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Strategic Frames and Messaging Demystified

Strategic Frames and Messaging Demystified

The Spring 2015 Master Class Series

Tyee Master Classes 2015 Proudly Presents Strategic Frames and Messaging Demystified with James Boothroyd

What will I learn?

No matter how important or incendiary, if your issue is communicated poorly it won’t make it onto the public agenda. And, as legions of communications experts have learned, at least since George Lakoff popularized the topic, your artful words and images will be wasted if they fall outside appropriate conceptual frames – the mental templates we humans use to make sense of the barrage of information coming at us every day.

Led by a consultant with international experience in environmental and public-health communications, this master class will help campaign and communications managers understand how strategic frames and messaging work, and how to craft frames and messages to reach target audiences – and key media – and advance social change (without spending a million on market research). Participants will also have time to workshop their own frames and messages and get feedback from James Boothroyd and fellow attendees.

Who’s it for?

Activists, campaigners, communications managers, and anyone who needs to craft a message for the public.

What should I bring?

Notebook and pen for taking notes.

Who is James?

James is best known for his communications and engagement expertise at the busy intersection of public health and environmental issues.

As Director of Communications, he led the largest department of the David Suzuki Foundation (2010–2012) in spearheading a shift away from conventional advocacy (publishing reports, penning op eds, meeting with deputy ministers) toward public engagement (listening to and agreeing on solutions with thousands of Canadians, including many who may not consider themselves “environmentalists”).

His consulting clients now include a coalition of 12 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations, the Canadian HIV Trials Network, World Health Organization and the Canadian Wildlife Federation.


Strategic Frames and Messaging Demystified
James Boothroyd
Saturday April 11th
10 a.m–3 p.m.
The Amp training room 425 Carrall Street, Vancouver BC
Includes coffee and lunch, with reception to follow after 3 p.m.
$200 + GST