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Fall 2015 Master Classes

Fall 2015 Master Classes

The Fall 2015 Master Class Series

September 19, 2015

Taking the Fictional Leap: How to Write your Story and Get it Published

with Zsuzsi Gartner

In this intensive one-day master class with acclaimed author and editor Zsuzsi Gartner, participants will explore some of contemporary fiction’s seemingly endless possibilities. Learn how to shake off the shackles of what "really" happened (which can inhibit authentic fiction writing) and take the imaginative leap, transforming autobiography, real-life inspirations, and even current events into satisfying stories or the seeds of a novel.

September 26, 2015

Non-Fiction Writing with Maximum Impact:

Master Storyteller John Vaillant's Secrets

with John Vaillant

**SOLD OUT**. To be added to the wait list, email Jeanette Ageson.

How to measure the power of a story? By the way it seizes both heart and mind. Learn acclaimed author John Vaillant’s secrets to finding and weaving together compelling plots, vivid characters and urgent truths. His bestselling books The Golden Spruce (about B.C. forests and culture) and The Tiger (about the endangered Siberian tiger) have grabbed global attention for social and environmental issues not by simply piling up journalistic facts but by folding his reporting into irresistible sagas, with human mystery and natural wonder at their centres. John will take you through his honed process, sharing techniques you can employ to bring your issues-based writing to life and connect with broad audiences.

October 3, 2015

Freelancer’s Survival Guide:

What you Need to Know as an Independent Creative Worker

with Don Genova

Freelancing can be a great way to work on interesting, creative projects for a variety of clients. As any long-term freelancer will tell you, though, you need to learn the skills to drum up good jobs, protect yourself legally, and work with good clients. In this one-day master class taught by writer and broadcaster Don Genova, participants will get a run-down of the crucial survival skills you need to know to make it in the world of freelancing.

November 7, 2015

Marvellous Media Moments:

Pitching and Interviews Made Easy

with James Boothroyd

Tweet, post, blog all you like; but good coverage in influential print and broadcast media can still catapult your issue onto the public agenda (as social media seldom do). But to earn that coverage, you need to know how reporters and producers think, how to frame your comments, and how to ensure your hands -- blouse, lapel, etc. -- don’t distract. This briskly paced, practical session will help you understand the challenges, prepare for the worst, and nail your sound-bites.

November 14, 2015

Running and Winning Campaigns with NationBuilder

with Josh Stuart and Stefan Avlijas

Just showing up online with a Twitter and an Instagram account doesn’t count as a digital strategy. Modern online campaigns require finesse, and a thoughtfully laid out plan for engaging with folks online. Whether you’re a non-profit working to raise the profile of an issue or you’re a new candidate for local office: NationBuilder gives you the tools you need to set you apart from the herd when it comes to turning an online presence into real world wins.

November 21, 2015

Visual Journalism

with John Lehmann

In this master class, participants will learn a solid approach to documentary photography from a master visual storyteller. Whether your goal is to become a better street photographer or simply photographing your children this workshop will take you to the next level.

November 28, 2015

Memecamp! How to Create Content that Inspires Change

with Heather Libby

Looking to make a splash on social media? Simple, well-timed graphics have the power to take your message far and wide. In this master class, join master communicator Heather Libby and learn how to create powerful shareable graphics that your online community will love to share.

December 5, 2015

Responsible Journalism:

Defamation Law for Editors and Writers

with Leo McGrady

Nothing ruins a person’s day like the threat of a libel lawsuit. In this master class, media lawyer Leo McGrady will go over defamation law in Canada, and what you need to know to protect yourself. Learn important defenses for journalists, copyright, fair dealing, as well as legal legislation pertinent to reporters and editors. This class will equip you with the tools necessary to know your rights and the rights of others when it comes to breaking stories and hot headlines.