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What people are saying about the Tyee Master Classes

What people are saying about the Tyee Master Classes

The Spring 2014 Master Class Series

What people have said about the Tyee Master Classes

“The Tyee Master Classes are a great initiative and I hope they keep going!”

Wyatt Tessari

“Keep up the good work! I love the Tyee!”

Tracy Baxter

“I appreciate your range of topics. Many are not available elsewhere and they provide much social good.”

Jeannine Mitchell

“Great class! I’m a professional IT consultant and could have researched this material myself, but the class saved me what could have been weeks of trial and error. It also gave me the opportunity to exchange points of view, listen to pertinent issues raised by other participants, and to interact with like-minded individuals who aren’t from the IT world - a rare thing in my work.”

Gus Jassal on Hugh Stimson’s class, Web Mapping & Basic Data Herding

“Thank you for the work you do! The class was very well organized and the wine was an unexpected bonus. It was also great to have lunch time and post-class time to network with the group.”


“Thank you all for putting on such a great series. I learned a lot! The food and wine were also a great and welcome touch.”

Tom Barrett

“Both Trena [White] and Jesse [Finkelstein] had great presentation styles: enthusiastic, encouraging and calm. I learned quite a bit from their coverage of new self-publishing developments.”

Barbara Pulling

“The instructors were highly knowledgeable and engaging. Even though it was a lot of information for such a short time, they did a fantastic job at providing different avenues for gathering more information and highlighted what to look for. I also appreciate the space for networking after the workshop.”

Pablo Munoz

“These were really knowledgeable and generous instructors. There was an interesting variety of attendees with diverse projects that they were able to include and respond to well, and [the instructors'] ability to respond to questions and varying levels of knowledge in the class was impressive. Very inspiring!”

Kate Hodgson

“Overall it was a first-rate experience, from the quality of the coffee to the tasty lunch and ever tastier post-class wine. Congrats to all on a very successful day, and thank you.”

Andre LaRiviere

The Tyee Master Class Series

Exclusive weekend workshops led by some of our most accomplished contributors and colleagues.

The Tyee Master Classes offer immersion training in specialized disciplines designed and taught by acclaimed industry experts.

Each of our instructors has crafted an in-depth lesson plan informed by their experience working in the field. Expect to learn through both dialogue and doing. Classes include seminar-style instruction, interactive Q&A, hands-on break-out sessions and personalized feedback, with a promise to leave empty catch-phrases and sleep-inducing slideshows at home.

We know it's not possible to become a master in one weekend. But there is something to be said for study under great teachers -- a tradition passed down through history. Socrates was Plato's teacher. Mozart was mentored by Haydn. Picasso studied printing with Man Ray.

Offering mentorship and training from today's great teachers, The Tyee Master Classes will equip you for your own personal quest to the top of your game.

And while your studies are serious, they most certainly don’t need to be stuffy -- refreshments and tasty catering set the mood for an interactive, flexible, high-impact lesson you can’t find anywhere else.

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