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Kim Pollock

Stories by Kim Pollock


Forest Firms Love the HST? Why?

Timber companies keep getting bigger tax breaks, yet put less and less into BC. The HST won't turn that around.

By Kim Pollock, 14 May 2010


Campbell's Tax Cuts Failed to Work

Jobs and investment were supposed to flow, but didn't. Biggest loser: our wrecked forest economy.

By Kim Pollock, 21 Apr 2010


Canadians Didn't Shift, Harper Did

Who gets credit for the Tories' revival? Keynes and Ignatieff.

By Kim Pollock, 7 Jan 2010


Canada's Corporations Aren't Investing in You

Their zooming profits are ending up overseas instead of creating jobs here.

By Kim Pollock, 28 Dec 2009


A Tyee Series

Reclaiming the Promise of BC

Leaders brag about our quality of life while their policies erode it. Last in a series: 'BC's Broken Economy.'

By Kim Pollock, 17 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

BC's Rich and Poor: A Gap Pried Wider

Government fostered the divide. Now it reaps expensive social woes. Third of four on 'BC's Broken Economy.'

By Kim Pollock, 16 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

How We Sawed off Our Forest Industry

Bad policies fuelled the collapse of timber jobs. Rural BC took the big hit. Second of four.

By Kim Pollock, 15 Jul 2009


A Tyee Series

How Did BC's Economy Get This Bad?

Well before the global downturn, we were failing by two key measures. First in a four-part series.

By Kim Pollock, 14 Jul 2009


Softwood Deal: Follow the Money

Pact lets dollars pour into mergers, not jobs and communities.

By Kim Pollock, 3 May 2006


How We Really Grow Our Economy

A steelworkers’ perspective: Let’s make B.C. attractive to investors without making it unattractive to British Columbians.

By Kim Pollock, 15 Mar 2005