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Francis Plourde

Stories by Francis Plourde


Monocle's Poke in the Eye

Tyler Brûlé sells a media vision that's hip, haughty but humane. For a while, he had me.

By Francis Plourde, 17 Jun 2013


Salmon inquiry hopes to be commission to end all commissions

By Francis Plourde and Geoff D'Auria, 31 Oct 2010


'Let First Nations manage fisheries': UBC prof

By Francis Plourde, 28 Oct 2010


First Nations say relationship with DFO must change to create sustainable fishery

By Francis Plourde, 26 Oct 2010


Fish farm industry denies keeping 'secret' data on sea lice epidemic

By Francis Plourde, 25 Oct 2010


Morton finishes four-day paddle down Fraser as sockeye inquiry begins

By Francis Plourde, 25 Oct 2010


Harper boosts the Bloc in Quebec; Dumont is out, Khadir is in

By Francis Plourde, 9 Dec 2008


Dumont poised to pay dearly for supporting Harper

By Francis Plourde, 5 Dec 2008


Don’t adjust your TV: a Quebec perspective on the ‘Coup d’État’

By Francis Plourde, 3 Dec 2008


Liberals retake Van-Quadra, but cling to only 5 seats in BC

By Francis Plourde, 15 Oct 2008


Should lefties thank the Bloc?

By Francis Plourde, 14 Oct 2008


Mother polls test mood of ordinary Canadians, Quebeckers

By Francis Plourde, 11 Oct 2008


Inquest Families Still Seek Closure

Relatives of Sullivan Mine victims want better answers, stronger penalties from Mines Ministry.

By Francis Plourde, 18 Jul 2008


Jury: Fix Mine Safety Regs

Mining minister takes Sullivan inquest advice 'seriously.'

By Francis Plourde, 16 Jul 2007


$100 Device Could Have Saved Sullivan Mine Victims

Mining safety regs out of date, inquest told.

By Francis Plourde, 13 Jul 2007


The Town a Mine Built

Sullivan inquest a reminder of Kimberley's roots.

By Francis Plourde, 12 Jul 2007


Sullivan Mine Deaths: Questions Haunt

Families seek answers in coroner's inquest.

By Francis Plourde, 9 Jul 2007


Vancouver Joins Towns Spooked by TILMA

Council wants more info on trade pact.

By Francis Plourde, 28 Jun 2007


Skeena Fishery Risked for Politics?

Enviro groups say DFO 'caved under pressure.'

By Francis Plourde, 26 Jun 2007


BC's Great Rubbish Rush

'Give us your garbage!' plead 23 towns.

By Francis Plourde, 25 Jun 2007


High Stakes: The Fight over Red Chris Mine

Fate of big project, and public input, argued in court.

By Francis Plourde, 21 Jun 2007


Tempest in a Bottle

Planned water bottling plant stirs fierce opposition in Interior town.

By Francis Plourde, 21 Jun 2007

Players Sift Through Ruling's Fallout

Looking for answers one week after the overturn of Bill 29.

By Francis Plourde and Sunny Freeman, 14 Jun 2007


Labour Strife Hits BC Roads

Hundreds off the job in highways dispute.

By Francis Plourde, 7 Jun 2007

Bush Inquest Grips Houston

B.C. man was shot dead in RCMP custody.

By Francis Plourde, 23 May 2007


Why the PQ Isn't Dead

And why English Canada gets it wrong on Quebec.

By Francis Plourde, 23 May 2007


And On the Fifth Day, They Rested

B.C. district rebels against four-day school week

By Francis Plourde, 22 May 2007

Hostile Makeover

U.S. suitor wants Alcan.

By Francis Plourde, 9 May 2007

The French Connection

Local expats sweat weekend vote.

By Francis Plourde, 4 May 2007