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Marvellous Media Moments: Pitching and Interviews Made Easy

Marvellous Media Moments: Pitching and Interviews Made Easy

The Fall 2015 Master Class Series

Tyee Master Classes 2015 Proudly Presents Marvellous Media Moments: Pitching and Interviews Made Easy with James Boothroyd

Tweet, post, blog all you like; but good coverage in influential print and broadcast media can still catapult your issue onto the public agenda (as social media seldom do). But to earn that coverage, you need to know how reporters and producers think, how to frame your comments, and how to ensure your hands -- blouse, lapel, etc. -- don’t distract. This briskly paced, practical session will help you understand the challenges, prepare for the worst, and nail your sound-bites.

What will I learn?

How print and broadcast reporters and editors/producers work, think and choose the stories they cover. When and how to pitch your story ideas. How to place your commentary (aka oped) in a newspaper or closely watched news site. How to prepare for a radio or TV interview, what to wear and how to frame your remarks for key audiences.

Who’s it for?

Managers and directors of non-profit groups and public agencies, citizen-activists and wannabe trouble-makers keen to brush up on their media skills or attract coverage for a cause – good ones.

What should I bring?

Pen, paper or device for note-taking, and the clothes you would wear for a TV interview (on you, not in a bag).

Who is James?

James is best known for his communications and engagement expertise at the busy intersection of public health and environmental issues.

As Director of Communications, he led the largest department of the David Suzuki Foundation (2010–2012) in spearheading a shift away from conventional advocacy (publishing reports, penning op eds, meeting with deputy ministers) toward public engagement (listening to and agreeing on solutions with thousands of Canadians, including many who may not consider themselves “environmentalists”).

His consulting clients now include a coalition of 12 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations, the Canadian HIV Trials Network, World Health Organization and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.

Marvellous Media Moments: Pitching and Interviews Made Easy
James Boothroyd
November 7, 2015
10:00 am-3:00 pm
The Post at 750, 750 Hamilton Street, Vancouver
Includes coffee and lunch, with reception to follow after 3 p.m
$200 + GST