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Eric de Place

Stories by Eric de Place


VIEW: Why the Northwest should worry about Quebec's deadly blast

By Eric de Place, 8 Jul 2013


VIEW: How US plans to get oil to Northwest coast: by rail

By Eric de Place, 27 Jun 2013


Do Asian Coal Plants Pollute North America?

As BC ships more coal across Pacific, US researchers find transcontinental air pollution.

By Eric de Place, 9 Apr 2012


BC, Washington set plan for sea level rise

By Eric de Place, 4 Feb 2011

A Tyee Series

Idea #7: Drive Less, Pay Less

Why pay-as-you-drive auto insurance would help just about everyone -- and how the province keeps missing the boat.

By Alan Durning and Eric de Place, 29 Dec 2009


When Money Buys Grizzly Lives

How good a deal was the purchase of coastal hunting rights?

By Eric de Place, 14 Dec 2005