


A Tyee Series

Death in Remand: Stacked Deck

Fewer accused given bail means strained jails and dangerous conditions that contributed to John Parker's death. Last in a reader-funded series.

By Richard Warnica, 25 May 2012


A Tyee Series

Death in Remand: A Jail Crammed with Risk

Guards say North Fraser Pretrial Centre where John Parker was killed by the cellmate he feared is like other remand facilities: dangerously crowded. Fourth in a reader-funded series.

By Richard Warnica, 24 May 2012


A Tyee Series

Death in Remand: Contributing Factors

The lawyer for John Parker's lethal cellmate says 'there is no way' his client 'should have been put in a cell with anyone.' Part three in a reader-funded inquiry.

By Richard Warnica, 23 May 2012


A Tyee Series

Death in Remand: Blood Evidence

Did John Parker's cellmate mean to kill him? In deciding, the judge also pointed a finger at jailers' practices. Part two of a reader-funded Tyee inquiry.

By Richard Warnica, 22 May 2012


A Tyee Series

Death in Remand: a Tyee Inquiry

Custodial 'remand' is where we send the legally innocent to await trial. So why did John Parker die there? The reader-funded series starts today.

By Richard Warnica, 21 May 2012


A Tyee Series

Death In Remand: 'A Gut Feeling'

Some instinct told the guard to put John Parker in a cell with Victor Hurtado. The decision was deadly. Part one of a reader-funded Tyee inquiry.

By Richard Warnica, 21 May 2012


Growing Suburbs May Reroute BC Politics

Gordon Campbell's party faces strains after he's gone.

By Richard Warnica, 10 Sep 2007

The Real Crime In the NFL

Here's a hint, it's not dog fighting.

By Richard Warnica, 29 Aug 2007


A Youtube round up of Alberto's greatest hits.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Aug 2007


Revenge of the Big 'Burbs

City vs. suburbs is the new fault line of Canadian politics.

By Richard Warnica, 24 Aug 2007

Science 'Trumped by Ideology'

Researchers savage Tories on supervised injection.

By Richard Warnica, 22 Aug 2007

Did Aussies Poach Harper's Playbook?

Conservative PM's messaging has a Canadian ring.

By Richard Warnica, 21 Aug 2007

Vic Journalists Turfed in Alleged Ad Dispute

Dispute centres on car dealership story.

By Richard Warnica, 20 Aug 2007


BC Greens: Rifts or Renewal?

Party looks for a new leader, and compass.

By Richard Warnica, 15 Aug 2007

Harper's New Man on Defence

Why Peter MacKay is the perfect pick.

By Richard Warnica, 14 Aug 2007

Tortured Logic

How the CIA stumbled into torture after 9-11.

By Richard Warnica, 10 Aug 2007

Is Calgary Canada's Top City?

Not by a long shot. At least not yet.

By Richard Warnica, 9 Aug 2007


Bullies and Jerks

Searching for soul in violent games.

By Richard Warnica, 3 Aug 2007

The Political Simpsons

Eleven great satirical clips.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Jul 2007

Historic Treaty Approved in BC Suburb

Tsawwassen band ratifies deal despite critics.

By Richard Warnica, 26 Jul 2007


All Wrapped Up

The sordid story of the senator and his diapers.

By Richard Warnica, 24 Jul 2007


More from Our Gang in Ottawa

What BC MPs got up to in Parliament. Second of two.

By Tom Barrett and Richard Warnica, 12 Jul 2007


Our Gang in Ottawa

What did BC's MPs get done this year? First of two.

By Tom Barrett and Richard Warnica, 11 Jul 2007

Alan Johnston Freed

BBC reporter was a captive for over 90 days.

By Richard Warnica, 3 Jul 2007


Harper's Fearless 'Dirty Gary'

MP Gary Lunn is pro-nukes, oil sands, mega-tankers -- and his riding is one of BC's greenest.

By Richard Warnica, 29 Jun 2007

From Abu Ghraib to the RCMP

What leaders don't want to know.

By Richard Warnica, 19 Jun 2007

Sopranos Gets Whacked

What will take its place?

By Richard Warnica, 11 Jun 2007

CTV Must Sell Local Stations: Regulator

Ruling could jeopardize CHUM takeover.

By Richard Warnica, 8 Jun 2007

Millions Displaced by Olympics: Study

Minorities, homeless especially at risk.

By Richard Warnica, 5 Jun 2007


Science says safe injection works. So why shut it down?

By Richard Warnica, 30 May 2007


The Grey Novelist

For Nathan Englander, war is metaphysical not political.

By Richard Warnica, 25 May 2007

Bloc Headed

What Duceppe's bad week means for the PQ.

By Richard Warnica, 15 May 2007

Blair: Haunted By Iraq

British PM's legacy stained by one fateful choice.

By Richard Warnica, 13 May 2007

Meet the New Convergence

Same as the old convergence. (But with more zeros.)

By Richard Warnica, 6 May 2007

Chum Change

If CTV swallows Chum, what's next?

By Richard Warnica, 2 May 2007

Strange Bedfellows

NDP, Tories defeat Grits on Afghan pull out.

By Richard Warnica, 24 Apr 2007


What Are We Doing in Afghanistan?

The question grips parliament. Tyee panelists debate it this Thursday.

By Richard Warnica, 24 Apr 2007

Tory Rum Runner Pleads Guilty

Ousted candidate still faces dangerous driving charge

By Richard Warnica, 17 Apr 2007

Sex on the Second Narrows

An arresting protest against bridge billboards.

By Richard Warnica, 13 Apr 2007

Bunny Stew and Chocolate Jesus

The perfect Easter feast.

By Richard Warnica, 5 Apr 2007

The Quebec Election Effect

Reading the impact on the next federal contest.

By Richard Warnica, 29 Mar 2007


Quebec, Angry and Torn

Pinched voters vent against rich, poor, immigrants and the political class.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Mar 2007

Quebec Three-way Tight Till the End

Province's first minority in 100 years predicted.

By Richard Warnica, 26 Mar 2007

Down With Campbell!

Quebec protests mirror B.C. battles.

By Richard Warnica, 23 Mar 2007

Homeless, Newfoundlanders Lose in Tory Budget

Recapping the day that was on Election Central.

By Richard Warnica, 20 Mar 2007


So You Say You Want a Devolution?

From the federal budget to the Quebec election: a week to remember in Canadian politics.

By Richard Warnica, 19 Mar 2007


Can You Really Poll Online?

Bad news numbers have Liberals wondering.

By Richard Warnica, 14 Mar 2007

Trade Debate Libs Don't Want

Talk of TILMA deal censored in the leg. But not here.

By Richard Warnica, 9 Mar 2007

A Problem From Hell

What do you do with rapists who have served their time?

By Richard Warnica, 6 Mar 2007

Oscar Gets His Green On

Sustainable Fashion hits a tipping point in L.A.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Feb 2007

Can You Really Be "Tough on Crime?"

What we're all missing in the hoopla over conservative courts.

By Richard Warnica, 19 Feb 2007

The Boy Who Cried Wi-Fi

Problems with a city-wide system

By Bryan Zandberg and Richard Warnica, 16 Feb 2007


Never Too Late to Rewrite?

Edeet Ravel on why she rewrote a novel already in readers' hands.

By Richard Warnica, 15 Feb 2007

Nightmare on the Fraser

Wet winter, hot spring a bad mix for the Valley.

By Richard Warnica, 14 Feb 2007


Campbell 'Getting Away with Murder' on Global Warming

Tory pundit Spector lashes media for bias.

By Richard Warnica, 13 Feb 2007

No Go Kyoto

Palestine, North Korea and the Kyoto Accord, all in Today's Big Story.

By Richard Warnica, 9 Feb 2007

Death Threats and Amateur Porn

Inside the nasty world of riding politics.

By Richard Warnica, 6 Feb 2007

Cracks Americana

Cold War rivals wrapped up in new spy scandals

By Richard Warnica, 1 Feb 2007

Making Breaking News

A reporter finds himself suddenly a part of one the year's top stories.

By Richard Warnica, 31 Jan 2007

The Never-Ending Scandal

Dion supporter to testify in Legislature Raid Case

By Richard Warnica, 30 Jan 2007


Mock MySpace site dedicated to Liberal leader blocked.

By Richard Warnica, 19 Jan 2007

No Nukes For Oil?

Nuclear oil sands likely to pump controversy.

By Richard Warnica, 17 Jan 2007

How Big a Story Is CanWest's New Deal?

Big merger causes existential crisis for Big Story.

By Richard Warnica, 12 Jan 2007


Jack Layton's Hot Buttons

The NDP Leader on our climate, our troops, our banks, the next election, and more. A Tyee interview.

By Richard Warnica, 11 Jan 2007

Surging Generals

Bush's plan for 20,000 more troops faces a cold welcome.

By Richard Warnica, 9 Jan 2007

Is Green the New Health Care?

The papers say Stephen Harper has woken up to the environment. But can green issues really swing an election?

By Richard Warnica, 5 Jan 2007

Ambrose Out

Harper makes big changes in what says is not a pre-election shuffle.

By Richard Warnica, 4 Jan 2007


Regulator quashes controversial power sale agreement.

By Richard Warnica, 3 Jan 2007

Royal Canadian Mounted Mayhem

The RCMP's annus horribilis is The Tyee's pick for number four on the list of year's biggest stories.

By Richard Warnica, 26 Dec 2006

Prime Minister Dion?

Globe accidentally anoints the Liberal leader.

By Richard Warnica, 20 Dec 2006

Green Light Red Light Districts?

Pickton trial, British murders reignite debate over prostitution laws.

By Richard Warnica, 18 Dec 2006

That's Terrible. Tell Me More

Tom Ellison is guilty. But what about us?

By Richard Warnica, 15 Dec 2006

Harper’s Bizarre

Senate reform leaves west in the cold.

By Richard Warnica, 14 Dec 2006

Mounting Mountie Madness

The RCMP's annus horribilis continues.

By Richard Warnica, 13 Dec 2006

Trudeau To Run in Vancouver?

Rumour has the famous scion running in the next election, why not here?

By Richard Warnica, 6 Dec 2006

Canada's Other New Leader

Alberta has a next leader. What does that mean for the rest of us?

By Richard Warnica, 5 Dec 2006

Grits Pick Wonk

Stephane Dion emerged the winner in Montreal. But can he beat Stephen Harper?

By Richard Warnica, 4 Dec 2006

Memo Leak Strands Summit

Bush meeting with Iraqi PM in doubt after critical leaked memo ends up in NY Times.

By Richard Warnica, 29 Nov 2006


Reading Michael Ignatieff

Whether writing on Iraq, Rwanda or Kosovo, the central character is himself.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Nov 2006

Albertans Turf Five in Race for New Leader

Corporate favourite battles farmer and firewaller in battle to replace Klein.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Nov 2006

Van City Water Still Not Safe

Perrier supply, cappuccino safety, questioned as boil water advisory enters fifth day.

By Richard Warnica, 20 Nov 2006


Gerard Kennedy, Kingmaker

The Liberal dark horse on First Nations, Afghanistan, and going for gold.

By Richard Warnica, 20 Nov 2006

Taser Questions Still Unanswered

Inquest into Surrey man's death probes police tactics.

By Richard Warnica, 15 Nov 2006

Chaos Continues in Iraq

Over 100 kidnapped in university raid.

By Richard Warnica, 14 Nov 2006

Blame Those Damn Macacas

Democrats sweep Congress as the last Senate seat falls.

By Richard Warnica, 9 Nov 2006

Rumsfeld Resigns

Beleaguered architect of Iraq war quits in wake of big Democratic victory.

By Richard Warnica, 8 Nov 2006


Our Election Night Forum

You're invited. Join pundits, readers in adding comments to this story.

By Richard Warnica, 7 Nov 2006

Water, Water Everywhere

Record rainfall has rivers cresting.

By Richard Warnica, 7 Nov 2006

Hussein To Hang

The World reacts to a well timed verdict.

By Richard Warnica, 6 Nov 2006

Mid-Term Madness

Iraq the top issue for most US voters.

By Richard Warnica, 2 Nov 2006

Sinking Trusts

Tories staunch flow from gaping tax wound.

By Richard Warnica, 1 Nov 2006

Belinda Bitched Out Again

Norman Spector weighs in on Stronach and all those damn woman reporters.

By Richard Warnica, 31 Oct 2006


British report says climate change will devastate the world's economy.

By Richard Warnica, 30 Oct 2006

Bad Fences, Good Neighbours?

Bush approves 700 miles of new fencing on the Mexican border.

By Richard Warnica, 27 Oct 2006

Flying Air Torture

New revelations on extraordinary rendition.

By Richard Warnica, 26 Oct 2006

Quebec's Ambiguous Nation

Ignatieff supporters waffle on constitutional change.

By Richard Warnica, 25 Oct 2006

Housing Squatters Turfed?

Protests heat up on both sides of the Strait.

By Richard Warnica, 24 Oct 2006

Screw the Course in Iraq

US officials, even National Post, back down.

By Richard Warnica, 23 Oct 2006


Ousted Tory Turning Green?

Maverick MP Garth Turner gets cozy with Green leader.

By Richard Warnica, 19 Oct 2006


Giant of Misery

WRITERS FEST: A great Canadian character emerges in Wayne Johnston's 'Custodian of Paradise.'

By Richard Warnica, 18 Oct 2006


Reading Stephane Dion

On big questions like national unity, Dion's writings reveal a fierce wonk.

By Richard Warnica, 12 Oct 2006


Arar Report: What's Missing?

Dozens of 'omissions' conceal what kind and how much info was denied the public.

By Richard Warnica, 22 Sep 2006

Lost Labour

Unearthing a photo record of extinct jobs.

By Richard Warnica, 4 Sep 2006


Harper's Aussie Advisor

Lessons from the hardliner down under.

By Richard Warnica, 16 Jan 2006


The Tight Races in BC

And why it's wise not to bet on the pundits.

By Richard Warnica, 3 Jan 2006


Cultural Diversity: Canada's UN Victory

A protection the US fought. But will it work?

By Richard Warnica, 28 Oct 2005


Lorne Mayencourt's Great Escape

An official's mistake likely won him the election. Why his NDP rival gave up his court challenge.

By Richard Warnica, 28 Jul 2005

Uprooted after 30,000 Years

Robert Semeniuk documents the dislocation of the Kalahari Bushmen.

By Richard Warnica, 22 Jul 2005


Wrecking Rugby

Are professionals ruining a perfectly great game?

By Richard Warnica, 12 Jul 2005


To the Sun and Back Again

Sean Holman, at 29 a decorated political reporter, walked away from money and prestige to remain in charge of his agenda.

By Richard Warnica, 1 Jul 2005


Hot Box for Campbell: Vote Reform

STV got a bigger vote than the 2001 Liberals. Now what?

By Richard Warnica, 9 Jun 2005


Last Chance for Adriane Carr?

After five years she's still a long shot with a sheaf of 'paper candidates.' If Carr loses, will the Greens dump her?

By Richard Warnica, 13 May 2005


How Gordon Campbell's Policies Made a Rich Friend Far Richer

Longtime Campbell ally David McLean chairs CN Rail and owns a film studio. BC Liberal decisions helped those firms reap hundreds of millions of dollars.

By Richard Warnica, 9 May 2005


Jury Links Man's Death to Bed Shortage

Coroner’s report, involving a Port Alberni hospital where cuts roused protest, is due May 7.

By Richard Warnica, 21 Apr 2005