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Allison Martell

Allison Martell regularly writes about online video for The Tyee.

Stories by Allison Martell


A Tyee Series

Idea #1: Tax Ads to Fund Public Art

How a billboard tax in Toronto is helping to stem the neon tide of illegal signs and give local artists a voice.

By Allison Martell, 21 Dec 2009


Raining Polar Bears

Will Plane Stupid's stomach-churning video convince you to change your flying habits?

By Allison Martell, 1 Dec 2009


Tap Water Burning

Viral vids done right marry deeper meaning to spectacles like this.

By Allison Martell, 28 Oct 2009


Why 'Being Erica' Deserves to Be

It might just be the most realistic portrayal of a woman in her thirties on TV.

By Allison Martell, 27 Oct 2009


'High with a Little Help from My Friends'

Harper's sing-a-long video may score political points but beware the power of viral.

By Allison Martell, 6 Oct 2009


The Value of Online Anonymity

The courts unmasked a nasty blogger and people cheered. But is secrecy the problem, or incivility?

By Allison Martell, 16 Sep 2009


Videos that Play with Numbers, Dangerously

If you can make statistics dance onscreen, you might have a YouTube hit. But check that math.

By Allison Martell, 31 Aug 2009


The Rise of the Lego Video

'Brickfilms' are the latest in low-fi vids made with high-tech tools. What's the appeal?

By Allison Martell, 4 Aug 2009


Some Videos Aren't This Good

VIDEO: Those that aren't teach us the reality of online life: the Net never forgets.

By Allison Martell, 16 Jun 2009


Throw Another Vlog on the Internet Fire

VIDEO: This one throws some sparks, unlike a lot of video logging.

By Allison Martell, 7 Apr 2009


YouTube Remix Tames Savage Commenters

Israeli sampling genius creates 'mother of all funk chords.' What's not to like?

By Allison Martell, 17 Mar 2009


An Ode to Charles Darwin

VIDEO: Singing scholar finds musical theatre in history of science. No, really.

By Allison Martell, 16 Feb 2009


The Return of the Music Video

VIDEO: Are viral videos turning bland songs into hits, just like in the '80s?

By Allison Martell, 27 Jan 2009


Gaza Videos Take Over YouTube Charts

VIDEO: High on impact, low on context

By Allison Martell, 13 Jan 2009


Extreme Evasion from Elections and Economics

VIDEO: Tired of Harper, Palin and stock markets? Take a three-minute, thrill-seeking break.

By Allison Martell, 7 Oct 2008


Viral Ads in Sheep's Clothing

Corporations are making fake homemade videos on YouTube. Case in point.

By Allison Martell, 4 Sep 2008


Giant Wind-Powered Robots Roam YouTube and Real World

VIDEO: Kinetic sculpture's rising star.

By Allison Martell, 29 Jul 2008


Baby Vids Are Breeding

VIDEO: Two minutes of fame before the kid can even talk?

By Allison Martell, 3 Jun 2008


Gimme Mo' Slow Mo'

VIDEO: The strange beauty caught by today's very, very slow-motion cameras.

By Allison Martell, 14 May 2008


How YouTube Is Bringing Poetry Back

VIDEO: Why US Poet Laureate's words get big hits.

By Allison Martell, 26 Mar 2008


Sex Ed 2.0

Why teachers want kids to watch more online sex vids.

By Allison Martell, 5 Mar 2008


YouTube's 'How To' Heaven

It's the heyday of the humble, quirky video tutor. Check these out.

By Allison Martell, 30 Jan 2008