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Jared Ferrie

Jared Ferrie is a writer based in Vancouver.

Stories by Jared Ferrie


Cambodia's Displaced: Can Canada Make a Difference?

As farmers and city dwellers are uprooted by developments, advocates call on CIDA to rise to their defence.

By Jared Ferrie, 2 Oct 2009


In Texas for the Big Shootout

Our man in Austin gauges mood for Clinton and Obama.

By Jared Ferrie, 4 Mar 2008


Afghan Extremists Flexing Power

Gov't is 'in their hands,' warns brother of journalist facing execution.

By Jared Ferrie, 4 Feb 2008

'The Poppy Problem'

And how not to deal with it. Report and photos from Afghanistan.

By Jared Ferrie, 6 Nov 2007


Canada, Bring Home Omar Khadr

Young Guantanamo prisoner needs Ottawa rescue, says US military lawyer.

By Jared Ferrie, 18 Sep 2007


A Tourist in 'the Axis of Evil'

Crossing the Bad Lands with Tony Wheeler.

By Jared Ferrie, 20 Jun 2007


A 'Development Surge'

Rebuilding Kandahar, before it's too late.

By Jared Ferrie, 17 May 2007


Afghanistan's Coalition of the Killing

Group wants to topple Karzai, but has bloody hands. A Tyee special report from Kabul.

By Jared Ferrie, 3 Apr 2007


Amnesty for Afghan War Criminals?

Proposed bill has rights groups steamed. A Tyee report from Kabul.

By Jared Ferrie, 12 Mar 2007


RCMP Get Second Crack at Own Scandal

Former Commissioner accused of interfering in federal campaign.

By Jared Ferrie, 5 Feb 2007


Taliban Tenacity

What to read before judging Canada's mission.

By Jared Ferrie, 7 Nov 2006


'Like Giving Germany Back to Nazis'

A Canadian in Kandahar on why Canada can't leave Afghanistan.

By Jared Ferrie, 1 Nov 2006


Tamil 'Terrorism' Not So Simple

Among a war's roots, and recruits, in Sri Lanka.

By Jared Ferrie, 1 Sep 2006


Mining Gold, and Outrage, in Guatemala

Vancouver-registered firm pushes big project.

By Jared Ferrie, 21 Dec 2005


Precarious Lives of Privatized Hospital Workers

Strikers' best deal may mean poverty wages.

By Jared Ferrie, 16 Nov 2005


Wake up, Bloggers!

UBC students survey best (and sleepiest) campaign coverage.

By Jared Ferrie, 15 Nov 2005


A Tyee Series

Aid Workers, Under the Gun

General Dallaire wants military and aid communities to work together.

By Jared Ferrie, 10 Nov 2005


A Tyee Series

Why Global Poverty is Canada's Enemy, Too

End it or get used to terrorism says economist Jeffery Sachs.

By Jared Ferrie, 9 Nov 2005


Haiti Turning into Canada's Iraq

'Peacekeeper' image at risk as violence, repression mount.

By Jared Ferrie, 25 Oct 2005


James Barber Scorches Mayoral Candidate

Celeb chef no fan of former biz partner James Green.

By Jared Ferrie, 24 Oct 2005


BC Greens Shifting Right?

Private health care, corporate tax cuts divide members.

By Jared Ferrie, 14 Oct 2005


Surrey Voters May Shift Entire Region

Toppled right-wing council would alter GVRD decision making

By Jared Ferrie, 11 Oct 2005


Inside Afghanistan's Struggle for a Free Press

Canadians are part of a pricey push to build open media there. Will it pay off?

By Jared Ferrie, 14 Jul 2005


What a Black Beetle Can Teach Us

Mountain pine beetle–infested timber is helping B.C. boom. Will we learn the bug plague's lessons before the bust?

By Jared Ferrie, 4 Jul 2005


When Good Drugs Go Bad

Adverse pharmaceutical reactions are a major killer, and a B.C. group is fighting to reduce the risk.

By Jared Ferrie, 19 Apr 2004


In Antigua, the Troubled Canuck

The idea was to flee the rain for the sunny paradise I knew as a child. But slavery's legacy is inescapable.

By Jared Ferrie, 15 Mar 2004


Pulled Grants Send Students Scrambling

End of $30 million program plays havoc with plans, says a single mom college student trying to escape welfare.

By Jared Ferrie, 9 Mar 2004


Farmed Salmon Even Enviros Can Swallow

Agrimarine's cutting edge aquaculture may offer the way past B.C.'s 'War in the Waters.'

By Jared Ferrie, 23 Feb 2004


Sweat Free? You're in Fashion

Some revolutionary B.C. designers offer a chance to be stylish, guilt free.

By Jared Ferrie, 23 Feb 2004


Mary Poppins Had It Great…

Compared to a lot of live-in nannies here on special visas. One mistreated caregiver says the program breeds 'a modern type of slavery.'

By Jared Ferrie, 21 Jan 2004