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Bill Metcalfe

Stories by Bill Metcalfe


Feds Intervene in Lemon Creek Fuel Spill Prosecution

Ahead of court date announcing details, enviro lawyer sees new gov't 'talking the right talk.'

By Bill Metcalfe, 6 Jan 2016


Jumbo Ski Resort Running Out of Time

Deadline for Kootenay megaproject looms, and company still has work to do, critics say.

By Bill Metcalfe, 18 Aug 2014


High School Jazz Cats Get a Radical Awakening

At annual Vancouver fest, top student musicians vie to play in a cutting-edge tradition.

By Bill Metcalfe, 28 Jun 2014


How a Wild Electronic Music Fest Won over Its Small-Town Host

Shambhala spreads its creative roots to neighbours Nelson and Salmo.

By Bill Metcalfe, 17 May 2014


BC exempts sweet gas plants, ski resorts from enviro assessment process

By Bill Metcalfe, 15 Apr 2014


Empty Ski Resort Town Wants More of BC's Cash

With Jumbo project delayed, council needs $1 million over five years to prop up its resident-less town.

By Bill Metcalfe, 8 Apr 2014


Whither the High School Band?

Fed-up teachers say music education has hit a new low in rural BC.

By Bill Metcalfe, 12 Feb 2014


Ed Natyshak, BC's Toughest Fitness Coach

How a young man turned a terrible accident into an inspiring life in the west.

By Bill Metcalfe, 12 Aug 2013


In Nelson, Local Food Co-op Becomes Bigtime Developer

High hopes for Kootenay Co-op's $23-million plan to remake a prime city block.

By Bill Metcalfe, 31 Jul 2013


Has 'Local' Food Gone Too Far?

Kootenay Co-op pushes back on feds' definition of local with its own marketing campaign.

By Bill Metcalfe, 13 Jun 2013


A Jumbo Summer Ahead?

Opposition continues to dog the resort town with no residents, while the coming BC election raises stakes.

By Bill Metcalfe, 21 Mar 2013


Got Beef with the Mayor? Facebook 'Em!

The town hall goes digital as local BC leaders debate and relate to constituents over social media.

By Bill Metcalfe, 6 Dec 2012


Remember Rachel Webber, Girl of Johnsons Landing

When she died this summer in a landslide, along with her sister and father, she left behind a close circle of friends. How they coped, in their words.

By Bill Metcalfe, 17 Sep 2012


'Keep the Beat': A Youth-Driven Success Story

How teen girls in Nelson invented and run a great music fest that raises thousands for war children.

By Bill Metcalfe, 3 Aug 2012


What Happened in Johnsons Landing?

Greg Utzig, whose cabin was spared, recalls the day as both a local and a landslide expert.

By Bill Metcalfe, 27 Jul 2012


Jumbo-friendly Bill Creates Municipality Without Residents

Kootenay area politicians angrily scratching their heads.

By Bill Metcalfe, 28 May 2012


Jumbo Ski Resort Carves New Legal Tracks

$450 million East Kootenay project could be a 'municipality' before it gets a single resident.

By Bill Metcalfe, 26 Oct 2009


Why a Little BC Town Wants to Banish Cell Phones

New Denver's cells pitch: Relax, ring free.

By Bill Metcalfe, 13 Mar 2008


A Jumbo Showdown

Key decision looms on fate of proposed ski resort.

By Bill Metcalfe, 15 Feb 2008


As Iraq Burns, Haunted by Vietnam

In Castlegar, draft resisters and vets met to voice dissent.

By Bill Metcalfe, 27 Jul 2006


Growing up Hippie in BC

'A Simple Curve' doubles back on my 60s counter-culture.

By Bill Metcalfe, 24 Feb 2006


Is Nelson’s World Enough?

Not everyone believes the “creative class” can sustain the Kootenay city, where union jobs and traditional industries are waning.

By Bill Metcalfe, 1 Dec 2004


The World Comes to Nelson

How a town of 10,000 attracts a city of cosmopolitan talent.

By Bill Metcalfe, 30 Nov 2004


Big Local Opposition to Jumbo Given Puny Weight

Citizens rallying against developments don’t count for much in official decision-making, indicates a key government report recommending the Jumbo resort project.

By Bill Metcalfe, 20 Oct 2004


Monumental Lessons in Nelson

The draft dodger memorial flap, and what my town learned about war, peace, art and (some) Americans.

By Bill Metcalfe, 12 Oct 2004


Killing a 'Nuisance' Bear

The shot bear that died in front of a Kaslo jazz fest crowd is unusual only for its audience. How much room do we owe wild animals?

By Bill Metcalfe, 11 Aug 2004


The Power of Co-op Radio

Who will protect what coop radio offers: local heart, soul and brains?

By Bill Metcalfe, 28 Jul 2004