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Life Without TV


Image shared under a Creative Commons license by Kevin Dean.

An occasional Tyee series by Linda Solomon about life with two boys and no TV. Solomon left New York City after the 9-11 attacks, just 15 blocks from her apartment. In B.C. she is seeking a new life -- first on Cortez Island and now in Vancouver -- with her children.

In This Series


TV screen (no signal)

Life Without TV

To reconnect with my boys, I pulled the plug. Now what?

By Linda Solomon, 25 May 2007


Scared boy (cartoon)

A World of Danger, and No TV to Dull the Roar

Life is scary. Tell the kids?

By Linda Solomon, 23 Jul 2007


Mixed candy

Candy Overdose, Scary Cure

How I purged my kids' post-Halloween addiction.

By Linda Solomon, 31 Oct 2007


Disneyland (castle)

Disneyland, Weird Trip

Two boys, one teary mom, adrift in fantasyland.

By Linda Solomon, 30 Jan 2008


Woman in front of exit sign

The Focused Life

Please tell me how to live it. I'll try to pay attention.

By Linda Solomon, 12 Aug 2008


Santa Claus Wagging Finger

A Vulgar Little Christmas

That's life with two boys. And pretty funny, if you let go.

By Linda Solomon, 23 Dec 2008