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Geoffrey Michael D'Auria

Geoff D'Auria

Working at the the intersection of journalism, technology, project management, user experience and audience analysis, Geoff D'Auria has helped lead the digital direction of The Tyee since 2007.

As a digital editor with a focus on reader engagement, Geoff helped design the Interactive Copper Map, developed new packaging approaches for the Enduring Coast series, and helped envision and strategize The Tyee's approach to the 2013 BC Election, including the redesign of The Hook, the development of explainer stories, and the creation of the BC Election Map. Previously, Geoff helped project manage the award-winning 2009 redesign of The Tyee, and the 2010 development of The Tyee's mobile apps.

With Julie Jenkins in the fall of 2013, Geoff co-led one of the most successful crowdfunding experiments in Canadian journalism history, The Tyee National Campaign, in which readers gave, in three weeks, more than $100,000 in small donations. That keyed off a previous campaign that raised and additional $67,000 the year before.

In 2011, Geoff created and drove a new award called the People's Order of B.C., as an alternative to the Order of B.C. This was done as a response to the the popular outrage to some of that year's selections.

Geoff was the editor of Vanessa Richmond's Schlock and Awe column on popular culture, in addition to the now defunct Tyee Video column. He also is on the adjudication team for the Michael Fellman Award for popular historical writing. He is the comment moderator and, for many years, was the front-page editor.

After leaving journalism school but before joining The Tyee, Geoff worked in software development, both as a technical / software requirements writer and a developer of training modules. It was in that capacity that he learned the basic but essential principles of user interaction, audience analysis, content and information management, single-sourcing and information architecture.

But for a short stint in Boston, Geoff is a lifelong Vancouver resident and holds a degree in journalism from Langara College, a BA in English and History from Simon Fraser University, a certificate in Liberal Arts, and is pursuing a certificate in open web development from Langara.

Twitter: @geoffreyd123

Stories by Geoffrey Michael D'Auria


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Michael Fellman Award Winner Chosen

We're proud to announce today's cover story as the inaugural winner of a $1,000 prize for history writing.

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Three Unexpectedly Brilliant Holiday Specials

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Reflections on Trees, Sharing and Comments Closing for Holidays

Comments open here to friends who want to share a cup of cheer. Closed on all other stories 'til Jan. 6.

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Tyee National Campaign Hits Target in Night of Overwhelming Support

Readers rally to keep the dream of a Tyee reporter in Ottawa alive.

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Down to the Wire in Tyee's Fundraising Race to Go National

Last day! Support's been amazing! Let's close that gap to $100,000 by midnight!

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Help The Tyee Go National

At this critical moment in Canadian democracy, you can bring more fact-driven independent reporting to the national conversation.

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The Summer BC's Woods Roared Back

When trees fell in the forest, the world heard Clayoquot Sound. A look back, 20 years on.

By Geoff D'Auria, Colleen Kimmett and Robyn Smith, 10 Aug 2013


The Running of the Folkies

In a blur of sandals and tie-dye, music fans run in the annual folk festival rite: the Birkenstock 500.

By David P. Ball, Geoff D'Auria and Maryse Zeidler, 20 Jul 2013


A Tyee Series

Tyee Comments Close this Weekend

Comments close Friday night, a new system opens Monday, and Disqus answers your questions.

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A Tyee Series

Goodbye Tyee Comments!

On Friday, comments will close. On Monday, something new.

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A Tyee Series

Thirteen Habits of Highly Effective Freelance Journalists

TYEE LIST #25: If you missed the last Tyee panel discussion, worry not. Highlights and tips are here.

By Geoff D'Auria, 20 Oct 2012


Vancouver's Forgotten Track Star

Shy Percy Williams shocked the world winning two Olympic golds and put Vancouver on the map. With archival photo essay.

By Geoff D'Auria, 4 Aug 2012


For the Love of Sport

Is it possible to love the Games but hate the Olympics? Plus, your photos of athletic BC.

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Get Over 'Juneuary,' People!

Say it one more time and I put you on a slow bus back to Ontario. Instead, placate yourself with these photos.

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With the federal budget vote looming, a quick look at some of the numbers

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Citizens group releases video to fight undead Bill C-30

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Why Blackberry's Embrace of HTML5 Is Good Karma

By betting on open-software, RIM helps close digital divide. (Which is why Tyee's free phone app is HTML5, too.)

By Geoff D'Auria, 21 May 2012


Dave Barrett, Kim Campbell named to Order of BC

By Geoff D'Auria, 18 May 2012


Tweet Us What You Read Today

Use the #TyeeReads hashtag to suggest the day's must reads and help build the Reported Elsewhere list.

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My Kodak Moment

I glimpsed the US giant's bankrupt fate when it swallowed the workplace I loved.

By Geoff D'Auria, 27 Jan 2012


What Happened to The Tyee?

Our server crashed for almost 12 hours yesterday. Here's why.

By Geoff D'Auria, 19 Jan 2012


Canadian pipelines and oil sands by (some of) the numbers

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New! The Tyee Video Section!

Keying off the Reel BC Viral Video night discussion, we offer a new video section and an invitation to fill it.

By Geoff D'Auria, 5 Dec 2011


The Tyee, Now Ready for All Phones

Frustrated trying to read The Tyee on your phone? Can't use our app for lack of an iPhone? Read on...

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Pepper-spraying cop now an Internet meme

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And the People's Order of BC Winners Are...

You nominated, you voted. Now it's time to give kudos to them all.

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Vote for The People's Order of BC!

We've whittled down your nominations from more than 100 to 21. Now it's your turn.

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People's Order of BC nomination period closes, voting starts soon

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The People's Order of BC: Your Nominations, Please

Given doubts about how Campbell, Dobell and Emerson gained the Order of BC, we're creating a new Order. Suggest a candidate!

By Geoff D'Auria, 19 Sep 2011


Amazing! Readers Give $14,762 for Election Reporting

Final tally could go thousands higher, as many have pledged but not yet paid.

By David Beers, Shannon Smart and Geoff D'Auria, 20 Jul 2011


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Join the Revolution!

With the Tyee Election Fundraiser ending Monday, will education, health care and homelessness come in last? Grab a torch!

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Is The Tyee Mobile App Anti-Canadian?

It takes just 31 seconds to install, and it's free. Then again, it made one person call us traitors to our country.

By Geoff D'Auria, 18 Apr 2011


Get the New Tyee Mobile App Now

Got an iPhone? 'Install' our app and get The Tyee on-the-go.

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Timothy Taylor on His Shining Novel 'The Blue Light Project'

The Vancouver author on the languages of street art, celebrity, religion and more. Plus a photo essay.

By Geoff D'Auria, 8 Apr 2011


A Tyee Series

Idea #8: A Train for Canada's Birthday

A really fast one. Oh, and leaders with vision. Not managers with a mean streak.

By Geoff D'Auria, 29 Dec 2010


A Crown for King Campbell

Squint at that new roof over BC Place and it looks like our outgoing premier's perfect legacy.

By Geoff D'Auria, 3 Nov 2010


Salmon inquiry hopes to be commission to end all commissions

By Francis Plourde and Geoff D'Auria, 31 Oct 2010


Gordon Campbell takes HST defence to Facebook

By Geoff D'Auria, 30 Jun 2010


'The Ice Passage' Thaws Some Hard Canadian History

Author Brian Payton on death in the Arctic, why ice is alive, our melting sense of nature, and more.

By Geoff D'Auria, 25 Mar 2010


Poet Slams VANOC Paralympic transportation system

By Geoff D'Auria, 19 Mar 2010


Games could become 'worst in Olympic history': The Guardian

By Geoff D'Auria, 16 Feb 2010


Send Us Your Olympic Photos!

Show us your Games like you showed us your province and we'll create beautiful photo essays together.

By Geoff D'Auria, 10 Feb 2010


The Mystery of the Duplicating Comments

Turns out, it's your fault. Well, and Apple and us. But at least we can explain how you can keep it from happening again.

By Geoff D'Auria, 26 Nov 2009


The New Tyee: An Update

Some glitches, some tweaks, and a lot of great feedback.

By Geoff D'Auria, 15 Jul 2009


Libs win historic third term as James concedes

By Geoff D'Auria, 12 May 2009


Vancouver Ski Legend Dead at 39

Shane McConkey threw himself headlong off a mountain and into life.

By Geoff D'Auria, 30 Mar 2009


Don't Watch This Video

VIDEO: It won't teach you anything but might leave you in awe.

By Geoff D'Auria, 24 Feb 2009


VIDEO: Quebecois Election Videos Take No Prisoners

By Geoff D'Auria, 25 Sep 2008


Real Warriors and Soccer Ghosts

As homeless Dreamcatchers played Whitecaps oldtimers, the sidelines were full of memories and chatter.

By Geoff D'Auria, 4 Jul 2008


A World of Hurt

Pro wrestling's dark empire, pinned by Bret Hart.

By Geoff D'Auria, 4 Jan 2008


Comment Threads Will Close for Holidays

Thanks for a great year! Time for a short break.

By David Beers and Geoff D'Auria, 19 Dec 2007


'Cold-Cocked': The Hit of Hockey

Lorna Jackson on why we really watch the puck drop.

By Geoff D'Auria, 5 Oct 2007


Update on Tyee Comments

Some tweaks, some winners -- and your opinion invited.

By Geoff D'Auria, 7 Aug 2007