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Murray Dobbin

Murray Dobbin is an author, commentator and journalist. He is the author of five books and is a former columnist with Financial Post and Winnipeg Free Press. He is a board member of Canadians for Tax Fairness and on the advisory council of the Rideau Institute. He lives in Powell River, BC.

Stories by Murray Dobbin


Israel's Silent Allies Are Its Worst Enemy

Former PM notes 'signs of fascism,' but West ignores danger.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Jun 2016


Faith in Big Trade Deals Keeps Crumbling

Are we witnessing the beginning of the end of globalization?

By Murray Dobbin, 27 May 2016


Response to Tax Dodging by Rich Will Show Trudeau's True Colours

CRA ties to industry, special deals demand Liberal action.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 May 2016


Saudi Arms Deal Signals Mideast Betrayal

Trudeau's promised new approach looks much like Harper's policies.

By Murray Dobbin, 29 Apr 2016


NDP Now Has Chance to End 13 Years of Error

Convention a chance to forget pursuit of power and build a real movement.

By Murray Dobbin, 15 Apr 2016


If Mulcair Survives Next Week's Review, the NDP Is Doomed

New Democrats need to face the party's potential irrelevancy and find a new path.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Apr 2016


Trudeau's Chance to Acknowledge the Libyan Catastrophe

Without recognizing this foreign policy failure, we will have learned nothing.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Mar 2016


'Condemn' Canadians? What Would Dad Say, Justin?

Why gov't slamming Israel boycotters hurts Palestinians, Canadians, even Israelis.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Mar 2016


Under the Influence? Big Alcohol's Sway Needs Sober Exam

We've drunk the Kool-aid when it comes to casual acceptance of booze's harms.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Feb 2016


Trade Minister Needs to Break Out of Bureaucrat's Bubble on TPP

Deal's massive risks demand independent, government-funded assessments.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Feb 2016


On TPP, Trudeau Must Think Like a Keynesian

Canadian people need a new deal, not transnational corporations.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Jan 2016


Does Justin Trudeau Want Fair Elections or Not?

PM knows which reforms favour the middle and could blow Canada's chance at pro-rep.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Jan 2016


'Canada Is Back?' Not Until Taxation Is Truly Fair

Libs' apparent willingness to chase corporate cheats only the first step.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Dec 2015


Pacific Trade Deal Will Test Trudeau's Resolve

As chorus of critics sound alarm, this is PM's chance to show us he's listening.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Nov 2015


Let's Help Canada's Newspapers Stop Embarrassing Themselves

In this post-Harper era, our democratic institutions must be fixed. Start with media.

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Oct 2015


Contemplating Post-Harper Healing

After 10 years, our democratic crisis calls for more than just electoral reform.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Oct 2015


Rise Up, Precariat! Cheap Labour Is Over

New Morgan Stanley report issues warning to employers: underpay workers, and pay the price.

By Murray Dobbin, 2 Oct 2015


Stephen Harper's Refugee Conundrum

Why's the Conservative leader so slow to act on the crisis? Look at his old political base.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Sep 2015


Canadians 'Ripped Off' by Drug Costs? No Kidding

While minister gripes about prescription drug bills, Tories ink costly corporate rights pacts.

By Murray Dobbin, 7 Aug 2015


Harper Is Right: This Election Is about Security Versus Risk

It's our nation's ruthless economic insecurity that Canadians must weigh.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Jul 2015


We Are All (or Should Be) Greeks Now

Their 'No' vote splashes a spotlight on ugly austerity, and its powerful puppeteers.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Jul 2015


Can You Trust Justin Trudeau?

His Liberals are past masters at breaking promises in order to please big banks.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Jun 2015


With Vultures Circling, It's Time to Care about Medicare

Enfeebled by careless cuts and twisted treaties, our public system is under threat.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Jun 2015


Free Trade Deals Put Profits over Public Interest

'Poison pill' strategy ties hands of future governments.

By Murray Dobbin, 29 May 2015


What to Do about Rogue State Israel? Boycott It

Economic sanctions best bet to force peace.

By Murray Dobbin, 15 May 2015


Is a Liberal and NDP Coalition Inevitable?

For Trudeau at least, it will only become harder to avoid. But will he ever smarten up?

By Murray Dobbin, 1 May 2015


Liberate the Bank of Canada, Intrepid Think Tank Urges

Canadians have been fleeced for billions, but no traction in media for complex banking case.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Apr 2015


Corporate Greed? Enough Already

Record profits have produced lousy jobs.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Apr 2015


Bill C-51 Reveals Harper's Inner Bully

The need to ramp up civic literacy is 'critical.'

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Mar 2015


Why Is the West Spoiling for a Fight with Russia?

A conflict over Ukraine would be catastrophic.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Mar 2015


The Entitled Get More Brazen by the Day

Are we witnessing the dawn of feudalism 2.0?

By Murray Dobbin, 23 Feb 2015


NDP Can Still Succeed in 2015 Federal Election

But only if party veers left, then makes some alliance with Liberals.

By Murray Dobbin, 9 Feb 2015


Downsize Democracy for 40 Years, Here's What You Get

New signs civilization is veering towards collapse.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Jan 2015


Austerity or Prosperity? Canada's $626 Billion Question

That's what corporations hoard while Tories refuse to stimulate jobs.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Jan 2015


Why Canada's Job Future Is Sinking like a Stone

Our business elites got all they wanted. Still they fail to invest, innovate and compete.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Dec 2014


Four Prime Questions about Harper's Response to Ottawa Shooting

PM's moves at home and abroad demand closer scrutiny. Start here.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Nov 2014


Harper's Foreign Policy Confirms Orwell's Insights

To sell a pointless war, foster 'protective stupidity' among citizens.

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Oct 2014


Why New Euro-Canada Treaty Is a Gift to Oil Firms

Climate change? CETA seems to be written to undermine policies that deal with the threat.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Oct 2014


Work in the Age of Anxiety

Take back an economy rigged by elites to produce 'precarity' instead of stable jobs.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Sep 2014


Can the NDP Challenge Harper on the Economy?

Mulcair's minimum wage pledge fits a powerful counter-narrative to Tory claims.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Sep 2014


Remember Kindness?

Remorselessness is all the rage in politics, art and commerce. Who's smiling?

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Aug 2014


Can You Imagine? Toppling the Fossil Fuel Empire

Required: bold thinking to preserve civilization and a liveable planet.

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Jun 2014


Wynne's Win, and the Agony of Right-Wing Pundits

Bad voters! You failed to opt for communal suicide.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Jun 2014


Who Needs $80 Billion? Starve Us Some More!

How zero political debate about government revenue is destroying Canada.

By Murray Dobbin, 2 Jun 2014


Stephen Harper's 'Strategic' Path to Ruin

From Enbridge to the Supreme Court, the PM's reckless side prevails.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 May 2014


Putin, Petrorubles and Our PM's Bad Posture

On Ukraine, Harper as useful idiot -- but for whom?

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Apr 2014


Harper's (Un)Fair Elections Act Could Spark Voter Surge

Backlash swamped US Republicans who played similar game.

By Murray Dobbin, 7 Apr 2014


When It Comes to Political Ideas, How Big Is 'Big'?

Why NDP's yardstick doesn't match Murray Dobbin's.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Mar 2014


Harper's Vote Grubbing Policy on Ukraine

Facing a complex crisis with no good guys, our foreign policy is self-servingly simplistic.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Mar 2014


NDP Needs Big Ideas to Win

Here's a $40 billion one waiting to inspire the Canadian citizenry.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Feb 2014


Has Big Oil Hijacked Democracy?

Canada's government spies on and harasses citizens who peacefully question petro-corporate aims.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Feb 2014


Stephen Harper's Disservice to Israel

Pandering to Netanyahu's hardliners just raised risk for all in Middle East.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Jan 2014


Canada's Slide into Sleaze with Harper as CEO

Or, the problem of running government like a business.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Jan 2014


2014, the Year of Living Consciously

Buy less. Give five per cent of your earnings to others fostering change.

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Dec 2013


Left Needs Soul Searching

To make people care, craft a 'politics of meaning', a 'secular social justice.'

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Dec 2013


Harper and His Movement Were No Friends to Mandela

PM is white-washing Conservative party's apartheid-friendly roots.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Dec 2013


Why Tories Are So Afraid of What Deloitte's Runia Might Testify

RCMP's email files place auditor's scope at centre of scandal storm.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Dec 2013


Libya's Hell, Enabled by Canadian Humanitarians

Why 'responsibility to protect' is proving irresponsible.

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Nov 2013


Moving Beyond Our Obsession with Stephen Harper

Press now for a reinvigorated democracy after the fall of the Harperium.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Nov 2013


Harper Trade Deals Selling off Canada's Democracy

What if provincial governments were as brave as the Hupacasath First Nation?

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Sep 2013


Unifor Could Shift Canadian Political Debate

'New kind of union' can educate citizens for election waged on fairer economy.

By Murray Dobbin, 9 Sep 2013


The Crisis of Extreme Capitalism

How Milton Friedman's ruthless agenda led to Edward Snowden's grim revelations.

By Murray Dobbin, 15 Jul 2013


Reinvent Progressive Politics, and Who Might Show Up?

Don't just run when elections happen. The task goes deeper and it's constant.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Jun 2013


BC's Election Stunner: Five Lessons for the Left

Progressives across Canada need to heed what happened out West.

By Murray Dobbin, 20 May 2013


All Hail Justin, You Know, I Mean, Trudeau

The Liberals' new leader talks and thinks more like a boy king.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Apr 2013


This Is What Democracy Could Look Like

Chavez took social progress seriously, and the Western capitalist elite demonized him for it.

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Mar 2013


Canada's Reckless Banks Inflate House Price Bubble

Time to rein them in, five years after taxpayers saved their assets.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Mar 2013


Libya's Nightmarish Winter

If Western leaders knew chaos would follow the Arab Spring, why did they really want Gaddafi gone?

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Feb 2013


Brazeau, Harper and Idle No More

Scandal tells bigger story about cynical politics thwarting aboriginal hopes.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Feb 2013


Make 2013 the Year of Canada's Democracy Coalition

If Liberal and NDP leaders aren't pressured to co-operate they'll enable another Harper majority.

By Murray Dobbin, 28 Jan 2013


The Power of Idle No More's Resurgent Radicalism

Fifty years of federal money defusing revolt look to be over.

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Jan 2013


Why Not Talk About Work?

The topic is critical to all. Which is why the powerful pretend it's not worth exploring.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Dec 2012


Try and Stop Developing Crown Land? You're Sunk

FrontCounter BC's hair-tearing approach to locals opposing a private dock on Sunshine Coast.

By Murray Dobbin, 7 Dec 2012


Time for an Adult Conversation: Taxes

On the all important revenue question, right-leaning leaders treat us like children.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Dec 2012


Why Are New Dems Trying to Be Liberals Lite?

That's the wrong way to build trust and defeat the Harper government.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Nov 2012


Tax Cheaters, Give Us Back Our Money

What do evaders steal? Chances for others to have decent lives.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Nov 2012


How Big Ideas Become Government Policy

From unthinkable to radical to acceptable to sensible to popular to policy.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Oct 2012


Whose Liberals Will Justin Trudeau Lead?

Will he disavow the Chretien-Martin era that betrayed his father's vision?

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Oct 2012


Euro Treaty Would Give Harper More Power at Home

CETA will kill jobs, rob provinces of powers to steer own courses. Can it be stopped?

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Sep 2012


Driven to Dismantle Community

Bill C-38 barrels over belief in a healthy commons. How to wrest back the wheel.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Jun 2012


Now Is the Time to Talk up Big Ideas

Rather than accept the accident of Harper's agenda, dream up one bigger, better.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 May 2012


Expect More from Your Government

Don't let 'surplus powerlessness' lead to apathy. To restore the Canada Harper unmade, try fair taxation.

By Murray Dobbin, 23 Apr 2012


Jim Flaherty's 'Bring on Recession' Budget

For this finance minister, the bottom line is dangerously political.

By Murray Dobbin, 28 Mar 2012


Mourning Mulcair's Win

Why many NDPers still need to be convinced of their new leader's orange stripes.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Mar 2012


Is Harper Undermining Obama on Iran?

A prudent PM would help persuade Israel away from military action, not goad nuclear hysteria.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Mar 2012


Dangerous Liaisons: Flaherty, Carney in Synch with Bank Lobbyists

Why is Canada taking stands that invite a new global financial catastrophe?

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Feb 2012


Time to Zip John Baird's Loose Lips

As if to embody the opposite of diplomacy, he fans hazardous flames in Middle East.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Feb 2012


Bow Down Canadians, Corporations Are King

Harper's creed: 'Ask not what your economy can do for you, ask what you can do for your economy.'

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Jan 2012


Stephen Harper and the Big Oil Party of Canada

Now that petro interests reign supreme, even other corporate sectors lose their sway.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Jan 2012


This Year, Put the Country Ahead of the Party

May I suggest a resolution for 2012? Defeat Stephen Harper's government.

By Murray Dobbin, 2 Jan 2012


It's the Economy, Dippers

In NDP leadership debate, Peggy Nash stakes out territory party needs to conquer.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Dec 2011


Wake up and Listen to Occupiers

Their challenge to each of us is not to live in tents, but to resist, remake any way we can.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Nov 2011


Harper's Plan to Dismantle Canada's Safety Nets

His social engineering aim is to privatize social services and leave the job to charities.

By Murray Dobbin, 7 Nov 2011


Remember the NDP Leadership Race?

As the Occupy movement outpaces the political process, I wonder if any of these candidates can turn anger into hope.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Oct 2011


We're Seeing How Badly Harper Misread Canadians

Hudak's defeat and Occupy Bay Street are latest signs PM's politics aren't embraced.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Oct 2011


Is Capitalism Preparing to Bury Itself?

Choke consumers' wages and you choke the economy. Why don't our leaders see that?

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Sep 2011


Libya, the Lie

What we're not being told about Gadhafi, and the real reason the US wanted him gone.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Sep 2011


New Dems, Look to Libby Davies for Leadership Qualities

Can the NDP thrive after Jack? And save the country?

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Sep 2011


NDP Needs to Launch a Culture War

The party can grow by showing it's more in tune with Canadian values.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Jul 2011


Letter from Powell River, Catalyst Town

The mill got its tax cut. Now it wants more public funds to handle the town's sewage.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Jul 2011


Can NDP Help Restore Canada's Reputation?

Learn from Afghanistan, challenge Harper's unprincipled foreign policy.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Jul 2011


Libya, Canada's Other Ugly War

Is NATO's real target African unity, financed by Gadhafi?

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Jun 2011


Why Striking Postal Workers Deserve Support

This is about a crucial, wider fight for income equality and collective bargaining rights.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Jun 2011


Harper's Goal: Create a New Irrational Reality

As PM re-engineers Canadian society, he never lets facts get in the way.

By Murray Dobbin, 23 May 2011


Will Libyans See Us as Saviours?

What sort of 'democracy' will we help promote there? Our record is lousy.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 May 2011


Now What for Canada's Left?

Progressives must invest more thought, energy and, yes, money in their vision for this nation.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 May 2011


Layton's Surge and the Intentional Citizen

Most Canadians' values long have aligned with New Democrats. Is this an ah ha! moment?

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Apr 2011


Our Wounded Democracy

Citizens would rather shop, making them vulnerable to manipulation by politicians without scruples.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Apr 2011


Contemplating the Unthinkable Harper Majority

A vote for the Tories this time could mean the end of Canada as we know it.

By Murray Dobbin, 28 Mar 2011


Why Can't Politicians Talk about What's Real?

Looking at a federal election, and its parallel universe of life and death unmentionables.

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Mar 2011


Fresh Issue for Spring Election: Democracy

Harper is increasingly vulnerable, and Layton's NDP is best situated to benefit.

By Murray Dobbin, 28 Feb 2011


Harper, Autocrat

His government 'doctored' a document to get its way and punish enemies. Why should we be surprised?

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Feb 2011


How Layton Can Convert His Popularity into Votes

The NDP leader rates highest, and needs to put a clear proposition to Canadians.

By Murray Dobbin, 31 Jan 2011


The CEO and the New Feudalism

Typical leader of a top 100 firm makes in three days what average worker must toil a year to earn.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Jan 2011


Harper's Pipeline Nightmare

The PM backs the Enbridge plan to pipe tar sands crude to the BC coast. But the politics are ugly.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Jan 2011


Postscript on the New McCarthyism

Stephen Harper is succeeding in his efforts to make it a crime to criticize Israel.

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Dec 2010


That Gap between Rich and Poor Is a Baby Killer

The deadly, unforeseen consequences of Canada's widening inequality.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Dec 2010


Citizen Psychopaths

Who put us in this mess? Those 'natural persons' otherwise know as corporations.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Nov 2010


This is the Security State Steve Built

Why the Tories keep whipping up fear of terrorists, criminals and peaceful protestors.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Nov 2010


A Coalition: Still the Only Way Out

Harper survived a stretch of stumbles because Grits and New Dems let him.

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Oct 2010


Reckless and Ruinous: Harper's Economics

He ties us to stumbling US, pulls plug on stimulus, rolls dice on tar sands folly.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Oct 2010


Don't Give Canada a Security Council Seat

Despite the PM's high-minded rhetoric, we haven't earned the spot.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Sep 2010


The Fight of Our Lives

Why halting Canada's march towards tar sands petro-state must be our first priority.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Sep 2010


Let's Put an End to Ruling Through Fear

Canadian politics needs a game-changer. Over to you, Jack!

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Aug 2010


Harper's G20 Victory: Shrinking Canada

PM's purpose always has been to slash the social democratic state, even if it spurs a recession.

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Jul 2010


Asbestos: Quebec Labour's Shame

Why are that province's union leaders defending this killer export by Canada?

By Murray Dobbin, 28 Jun 2010


Fire the Managers

Enough with running Canada 'like a business.' We need leaders with hearts and vision.

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Jun 2010


Bill C-9 and the Coalition Imperative

Britain's new leaders have paved the way for what Ignatieff must do now.

By Murray Dobbin, 30 May 2010


Harper's Christian Right Wing

The PM is fomenting a culture war, but his opponents barely seem to realize it.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 May 2010


Four Ways Canada's Democracy Crisis Is Deepening

The way back is for a Liberal and New Dem coalition to promise proportional representation.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 May 2010


They're Recharging Democracy

These groups start at the community level, and you're invited.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Apr 2010


Obama's Nightmare in Middle East

Relations with Israel strain as threat of war with Iran looms. US must redefine its interests.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Apr 2010


If Israel Attacked Iran

The unintended consequences are myriad, says top U.S. military leader.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Mar 2010


Israel's Apartheid

Blacks in South Africa never faced a 20-foot wall dividing their communities. Palestinians' land is still being seized, their orchards bulldozed.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Mar 2010


The Rich are Canadians, Too

But they've stopped acting like it, which is why it's time for tax laws to make them pay their share.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Feb 2010


Harper's Attack on Women's Rights and Equality

Remember all he's done to thwart hard-won progress.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Feb 2010


Canada's Sudden Democracy Movement

Can the NDP and the traditional left catch up with this spontaneous uprising?

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Jan 2010


First Prorogue, then Eviscerate

Harper's agenda has a simple goal: destroy the Canadian social safety net.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Jan 2010


The Ugly Canadian

Nine ways we are ruining our once enviable reputation in the world.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Dec 2009


Harper Rolls over Soft Foes

Ignatieff's Liberals and Layton's NDP cede ground by seeming to be wishy-washy.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Dec 2009


Criticizing Israel Isn't Antisemitism

But a new coalition of MPs seems to say the two are one and the same.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Nov 2009


Karzai's Afghanistan, Last Nail in the West's Coffin

The most powerful empire in history proves to be dumb as a bag of hammers.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Nov 2009


Why Canada's Housing Bubble Will Burst

'The largest sub-prime lender in the world is now the Canadian government.'

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Oct 2009


Victory over Proven Killer

How a campaign for justice and worker safety defeated Canada's powerful asbestos industry.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Oct 2009


Canada Must Forge Its Own Economic Fate

The SPP is dead. Good. That helps reduce dependence on a downbound US.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Sep 2009


Stephen Harper, Unfit to Govern

Few are thrilled to have another election, but we must put it to good use.

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Sep 2009


Afghan Election's Outcome Doesn't Matter

Why? Because US has thwarted, not supported, democracy there.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Aug 2009


Left Needs Soul Searching

To make people care, craft a 'politics of meaning'.

By Murray Dobbin, 9 Jul 2009


From Crisis Comes Hope

But only if a weary left can lead with new ideas. Here's a few to start.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Jun 2009


Why Flaherty Loves His $50 Billion Deficit

After creating it with tax cuts, he has an excuse to slash government.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Jun 2009


Ignatieff and Asbestos

How he really can get on the right side of this long overdue debate.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 May 2009


Afghan Politics: Let's Be Real

How US promoted corruption while locking out true democracy.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Apr 2009


Who's Obama Proving to Be?

Part 1: He's the (reluctant) imperial president.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Mar 2009


If Harper Survives

What's at stake if the PM wriggles out of this one.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Dec 2008


Best Move for Liberals: Govern by Coalition

How Grits can save Canada and themselves.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Nov 2008


Gordon Campbell, Last Champion of Financial Deregulation

The crash should have killed TILMA.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Nov 2008


Left Coalition Badly Needed

Harper's agenda must be stopped by Liberals, NDP and Bloc.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Oct 2008


Elizabeth May’s strategic voting dilemma

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Oct 2008


Six Ways Harper Is Wrecking the Economy

Need evidence? Look south.

By Murray Dobbin, 2 Oct 2008


Tough Luck, Kids

When Harper plays the family card, he cheats.

By Murray Dobbin, 17 Sep 2008


Turning Back Harper

To deny Tories a majority, how best to vote?

By Murray Dobbin, 10 Sep 2008


Has US Crippled NATO?

Georgia debacle may be the last straw, isolating US with Canada.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 Aug 2008


Afghanistan Transforms Canada

To play junior partner to empire, we've militarized our identity.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Aug 2008


Will Canada Last?

Not if we surrender our energy lifeblood to the US.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Jun 2008


Colin Powell, Keep Out

The case for blocking Bush's war spinner at our border.

By Murray Dobbin, 11 Jun 2008


God's Wrath, and the Tories'

Harper's zeal for retribution seems religious.

By Murray Dobbin, 26 May 2008


Americanize Me? No Thanks

Why Canadians must fight 'deep integration' with US.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Apr 2008


War Is Peace

Orwell wrote the Harper doctrine.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Apr 2008


'Turning the Screws'

Give up on social programs, says Harper budget.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Mar 2008


Food Fight: Canada vs. Europe

We're forcing GMOs on people who fear them.

By Murray Dobbin and Ellen Gould, 28 Jan 2008


Black vs. Kissinger and Buckley

Hey, we thought you were 'friends'!

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Jan 2008


Sell Your Car, Stay Sane

Car sharing works. Hop in, Harper!

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Dec 2007


CBC Wants 'Intelligence' Dead, Says Show's Creator

Chris Haddock on politics, televised and not.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Dec 2007


Why Tax Cuts Make Us Weak

Taxes are the price of a civilized society. Support them.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Nov 2007


Target Iran: Where's Harper?

PM silent as White House edges toward attack.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Oct 2007


Through the Looking Glass with Jim Flaherty

On the political art of doing nothing.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Sep 2007


Our Grand Ayatollah

Tom d'Aquino rules Canada's fate. What does he want?

By Murray Dobbin, 12 Sep 2007


Canada Up for Grabs

Montebello proved 'deep integration' should be a big election issue.

By Murray Dobbin, 29 Aug 2007


The Plan to Disappear Canada

'Deep integration' comes out of shadows.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Jun 2007


Hansen Plays 'Jeopardy,' BC Loses

Minister on TILMA: Bzzzz wrong!

By Murray Dobbin, 24 May 2007


Torture Scandal's Message

Harper's sorry stance on human rights.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 May 2007


What's the Big Deal?

Greens made a poor ally in Dion's Grits.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Apr 2007


Corny Energy 'Solution'

Last stage of denial: ethanol will save us!

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Apr 2007


Harper's Bait and Switch Budget

Phony spending foreshadows future cuts.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Mar 2007


In Defence of Red Tape

It keeps our safety, health and lives together.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Mar 2007


'Very Big Teeth' Threaten Campbell's Green Ambitions

TILMA trade agreement would penalize his plans.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Feb 2007


How the Left Should Frame Issues

Harper's team is expert at word games.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Feb 2007


Corporate Rights Deal to Make Us April Fools

TILMA will strip our ability to set local limits.

By Murray Dobbin, 24 Jan 2007


Will Dion Be Paul Martin 2.0?

Key staff pick shows true economic colours.

By Murray Dobbin, 9 Jan 2007


Vote NDP to Keep Libs Honest

But Jack, lay off Dion. Here's a better way.

By Murray Dobbin, 18 Dec 2006


Enough Tax Cuts!

Harper keeps carving away at Canada's soul.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Dec 2006


US Vote: Trouble for Harper

With Bush a lame duck, PM's plans look passé.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Nov 2006


A Tyee Series

Operation Backfire

Our soldiers are making enemies of those they are supposed to be helping.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Oct 2006


A Tyee Series

How the West Destroyed Afghanistan

History got us into this mess. Can it get us out?

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Oct 2006


A Tyee Series

Harper's Taste for War

PM's pride tied to military muscle, U.S. approval.

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Sep 2006


What Happened to Labour Rights?

You'd hardly know collective bargaining is a human right.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Jun 2006


Terror Plot: Canada Stays Cool

More community promotes less fear mongering.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Jun 2006


Canada out of Afghanistan

This has nothing to do with peacekeeping.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 May 2006


President Stephen Harper

Is he governing for Canada, or just Alberta?

By Murray Dobbin, 20 Apr 2006


Let's Cheer Our Defeat

Canada tried to un-ban 'terminator' seeds. Instead, 1.4 billion farmers won.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Apr 2006


Erasing Vancouver's Olympic Image

NPA moves undercut values that won us the bid.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Feb 2006


Not So Bad, Eh?

Harper may be PM, but the winner is left-wing Canada.

By Murray Dobbin, 25 Jan 2006


Be an 'Intentional Citizen'

'Strategic voting?' It's all about outcomes.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 Jan 2006


Why the Greens Aren't Very Green

Federal party is short on solid policies and democracy.

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Dec 2005


The Case Against a Martin Majority

The more power he had, the stingier he got.

By Murray Dobbin, 30 Nov 2005


The Signal Vancouver Can Send

A municipal vote eyed by progressives across Canada.

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Nov 2005


Canada's Deadly 'P3' Hospital Boondoggles

Zooming costs, worse care, more deaths.

By Murray Dobbin, 27 Oct 2005


Nasty Business

Hollinger's Radler was small fry in sea of CEO sharks.

By Murray Dobbin, 7 Oct 2005


Terasen Sale Must Be Snuffed

Control of our energy should be BC's top priority.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Sep 2005


New Orleans: Maximizing Disaster

Behold the results of years of 'downsizing'.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Sep 2005


Liberal Corruption, beyond the Sponsorship Scandal

If 'perversion of its original state' is the definition, here are examples.

By Murray Dobbin, 14 Jun 2005


Sterile Seeds, Canada's Impotence

Why was Africa's 'Father of Biosafety' hassled at our nation's gates?

By Murray Dobbin, 31 May 2005


Why Conservatives Should Thank Chuck Cadman

He saved them from a doomed election led by hard right Harper.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 May 2005


The Libs' Big Fib

They say their astute management erased a huge NDP deficit. Wrong. And wrong.

By Murray Dobbin, 5 May 2005


Harper's Dark Opportunity

Our next PM may be the Grim Reaper of Canadian politics.

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Apr 2005


Time to Tame Corporate Power

Global CEOs are unclear on the concept of government. They think it’s their support staff.

By Murray Dobbin, 6 Apr 2005


'Pro-Canadian' Means Much More than 'Anti-American'

Embracing Canadian values goes way beyond resenting our neighbours.

By Murray Dobbin, 23 Mar 2005


Canada’s Cold, Hard Face to the World

Backing ‘terminator seeds’ painted us, again, as the bad guy.

By Murray Dobbin, 8 Mar 2005


'For Our Own Good, Give Canada Away'

The 'deep integrationists' plan one happy continent, but we must teach the little ones.

By Murray Dobbin, 22 Feb 2005


Way Too Meek on U.S. Trade

The Chinese want our oil. Maybe that will get Uncle Sam's attention.

By Murray Dobbin, 4 Jan 2005


Martin's Pants Appear on Fire

The PM's been asked again and again about how he runs his shipping firm. Why does he keep mangling the sad facts?

By Murray Dobbin, 29 Dec 2004


Paul Martin's Stunted Imagination

One year on, do we have a prime minister yet?

By Murray Dobbin, 21 Dec 2004


The Man Who Walks with Dinosaurs

The return of Stockwell Day, who now implies that people with AIDS deserve no sympathy.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Dec 2004


Is Canada's Elite at War with its Citizens?

While expert 'realists' tell us to play nice with U.S. global aims, Canadians see a 'rogue' next door.

By Murray Dobbin, 19 Nov 2004


Is Canada's Elite at War with Citizens?

While expert 'realists' tell us to play nice with U.S. global aims, Canadians see a 'rogue' next door.

By Murray Dobbin, 1 Nov 2004


Paul Martin's democratic deficit

While the new PM promises to empower MPs, his record as finance minister and a leadership candidate shows profound disregard for democratic process

By Murray Dobbin, 16 Feb 2004


Martin's Slippery Speech

Yesterday's address was full of vague gestures at problems the PM helped create in the first place.

By Murray Dobbin, 3 Feb 2004


The Throne Speech We'd Love to Hear

Don't bet Paul Martin has the guts to give it.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Nov 2003


All Hail the Alienator!

Paul Martin says he wants to deal with B.C. alienation. Unfortunately, he's been a significant cause of it.

By Murray Dobbin, 13 Nov 2003