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Steve Anderson


Steve Anderson is the founder and executive director of, an award-winning, Canadian nonprofit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. best known for the Stop The Meter campaign, which is widely considered the biggest online campaign in Canadian history.

Steve is also an open internet advocate, writer, and social media consultant. His writing has appeared in numerous local and national publications including The Tyee, the Toronto Star, Ottawa Citizen, The National Post, Epoch Times, Common Ground, and Vue Weekly. Steve is a contributing author of the CPPA book The Internet Tree, and also writes a monthly syndicated column called “Media Links.”

Reporting Beat: Digital policy, internet governance, media democracy.

Twitter: @steve_media

Website: Steve Anderson on

Stories by Steve Anderson


A People's Plea: Don't Spy on Us

Parliament heard this 'crowdsourced' testimony against Bill C-13's attack on citizens' privacy.

By Steve Anderson, 3 Jun 2014


Canada's Spy Watchdogs Are Lobbyists, and That's a Problem

When government listens to industry (Big Telecom, anyone?), and not citizens, we all suffer.

By Steve Anderson, 16 Jan 2014


Occupy's Strength? Web Power!

Vancouver site's open-source, collaborative style shows the might of a web-modelled world.

By Steve Anderson, 17 Nov 2011


Taking Back the Internet

Three greedy grabs by Big Telecom, and how to put the Net back in peoples' hands.

By Steve Anderson, 12 Oct 2011


Tories Still Bent on Sweeping Cyber-Spying Powers

Stripped from crime bill, online surveillance law not dead despite massive opposition.

By Steve Anderson, 21 Sep 2011


Canadians Should Make the Rules, Not Big Telecom

CRTC invites 'stakeholders' to help it decide. Why so few small innovators and regular citizens?

By Steve Anderson, 1 Aug 2011


Say No to Forced Internet Spying

The government wants to make providers monitor your personal info online.

By Steve Anderson, 20 Jul 2011


Vote for the Engine of Social Change

Time to take a stand on future of the Internet, and make politicians do the same.

By Steve Anderson, Shea Sinnott and Glyn Lewis, 27 Apr 2011


Why We Fight (for the Internet)

Let them close the Net by metering or throttling, and it's a defeat for sharing, creativity, and human potential.

By Steve Anderson, 23 Mar 2011


Don't Take Digital Innovation for Granted

In Canada, powerful actors want to make the Net more expensive, less open.

By Steve Anderson, 21 Jan 2011


A Tyee Series

Idea #3: Let's You and Me Transform the CBC

Canada's public broadcaster says it wants public involvement. We should take them seriously, and get active.

By Steve Anderson, 22 Dec 2010


Crowdsourcing the World

Saturday is Media Democracy Day. Read this to glimpse a cool future.

By Steve Anderson, 5 Nov 2010


TV versus the Internet

Telecoms undermining the open Net to favour their own digital TV services? Here's evidence it's happening.

By Steve Anderson, 6 Oct 2010


The Community Media Fund that Never Was

The CRTC had a perfect chance to strengthen local independents. It failed.

By Steve Anderson and Lindsey Pinto, 8 Sep 2010


In Defence of the CRTC

Recent rulings suggest the electronic media regulator can do the right thing when faced with public pressure.

By Steve Anderson, 18 Aug 2010


A Digital Strategy for Whom? Industry or Society?

Ottawa wants your vision for Canada's digital future. Is it just about business?

By Steve Anderson and Reilly Yeo, 7 Jul 2010


Al Jazeera Is Here, and That's Good for Diversity

Canadian in charge vows 'every angle, every side, regardless of consequences.'

By Steve Anderson and Anita Krajnc , 26 May 2010


Whose Digital Media Revolution?

Feds will give millions to old media giants to revamp, shutting out the little guys who are true groundbreakers. Unless you act.

By Steve Anderson, 5 May 2010


A Lost Chance to Save an Open Internet

Tories want to lift foreign ownership rules for telecom. First, insure our open access to the Net.

By Steve Anderson, 2 Apr 2010


Why Are Tories Giving up on Canadian Innovation?

We could lead in mobile communications and other tech, but Harper doesn't seem to agree.

By Steve Anderson, 10 Mar 2010


One Sure Olympics Winner: New Media

W2's Media House is base camp for pumped new players. Social media bulked up 82 per cent this year.

By Steve Anderson, Kaitlyn Braybrooke, Vivian Xudan Pan and Jacqueline Cusack McDonald, 10 Feb 2010


Big Cable Owes Us $100 Million

And maybe eight times that, after misspending community media funds to further their own aims.

By Steve Anderson, 26 Jan 2010


For Media, 2010 is the Year of 'Open'

Meet the many innovators advancing the open media movement.

By Steve Anderson, 4 Jan 2010


Make Sure They're Not Throttling Us

Keep the Internet open and creative. The CRTC needs to watchdog ISP practices.

By Steve Anderson, 6 Dec 2009


This Is Independent Media's Moment

Tomorrow is Media Democracy Day in Vancouver. The potential is huge.

By Marie Elliott and Steve Anderson, 6 Nov 2009


From the Asper Model to Fresh Media

Canwest's financial mess was mapped in Ottawa. Time to steer towards creative diversity.

By Steve Anderson, 22 Oct 2009


A New Vision for Community TV

Centres like Vancouver's W2 promise a more democratic way to create televised media.

By Steve Anderson and Michael Lithgow, 2 Oct 2009


The News Is Getting More Social

People would rather converse than be told, so journalism is opening up.

By Steve Anderson, 9 Sep 2009


Open Media, Open Government

How digital democracy activists are pointing to a new way of governing.

By Steve Anderson, 27 Jul 2009


Rise of the 'Produser'

How Creative Commons licensing is shifting who makes media, and how.

By Steve Anderson, 6 Jul 2009


Canada Needs a Serious Agenda for Media Innovation

Support an open Internet, and the creative efforts it allows.

By Steve Anderson, 5 Jun 2009


The Power of Twitter

And Facebook and Unconferences, too. Social media's amazing tools for positive action.

By Steve Anderson, 21 May 2009


Let's Re-imagine Journalism

The media meltdown offers an opportunity for creative solutions.

By Steve Anderson, 1 Apr 2009


Why Big Media Is Failing

News empires pursued ever bigger profits, not the public good.

By Steve Anderson, 11 Mar 2009


Keep Canada's Internet Open

Big telecoms are trying to ruin Net democracy. Tell the feds to stop them.

By Steve Anderson, 23 Feb 2009


Who Will Control Our Digital Soul?

Internet battle lines are drawn in Canada. Here's what's at stake.

By Steve Anderson, 15 Jan 2009


Media Debate Ready for Take Off

First of 'Media Links,' a new column about news media and democracy.

By Steve Anderson, 22 Dec 2008


Why Media Is a Big Election Issue

Canada is about to remake the way you get your information.

By Steve Anderson, 29 Sep 2008


It's Our Web, Not Theirs

Let's stop big corporations from taking it over.

By Steve Anderson, 18 Dec 2007


Canadians Want Media Choice

At this critical moment, we must tell our politicians.

By Steve Anderson, 16 Jul 2007