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Elaine Corden

Elaine Corden writes about pop culture for the Tyee. Her work has appeared on CBC Radio, and in The Georgia Straight, The Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, Vancouver Magazine, Time Out, Victoria Times-Colonist, Monday Magazine, FFWD, The Hour, North Shore News, Shared Vision and some papers in Florida, Texas and Oregon she forgets the names of. Until recently, she authored the music column "Band Geek" for WestEnder, where she also acted as Arts Editor. She maintains the pop-culture obsessed blog Trifective, and is currently working on her first novel.

Stories by Elaine Corden


Author Lawrence Hill Calls for Humanity in Face of Refugee Crisis

His new book 'The Illegal' sheds surprising light on undocumented life.

By Elaine Corden, 16 Sep 2015


A Map of Joel Plaskett

The long and winding singer-songwriter hits a career apex with Three.

By Elaine Corden, 7 May 2009


World's Toughest Dog Sled Race

Jamaican chivalry and more notes from this year's Yukon Quest.

By Elaine Corden, 2 Mar 2009


Shock at 'God Hates Fags'

VIDEO: US Westboro Church's gay bashing plans in Vancouver.

By Vanessa Richmond and Elaine Corden, 11 Nov 2008


Paul Weller's '22 Dreams'

Ex-member of The Jam and Style Council gets better with each passing year.

By Elaine Corden, 21 Aug 2008


Festivals Are Getting Bigger

Why small ones like Dawson City are still better.

By Elaine Corden, 24 Jul 2008


Cut Copy's Indie Summer Dance Music

'In Ghost Colours': melodic, experimental, nostalgic beats.

By Elaine Corden, 19 Jun 2008


Are You Lovin' It?

More indie artists are turning songs into ad jingles. Survival or sell-out?

By Elaine Corden, 9 May 2008


Remember The Verve's 'Bittersweet Symphony'?

Even better tracks from lead singer Richard Ashcroft.

By Elaine Corden, 17 Apr 2008


Music to Soothe Us in Troubled Times

Bush, sub-prime and Nancy Grace require good soft rock.

By Elaine Corden, 27 Mar 2008


If You Can't Beat 'Em

Embrace the rainy blues with Vancouver's The Pack A.D.

By Elaine Corden, 6 Mar 2008


Thanks, Oprah

Sorry, I just can't sneer at her 'Big Give.'

By Elaine Corden, 3 Mar 2008


Why Black Mountain Is Worth Climbing

This prog-rock is high. And good.

By Elaine Corden, 31 Jan 2008


Why Most Cover Songs Stink

And Cat Power's don't.

By Elaine Corden, 24 Jan 2008


Music to Win the War Against January Blahs

M.I.A., Andre Ethier, Handsome Furs, Feist and Los Campesinos.

By Elaine Corden, 3 Jan 2008


Giving Up the 'Old-Man Rock Lifestyle'

Infectious pop from New York's Lil Mama.

By Elaine Corden, 13 Dec 2007


Thought Old-School Albums Were Dead?

They're ba-ack! Midlake's secret gems.

By Elaine Corden, 22 Nov 2007


Is Indie Rock too White?

And should it learn from black 'rhythm' and 'soul'?

By Elaine Corden, 1 Nov 2007


The Dolly Lama

No greater oracle of wisdom, sunshine and feminism than she.

By Elaine Corden, 11 Oct 2007


'A Woman Trapped in a Woman's Body'

Why don't we worship funny women?

By Elaine Corden, 28 Sep 2007


Autumn Music

Lightning Dust's potent mellow.

By Elaine Corden, 20 Sep 2007


Super Furry Animals' Next Gem

'Poptastic, cheeky and gorgeous.'

By Elaine Corden, 30 Aug 2007


Diana's Revenge

While media devours other young women, she refuses to die.

By Elaine Corden, 13 Aug 2007


Breezy, Complicated Pop Music

Gruff Rhys's 'Candylion.'

By Elaine Corden, 9 Aug 2007


New Classic Summer Rock

Nick Lowe's latest is better than hipster.

By Elaine Corden, 19 Jul 2007


Posh, the Struggling Immigrant

Making sense of 'Victoria Beckham: Coming to America'

By Elaine Corden, 17 Jul 2007


Soft Beauty in Dark Places

Why Chet's slow, sunny crooning has won me over.

By Elaine Corden, 28 Jun 2007


Is CBC’s New Populism Perverted?

Why youth fans like me are tuning out.

By Elaine Corden, 21 Jun 2007


On a Quest for Homegrown Music Festivals?

Go your own 'Waste.'

By Elaine Corden, 7 Jun 2007


Less Lonely Hearts Club

New Wainwright: goodbye cynicism, hello romance.

By Elaine Corden, 24 May 2007


Looking a Style Horse in the Mouth

Why Globe's 'Most Stylish Canadian' contest is just the opposite.

By Elaine Corden, 18 May 2007


Music 2.0

What do you think has replaced the big, great bands?

By Elaine Corden, 17 May 2007


Doctor, Heal Thyself

Dr. Phil used to be my guilty pleasure. How he lost me and his moral ground.

By Elaine Corden, 11 May 2007


The Swedes Are at It Again

Glittering, synth-driven pop from The Knife. ABBA part two?

By Elaine Corden, 19 Apr 2007


Listen to This!

Eat your words critics! Elizabeth delivers on early hype.

By Elaine Corden, 15 Mar 2007


Turns Out, Fox Isn't Funny

Watching the right wing's try at 'The Daily Show.'

By Elaine Corden, 6 Mar 2007


Canadian Idle

Why hopefuls audition for a show that won't make them stars.

By Elaine Corden, 7 Feb 2007


Listen to This!

Local future stars, Organ Trail.

By Elaine Corden, 18 Jan 2007


Can I Cut off CNN?

I'm trying. But is a war a war without a theme song?

By Elaine Corden, 11 Jan 2007


TV's Schmaltzy Santa Act

Seems every show wants to get in on it.

By Elaine Corden, 14 Dec 2006


Modelling Bad Behaviour

Mocking 'Top Model' was my group sport, but the joke's on me.

By Elaine Corden, 25 Oct 2006


George's Next Act

Stroumboulopoulos on learning from 'The One,' relaunching 'The Hour,' and refocusing the CBC.

By Vanessa Richmond and Elaine Corden, 10 Oct 2006


CBC Smartens Up

Heck, one new show is even called Intelligence.

By Elaine Corden, 26 Sep 2006


TV, You Charmer

Maybe this year, you and I can make it work. (A fall season preview.)

By Elaine Corden, 12 Sep 2006


'Whistler': One Toke Over the Line?

Show shreds, but zones out on the resort's reality.

By Elaine Corden, 11 Aug 2006


Oh, George, I Thought You Were 'The One'

What happened to CBC's hope for the new generation?

By Elaine Corden, 19 Jul 2006


So You Think You Can Dance?

I resisted hard. But I have the fever.

By Elaine Corden, 28 Jun 2006


Canada's Next Top Mishap

Why is Canadian trash TV so stinkingly bad?

By Elaine Corden, 2 Jun 2006


A Tyee Series

My Search for a Sport that Actually Is Pretty Fun

Including Radminton, rocker soccer and nude swim at the public pool.

By Elaine Corden, 22 Mar 2006


Vancouver's Red Hot Indie Music Scene

It's incredibly diverse, and grabbing wide attention.

By Elaine Corden, 13 Sep 2005


What's Your Guilty Pleasure?

Musically that is. Abba when alone? Or worse?

By Elaine Corden, 16 Aug 2005


'Who Would Jesus Bomb?'

That's just one button on offer from Vancouver's pin-on king and queen.

By Elaine Corden, 15 Jul 2005