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Bryan Zandberg

Bryan Zandberg is the assistant editor of The Tyee.

Stories by Bryan Zandberg


A 'War on Fun' at UBC?

Condos go up as beer-fuelled partying deflates, say students.

By Bryan Zandberg, 3 Sep 2008


Get Ready for Nasty Weather

Canada must hurry to adapt to big climate shifts: expert.

By Bryan Zandberg, 2 Jun 2008

The Writing's on the Wall

A photographer shoots what city officials hope to crush.

By Bryan Zandberg, 2 Aug 2007


Free Transit? Experts Are Wary

Tyee series sparks interest, and cautionary tales.

By Bryan Zandberg, 30 Jul 2007


Telus Cleanses Image on YouTube

Take-down of pro-union films angers Internet speech advocates.

By Bryan Zandberg, 2 Jul 2007


CanWest Targets Ethnic Readers, Produces Gibberish

Automated 'instant translation' yields instant frustration.

By Bryan Zandberg, 27 Jun 2007


My Space

Why four BC artists go the wall for public art.

By Bryan Zandberg, 15 Jun 2007


Jets Stay Home?

Video meetings a hot idea amidst global warming.

By Bryan Zandberg, 4 Jun 2007


'The Biggest Story in the World'

Stephanie Nolen on AIDS, Africans, hope and gin.

By Bryan Zandberg, 3 May 2007


Now You Can Read What Doctors See

'Open Medicine' lets public view medical research. Med 2.0?

By Bryan Zandberg, 18 Apr 2007


Incoming! KaosPilots!

Dane MBAs reinvent biz school in poorest Vancouver.

By Bryan Zandberg, 4 Apr 2007


Confessions of a Naked Rower

BC's Colin Angus was first to circle the globe, muscle-powered.

By Bryan Zandberg, 2 Apr 2007


Reviving a Native Tongue

Can a UBC program bring back to life the Musqueam dialect?

By Bryan Zandberg, 23 Mar 2007


Whither Wireless?

Untangling Vancouver's Wi-Fi dreams.

By Bryan Zandberg, 22 Mar 2007


Blogged Out?

Veteran bloggers fatigued by trolls, small bankrolls.

By Bryan Zandberg, 14 Mar 2007


Digital Child Porn Watchdog: Too Big a Bite?

'Cleanfeed' a threat to free speech say critics.

By Bryan Zandberg, 7 Mar 2007

Civil Liberties, Recertified

Suddenly, it's a whole new post-9/11 Canada.

By Bryan Zandberg, 23 Feb 2007


Global Warming Demands Local Fixes

Half of greenhouse emissions are controlled at municipal level.

By Bryan Zandberg, 20 Feb 2007

The Boy Who Cried Wi-Fi

Problems with a city-wide system

By Bryan Zandberg and Richard Warnica, 16 Feb 2007


Can't Buy Me Love?

How Canadians use more cold cash on Feb 14th. And get it wrong.

By Bryan Zandberg, 13 Feb 2007


Canada Sleeps Through War to 'Save the Internet'

Digital democracy at risk if telecoms get their way say opponents.

By Bryan Zandberg, 17 Jan 2007


Slow Food's Growing Pains

Want to eat local? You'll have to get in line.

By Bryan Zandberg, 27 Dec 2006


Beyond Wikipedia

Larry Sanger wants to keep it honest. Get ready for Citizendium.

By Bryan Zandberg, 22 Dec 2006


As Pipelines Expand, So Do Fears of Clearcuts, Spills

Affected communities want more say.

By Bryan Zandberg, 23 Nov 2006


Coping with Climate Dread

Enviro experts battle despair as doom scenarios roll in.

By Bryan Zandberg, 20 Oct 2006


The Softwood Hard Sell

Deal a bitter pill for some B.C. lumber firms, especially 'remanufacturers.'

By Bryan Zandberg, 13 Oct 2006


A Tyee Series

Lure of the Urban Veggie Garden

Digging for love, money, fame and sex appeal.

By Bryan Zandberg, 19 May 2006


Piecework Professors

At universities, it's goodbye tenure, hello 'road scholars.'

By Bryan Zandberg, 18 May 2006