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Ariel Fournier

Stories by Ariel Fournier


Cory Doctorow's Dystopian Future of Canadian Copyright

'Pirate Cinema' author on the 'human rights disaster' of disconnection, and whether we're immune.

By Ariel Fournier, 20 Oct 2012


A Tyee Series

Fight for Teens' Right to Party in Vancouver

TYEE LIST #23: Five reasons all-ages venues struggle in the city.

By Ariel Fournier, 6 Oct 2012


Waning of the 'Moonies'

With founder Reverend Moon's death, Unification Church believers and disaffiliates debate its future.

By Ariel Fournier, 24 Sep 2012


BC's 'Real' Summer Reads, Revealed

Bookstores divulge the guilty pleasures and enduring classics we're pocketing this season.

By Ariel Fournier, 14 Jul 2012


Sliammon group unable to block treaty vote

By Ariel Fournier, 10 Jul 2012


'Why Not More Progress?' Asks UN Homeless Investigator

United Nations rep Miloon Kothari, back in Vancouver, speaks tonight.

By Ariel Fournier, 9 Jul 2012


A Tyee Series

Four Intriguing Copyright Cases

TYEE LIST #19: Borrowing or plagiarism? For some of these, the jury's still out.

By Ariel Fournier, 7 Jul 2012


Sliammon protesters seek injunction to halt upcoming treaty vote

By Ariel Fournier, 6 Jul 2012


Go Digital or Go Dark

As movies digitize, one indie theatre in Powell River makes the switch. But can the rest?

By Ariel Fournier, 30 Jun 2012


A Tyee Series

Five Ways Comedians Are Making it in Music

TYEE LIST #17: Or, how tuneful jokesters live the proxy dream.

By Ariel Fournier, 23 Jun 2012


Tla'amin treaty vote rescheduled amid protest blockade

By Ariel Fournier, 22 Jun 2012


Doctors divided over assisted suicide ruling

By Ariel Fournier, 18 Jun 2012


Vancouver bike share plan rolls on in spite of helmet laws

By Ariel Fournier, 14 Jun 2012


The Aesthetic Terrorism of Jay Reatard

Documentary, screening Saturday night in Vancouver, reveals a musician who refused to be liked.

By Ariel Fournier, 1 Jun 2012


For Nori Nishio, UBC Degree is 'Better Late than Never'

Seventy years on, university honours students forced out during internment.

By Ariel Fournier, 31 May 2012