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Jacqueline Windh

Jacqueline Windh completed her B.Sc. (Honours) in Geology at McGill University in 1987, and began her Ph.D. in Geology at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia) the same year. She completed her Ph.D. at the University of Western Australia in 1992. Windh then worked in the mining industry for nearly two decades, a field she left in order to try to have a more positive influence on the planet as a writer and photographer.

She has published four books (one of which is a Canadian bestseller), and has written articles for The Tyee, The Guardian and elsewhere. Her work mainly addresses the themes that are most important to her: sciences, scientific literacy, the environment, and indigenous social issues and rights. Windh is currently broadening her writing to address these same themes through fiction and writing for the big screen.

Reporting beat: Environment, science, and the outdoors.

Twitter: @jwindh

Personal website:

Stories by Jacqueline Windh


Danger! Earthquake Causes Tidal Wave of Tweets!

How manic social media misreported a tsunami threat in British Columbia.

By Jacqueline Windh, 30 Oct 2012


Ziplining Past the 'War in the Woods'

More than 25 years after clashes over Clayoquot Sound's old growth forests pitted First Nations against industry, a new tribal park offers a model for land use collaboration.

By Jacqueline Windh, 1 Sep 2010


A Tyee Series

'It's the Start of New Times for Us'

Solutions must recognize First Nations' distinct cultural values. Last in the series 'Native Youth Speak Out.'

By Jacqueline Windh, 2 Aug 2010


A Tyee Series

Native Youth, Clinging to Their Culture

'At potlatches they speak in our language. I've no idea what's going on.' Fifth in a reader-funded series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 30 Jul 2010


A Tyee Series

Family Ties: Listening to Native Youth

'Today it still hurts to look back at it. How could they take us away from our mom?' Fourth in a reader-funded series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 29 Jul 2010


A Tyee Series

Addictions: 'I Grew Up With It'

Listening to Native youth on drinking, drugging and getting beyond it. Third in a series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 28 Jul 2010


A Tyee Series

Talking to Native Teens about School

What First Nations kids say keeps them going, and what pulls them away. Second in a series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 27 Jul 2010


A Tyee Series

Native Youth, In Their Own Voices

Today begins a series in which B.C. First Nations youth speak about school, alcohol and drugs, family, culture and language.

By Jacqueline Windh, 26 Jul 2010


Chasing the Runner's High

Top endurance athlete Jen Segger runs the fine line between triumph and addiction.

By Jacqueline Windh, 13 Nov 2009


How a Tofino Guy Earned a Surfing Crown

Wildcard entry Pete Devries' amazing victory came in front of childhood home and made Canadian surfing history.

By Jacqueline Windh, 2 Nov 2009


A Tyee Series

Legal Fees for Abuse Could Top $1 Billion

Residential school survivors may share a third of their payout with lawyers.

By Jacqueline Windh, 23 Feb 2007


A Tyee Series

Survivors Wait While Lawyers Squabble

Disputed legal fees mean compensation payments are again delayed. Second in a series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 22 Feb 2007


A Tyee Series

Putting a Price on Suffering

Abused in a residential school, Billy Keitlah is eligible for $150,000 in compensation. But he doesn't want the money.

By Jacqueline Windh, 21 Feb 2007


Anger Wells Up in Dry Tofino

Residents and businesses both frustrated by inaction that led to crisis.

By Jacqueline Windh, 1 Sep 2006