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Peter Tupper

Peter Tupper is a graduate of UBC (BA History) and the Langara Journalism program. His work has been published in Vancouver magazine, the Globe and Mail,, and more. Peter is also the author of the short story collection The Innocent's Progress & Other Stories and of stories in various anthologies.

Reporting Beat: Issues of media, technology, and sexuality.

Twitter: @petertupper


Stories by Peter Tupper


Starving the CBC: Years of Cuts, and Now the NHL Lockout

As CRTC scrutinizes public broadcaster, advocates say feds aren't delivering on promises.

By Peter Tupper, 22 Nov 2012


OpenMedia Comes out Swinging against TPP Treaty

'Stop the Trap' campaign warns of crackdown on Canadians' Internet freedoms.

By Peter Tupper, 27 Jun 2012


Game Over: Liquor Branch Unplugs Another Small Biz

First the Rio Theatre, now a video gamer's restaurant and bar trapped by BC gov't laws.

By Peter Tupper, 21 Jun 2012


Can David Cronenberg Still Provoke?

'A Dangerous Method' is tinged with Cronenbergian weirdness. But where is the man who got under our skin again and again?

By Peter Tupper, 18 Jan 2012


What Open StatsCan Can Do for You

Next year, piles of agency data become free. How cities, biz and non-profits benefit from the glut.

By Peter Tupper, 14 Dec 2011


Sex on Their Brains

How 'A Billion Wicked Thoughts' authors used new data on human sexuality tells us plenty about their own imaginations.

By Peter Tupper, 5 Jul 2011


Love that Brand!

'Consumer Republic' author Bruce Philp argues strong brands empower each of us to hold corporations accountable.

By Peter Tupper, 7 Apr 2011


Is This the Weirdest, Best Christmas Special Ever Made?

'Peace on Earth,' an eerie ode to pacifism starring squirrels, blew my young mind.

By Peter Tupper, 22 Dec 2010


Vancouver City Hall's Open Data Experiment

The transparency push is a year old and working, but you can't call it wide open, yet.

By Peter Tupper, 26 Apr 2010


'Dollhouse' Should Be TV's Next Big Sci-Fi Epic

Joss Whedon, who gave us Buffy, is building a rich parable for the info age.

By Peter Tupper, 25 Sep 2009


Why Comox Valley Is Launching Its Own Currency

'Community Way Dollars' aim to strengthen the local economy.

By Peter Tupper, 14 Aug 2009


'Life Inc.'

Wanting stuff isn't the problem but money is. Douglas Rushkoff dissects our economic mess.

By Peter Tupper, 26 Jun 2009


A Manual for Digital Revolt

The rebel hero of 'Little Brother' is a teen hacker. Naturally, you can download it for free.

By Peter Tupper, 27 Aug 2008


Vancouver's Sex Trade, 2010

Groups hurry to change the law, and how business is done.

By Peter Tupper, 12 Aug 2008


Tories vs. 'Punk Capitalists'

Why copyright piracy is just the new way of doing business.

By Peter Tupper, 17 Jun 2008


This T-shirt's Digital

Instant CDs help musicians land audiences, profits.

By Peter Tupper, 18 Jul 2007


'Curbside Internet' for Homeless

'Homeless Nation' connects with people living on the edge.

By Peter Tupper, 22 Nov 2006


CanCon Adapts to a Wild New Media World

Satellite radio, TiVo, iPods change the game.

By Peter Tupper, 28 Dec 2005


Free Wireless Fever

Other cities are doing it. Will Vancouver?

By Peter Tupper, 21 Dec 2005


CBC Workers Launch CBC Unplugged and Studio Zero

Controversial podcast has got 'everybody.'

By Peter Tupper, 22 Aug 2005


The Blogosphere’s New World Disorder

Weblogs are changing electronic media, but that change is just beginning to take shape.

By Peter Tupper, 21 Feb 2005


Fissures Open in Censors’ Powers

A B.C. adult shop challenges provincial laws, with help from an Ontario court.

By Peter Tupper, 3 Feb 2005


'I Am Cyborg' Say Artists with Disabilities

'Borg Again' art show reminds that no one is a self-sufficient unit.

By Peter Tupper, 30 Dec 2004


Creative ‘Sweatshops’?

B.C. workers say Electronic Arts and other ‘cool’ digital firms demand 100-hour weeks. And they’re exempt from paying overtime.

By Peter Tupper, 17 Dec 2004


Journalism's Future May Be Wikipedia

The online encyclopedia shifts the way we learn, and do, news.

By Peter Tupper, 22 Oct 2004


The Trouble with Tipping

Jennifer Lopez allegedly left a $2.16 tip on a $750 bill at a Vancouver bar. Well, who said tips are fair?

By Peter Tupper, 16 Aug 2004


Would You Pay for Better Radio?

'Satellite radio' could put diversity back on the air, commercial free. The catch? It costs.

By Peter Tupper, 29 Jun 2004


When Sex Talk Goes Wrong

Inflammatory porn rhetoric has made useful election debate about sex issues even more difficult.

By Peter Tupper, 25 Jun 2004


The political legacy of Howard Dean

The presidential campaign of the Vermont upstart is finished, but did his grassroots strategy and Internet savvy change the political process?

By Peter Tupper, 16 Feb 2004


What I Saw at the Sex Show

When did exploring our sexuality become all about buying stuff?

By Peter Tupper, 26 Jan 2004


A Net Abuzz with Activism

But why does Canada lag so far behind the U.S. when it comes to mobilizing "smart mobs" online?

By Peter Tupper, 5 Dec 2003