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Alan Durning

Stories by Alan Durning


What Has BC's Carbon Tax Shift Done?

Six years in, measuring the results in five charts.

By Alan Durning and Yoram Bauman, 12 Mar 2014


Park Place

Adding it all up, in Cascadian cities parking likely costs more than your car.

By Alan Durning, 12 Aug 2013


Wish We Had BC's Political System in US!

So says a Seattle-based sustainability researcher who closely watches our province.

By Alan Durning, 31 Mar 2010


Vancouver Is Cascadia's Greenest City, Who Is Second?

Guess which takes the silver medal, Seattle or Portland? You might be surprised.

By Alan Durning, 7 Jan 2010

A Tyee Series

Idea #7: Drive Less, Pay Less

Why pay-as-you-drive auto insurance would help just about everyone -- and how the province keeps missing the boat.

By Alan Durning and Eric de Place, 29 Dec 2009


Stranger Danger!

We're carless and curious. Do vehicles really protect children?

By Alan Durning, 9 Jan 2007


Perils of Carless Parenting

How we still play in the favour economy.

By Alan Durning, 2 Jan 2007


Pimp Your Ride

Rent your car out, save the planet. Here's how.

By Alan Durning, 19 Dec 2006


Stop Rewarding the Guzzlers

If Martin is serious about Kyoto, give us 'feebates'.

By Donna Morton and Alan Durning, 15 Jul 2005


Compared to Northwest US, How Are We Doing?

BC rates highest on lifespan but economic security is worsening, says Cascadia Scorecard.

By Alan Durning, 19 Apr 2005


How to Curb B.C.'s High Risk Hunger for Energy

Spreading pipelines, vulnerable to sabotage, fuel our growing appetite.

By Alan Durning, 18 Apr 2005

Why B.C. Recycles Better than U.S.

Surprise! Our approach is more market driven than the Americans'.

By Alan Durning, 17 Dec 2004


What Money Can't Buy

New breakthroughs in the field of "happiness research" point to the need for a gross national happiness indicator.

By Alan Durning, 4 Aug 2004


New Ways to Measure Our Progress

Seven indicators for Cascadia yield a clearer picture of what we are doing right, and wrong, in this province.

By Alan Durning, 10 Mar 2004