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David Secko

David Secko is a student at the University of British Columbia School of Journalism with a focus on science reporting.

Stories by David Secko


Salmon Genes, Discuss

Should science fiddle with salmon genetics? We put 26 people in a room to test the question -- and 'deliberative democracy.'

By David Secko and Emma Cohen, 23 Mar 2009


Smarter Democracy

It's called 'deliberative' and lets citizens solve problems.

By David Secko and Michael Burgess, 20 Dec 2006


Fat Teens on Drugs

Pharma labs keep cranking out obesity pills and shots. Teens are a prime target. A Tyee Special Report.

By David Secko, 27 Jul 2005

A Mosquito's Baby Album

Welcome to the magnified world of UBC's Elaine Humphrey.

By David Secko, 19 Jul 2005


Worm eggs, anyone?

A surprising number of patients are lining up for this experimental 'medicine.'

By David Secko, 5 Jul 2005


Lighting up BC's Dark Interior

For First Nations off the grid, and thousands around the world, 'solid state' tech proves a bright solution.

By David Secko, 23 Jun 2005


Are Computer Games Rebooting Our Minds?

The hot debate moves to a big conference in Vancouver.

By David Secko, 16 Jun 2005


'The Drug Trial' on Trial

Book on whistleblower raises storm about ethics, medical and journalistic.

By David Secko, 15 Jun 2005


Working out with Heavyweights of Physics

What I learned about supersolids, our possible Martian origins, and more.

By David Secko, 26 May 2005


'Election Stock Market' Predicts Strong Liberal Win

UBC online exchange lets free market investors bet on May 17 vote.

By David Secko, 2 May 2005


Disease Sufferers Gather in Cyberspace

People with Parkinson’s and other illnesses creating on-line communities of empathy.

By David Secko, 30 Mar 2005