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Adrian Mack

Stories by Adrian Mack


Neil Diamond Is, He Said

So how about another greatest hits comp?

By Adrian Mack, 18 Sep 2014


Taylor Not So Swift

'Shake it Off' is the most important thing in the world right now.

By Adrian Mack, 22 Aug 2014


Sturgill Simpson's Cosmic American Music

Guitars and the universal consciousness, he does both.

By Adrian Mack, 10 Jul 2014


BESTiE's Funtime Happy Hour

The tropical-minded local four-piece promises 'No Bad Days.'

By Adrian Mack, 2 May 2014


Rodney Crowell Peaks All over Again

'Tarpaper Sky' beats the fourteenth album slump.

By Adrian Mack, 11 Apr 2014


When Brits Get Horny

Trumpeting UK pop, from the Beatles on down.

By Adrian Mack, 27 Feb 2014


Richard Thompson, Last of the Old Guitar Gods

The Brit performer had one of his best years ever in 2013.

By Adrian Mack, 2 Jan 2014


Oh Blimey, It's Obscure Yuletide Music Season

See this local doc about collecting Christmas records. Or have some Frank Sidebottom.

By Adrian Mack, 12 Dec 2013


Cate Le Bon's No Mug

The Welsh songstress sings from her pure, weird heart on new album 'Mug Museum'.

By Adrian Mack, 5 Dec 2013


Twenty-Six Ways to Consider John F. Kennedy

Scrappy new compilation about the president looks for truth in song.

By Adrian Mack, 15 Nov 2013


Don't Miss Roky Erickson

The legendary Texan musician is alive and well, and coming to Vancouver.

By Adrian Mack, 10 Oct 2013


J. Roddy Walston's Gospel Glam 'n' Stomp

The piano rocker drops some essential business on his latest album.

By Adrian Mack, 12 Sep 2013


Mazzy Star Fades into View

The sultriest act of the 1990s emerges from nighttime to make its slow return.

By Adrian Mack, 25 Jul 2013


Primal Scream and Everything You Love

Tenth album 'More Light' is what you might call a 'sprawl-gasm'.

By Adrian Mack, 20 Jun 2013


Hello Masterpiece

Priestess frontman retires to the garage with new band UBT, talent intact.

By Adrian Mack, 16 May 2013


The Good Family's Country Traditional

The Sadies round up the rest of the clan for a family portrait.

By Adrian Mack, 18 Apr 2013


Basking in Obscurity with Jason Zumpano

Talented, legendary, and a shut-in -- who is this guy?

By Adrian Mack, 28 Mar 2013


Bowie and Iggy, Circling Each Other

Neither near death, both still swingin'.

By Adrian Mack, 7 Mar 2013


My Bloody Valentine's Long, Sleepless Night

New album 'm b v' breaks the 22-year spell.

By Adrian Mack, 7 Feb 2013


Dealin' with Ben Rogers

Vancouver's dark troubadour shares some Lost Stories.

By Adrian Mack, 31 Jan 2013


End of the World Music

For our final pick of 2012, the stunningly weird Goat.

By Adrian Mack, 3 Jan 2013


Scott Walker's Bigger than the Beatles

New album 'Bish Bosch' provides unsettling evidence.

By Adrian Mack, 6 Dec 2012


Embracing Death with the Casket Girls

"Sleepwalking" is a lullaby to the big, black dark.

By Adrian Mack, 8 Nov 2012


The Andre Williams Blame Game

The world's dirtiest old man weighs in on the presidential race.

By Adrian Mack, 4 Oct 2012


That Fleetwood Mac Tribute Album Ain't Bad

But guess who did the best ever Mac cover?

By Adrian Mack, 13 Sep 2012


Tame Impala's Apocalypse Dream

New album teaser has us tripping over ourselves.

By Adrian Mack, 26 Jul 2012


The Highway Kind Say Wah?

Matt Camirand's new band finds the evil groove.

By Adrian Mack, 5 Jul 2012


The Beach Boys Go Back Again

Five decades on and they're still hitting the same highs (and lows).

By Adrian Mack, 14 Jun 2012


The Perfect Pop Song

From 'Jessie's Girl' to 'Melody for Lovers,' we're still swooning.

By Adrian Mack, 17 May 2012


In the Name of Love, Sort of

The Walkmen's curious U2 tribute.

By Adrian Mack, 15 Mar 2012


Neil Young Gets Back on the Horse

He's hanging with the wrong crowd again. Right on!

By Adrian Mack, 16 Feb 2012


Rococode and the Onward March of Vancouver's Pop Kids

They've got a shiny pedigree, good teeth and pretty brilliant album to match.

By Adrian Mack, 5 Jan 2012


Scott Weiland Ruins Christmas

And it looks like he really needs to go to the bathroom, too.

By Adrian Mack, 22 Dec 2011


Hey, Hey We Aren't the Monkees

'Head' killed the Pre-Fab Four, but the soundtrack still puts out.

By Adrian Mack, 10 Nov 2011


'Walk Like a Man'

In his darkest mid-life days, author Robert J. Wiersema rediscovered Bruce Springsteen, and found rapture. Saturday, a special Tyee event.

By Adrian Mack, 29 Sep 2011


God Really Is Great

Or, how I was left behind until I heard Larry Norman.

By Adrian Mack, 8 Sep 2011


Killing for Satan

A couple of biker movie soundtrack gems, from both sides of the line.

By Adrian Mack, 11 Aug 2011


The Horrors, the Horrors

When greatness strikes a mediocre band.

By Adrian Mack, 14 Jul 2011


Neil Young's Reagan Era

Shakey's forgiven. Ronnie, not so much.

By Adrian Mack, 16 Jun 2011


My Morning Jacket's Mystery Tour

Previews from the new album suggest a band still heading for destinations unknown.

By Adrian Mack, 12 May 2011


Cows Don't Mean a Thing

This and other observations from the Meat Puppets.

By Adrian Mack, 21 Apr 2011


The Groover

Doug Sahm was the funkiest cowboy of them all. A new retrospective captures the man on the rise.

By Adrian Mack, 24 Mar 2011


Gimme Jackie

They make blue-eyed pop with a classic twist, they're from White Rock, and they're going to be huge. Meet Jackie Valentine.

By Adrian Mack, 3 Mar 2011


Different Strokes?

No, just the same old New York jive.

By Adrian Mack, 17 Feb 2011


The Death of Paul Simon

He contemplates the hereafter. We contemplate his legacy.

By Adrian Mack, 10 Feb 2011


Frugging Lycanthropes!

The Sadies make the great Canadian music video.

By Adrian Mack, 3 Feb 2011


Hello, Hello, I'm Back Again

Smith Westerns rescue glitterpop with new album 'Dye it Blonde.'

By Adrian Mack, 13 Jan 2011


A Punch in the Chest from Manic Street Preachers

Adrian Mack's album of the year weaves the personal with the political.

By Adrian Mack, 23 Dec 2010


David Lynch Is Go

A curious piece of pop music from a singular artist.

By Adrian Mack, 2 Dec 2010


Does Your Bubblegum Lose its Flavour?

From Buzzcocks to White Wires, looks like the answer is still 'No.'

By Adrian Mack, 11 Nov 2010


Bonified Douche Nozzles?

Maybe, but I'll always love Urge Overkill.

By Adrian Mack, 21 Oct 2010


Mark Haney, the Daredevil

An avant-garde double bass suite about rocket-powered funny cars. Finally!

By Adrian Mack, 30 Sep 2010


The Sins of the Father

Something happened to musician Rodney DeCroo's dad in Vietnam. He's only just starting to figure out what.

By Adrian Mack, 23 Sep 2010


It's the Feelgood Hit of the Summer

And it's not what you think it is.

By Adrian Mack, 2 Sep 2010


The Man Who Invented Male Camel Toe

Forget about that. Tom Jones is striving for redemption these days.

By Adrian Mack, 12 Aug 2010


Two-Litre Bottles of Urine

Just one of the problems REM faced in 1985.

By Adrian Mack, 15 Jul 2010


Filthy Gorgeous Hot Gay Party Sex!

Time for a new Scissor Sisters record.

By Adrian Mack, 1 Jul 2010


Sleepy Sun? Exhausted, More Like

Oh, Black Mountain, so much to answer for.

By Adrian Mack, 24 Jun 2010


The Best Record Ever Made In Vancouver?

Yes or no, it's time to remember The Blue Shadows

By Adrian Mack, 17 Jun 2010


Every Dog Has Its Day

Mike Patton triumphs as an Italian crooner on Mondo Cane.

By Adrian Mack, 20 May 2010


A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

But what about a swinging, New York power trio?

By Adrian Mack, 29 Apr 2010


Erykah Badu Strips for Kennedy and King

The neo-soul artist's naked video was in the name of love, unlike the song.

By Adrian Mack, 15 Apr 2010


Never Trust a Record Review

Which is why we're reserving judgement on David P. Smith's 'Mantennae.'

By Adrian Mack, 1 Apr 2010


Dick Cheney's Entrance Music

Or, war pigs, please get your own damn songs.

By Adrian Mack, 11 Mar 2010


Spoon Gets Thorny

But don't panic, there's still plenty of reason to go ga ga ga ga ga over 'Transference.'

By Adrian Mack, 4 Feb 2010


Way Better than the Eagles, Possibly as Good as the Monkees

Vancouver's Pete Werner gets it right on Salvage.

By Adrian Mack, 7 Jan 2010


Mommy, What's a Jandek?

One of music's weirdest tales comes to Vancouver.

By Adrian Mack, 3 Dec 2009


A Challenge to the Very Foundations of Decency!

Or, the welcome return of the giant Slits.

By Adrian Mack, 22 Oct 2009


Boys, We're Going Straight to the Bottom!

The glorious failures of Big Star.

By Adrian Mack, 8 Oct 2009


Nothing Is Real

Crowley, Manson, Polanski, and the Beatles boxsets.

By Adrian Mack, 1 Oct 2009


The Return of the Manics

It's another triumph for the world's greatest rock band

By Adrian Mack, 6 Aug 2009


Sky Saxon and the Sound of Horny

Young bands are still copping his feel.

By Adrian Mack, 9 Jul 2009


Michael Jackson's Final Death

Why did so many find his personal hell amusing?

By Adrian Mack, 26 Jun 2009


Who is Joe Abernethy?

And why am I saying those nice things about him?

By Adrian Mack, 25 Jun 2009


Somebody Get Eno On the Phone!

Way to Go, Einstein is making pristine pop for grown-ups.

By Adrian Mack, 28 May 2009


The Day the Music Came Back

Retrofitting Buddy Holly with M. Ward.

By Adrian Mack, 23 Apr 2009


It Just Is

Pondering the ineffable with Olson and Louris.

By Adrian Mack, 19 Mar 2009


'That was Terry Cox!'

A YouTube tribute to a great musician and writer we really should have known.

By Adrian Mack, 26 Feb 2009


Rock Me Softly

Let Odawas take the edge off.

By Adrian Mack, 29 Jan 2009


All Yolks Aside

Chariots of Eggs offers sly quality alongside the laughs.

By Adrian Mack, 18 Dec 2008


Paul Is Still Not Dead

Macca soars on quick and dirty new album.

By Adrian Mack, 27 Nov 2008


Horror? Bankruptcy? Stress?

Try Dylan's 'Goin' To Acapulco'

By Adrian Mack, 13 Nov 2008


Smooth Stick Work

Bluesman Ray LaMontagne sings an homage to Meg White, drummer of The White Stripes.

By Adrian Mack, 30 Oct 2008


Dengue Fever

Good, exotic, psychedelic pop, with Cambodian spices.

By Adrian Mack, 16 Oct 2008


Rodney DeCroo's Lightning in a Bottle

'Mockingbird Bible' puts him a new league.

By Adrian Mack, 25 Sep 2008


Chad VanGaalen’s Real, Unassuming Genius

‘Soft Airplane” one of the best albums of 2008.

By Adrian Mack, 4 Sep 2008


Kings of Leon’s Razor-Sharp Rock

‘Sex on Fire’ is low on hype, high on technique.

By Adrian Mack, 7 Aug 2008


Forget Coldplay!

Try woozy, melody-rich, sun-kissed Fleet Foxes.

By Adrian Mack, 26 Jun 2008


Ting Tings 'We Started Nothing'

Why catchy trash comes from the UK.

By Adrian Mack, 5 Jun 2008


Rain Antidotes

When spring doesn't spring, try Vancouver's Abernethy and Ed Askew.

By Adrian Mack, 15 May 2008


Magnificent Trouble Music

Ethan Miller is a charming fiend.

By Adrian Mack, 24 Apr 2008


Nihilistic, Dead-Eyed and Simmering

The Kills are back.

By Adrian Mack, 3 Apr 2008


Vancouver's Hinterland Is 'Dreamo'

Music writing is a crazy game. How they're winning.

By Adrian Mack, 20 Mar 2008


Why No One Beats the Boss

But how Brooklyn's Marah is taking him on.

By Adrian Mack, 21 Feb 2008


My Protest Against the Zep

Guitar Hero gets great music, but not Zeppelin. Why I don't care.

By Adrian Mack, 10 Jan 2008


The Go's New Blast from the Past

Silencing today's noise of information.

By Adrian Mack, 20 Dec 2007


The Motorcade Sped On

Early hip hop from Steinski and Mass Media.

By Adrian Mack, 29 Nov 2007


Against Doctor's Orders

Why I'm listening to Bend Sinister.

By Adrian Mack, 8 Nov 2007


I Like Dwight

And how he helped rescue country from 'Hee Haw.'

By Adrian Mack, 18 Oct 2007


Space Germs, Hurricanes and Stubborn Irony

Black Lips' new album.

By Adrian Mack, 27 Sep 2007


'Romance, Mystery, Joy and Melancholy'

Bedouin Soundclash is better than before.

By Adrian Mack, 6 Sep 2007


Real Guitars and Songwriting

Richard Hawley's 'Hotel Room.'

By Adrian Mack, 26 Jul 2007


Attention Britpop Fans

Indulge your nostalgia with Brett Anderson's newest.

By Adrian Mack, 5 Jul 2007


Porter Wagoner Is Back

His country music was subversive then and now.

By Adrian Mack, 14 Jun 2007


Power Pop Fans Unite!

Why I worship at the most maligned music genre's altar.

By Adrian Mack, 3 May 2007


The Kids Are Listening to Rock Again

Heavy blues bands, like the Brought Low, are suddenly glamorous.

By Adrian Mack, 29 Mar 2007