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Rob Annandale

Rob Annandale is on staff at The Tyee.

Stories by Rob Annandale


Add One More to Sam Sullivan's Many Political Lives

'This is my chance to rant. I've been holding it in all election.'

By Rob Annandale, 15 May 2013


Barrick Gold's Offer to Rape Victims Slammed by NGOs

Women assaulted by mining giant's Papua New Guinea employees waive rights by taking help, say critics.

By Rob Annandale, 2 Feb 2013


UBC, SFU helping CIDA to promote mining overseas

By Rob Annandale, 24 Nov 2012


Mining Abuses the 'Defining Fight of Our Lives': Barlow

Environmental and human rights records of Canadian firms assailed at Vancouver gathering.

By Rob Annandale, 6 Jun 2012


Haiti's Brand Is Cursed

Rich nations spend billions on self-stimulus. A poor island just gets smeared.

By Rob Annandale, 25 Jun 2009


NDP hold but lose ground in Surrey

By Rob Annandale, 13 May 2009


In Haiti, like BC, Business Fights Rise in Minimum Wage

In both places, a living wage vs. threats of job losses.

By Rob Annandale, 8 May 2009


Welfare cuts + recession = increased food insecurity, says study

By Rob Annandale, 3 May 2009


A Tyee Series

Idea #6: Phase out Fishermen

Rashid Sumaila wants governments to cut subsidies and retrain anglers.

By Rob Annandale, 29 Dec 2008


A Tyee Series

Idea #2: Voter-funded Media

Mark Latham wants readers to control the purse strings.

By Rob Annandale, 23 Dec 2008


No Charter protection for Afghan detainees: Court

By Rob Annandale, 19 Dec 2008


Afghan detainees subject to Charter: Amnesty, BC CLA

By Rob Annandale, 11 Dec 2008


Liberals headed to majority in Quebec: poll

By Rob Annandale, 5 Dec 2008


Has Harper Hurt National Unity?

Poised to vote, Quebeckers are stinging from PM's attacks on the Bloc.

By Rob Annandale, 5 Dec 2008


Greens lose ground in Vancouver by-elections

By Rob Annandale, 30 Oct 2008


BC health care: Falling apart? Or best in Canada?

By Rob Annandale, 28 Oct 2008


Green Vancouver-Fairview could help shape provincial campaign

By Rob Annandale, 25 Oct 2008


Voters had just one chance to see by-election candidates debate

By Rob Annandale, 23 Oct 2008


BC NDP wants protection for tenants evicted for renos

By Rob Annandale, 22 Oct 2008


Van Centre LGBT debate hot with hissing and F-bombs

By Rob Annandale, 9 Oct 2008


Tories release better-late-than-never platform

By Rob Annandale, 7 Oct 2008


Newton-North Delta again too close to call

By Rob Annandale, 7 Oct 2008


New Democrats' BC vision short on specifics

By Rob Annandale, 2 Oct 2008


NDP would invest $4 billion in transit

By Rob Annandale, 30 Sep 2008


Leaning Green: A left-wing party that tilts right on taxes?

By Rob Annandale, 29 Sep 2008


NDP seeks to balance unity and diversity

By Colleen Kimmett and Rob Annandale, 26 Sep 2008


Liberal leader Dion defends importance of arts and culture

By Rob Annandale, 23 Sep 2008


Tories and NDP vie for BC's grey vote

By Rob Annandale, 18 Sep 2008


NDP promises child care; Tories would stop selling cigars to kids

By Rob Annandale, 18 Sep 2008


Gordon Campbell = Tommy Douglas?

By Rob Annandale, 13 Sep 2008


A million monkeys vs. the pollsters

By Rob Annandale, 11 Sep 2008


Layton tells Vancouver he’s the change BC needs

By Rob Annandale, 9 Sep 2008


The Little House That Could

Could densify cities affordably, that is. The rise of the laneway cottage.

By Rob Annandale, 25 Mar 2008


A Tyee Series

Idea #11: U-bike

Peter Ladner wants Vancouver awash in rental bikes.

By Rob Annandale, 31 Dec 2007


A Tyee Series

Idea #7: Stick It to the Pine Beetle

Sorin Pasca turns dead trees into a new building material

By Rob Annandale, 25 Dec 2007


A Tyee Series

Idea #5: Cheap Meds for the World's Poor

A student group gets UBC onboard.

By Rob Annandale, 21 Dec 2007


A Tyee Series

Idea #3: Make Car Insurance Green and Fair

A UBC team wants rates that help the environment without hurting the pocketbook.

By Rob Annandale, 19 Dec 2007

Pickton Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

Verdict closes one chapter but this story is far from over.

By Rob Annandale, 9 Dec 2007

Census Provides Snapshot on Immigration

Media reports suggest there could soon be close to a bazillion immigrants in Canada.

By Rob Annandale, 5 Dec 2007


Tieleman Hit by Break-In

Reporter thinks intruders sent Railgate 'message.'

By Rob Annandale, 4 Dec 2007

Olympic Mascots Unveiled

How could anyone not love the Games now?

By Rob Annandale, 27 Nov 2007

BC's Child Poverty Rate Tops Again

Or is this headline just trying to manipulate you?

By Rob Annandale, 26 Nov 2007

Judgment Day for Treaty Process

A landmark court ruling criticizes government dealings with First Nations.

By Rob Annandale, 22 Nov 2007

Canada Tough on Minors

From Omar Khadr to First Nations youth, the kids are not alright.

By Rob Annandale, 21 Nov 2007


BC's Drug Gangs: 'These Are Humans. They're Kids'

Author Ranj Dhaliwal on how youths get into, and out of, gangs.

By Rob Annandale, 16 Nov 2007

Taser Video Prompts Review

But the RCMP continues to self-police for now.

By Rob Annandale, 15 Nov 2007

Civil City Progress Questioned

Apparently, it's not easy to count drug deals.

By Rob Annandale, 14 Nov 2007

Requiem for the 'Colour Revolutions'

Georgia's troubles provide the nail in the coffin.

By Rob Annandale, 9 Nov 2007

Tackling Global Pollution

Would sanctions really do the trick?

By Rob Annandale, 7 Nov 2007

Polls Gauge Canada's Greenness

Something doesn't add up.

By Rob Annandale, 6 Nov 2007


Trickle Down

Maude Barlow on water as a right, free trade and Canada's 'shame.'

By Rob Annandale, 29 Oct 2007

New Bill to Close Veil Loophole

That just leaves the small matter of 1 million excluded rural voters.

By Rob Annandale, 26 Oct 2007

Tories Push Security Agenda

Maher who? So much for that lesson.

By Rob Annandale, 24 Oct 2007

UN Criticizes Canada Twice in One Day

A good rep gone bad.

By Rob Annandale, 22 Oct 2007

Throne Speech Leaves Opposition Cold

It's decision time for Dion.

By Rob Annandale, 17 Oct 2007

A Postcard Is Worth 500 Words

Geist's writing contest: image plus imagination.

By Rob Annandale, 17 Oct 2007

Turkey Threatens to Enter Iraq

Things could actually get worse.

By Rob Annandale, 15 Oct 2007


Unstable Mix: Politics and Liquefied Natural Gas

Citing 'safety concerns,' feds fight LNG project back east -- but not along BC's coast.

By Rob Annandale, 11 Oct 2007

Ending Poverty

Five easy steps towards a just society.

By Rob Annandale, 5 Oct 2007


A Tyee Series

Ex-Canadian Writer Returns Home

Nancy Huston on language, misunderstanding and war.

By Rob Annandale, 4 Oct 2007

A World Without Nukes?

Worrying about mutual destruction makes a comeback.

By Rob Annandale, 3 Oct 2007


Campbell Promises to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions -- Later

Port Mann Bridge, Site C dam top premier's sparse agenda

By Rob Annandale, 28 Sep 2007

Canada Rises to the Middle

PM says Afghanistan and climate change make us matter.

By Rob Annandale, 25 Sep 2007


Pine Beetle, Mr. Opportunity?

The bug brings floods, fires and talk of new economies.

By Rob Annandale, 25 Sep 2007

Blackwater Returns to the Fray in Iraq

Nothing says peace like mercenaries with immunity.

By Rob Annandale, 21 Sep 2007

Canadian Dollar Tops American Buck

All hail the mighty loonie!

By Rob Annandale, 20 Sep 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes

The Tories send mixed signals to First Nations.

By Rob Annandale, 19 Sep 2007

Raiding the Roof

Vancouver's pre-Olympic spruce-up hits a bump in the road.

By Rob Annandale, 18 Sep 2007


BC's Move to 'Big Box' Schools

Parents worry closing small schools hurts kids.

By Rob Annandale, 7 Sep 2007


Court Looms Over Coalbed Protest

Lengthy battle over Sacred Headwaters continues this week.

By Rob Annandale, 27 Aug 2007