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Alexandra Samur

Alexandra Samur is a Vancouver-based writer, editor and journalism instructor. She is the managing editor of the Canadian independent news site, and teaches online journalism at Vancouver’s Langara College and citizen journalism at SFU-Woodwards. Her career in independent media includes stints at Ricepaper and Adbusters magazines, and service as a media trainer at alternative media hubs in Cambodia and Palestine. In addition to The Tyee, her work has appeared on, in New York Magazine and on CBC Radio One. Alex holds an MA in Communication from York University.

Reporting Beat: Online video, digital culture.

Twitter: @asamur

Stories by Alexandra Samur


A Tyee Series

For Moms-to-Be, It's Frightening to Be Uninsured

And it leaves doctors and midwives scrambling to provide care. What might be done? Last in a series.

By Alexandra Samur, 21 Mar 2014


A Tyee Series

How 'One-Stop' Care Lifts New Moms from Addiction

Shown to work for women in BC's inner cities, could it expand? Part of a reader-funded series.

By Alexandra Samur, 14 Mar 2014


A Tyee Series

A Win for Moms with Babies Behind Bars

But the five-year battle isn't over yet. First in a series about new mothers on the margins.

By Alexandra Samur, 7 Mar 2014


A Tyee Series

New Moms on the Margins: A Reader-Funded Series

What is the price of pregnancy for BC's vulnerable women? Three-part report launches today.

By Alexandra Samur, 7 Mar 2014


When Prison Bars Separate Moms from Children

Forum on incarcerated mothers includes Wednesday public event in Vancouver.

By Alexandra Samur, 7 May 2013


Real Midwives of BC

Not just for hippies, 'baby whisperers' in BC are catching babes at three times the national rate.

By Alexandra Samur, 21 Sep 2012


Holy Flying Digital Dildos!

You might find them offensive, but is it copyright infringement?

By Alexandra Samur, 4 Nov 2009


Will Health Hop Save Us?

Or do we need saving from PSAs that try to make hygiene hip?

By Alexandra Samur, 14 Oct 2009


Michael Jackson's Ghost!

YouTube is the site of the celebrity resurrection. Seeing is believing, right?

By Alexandra Samur, 22 Sep 2009


'Town Hells' Caught on YouTube

U.S. debate on health care reform turns ugly. Is this democracy?

By Alexandra Samur, 11 Aug 2009


Sick of YouTube? Try JewTube!

Or TrekTube, IslamicTube, BeatlesTube or any of the other 'alternatubes.'

By Alexandra Samur, 21 Jul 2009


Bird on Cam Worth Two in Bush

At least to those able to break away from the computer's grip.

By Alexandra Samur, 24 Jun 2009


You Can't Muzzle the Internet

VIDEO: Have election spending limits pushed advocacy groups toward online attack ads?

By Alexandra Samur, 24 Mar 2009


What Tough Times Taste Like

Do-it-yourself cooking show on YouTube boils pasta with Depression-era stories.

By Alexandra Samur, 4 Mar 2009


NBC Bans Sexy Veggies from Super Bowl

But PETA video goes viral online anyway. What's the lesson here?

By Alexandra Samur, 3 Feb 2009


Smart Bombs and War Porn Hit YouTube

Israel using Net to highlight 'humane action and operational successes.'

By Alexandra Samur, 6 Jan 2009


Unboxing Videos: Porn for Geeks

New YouTube video genre shows it's what's inside (the box) that counts.

By Alexandra Samur, 2 Dec 2008


Swaying the Vote with YouTube

From 'You have a choice,' and 'Sweater Fan' to 'Harper Girl.'

By Alexandra Samur, 14 Oct 2008


Spore of Free Internet Hype

VIDEO: How a video game attracted millions of page views and user-created monsters.

By Alexandra Samur, 9 Sep 2008


Hear Ye, Hear Ye

VIDEO: Online video contests are becoming powerful social justice weapons.

By Alexandra Samur, 5 Aug 2008


YouTube's New Royalty

It used to be the voice of the people. Not anymore?

By Alexandra Samur, 30 Apr 2008


Keep on Truckin'

VIDEO: Behind the scenes in the Iraq machine.

By Alexandra Samur, 9 Apr 2008


I'll Be Watching You

The new video vigilantes expose injustice for all to see.

By Alexandra Samur, 16 Jan 2008