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Scott Deveau

Scott Deveau writes regularly for The Tyee, has contributed to CBC Radio and reported for The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Courier, and several of the Vancouver Island Newsgroup's papers.

Stories by Scott Deveau


Police Ordered to Probe Short Term Lenders

Money Mart charged interest topping 1,200 percent, says customer.

By Scott Deveau, 17 Mar 2005


Mug Shot Too Hot for Political Ads

Parties running against B.C. Liberals fear use of drunk driving photo would backfire.

By Scott Deveau, 16 Mar 2005


Olympic Village Neighbourhood Green Enough?

Leading green builder says Vancouver's Southeast False Creek plan falls short of world-class.

By Scott Deveau, 4 Mar 2005


'Red Light' Idea Glows Brighter in Vancouver

Changed prostitution laws, maybe a red light district, suddenly a hot issue.

By Scott Deveau, 28 Feb 2005


Yoga Mogul Has Critics in a Knot

Chip Wilson's provocative words on child labour and garment workers put Lululemon under scrutiny.

By Scott Deveau, 17 Feb 2005


Public Spending Behind Closed Doors

Private contracts involving public money are insulating government business from needed public scrutiny.

By Scott Deveau, 11 Feb 2005


Will Mayor Larry Walk Away?

Councillor Fred Bass's frank shots at Campbell have ignited a new crisis for Vancouver's COPE council.

By Scott Deveau, 8 Feb 2005


Firefighters Demand Cancer Benefits

Most provinces make it easy for at-risk firefighters with cancer, but B.C. still forces them to argue each case.

By Scott Deveau, 7 Feb 2005


RAV 'Bait and Switch' Charged

Secret negotiations, part of doing P3 business, kept public in dark about torn up streets. Last night an angry audience heard it's too late to change course.

By Scott Deveau, 1 Feb 2005


Do We Really Know Who's Lobbying?

B.C.'s lobbyist registry was supposed to tell us. Now the person in charge says it's full of 'loopholes.'

By Scott Deveau, 26 Jan 2005


Premier 'Backed away' from Promises Says MADD

Two years ago Gordon Campbell promised Mothers Against Drunk Driving he'd make B.C. a beacon for their cause. But MADD rates B.C. even lower now, and its chief feels burned.

By Scott Deveau, 12 Jan 2005


Help Phuket? Plan Your Holiday

Much damage is cleaned up, but was the romance for tourists washed away?

By Scott Deveau, 6 Jan 2005


The 'Blended Family' Bonanza

Family trees with divorce in them shower gifts on the lucky kids below. I should know.

By Scott Deveau, 24 Dec 2004


Larry Campbell's Big Gamble

Vancouver's mayor is all but certain to split from the party he led into power. As his strategy comes into focus, so do the risks.

By Scott Deveau, 9 Dec 2004


B.C. Contractor Maximus Mishandled Public Funds in U.S.

Liberals, as part of privatizing push, gave a $324 million contract to a firm with a history of controversy in five states. A TYEE SPECIAL REPORT

By Scott Deveau, 3 Dec 2004

The Killers Beneath

Aki Ra's strange, lifelong relationship with land mines. And the Canadian helping him achieve his dream.

By Scott Deveau, 30 Nov 2004

How to Read Prison Tattoos

Tombstones, spider webs, the number 88 and other coded messages.

By Scott Deveau, 24 Nov 2004


Prison Guards Fear HIV, But Oppose Clean Needles

Supplying clean needles hands weapons to inmates, guards say. But as drug injection and tattooing sow disease, prison officials are desperate for remedies.

By Scott Deveau, 23 Nov 2004


Sweeping Haida Claims Emboldened by Ruling

Canada's high court backed B.C. First Nations demands for more consultation before government approves developments. The decision may 'kick start' treaty negotiations.

By Scott Deveau, 18 Nov 2004


Showdown on the Taku River

A cross-border fight over a mining project is coming to a head. American and Tlingit officials accuse Canada of lax environmental standards.

By Scott Deveau, 17 Nov 2004


Global War Risk Fading, Says Blix

The world is plenty dangerous, but the chance of world war is diminishing, says the UN arms inspector who defied the Bush administration.

By Scott Deveau, 11 Nov 2004


The NDP's New Face for Business

A juice king's nomination may signal a shift in the NDP's economic message.

By Scott Deveau, 8 Nov 2004


The Buzz on Election Night in Vancouver

As gloom set in, Mayor Campbell was already fielding pleas for help from distraught Americans.

By Scott Deveau, 3 Nov 2004


New Farm Worker Abuses Uncovered

Widespread violations stem from changed laws, slashed inspections, says BC Fed report.

By Scott Deveau, 23 Sep 2004


Rural Schools Don't Die Easily

B.C. towns and villages are struggling to save their community anchors. Forest Grove elementary is one.

By Scott Deveau, 8 Sep 2004


Green Vision for Victoria's Harbour

Vying to develop the Dockside land is a cutting edge proposal by a team that includes the Sierra Club, VanCity and architect Peter Busby.

By Scott Deveau, 1 Sep 2004


Will B.C. Elect John Kerry?

More Americans live in Canada than in Wyoming. Democrats, stung by their razor thin defeat last time, say every B.C. vote counts.

By Scott Deveau, 20 Aug 2004


Green Power Experts Give B.C. Low Marks

BC Hydro's new energy strategy is hardly the clean cutting edge, say critics.

By Scott Deveau, 5 Jul 2004


Witness to Africa's 'Death Spiral'

Stephen Lewis, UN envoy to the AIDS ravaged continent, reflects on Canada's role in the face of "constant, pervasive death."

By Scott Deveau, 15 Jun 2004


Hells Angels Not Confronted, Says Author

Julian Sher, whose Road to Hell tracks the gang's Canadian rise, believes we all underestimated them.

By Scott Deveau, 27 Apr 2004


Film Fund Cut Clobbers B.C. Projects

The provincial government's cultural deficit rose again when the boom fell on those struggling to tell Canadian stories.

By Scott Deveau, 19 Apr 2004


A Spring Loss

By Scott Deveau, 8 Apr 2004