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Linda Solomon

Linda Solomon publishes the Vancouver Observer blog. Her journalism has appeared in The International Herald Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, The Utne Reader and many other publications. She has won awards for both public service and investigative reporting from United Press International.

Stories by Linda Solomon


Death of Cortes Island Artist: Was It Murder?

Stefano Savioli painted social commentary at home high on a bluff, now being combed by police.

By Linda Solomon, 11 Aug 2010


Do BC Liberals Support Privatized Schools?

The premier 'chairs' a Fraser Institute fundraiser. The Fraser Institute extols private education. Public school advocates are worried.

By Linda Solomon and Emily Barca, 9 Jul 2010


'It Was Really Brutal'

What really happened outside the Fairmont Hotel at the G8 University Summit protest?

By Linda Solomon, 27 May 2010


Chlorine and Olympics a Dangerous Mix?

Angry residents of Belmont, Washington say toxic chemicals will be parked close to their homes because of Olympics security plans.

By Linda Solomon and Megan Stewart, 30 Nov 2009


'To Love, to Love, to Life'

I asked those in my circle to raise a toast to love. This is what they said.

By Linda Solomon, 13 Feb 2009


In Canada, a Push for Obama-style Green Stimulus

PM to get plan backed by 850,000 group members.

By Linda Solomon, 20 Jan 2009


How Giving Kids a Test Became a Political War

What's the FSA exam ruckus about? Here's your answer sheet.

By Linda Solomon, 14 Jan 2009


A Tyee Series

A Vulgar Little Christmas

That's life with two boys. And pretty funny, if you let go.

By Linda Solomon, 23 Dec 2008


A Tyee Series

The Focused Life

Please tell me how to live it. I'll try to pay attention.

By Linda Solomon, 12 Aug 2008


'The Jesus Sayings'

Author Rex Weyler on sorting myth from history, and why we need both.

By Linda Solomon, 2 May 2008


A Tyee Series

Disneyland, Weird Trip

Two boys, one teary mom, adrift in fantasyland.

By Linda Solomon, 30 Jan 2008


My Brother's New Kidney

'The spell is broken' says the donor, his friend.

By Linda Solomon, 7 Dec 2007


The Greatest Gift

My brother inherited a fatal kidney disease. What do I owe him?

By Linda Solomon, 14 Nov 2007


A Tyee Series

Candy Overdose, Scary Cure

How I purged my kids' post-Halloween addiction.

By Linda Solomon, 31 Oct 2007


A Tyee Series

A World of Danger, and No TV to Dull the Roar

Life is scary. Tell the kids?

By Linda Solomon, 23 Jul 2007


The Village a Train Ate

Canada Line work nails merchants. Should taxpayers save them?

By Linda Solomon, 30 May 2007


A Tyee Series

Life Without TV

To reconnect with my boys, I pulled the plug. Now what?

By Linda Solomon, 25 May 2007


LSD as Therapy? Write about It, Get Barred from US

BC psychotherapist denied entry after border guard googled his work.

By Linda Solomon, 23 Apr 2007


Why I Came to Canada

A 9/11 refugee trades Manhattan for Kitsilano.

By Linda Solomon, 10 Sep 2006