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Ben Shingler

Ben Shingler writes regularly about online media for The Tyee.

Stories by Ben Shingler


How APTN covered Idle No More

By Ben Shingler, 17 Jan 2013


Can You Believe Your Eyes?

Online vids capture moments of high drama but sometimes miss the bigger picture.

By Ben Shingler, 21 Oct 2009


YouTubing Ourselves to Death

You have the power to change history. But first, check out this really cute baby video!

By Ben Shingler, 30 Sep 2009


Baby Chicks Sent to Their Doom

Hatchery video of chirping males ground up alive ignites protest.

By Ben Shingler, 8 Sep 2009


Obama Faces Digital Destruction

What's killing his health reform? False spin by video, blogging and cable news.

By Ben Shingler, 19 Aug 2009


BC Teen Smacks Down 50 Cent

And gets invited to the rapper's Manhattan apartment, proving YouTube the great equalizer.

By Ben Shingler, 15 Jul 2009


'Trimming the Bush to Make the Tree Look Taller'

How razor companies are exploiting male insecurities online to push product.

By Ben Shingler, 2 Jun 2009


Obama 'Destroying' Savings

VIDEO: This from the same CNBC pundits that claimed 'Bear Stearns is fine!' So why are their ratings up?

By Ben Shingler, 10 Mar 2009


This Is Your Eight-Year-Old on Drugs

VIDEO: Parents are putting videos of stoned children online. Is it funny?

By Ben Shingler, 10 Feb 2009


Dancing in the Streets for Cell Phones

VIDEO: Ad agencies turn flash-mobbing on head to harness Net's viral power.

By Ben Shingler, 21 Jan 2009


Online Music Jams, the Next YouTube Trend?

They might just make good on the Net's promise to connect us.

By Ben Shingler, 9 Dec 2008


Economic Clairvoyant

VIDEO: Peter Schiff predicted collapse. He has a new vision.

By Ben Shingler, 25 Nov 2008


Calling Sarah Palin

Prank video reveals which side has used the most powerful election media best.

By Ben Shingler, 4 Nov 2008


YouTube Shines Light on Dirty Politics

How video vigilantes are outing whisper campaigns in US presidential campaign.

By Ben Shingler, 21 Oct 2008


Breakin' it Down

VIDEO: Hadron Collider 411, YouTube style.

By Ben Shingler, 16 Sep 2008


Why Online Funnies Have Taken Over from Print

Simon's Cat, Western Spaghetti, two creative masterpieces.

By Ben Shingler, 19 Aug 2008


Bad Dancing, Huge Fame

VIDEO: Why an average guy got 20 million views.

By Ben Shingler, 8 Jul 2008


Picnicface's Comedy Genius

VIDEO: Its 'Powerthirst' path to subversive YouTube triumph.

By Ben Shingler, 17 Jun 2008


BC's YouTube Celebrities

VIDEO: How the Spencers' terrible videos led to fame.

By Ben Shingler, 23 Apr 2008


God, What Politicians!

Clinton, Obama, McCain and Huckabee's religious vids.

By Ben Shingler, 27 Feb 2008


Hillary, Obama Go at It!

It's a natural hit on YouTube, where hordes surf for outbursts.

By Ben Shingler, 23 Jan 2008