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Shannon Rupp

Vancouver-based Shannon Rupp is a contributing editor for The Tyee.

Twitter: ShannonRupp

Stories by Shannon Rupp


Want a Better Facebook? Get Smart Friends

Bypass the algorithms and make your friends list work like an old-time newspaper.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Jan 2018


Embrace the Gift of Boredom

This year’s resolution: do more by doing less.

By Shannon Rupp, 2 Jan 2018


Listen Up! Audio Is a Thing

From Audible’s new Canadian store to Pacific Content’s branded podcasts, listeners are lending their ears to new media.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Dec 2017


Protect Our Local Glamour Industries from Scandals

Everything’s beautiful at the ballet? Only if the public keeps an eye on it.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Nov 2017


Harvey Weinstein’s Lessons in Media Literacy

Long delay in exposing abuses shows industry’s power over newsrooms.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Oct 2017


Toronto Star Crosses Taste With Tempest in a Wine Glass

Even as they beg for money, Canadian newspapers can’t even get the puff pieces right anymore.

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Sep 2017


The Fight to Turn Off Junk Food Ads Aimed at Kids

Big advertisers are battling government regulation; we can’t let them win.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Aug 2017


BC Liberal Email Adds Grease to Sliding Trust in News Media

But the way journalism gets made is too complex for simple conspiracy theories.

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Jul 2017


TV, What Is It Good For? (Small Talk, of Course)

It’s certainly no reflection of our politics or, as Game of Throners would hopefully agree, our values.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jul 2017


Newspapers Want Our Money? Here’s What We Want!

For the love of Godfrey, don’t just give newspapers money without rules.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Jun 2017


A Gentrifier Tells All

Behold and marvel at the indiscreet charm of the bourgeoisie.

By Shannon Rupp, 9 Jun 2017


Grabby the Sea Lion Should Inspire New Tourism Campaigns

‘Come to the West Coast... if you dare’ beats ‘Beautiful BC’ as a marketing slogan.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 May 2017


Handmaids, Anne and the Americanization of Canada

Slick U.S. TV adaptations of two Canadian classics strip away any trace of this country.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 May 2017


Professor Cranky-Pants Investigates the World

Or why you will regret missing Peter Babiak’s new book.

By Shannon Rupp, 9 May 2017


Don’t Panic! Fake News Is Easy to Spot If You Know What to Look For

Readers should have no trouble noting the red flags — even if editors do.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2017


‘Missing Richard Simmons’: What It Is, Why It Addicts

The hit podcast isn’t journalism, so why do people want it to be?

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Mar 2017


Extra! Extra! Read All A-bot It?

As our news industry collapses, it’s time to invite the robot reporters in.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Mar 2017


In Times of Grim Headlines, Read as Our Bad News Forebears Did

They turned to Agatha Christie in a time of global misery and creeping authoritarianism. Now I see why.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Feb 2017


As Readers, We’re Not Powerless to Fight Fake News

Social media sites can combat online propaganda, but individuals should take steps, too.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Feb 2017


Subscription Newsletters, Booming Like It’s the 18th Century

Got an obsession? There’s bound to be a personal email missive for you.

By Shannon Rupp, 2 Jan 2017


A Last-Minute Gift: The Truth About Christmas

When someone grumps the ‘true meaning’ is being lost, tell them about the holiday’s Pagan/industrial roots.

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Dec 2016


Why the ‘Rise’ of Fake News Is Just Not True

Don’t let fear of Trump feed a moral panic that justifies censorship.

By Shannon Rupp, 15 Dec 2016


Comfort Me, Gilmore Girls

These stressful times demand your small-town, screwball dramedy. Welcome back.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Nov 2016


The Attention Merchants: A History of Advertising’s Long Grip on Media

Tim Wu’s timely book explains a lot about today’s click-bait and fake news.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Nov 2016


The Burden of Peak TV

I know, woe is me. But with so many offerings, viewer etiquette has totally changed.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Oct 2016


Memo to Trudeau: CBC Earns Our Tax Money, Corporate Media Does Not

Fake news, and more reasons to ignore lobbyists pounding on your door.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Oct 2016


Wait, Privacy Is Cool Again?

Over-sharing is over, as signs indicate the ‘Age of Narcissism’ coming to a close.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Oct 2016


‘Everything Is Fine’: A Tale of How Rape Can Shape a Life

At Vancouver’s Fringe fest, Jennifer Martin brings a long-secret story to the stage.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Sep 2016


Yearning for Learning This Fall? Try a MOOC

It’s the perfect cure for back-to-school nostalgia. No lumpy cafeteria food required.

By Shannon Rupp, 24 Aug 2016


Should Your Taxes Subsidize Big Media?

As pressure mounts for bailouts, time to look at how bad traditional outlets have become.

By Shannon Rupp, 15 Aug 2016


‘Social Media for Academics’: An Actually Useful Guide

Finally, a manual that’s devoid of the usual dubious digital-guru speak. And it’s not just for profs.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Jul 2016


Seeking a Novel Cure? Try Bibliotherapy

As a successful amateur practitioner, this I know: a book a day keeps the Prozac away.

By Shannon Rupp, 7 Jul 2016


Look Out, TV: Aaron Sorkin Is Going Digital

Beloved boomer fare 'The West Wing' spawns re-watch podcast. So when's the Netflix reboot?

By Shannon Rupp, 27 Jun 2016


Old Media Jump on a Stalling Digital Bandwagon

Digital ironies: are datascraping news outlets reading the data?

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Jun 2016


Career Advice for Newly Minted Workers

Beware the 'hope economy.' Flee if you hear 'do what you love.'

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Jun 2016


Postmedia Baron Godfrey's Gobsmacking Audacity

Now he wants your money to bail out his assault on journalism.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 May 2016


Ever Uncompromising, 'The Good Wife' Comes to an End

From ageism to ableism, few stereotypes left unbroken in this legal drama.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2016


Embracing the Brave New, and Creepy, Bots

Should we trade ethics and human contact for machines that pretend to like us?

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Apr 2016


Testing Blendle, the Newest New News Distributor

It's pick-and-pay journalism with a money-back-guarantee. But will the model devalue the product itself?

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Mar 2016


Clinton Nabs the Pretend Vile Women Endorsement

Watching US political ads, every appeal feels more surreal.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Mar 2016


Breaking Cable? Skinny TV Is an Inspiration

The real problem is people aren't buying what companies are selling.

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Mar 2016


Learning to Love 'Advertainment'

In a disrupted industry, well-placed products pay artists. Audiences needn't suffer.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Feb 2016


Six Podcasts for Lonely Hearts

No V-Day plans? Spend quality time with these love lessons and confessions.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Feb 2016


Peak Buzzword? Tough Times Ahead for 'Influencer' Biz

PR disasters prove consumers hunger for truth, not chocolate with beards.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Jan 2016


Podcast Overload: Soundtrack to Your New Year's Resolutions

May we suggest taking Sarah Koenig to the gym? Or, declutter with BBC blockbusters.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jan 2016


Tiny Copyright Decision Gives Hard News Lovers Big Hope

Journo-owned media shop Blacklock's Reporter battled a breach of their paywall, and won.

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Dec 2015


Seven Tasty Podcasts for Cookie Baking (or Burning) Season

December already? Pass the dark humour and pagan history, please.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Dec 2015


Podcast Picks: Gilmore Guys, Millennials, Startups, Oh My!

Call it news from the niches. Binge listeners welcome.

By Shannon Rupp, 4 Nov 2015


'No Googling!' Fool Your Friends with Surreal Election Headlines

Snitch lines. Brothel tales. It's not easy sifting news from satire.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Oct 2015


Four Podcasts that Beat Your High School History Class

Indie shows revisit hoaxes, rebellions and socialites through the centuries.

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Oct 2015


Politics Imitates Art with 'The Best Laid Plans: A Musical'

A needed antidote in the age of #peegate, the show opens tonight in Vancouver.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Sep 2015


Four Podcasts for Election Boycotters (and One for Polling Wonks)

Tyee's recommended listening considers crime, love and pop mega-hit masochism.

By Shannon Rupp, 4 Sep 2015


'Outsiders Still': Real Talk for Would-Be Female Reporters

Vivian Smith's book a window into glass ceiling of Canadian newsrooms.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Aug 2015


Four Deep Dive Podcasts for News and Culture Junkies

Join the headphones-on-transit revolution with these heavyweight shows.

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Jul 2015


I'm Calling It: Podcasting Is the Future of Journalism

Millions of listeners, investigative scores and cash flow make this model a winner.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Jul 2015


'UnReal' Deliciously Skewers Reality TV

Biting satire from 'The Bachelor' alumna? I didn't believe it either.

By Shannon Rupp, 4 Jul 2015


Hold it! Twitter 'Shaming' Serves a Purpose

'Victims' so obnoxious they draw social media wrath? They've earned their hell.

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Jun 2015


Torture Porn: Diversion for Our Messed Up World

What else but social anxiety can explain this spike in TV brutality?

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jun 2015


What's Behind the Cannes Flap over Flats?

Banning comfy shoes at film festival is a bid to exclude women from the workplace.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 May 2015


Twitter Quitter Joss Whedon, I Get Your Fatigue

Anyone sucked into the farce of online vanity vending can sympathize.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 May 2015


Where Will Don Draper Land?

Our crystal ball predicts the moody ad man ends his days in swank retirement, tweeting bon mots.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Apr 2015


The French Are Holier than Toi

And our love of strict manuals on life a la Parisienne says a lot about us.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Apr 2015


How Clever Ikea Ads Make Us Feel Smart

When pranksters trick snooty art lovers, it's pure schadenfreude.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Mar 2015


Is There an Upside to a Measles Outbreak?

Here's one: experts are publicly shaming anti-vaxxers.

By Shannon Rupp, 4 Mar 2015


To Help People Fall in Love, Don't Do This

Still, even the sketchiest romance experiment can be revealing.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Feb 2015


In Praise of Reporters Who Stir the Pot

Media critic Jesse Brown is making waves -- and a few enemies -- in journalism circles.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Jan 2015


There's Sitcom Potential in those CBC Missteps

Or, to quote Elvis Costello: 'I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused.'

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Jan 2015


Online Distractions for that Entertainment Sinkhole Known as January

From Serial to UK radio dramas, the Internet has plenty to amuse us until spring.

By Shannon Rupp, 2 Jan 2015


Enough! Here's What 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' Is Truly About

And why pretty much everyone who covers the hoary ol' tune fails miserably.

By Shannon Rupp, 24 Dec 2014


Put a Jingle on That: Why the Worst People Make the Best Christmas Movie Heroes

Sketchy characters suffer few consequences if they can demonstrate holiday panache.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Dec 2014


Why Katniss Frightens Dictators

'Hunger Games' teen heroine is fiercely independent -- to the point of subversion.

By Shannon Rupp, 27 Nov 2014


How to Catch a Liar

The truth is in the details -- but you have to listen hard.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Nov 2014


Do eBooks Make Us Dumber?

If you want to follow the plot of your favourite mystery, read the print version.

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Oct 2014


'Serial' Podcast: True Crime Storytelling at Its Finest

To call it addictive is an understatement. But should I be this entertained?

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Oct 2014


From Mix Tape to iPod to... What Now?

Have tech whizzes forgotten people who love to make, and give, playlists?

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Oct 2014


Aiming for A-List? Time to Get Shameless

One self-promoting author reminds us of the thin line between crazy and crazy genius.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Sep 2014


Time to Regulate the News Media

Comedian John Oliver's right about our self-destructing press. Here's what to do about it.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Aug 2014


Why Does The Province's Theatre Critic Use a Fake Name?

And more strange tales from today's blurry frontiers of arts coverage.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Jul 2014


Feeling Nostalgeek?

Set in the retro floppy disk early 1980s, 'Halt and Catch Fire' is brilliant TV.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Jul 2014


Foodies and Readers: You Must Know Laurie Colwin

June is the perfect time to savour this likable kitchen companion.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Jun 2014


Sorry CBC TV, Canada Is a Radio Nation

Save those dwindling taxpayer dimes for a medium that matters.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jun 2014


'It's the Hamster's Ass'

Liven up your lexicon with slang that truly reflects the way we live now.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 May 2014


Who Killed the Romantic Comedy?

I have a theory. And a list of great ones to watch as solace.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 May 2014


No One's a Critic

Without fearless, trustworthy arts reviewers, we're left to waste the night away.

By Shannon Rupp, 2 May 2014


Thank the Gender Wars! The Return of 'Oleanna'

Done with nuance, what Mamet's notorious sexual harassment play tells us today.

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Apr 2014


'Angry Kids & Stressed Out Parents'

CBC doc on how poverty affects young brains may turn you into an early education evangelist, too.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Mar 2014


I'll Take My Coffee with Fiction, Thanks

Can't stomach what passes for 'news' these days? Wake up with a short story instead.

By Shannon Rupp, 6 Mar 2014


No Valentine? I Hear the Economy's Desperate

Plagued by rising singledom, Cupid's Day retailers look to woo a different crowd.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Feb 2014


Eeeuuuwww Jasmine

Woody Allen's latest work, per usual, is full of clues to who he really is.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Feb 2014


Toast Is the New Cupcake

Glutenous villain no more, the lowly slab gets a makeover.

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Jan 2014


In Defence of 'Downton Abbey'

By the same person who told you I hate 'Breaking Bad.' Hey, sometimes drek delights.

By Shannon Rupp, 4 Jan 2014


Santa Wasn't Born Bad

Society made him that way. Look what the churches, the Victorians and corporations did to a fun little pagan winter fest.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Dec 2013


An 'Infidel' Writes: Dear Mr. Pallister, Since You Asked

Christianity is free to borrow the Winter Solstice, but don't forget who lent it to you.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Dec 2013


Sauder's Rape Chant Response Fails PR 101

UBC business school teaches leadership, or so it's promoted. Might be nice if they showed some.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Nov 2013


Free Labour in the Digital Sweatshop? Free Yourself!

Next time some website asks you to work without pay, summon your inner-artisan.

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Nov 2013


Has Canada Seen Its Last Alice Munro?

Only if we let those old-fashioned Gilmour guys ignore Canadian writers.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Oct 2013


Engagement Rings Are Hardly Romantic

Sparkly rocks remind us of a time when women were property.

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Oct 2013


'Breaking Bad,' Latest in Depravity TV

I can only stand so much evil mixed with bad decor and call it entertainment.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Sep 2013


Internet, Save Me From the Summer Doldrums

A recap of August stories made better by the chatter of the mob.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Aug 2013


I'm Allergic to Everything!

With seemingly healthy foods suddenly verboten, I have to wonder: Is bacon my new best friend?

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Aug 2013


A Novel Idea for Newspapers: Help Us Shop

And who better to marry quality media with online malls than new WaPo owner, Amazon's Bezos?

By Shannon Rupp, 15 Aug 2013


Licia Corbella, Journalism Thanks You

Reaction to Calgary editorial writer's anti-harm reduction rant proves news still works in this country.

By Shannon Rupp, 24 Jul 2013


Why Women Don't Care about 'Current Affairs'

A theory that could help newspapers win their most lucrative ad audience back.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Jul 2013


Be Employable, Study Philosophy

Unsolicited advice for those entering the brave new world of work, or worse, journalism.

By Shannon Rupp, 27 Jun 2013


How Harper's Office Is Playing News Editor

Can you spot the 'scoops' that a PMO flack provided to journalists?

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Jun 2013


The Brothers Ford and the Charm Problem

Don't confuse crass with class. Putting money over manners is a sign of the times.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Jun 2013


Put Down that Newspaper!

Websites like Gawker are today's news-breakers. Here's how to stay on top of the online info flux.

By Shannon Rupp, 24 May 2013


The Rise of the Aristocrat

You know the economy's bad when pop culture gets keen on the uber-rich.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 May 2013


Care to Reserve a Tweet-Seat?

A playwright and a critic debate whether tweeting during shows signals the apocalypse.

By Mark Leiren-Young and Shannon Rupp, 4 May 2013


TV's Turning Point: Piracy Good for Business

Witness HBO honcho's pleased reaction to illegal downloads of 'Game of Thrones'.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Apr 2013


Mourners for Hire: Latest Twist to Age of Narcissism

Boomers going out the way they grew up: the Me Generation.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Apr 2013


Why Blog When You Can Flog?

Graduates take note: Have you considered becoming a shill?

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Mar 2013


Paywall Woes

The great hope for preserving newspapers online may just be slowing the inevitable.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Mar 2013


Shocked! Shocked! At the Tawdry Oscars!

That dirty host! All those side boobs! And so much false outrage!

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Feb 2013


The Jane Austen Guide to Manliness

Or how not to be suckered by today's heavily marketed 'masculinity crisis.'

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Feb 2013


Movies Suck

The elephant in the theatre is this: films aren't even worth pirating these days.

By Shannon Rupp, 31 Jan 2013


Your January TV Workout

Vlog, don't jog! Plus, more highly watchable series on screens this season.

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Jan 2013


Has 'This Is That' Fooled You Once?

And is it fair for the public broadcaster to peddle satire in a post-humorous world?

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Dec 2012


The Nutcracker Reconsidered

I once saw it as ballet's answer to fruitcake. But this year, something cracked. Do you agree?

By Shannon Rupp, 7 Dec 2012


Peddling God to Schoolkids? Pay up, Christian Soldier

Chilliwack school board's decision whether to axe Gideon bible giveaway raises an interesting funding opportunity.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Nov 2012


An Old School News Site that Minds Ottawa's Business

New 'Blacklock's Reporter' vows to cover the Hill in all its dry glory, with no 'jib-jab.'

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Oct 2012


'Ballerina' and 'The Opening Act'

Two juicy, retrospective reads that boost the much-neglected field of arts writing.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Oct 2012


Did You Just Pay Too Much for That eBook?

A lot of great, nearly free lit out there, but big publishers won't tell you.

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Oct 2012


Halt, Sidewalk Cycling Menace!

In Vancouver, who but vigilante citizens will keep rogue bikers off pedestrian footpaths?

By Shannon Rupp, 27 Sep 2012


Why Old Media Fears the Wente Story

Globe and Mail's reaction to claims a columnist plagiarized unveils a world of journalism taboos.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Sep 2012


The New Posers

Kiddie pole dance as sport? Lap dance as art? Assessing recent claims of the bump-and-grind industry.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Sep 2012


Jan Wong's Happy Next Chapter

The former Globe star writer's self-published depression memoir is a hot seller, and she's having a blast teaching young journos.

By Shannon Rupp, 10 Aug 2012


Defying Fear of Censorship, Theatre Companies Act

After 'Proud' play satirizing Harper government was nixed in Toronto, nine cities hold readings. This Sunday in Vancouver.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Jul 2012


'The Newsroom'

Otherwise known as Aaron Sorkin's diaries. The pursuit of truth never seemed so unreal.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Jul 2012


Tits 'n' Apps advertisement marks the return of retro sexism. Why do we tolerate it?

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Jun 2012


For Hire: Professional Real People

Graduates take heart. Social media marketers will pay you for your authenticity.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 May 2012


Relating to Dr. Divi

At Vancouver's Wellness Show, a doctor's pitch for intuitive healing leaves me feeling queasy.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Mar 2012


Shadow Workers of the World, Revolt!

Social media made free labour of us all, and now grocers are catching on. I quit.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Feb 2012


How to Entertain Yourself for Free, Digitally

January is the frugal month. Here's how I'm getting by.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Jan 2012


A New Award for Pseudo-Satire, The Swiftys

Winners must have done something so ridiculous it's redundant to mock them. Your nominees?

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Jan 2012


Why So Many Are Turning off TV World

Consider the high price of getting 60 channels of drivel. Consider the fast growing options.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Jan 2012


'Scroogenomics': Finally the Perfect Xmas Gift

Business prof Joel Waldfogel taught me why exchanging presents just doesn't make sense.

By Shannon Rupp, 6 Dec 2011


Creating Holiday Memories, Not Garbage

Listen to what some funny people are unwrapping for Christmas: themselves.

By Shannon Rupp, 2 Dec 2011


Occupiers, Big Media Wants Your Help!

Latest innovations by news corporations out to make more cash by doing less journalism.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Oct 2011


Why Name Contest 'Canada Reads'? Should Be 'Authors Beg'

Help! CBC's national book vote has created a legion of writer cyber-shills!

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Oct 2011


Legion of Cell Phone Resisters: Count Me in!

Everyone says I need a cell phone. And so I don't want one.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Aug 2011


Why Do I Keep Taking Pictures of My Food?

And then why am I compelled to post my foodtography online? Weirdly, I'm not alone.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Jun 2011


I Feel Great About My Hands

Notable women writers reflect on 'doing old' well. Book launch this Wednesday!

By Shannon Rupp, 18 May 2011


Memo to Iggy, Jack and Liz: Get Strategic!

On behalf of the Lesser of Evils Party, may I suggest you tell your supporters to just plain vote against Stephen Harper?

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2011


Artists Wage 2.0 Attacks on Harper is zooming, and catchy tune 'Steve, It's Time to Leave' is catching on.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Apr 2011


Use Twitter to Interrogate Politicians Publicly

The medium's potential to confront the privileged and powerful is perfect for election time. Tweet 'em good.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Mar 2011


Ophelia Benson, Public Atheist

The fearless writer, at UBC tonight, says feminists should take on the major monotheist religions.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Jan 2011


2010: Year of the Really Super New New Journalism

Reporters are repeaters, content is king, and Oprah is a journalist.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Dec 2010


How 'Mad Men' Sold Us

Draper's into kink. Sterling's flogging a memoir. The show seduces through pure marketing genius (just in time for Christmas!)

By Shannon Rupp, 23 Nov 2010


Terry Fallis, Self-Made Satirist

He published his own novel, made a podcast, and got famous. Funny thing, he wouldn't advise you try it.

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Oct 2010


Facebook Follies: The New Crowd-Sourced Lit

Social media makes us all characters in our own public productions. It's literature on the hoof!

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Aug 2010


You Go Patti!

Vancouver School Board chair's tart-tongued defence fits fresh trend: politicians sticking up for the public interest.

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Jun 2010


How to Drive Your Employees Nuts: CBC's Leaked Survey

The Mothercorp, wanting to blend TV and radio news reporting, imposed something called 'The Hub' and asked how staff liked it. Hubbub ensued.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 May 2010



'Best Before,' a show in the Cultural Olympiad, lets its audience of role playing gamers write the ending, and it's a scary one.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Jan 2010


That's Oprah-essive!

To slick peddlers of 'power of positive thinking' pap, Barbara Ehrenreich says bleh.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Jan 2010


Boob Related Gift Ideas

Depending on how you define the term, two perfect presents.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Dec 2009


The Rise of the Citizen Doctor

Welcome to a new age of amateur scientists and quack healers. Thanks media!

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Oct 2009


In Praise of the Lusty Geek

A study out of Amsterdam suggests sexual longing promotes logical thinking. Hmmmm.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Sep 2009


Science Discovers Celebrities Are Useful for Something

A lot of fame that deserves to be fleeting, isn't. Stanford brains figured out why.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Jul 2009


Against Social Media

Twittering is just frittering as we amuse ourselves to death.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Jun 2009


Second Life's Losers

People who fall in love with online avatars. Maybe not so weird.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Jan 2009


The Porn Glut

Out of my way, kid. Gimme that normalized degrading sexual imagery.

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Jan 2009


Idea #5: Beware of Neuromarketing

Adults are taught to be skeptical. But the subconscious is like a toddler.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Dec 2008


New Depression Chic

It's not a recession, so much as a style. Here's how to get with it.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Dec 2008


How We Can Reinvent TV

The web now allows us to bypass the studios. At last, artists will run the shows.

By Shannon Rupp, 24 Nov 2008


Risk Written on Their Faces

Harvard researchers: Blame stock market meltdown on too much testosterone.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Oct 2008


Harper paying political price as artists bash back

By Shannon Rupp, 10 Oct 2008


Sarah Palin’s Canadian connection?

By Shannon Rupp, 7 Oct 2008


Top that, Tina Fey!

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Oct 2008


To Hell with Manners!

Does smashing someone's cellphone strike a blow for civility?

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Sep 2008


Give Us the Gold in Whining

Canada's athletes inspire. Too bad our politicians and media lack mettle.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Aug 2008


Whites Sneering at Whites

Persons of pink mocking themselves is hot, and two Canadians are cashing in.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Aug 2008


Silly Boys' Club: Steyn and CIC

Insulting women is sport. Should I file our rights complaint?

By Shannon Rupp, 9 Jul 2008


What's So Great About Beauty?

From soap ads to elections, looking good is way overrated.

By Shannon Rupp, 9 Jun 2008


Green Sell: Do You Buy It?

My EPIC journey into the new eco-marketing.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 May 2008


Bookwinked into Bed

Ever lied about your reading prowess just for sex? Many, it seems, have.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Apr 2008


Make Whoopee, Not Carbon!

Earth Hour could have been sold so much better.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Mar 2008


The Network that Hates Women

'Cashmere Mafia' makes it official. ABC is worst of sexist US TV.

By Shannon Rupp, 5 Mar 2008


Life Begins At Nano

Female, over 30 and overstressed? Virtue is just a podcast away.

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Dec 2007


Brunettes Have it Better

A born-blonde reflects on 'The Blonde Mystique.'

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Nov 2007


The Girl Whisperers

Secrets of TV heroines who corral female fans.

By Shannon Rupp, 6 Nov 2007


Flushing Readers

Newspapers give up on the news thing.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 Oct 2007


Nosh 'n' Ride: New Craze?

Tour de Blintz gives fresh meaning to the food cycle.

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Aug 2007


It's Too Easy Being Green

How current food greenwashing feeds profits not preservation.

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Jul 2007


White Wedding Willies

'Tradition' merely parts fools from their money.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Jun 2007


How to 'Reconcile' the Mini-Me Pet Trend

Cures: puppy Prozac, psychics or leashes.

By Shannon Rupp, 15 May 2007


Living Small

When did decorating a tight space become 'therapy'?

By Shannon Rupp, 8 May 2007


The Boy's Got Bite

Why people are vamping it up again, a century after 'Dracula.'

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Mar 2007


Jack Bauer's No Right Winger

Conservatives have picked the wrong anti-hero.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Mar 2007


The Tyee's Own Oscars

Who really won? George W., dresses and lesbians, among others.

By Dorothy Woodend, Steve Burgess and Shannon Rupp, 26 Feb 2007


Transsexual Loses Fight with Women's Shelter

Complex case asked: What's discrimination?

By Shannon Rupp, 3 Feb 2007


Reporters without Shirts

How news people can win trust. An immodest proposal.

By Shannon Rupp, 30 Jan 2007


Me, a Yoga Devil?

If suffering is the road to redemption, yoga is the autobahn.

By Shannon Rupp, 17 Jan 2007


'I'm from Rolling Stone' and I'm Compelling TV

Best o' the new realities.

By Shannon Rupp, 10 Jan 2007


Fire Thongs

Wildest Tyee of 2006 #4: Richmond firefighters must wear boxers? We can do better.

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Dec 2006


Jingle Hell

War on Christmas? Where do I enlist?

By Shannon Rupp, 19 Dec 2006


No-Dust Giving

This competition is about creativity, not consumption. Game On.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Dec 2006


Christianity Is So Gay

It is if you read the news, and 2000 years, a certain way.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Dec 2006


Edge of the Stage

‘Diplomacy’ from Vancouver’s hot political theatre scene.

By Shannon Rupp, 10 Nov 2006


Fire Thongs

Richmond firefighters must wear boxers? We can do better.

By Shannon Rupp, 26 Oct 2006


Confessions of a Mad Decorator

In search of recycled heaven.

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Sep 2006


Veteran Journalist Fired, Rehired by Times Colonist

Briefly dumped after column critical of tourism industry.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Jul 2006


Pitching Woo-Woo

Why is UBC promoting New Age pseudoscience?

By Shannon Rupp, 20 Jul 2006


How Journalists Invented Ethics

And why they still struggle to get it right.

By Shannon Rupp, 13 Jul 2006


Born unto Brangelina, a Sign!

Cult of the Bump begets Shiloh.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 May 2006


The 'TV Is Evil' Industry

Does the box really make teens fat, stupid and hot for sex?

By Shannon Rupp, 9 May 2006


Must Listen TV

Soapy shows revive the joy of musical discovery.

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Apr 2006


Dust and Lust

The point at which sex and housekeeping collide.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Apr 2006


Here Comes the 'Propaganda Novel'

Product placement taken to a new literary level.

By Shannon Rupp, 1 Mar 2006


'The War on Christmas'

Yep, it's raging. But who are the real enemies?

By Shannon Rupp, 21 Dec 2005


'Write Dirty for Me'

Slap the monkey? Slap the editor!

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Dec 2005


'Fag Hag' Anthro

Women who love gay men, for some good reasons.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Sep 2005


Who Let Tommy Lee on Campus?

For TV, a college lets the creepy rocker ogle frosh and debase higher learning.

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Aug 2005


Save the Brats!

'Brat Camp' turns child abuse into tele-tainment.

By Shannon Rupp, 27 Jul 2005


Belittling Belinda

We're told she's a 'blonde bombshell heartbreaking attractive dipstick whore.' Nothing gender specific, of course.

By Shannon Rupp, 18 May 2005


CanWest Metro Move Preserves Daily Dominance

Competition Bureau says move increases advertising competition — its only concern.

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Mar 2005


Free Sheets Mean Piles of Litter

The profusion of throwaway transit papers in Toronto created disposal difficulties.

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Mar 2005


The Invasion of the Tiny Tabs

Despite evidence that up-market content also pays, it's daily transit freebies that are sweeping North America.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Mar 2005


The Invasion of the Tiny Tabs

Despite evidence that up-market content also pays, it's daily transit freebies that are sweeping North America.

By Shannon Rupp, 11 Mar 2005


Three New Dailies to Flood Vancouver Area

Rival transit papers rush to fill an internationally explosive market niche.

By Shannon Rupp, 10 Mar 2005


Reading: The New Sexy

Women can’t resist a ‘good booking’ man, claims Penguin. I’m hot just thinking about it.

By Shannon Rupp, 9 Dec 2004


Big House 'Good Thing' for Martha

First she'll perfect the art of the cell. Then...?

By Shannon Rupp, 14 Jul 2004


Journalism's Chronic Illness

Fabulists abound, and a new study says Canadians don't trust the news. Yet the media's current crisis is business as usual.

By Shannon Rupp, 7 Jul 2004


How the Bloc Will Save Canada

The election math indicates one almost certain outcome: the savvy left-winger from Quebec will hold real power.

By Shannon Rupp, 22 Jun 2004


What Do Women Want in a Newspaper?

Certainly not the drivel 'targeted' at us. And if you think female editors would do better, think again.

By Shannon Rupp, 8 Mar 2004


Plumbing the History of the New Cleavage

Low-slung trousers are hot, but I see a bad moon rising.

By Shannon Rupp, 16 Feb 2004


Santa Wasn't Born Bad

Society made him that way. Look what the Churches, the Victorians and corporations did to a fun little pagan winter fest.

By Shannon Rupp, 12 Dec 2003


Barbie's Crusade to Cute-ify the Classics

Mattel will bend any old story to bore into girls' minds, even if it means sticking a unicorn in Swan Lake. OK, but why stop there?

By Shannon Rupp, 28 Nov 2003