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Residential School Survivors: Justice Frustrated

A three-part Tyee series on Vancouver Island survivors of Indian residential schools, and their rocky path towards compensation. Tofino writer Jacqueline Windh reports on one man who, despite years of abuse, doesn't want the government's money; how the compensation program came to be and why no one has yet been paid; and why a small group of lawyers are the big winners in the compensation game.

In This Series


Billy Keitlah

Putting a Price on Suffering

Abused in a residential school, Billy Keitlah is eligible for $150,000 in compensation. But he doesn't want the money.

By Jacqueline Windh, 21 Feb 2007


Matthew Williams

Survivors Wait While Lawyers Squabble

Disputed legal fees mean compensation payments are again delayed. Second in a series.

By Jacqueline Windh, 22 Feb 2007


Winnie John and Rosie Swan

Legal Fees for Abuse Could Top $1 Billion

Residential school survivors may share a third of their payout with lawyers.

By Jacqueline Windh, 23 Feb 2007