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BC's Broken Economy


Image courtesy of Niharb, shared under a Creative Commons license.

Series author Kim Pollock is a Canadian research representative for United Steelworkers, based in Burnaby. He lives in Vancouver. He dedicates this series to the memory of the late H. Keith Ralston, British Columbia historian, UBC professor and long-time B.C. social activist, including one-time editor of the United Fisherman and Allied Workers newspaper, "a good friend and mentor."

In This Series


Construction workers against sunset

How Did BC's Economy Get This Bad?

Well before the global downturn, we were failing by two key measures. First in a four-part series.

By Kim Pollock, 14 Jul 2009


Logging Truck

How We Sawed off Our Forest Industry

Bad policies fuelled the collapse of timber jobs. Rural BC took the big hit. Second of four.

By Kim Pollock, 15 Jul 2009


Poor Man Outside Fancy Store

BC's Rich and Poor: A Gap Pried Wider

Government fostered the divide. Now it reaps expensive social woes. Third of four on 'BC's Broken Economy.'

By Kim Pollock, 16 Jul 2009



Reclaiming the Promise of BC

Leaders brag about our quality of life while their policies erode it. Last in a series: 'BC's Broken Economy.'

By Kim Pollock, 17 Jul 2009