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Quentin Dodd

Quentin Dodd is a journalist based in Campbell River.

Stories by Quentin Dodd


New War in Woods? Battle Front Shifts

Protests planned for August 24 in Port Alberni.

By Quentin Dodd, 16 Aug 2006


Logging Protests Ahead

On the island, anger at massive cuts, blocked scrutiny.

By Quentin Dodd, 6 Apr 2006


Coroner Whistleblowers Rebuffed by Les

Solicitor General rejects concerns by Committee for Competent Death Reviews.

By Quentin Dodd and David Beers, 10 Feb 2006


'He'd Be Alive Today'

Logger's widow says her man could have been saved.

By Quentin Dodd, 9 Dec 2005


Why No Inquests into Logging Deaths?

Unions, whistleblowers urge coroner to analyze carnage.

By Quentin Dodd, 9 Dec 2005


Misery of a Citizen 'Sustainability Advisor'

Life inside the logging eco-certification maze.

By Quentin Dodd, 25 Nov 2005


A Cancer Win Not All Firefighters Share

BC part-timers, volunteers still must battle for compensation.

By Quentin Dodd, 9 Nov 2005


Coal Smoke Adds to Band's Cancer Alarm

We Wai Kai say they were steamrolled by mill's permit approval.

By Quentin Dodd, 4 Nov 2005


Water Works Quietly Privatized

In Campbell River and beyond, an election issue boils up.

By Quentin Dodd, 13 Oct 2005


Fishing Withdrawals Setting in Already

'Tyee' season ends today in Campbell River. At least I landed a good yarn.

By Quentin Dodd, 15 Sep 2005


Dirty Politics Fuel 'Salmon Wars'

Fishermen 'scapegoated' says former BC fisheries advisor Dennis Brown.

By Quentin Dodd, 30 Aug 2005


He Survived the Doomed Dieppe Raid

At 84, Leaman Patterson philosophizes about being cannon fodder.

By Quentin Dodd, 19 Aug 2005


Another Blow to the Big Box

We're bruised and drained, but there'll be no Wal-Mart in Campbell River – this time.

By Quentin Dodd, 6 Jul 2005


New Showdown for Wal-Mart Battle in Campbell River

Council to decide after three days of hearings, starting tonight.

By Quentin Dodd, 27 Jun 2005


Wal-mart Stalled on Banks of Campbell River

Council move pleases crowd opposing box store on prime estuary site.

By Quentin Dodd, 4 Apr 2005


Riverside Wal-mart Angers Tyee Town

The Campbell River and its fish define the namesake community's mythology. Now Wal-mart wants to squat at its mouth.

By Quentin Dodd, 18 Feb 2005


Beware of 'Zombie' Truck Loggers

Longer shifts are stretching truckers to the point of dangerous exhaustion, say drivers and union reps.

By Quentin Dodd, 15 Nov 2004


Coast Guard Cuts Fog Horn Wires

Boaters must "share the responsibility" as navigational warning tools are shut down.

By Quentin Dodd, 17 Sep 2004


HEU Braces for Damage Decisions

The B.C. Supreme Court, conservative advocates, and a Campbell River mill are mulling how much to charge the HEU for staying out.

By Quentin Dodd, 17 May 2004


Island First Nation Backs Off Fish Farming

Scuttling its aquaculture ambitions, the Homalco Nation inks a key agreement to help protect waters around Bute Inlet.

By Quentin Dodd, 4 May 2004


Outrage Knits Defiant Unions

At a fiery Island ferry workers' meeting, calls rose for a broadened strike to push Liberals 'over the edge.'

By Quentin Dodd, 26 Apr 2004


'First Dollar' Sounds a Rural Cry

As resentment builds in resource towns, a North Island rally takes aim at enviros and city folk.

By Quentin Dodd, 31 Mar 2004


Raising the Ghost of Joseph Mairs

Around the grave of a labour martyr, people in Ladysmith will remember grim B.C. history, and call for renewed spirit.

By Quentin Dodd, 16 Jan 2004


Strikers Go from Gloom to Holiday Cheer

IWA workers were hunkered down for "the long haul" when breakthrough came.

By Quentin Dodd, 16 Dec 2003


Strike Latest Blow to Reeling North Island

Hard times are all too familiar to Campbell River and Port McNeill. After the walk-out, the pain is worsening.

By Quentin Dodd, 8 Dec 2003